BalanceFrom GoFit Mat Review: How to Save on a Trusted Bike Trainer Mat!


The Balancefrom Gofit High-density mat is the cheapest indoor cycling mat on the market today.

You don’t want to ruin your floor in the process of fixing your body. That is why it’s advisable to place a mat under your trainer. They collect sweat, improves stability, and promote grip as you train. There is an overwhelming variety of mats you can buy. I’ll only point you to one that will not break the bank – The Balancefrom gofit bike trainer mat.

Of course, there are several alternative. Let look at a few:

A similar budget-friendly alternative to the  the Balancefrom Gofit mat is the Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat.

The Cyclingdeal training mat still remains the best exercise mat. In fact, its the best Peloton/spin bike compatible mat today.

Another serious contender is the Cycleops training mat. A premium value alternative to the Cyclingdeal bike floor mat.

Most of us want to live as long as possible. This way, we can enjoy more time with friends and family. Your bike trainer purchase is a sure sign of your actual steps to realize this dream. I am just like you and my job is to ensure that you get this right.

In this BalanceFrom GoFit Review, we want to find out if its worth the money.

Let’s begin.

BalanceFrom GoFit High-Density Equipment Mat Review

The mat offers a sufficient working area with reliable padding. This helps to protect your floors from scratching. Its also water-resistant and collects sweat before ruining your floor. Its made of durable materials that look and feel premium. Overall, the product promotes the stability and grip of your trainer. 

About the “Gofit” brand

Gofit is an American company that was founded in 1999. Its core mission is to integrate quality fitness equipment with professional training. The company manufactures fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness products including the aforementioned bike trainer mat.

Pros of the Balancefrom Gofit mat


The mat comes in two sizes” 2.5ft*5ft and 3ft*6.5ft. For starters, most bike trainers are set to be accommodated on either model. The unit boasts a high-density PVC foam construction. This makes it heavy and not easily bent.

The two variants are 6 and 9mm-thick. The larger model is thicker. This provides sufficient padding and shock absorption. Consequently, offering excellent floor protection. The thinner option is easier to roll up and store. The opposite is true for the thicker model.


The longevity of any hardware primarily depends on the type and grade of material used. The Balanceform Gofit mat is made of high-quality microfiber PVC foam. It has high stress and stiffness to weight ratio. That means that even a thinner mat can take on huge loads. It’s also rot-resistant, thus, longer service life(up to 30-40 years!).

The mat is made with precision engineering. This ensures that all edges eventually lay flat. This reduces the instances of unnecessary curvatures on the working surface of the equipment. Therefore, improving its ability to retain that fresh look much longer.

PVC also has excellent thermal insulation. This allows it to be used even in the most extreme temperatures with consistent performance. It’s also inert. This makes it resistant to chemical corrosion. 


A mat is useless if it has no grip. Grip supplies the needed traction to hold equipment in place when you are training.  The Balancefrom gofit mat features a matrix-cirlce imprint that has a rough texture to it. Don’t get it wrong, the mat is fine but tough. 

This pattern is present on both sides.  This improves both mat-to-floor and mat-to-equipment contact. Tracton improves the limits to how hard we can go on a trainer. The mat also sinks at contact points due to the weight of the equipment. This phenomenon improves the overall grip of your setup.

Customer Support

Chances are that you have not seen this mat in person. As accustomed as you might now be to online commerce, it’s still advisable to do your homework before proceeding with a purchase. This means doing a thorough background check on the product itself, the manufacturer, and the vendor. Reading this article is one way to do this.

The Balancefrom Gofit mat is backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can always be refunded if you don’t like the mat. It also comes with a two-year warranty. These are the two after-sale services you need to look for in any product sold online.


The mat looks minimalist. It’s just about what you may expect from a mat. It has no logo or any prints on it. The Balancefrom gofit mat is only available in black. Well, it’s somehow greyish. The edges are smooth and tend to lay flat for the most part.

The mat should rhyme with most interior/exterior themes. It is easy to clean with soap and water as it dries fast. You may need help to roll up the larger model as its chunky.


The sheets in the material are bound using high pressure. This eliminates the need for binding chemicals. The mat is free of BPA, phthalate, silicone, and lead. This makes it safe for pets and children.

It also eliminates the persistent plasticy smell found in other mats. Most people report that their mats lay flat after a short while after unboxing. This makes it safe to walk around the mat without the fear of stumbling and falling. You may consider blowing warm air all over the mat using a hairdryer. This heats up the mat and effectively removes any creases. 

The result is a solid adhesive bond between your floor and all the four edges of the mat. It’s relatively easy to remove(depending on the duration of continuous use). It leaves no black stains on the floor. The mat also keeps the trainer stable. This reduces the chances of fall-related injury. 

Water and sweat resistance 

The mat is made of closed-cell PVC foam. This means that the individual cells on this mat are completely sealed from the neighboring cells. Consequently, removing any air spaces into which water/sweat may sip. 

You can recognize this as sweat pools on the carpet. It makes it easy to clean after every use. It also makes the mat dry faster. This ensures that it does not absorb any odor.

Noise insulation 

The mat is thick enough to absorb vibrations from your trainer. This is essential in ensuring that the mat truly protects your floor. This change is not as drastic as you may expect. You’ll still hear the same levels of noise. However, the difference can be best noted in a different room from where the trainer is placed-like at your neighbor’s, lol!

Cons of the Balancefrom Gofit mat


The largest size option on this mat is 6.5ft long. While this is sufficient for trainer use, it may not cater to the needs of all customers. There are larger mats available. These models best fit people who wish to have some extra space around their trainers-for yoga, stretching, or intermittent rests.


The mat is only available in black. This may lock out people with specific color preferences.

Balancefrom GoFit Buyers Guide: Things to consider before investing in an Exercise Mat

1. Price

There are no cheap bike trainers that I know about. It’s only right to get a premium mat to go with it. There a ton of mats sold on and offline. Their prices vary with quality. As a rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. 

However, you can expect better quality products from reputable brands. A reputable brand is not only limited to popular names. You may find just as compelling products from vendors with high sales and customer reviews. 

Try to window shop through several options before settling for one. If you intend on using the mat for a brief period, then you may opt for a cheaper mat.

2. Size

A bike trainer mat has many jobs that can be summarized into one: provide sufficient coverage under a trainer.  A mat must accommodate the trainer and still have some extra margin on all four sides. 

I’d personally recommend half-a-foot to one-foot margins. This will ensure that sweat is sufficiently collected to avoid ruining your floor. It’s also important to ensure that you don’t step on your carpeted floors with cleats on.

3. Thickness

The level of padding that a mat provides determines most of its performance properties. For reference, a thin mat( sub 3mm) will make little difference with regards to floor protection. On the other side, a thicker mat(over 3mm) absorbs shock from the trainer before reaching the floor. 

It also promotes the stability of your trainer. This makes your sessions more enjoyable. However, thicker mats bring with them some logistical challenges. They are harder to roll up and store than their thinner counterparts. They also have better noise insulation properties.

4. Material

The type of material used in a mat dictates its longevity. Natural rubber, latex, nylon, leather, and PVC are the most common materials used in mats.  Natural rubber has availability issues, latex has bad odors, nylon is not durable and leather is expensive. 

Therefore, I’d recommend PVC as the go-to material for a great mat. PVC is made into foam before becoming mats. It’s durable, affordable, beautiful, sturdy, and has excellent noise and thermal insulation.

5. Grip

Grip means traction. Traction means friction. There has to be some form of rough texturing in a mat.  This ensures that it provides sufficient resistance to the motion of a trainer. The result is excellent stability. The mat must also be hydrophobic. 

This reduces the chances of skidding in case of a liquid spillage. The grip also allows a mat to be used for other fitness purposes such as jumping rope, calisthenics, and stretching. 

6. Water Resistance

A bike trainer mat, or any mat for that mat, should be water-resistant. This is useful in making the maintenance process much easier. This is because water-resistant mats are also resistant to sweat. This rids them of any bad odors.

It also makes it easy to clean the mat( using a soft piece of cloth, an all-purpose cleaner, and water). Water-resistant mats also maintain their fresh look for much longer. 

7. Noise Insulation

I wouldn’t recommend trying to use a mat as a silencer. It will not make much of a difference. In fact, there are hardly any tests that have shown significant decibel drop(level of sound produced) on bike trainer setups. 

However, mats do a good job of absorbing vibrations. You may notice a significant decrease in floor-transmitted vibrations when using a thick mat. Your family will thank you for those early mornings and late evening cardio sessions. I’d recommend thicker mats anytime!

Benefits of using a bike trainer mat

  • Floor protection 
  • Sweat collection 
  • Easer to clean a single mat unlike the entire floor
  • Improved room aesthetics 
  • Enhanced grip/traction 
  • Improved stability 

What others are saying about the Balancefrom Gofit mat 

After scouring the internet for customer feedback on the mat, I found the general response to be rather positive. Here is a summary of what some past users had to say about the Balancefrom Gofit mat:

  • One user said: a good quality product.

“The mat feels premium. It lays flat and the “new” smell disappeared within 24 hours. However, the mat came with a postcard that offered to pay for the product in exchange for a positive review. He had no quality issues with the mat and didn’t understand why they would pay for reviews”

  • Another user said: excellent protection for hardwood floor
    “It offers excellent floor protection on his hardwood floor”
  • Another user said: better than modular mats

“She found better utility with the Balancefrom Gofit mat than the puzzle-style mats she was using. She ended up replacing them with these. Her reason is for the ease of installation and not having to align individual pieces.”

Alternatives to the Balancefrom Gofit mat

1. Saris CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bike Trainers – Premium Alternative


The Saris CycleOps mat measures 5.3’*3 ft with a total working area of 15.9 square feet. This is enough space for most trainers. It feels premium and looks great. Only the Saris logo is printed on one corner on the upper side. The other side is plain. 

The mat is only available in black. Its made of high-quality PVC foam that promises longevity. It’s water and sweatproof. Cleaning the mat is simple with a gentle wipe with a soft piece of cloth, an all-purpose cleaner, and water. It dries up fast so you can do this after every use. 

The package comes with a free-return policy along with a 2-year warranty!

Benefits of the Saris CycleOps Training Mat 

  • Durable 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Easy to roll up 
  • Great build quality
  • Water and sweat proof 

Notable differences between the Benefits of the Saris CycleOps Training Mat and the Balancefrom Gofit mat

  • Smaller 
  • Pricier 

2. CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer Hardwood Floor Carpet Protection Workout Mat – Best Value Alternative


This bike trainer floor mat features a minimalist design. You’ll find the Cyclingdeal logo on one of its corners. Otherwise, it’s plain and comes in black. It’s made of durable PVC foam with the excellent build quality, look, and feel you’d expect at this price point. 

It’s 3ft*7ft with a usable surface area of 21 square feet. It’s 3mm thick and provides good floor protection. The mat is easy to roll and unroll. It’s also easy to clean as its both water and sweat-proof. 

Benefits of the CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer mat 

  • Excellent build quality 
  • Two-year warranty 
  • Durable materials 
  • Free return policy 
  • Good size 

Notable differences between the CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer mat and the Balancefrom Gofit mat

  • Thinner 
  • Pricier 
  • Larger 

3. Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat – Larger Alternative


This mat has the best of everything. It measures 6’*8’ with a generous working area of 68 square feet. At 7mm, it’s one of the thickest in its class. As such, it delivers excellent floor protection over a large working area.  

The mat is made of durable PVC microfiber foam. Its fine, premium, and water-resistant. It’s also dense and weighty. You may need help rolling it up. Upon purchase, you get some free goodies to sweeten the seal- 3 velcro straps, a carry bag, and a pair of heavy-duty gloves. All this is backed by a free return policy along with a 2-year warranty!

Benefits of the Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat

  • Large 
  • Dense 
  • Durable 
  • Free accessories 
  • Water and sweat-resistant 

Notable differences between the Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat and the Balancefrom Gofit mat

  • Larger 
  • Thicker 
  • Pricier 

Bottom Line

Bike trainer mats protect our floors, collect sweat, improve traction and help us avoid common bike trainer mistakes. To get the best deal out of the thousands of mats sold today, its important to understand what you are looking for.

An ideal mat should be made of durable materials with no plastic smell. It should also be of the right size and thickness for ideal floor protection. Be sure to confirm the size of your trainer before picking the right mat size. The question of color and design will be dictated by your personal preferences. 

Clean your mat regularly. You may also periodically switch the position of your trainer on the mat. This allows the unit to heal from continuous pressure stress. This way, you can enjoy a longer service life. 

If you liked this article, kindly check out other similar fitness content available on the site. Thanks, guys. Stay safe!

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