10 Best Peloton Laptop Stand 2020: Spintrays & Table Panel for Peloton Bike


What are the best Peloton Laptop Stand for 2020?

Working out is a serious business. It means health and life! It doesn’t need to be boring though. It’s nice if you could bring your laptop, tablet or phone on your spin bike.

Spin trays and tables are Peloton accessories meant to allow you to do exactly that. 

We support all people who show dedication in their cardio routines.

In this Spintrays & Table Panel for Peloton Bike review, we’ll discuss the best spin tray models for the Peloton bike.

In case you are using other spin bikes like the Echelon, here’s an alternative spintray for Echelon


Which is the best laptop stand for Peloton?


Best Peloton Laptop Stand Comparison Table

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Spintrays for Peloton Bike Review

  1. ATP Sports – Metal Laptop Stand for Peloton Bike – Best metallic table panel
  2. Naisi Organizer Table Panel for Peloton Bike – Best acrylic table panel
  3. Spintray for Peloton – Best socially-responsible spintray
  4. Lifesmells Peloton Laptop Tray – Best large spin tray
  5.  IPOW Spinning Tray for Peloton – Best built spin tray
  6. Hustle Tray for Peloton – Best grip spin tray
  7. Peloton Laptop Tray – Best design spin tray
  8. Wood Organizer Table Panel for Peloton Bike – Best knee comfort table panel
  9. Wassers Organizer Table Panel for Peloton Bike – Best feminine spintray
  10. TJERNLUND PeloTray Table Top Peloton Tray – Best budget spin tray

10 Best Spintrays & Table Panel for Peloton Bike Compared

1. ATP Sports – Metal Laptop Stand for Peloton Bike – Best metallic table panel

ATP Sports - Metal Laptop Stand for Peloton Bike - Accessories for Peloton - Use Your Laptop While You Ride

When it comes to hardware, nothing beats the look of a neatly cut metallic piece. Well, this is exactly what you get with this 21”*15.4”*1” laptop stand for Peloton. It’s made of enhanced industrial-grade aluminum. It feels solid and well-built. 

If you didn’t know better, you’d mistake this for some form of Personal Computer. Thanks to its sleek modern design. It effortlessly blends with the Peloton bike.

It’s sure to earn the bike a lot of attention from visitors. The space grey paint job looks elegant with a matte finish.

The stand holds your laptop in place with the aid of a raised ridge. The surface is textured enough to eliminate the slippage of hosted devices.

The stand is easy to install. It’s also easy to clean with a simple damp cloth wipe. You still get mostly uninterrupted views of the Peloton screen for workout purposes.

The product comes with a 30-day free return policy. ATP also makes a smartphone holder. This is only meant to house your smartphone and its easily installed on the front pillar of the Peloton bike. Its durable( made of metal) and is universal to all phones. 


  • Sleek design 
  • Easy to install
  • Great build quality 
  • Excellent paint job 
  • Metallic construction 


  • Limited color options 

2. Naisi Organizer Table Panel for Peloton Bike – Best acrylic table panel

Organizer Table Panel for Peloton Bike, Clear Acrylic Peloton Accessories with Cup Mat(White)

The Naisi organizer table panel for Peloton is made of acrylic-an unexpected material. This material has 17 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass. It’s half as light.

Acrylic is easy to paint and is resistant to most chemical corrosions. Do you know what this means?

The panel can be used both in and outdoors. It can also survive multiple liquid spillages with little damage. You can carry over 600 pounds on this thing. That is why it provides an ample working area where you can place your pen, notebook, tablet, cup, or a laptop.

Aesthetically, it looks amazing. The acrylic has a soft rubbery finish. The entire package is completely black.

You still get clear views of the Peloton screen even when the panel is installed. The easy setup process is neatly outlined in the user manual.

The unit comes with a lifetime warranty! If the spin tray is too large for you, Naisi makes a much smaller organizer panel for Peloton.

Due to its lightweight, sturdy acrylic design, its installed right below the Peloton display. Its meant to hold small objects like phones and sticky notes.


  • Easy to install 
  • Excellent design 
  • Generous space 
  • Great build quality 
  • Made of durable materials 


  • Only available in one color 

3. Spintray for Peloton – Best socially-responsible spintray

Spintray for Peloton Original.Made in The USA. The Original Spintray Allowing You to Work and Ride with Your Laptop, Book, Tablet or Phone.

You know what? I’m beginning to gain a lot of interest in acrylic. As the name suggests, this tray is specifically designed for Peloton. In fact, it’s one of if not the first spin tray for Peloton.

This product made it to this list for its amazing utility and charitable course. Proceeds from each sale go into buying Peloton bikes for Parkison’s patients.

The tray measures 14”*19”*0.37”.  On it, you can have a laptop, phone, cup, tablet, or book. The unit is shipped with a protective layer of paper wrapped around the exterior.

You can easily peel this off.  It weighs 3.8 pounds and this should not be an issue on a stationary bike. 

Overall, the tray has a simple, clean, minimalist design. You get a neoprene rubber ledge insert( to serve as a laptop edge stopper) along with a spin tray gel pad(to place cups on)


  • Durable  
  • Charitable 
  • Clean design 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Excellent build quality 


  • Only available in clear transparent 

4. Lifesmells Peloton Laptop Tray – Best large spin tray

Lifesmells Peloton Laptop Tray ,Peloton Spin Bike Tray,Desk Tray Merging Work with Exercise,Plus Size

The lifesmells tray is huge. It measures 23.2”*14.6”*0.8”. This makes it ideal to fit anything from small to large devices and accessories.

Large 15.6” laptops can comfortably sit on this platform.

It transparent and goes well with any interior design themes. It’s super easy to install or remove. Simply go through the simply illustrated installation instructions included in the shipping package.

The tray is made of acrylic. This makes it durable and flexible enough to be used in extreme environments. 

It fits nicely on the Peloton. This makes it a safe place to place your valuable devices. 

All orders are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Large 
  • Stable 
  • Durable 
  • Great aesthetics 
  • Free-return policy 


  • May be too large for some user preferences 

5. IPOW Spinning Tray for Peloton – Best built spintray


This spinning tray has included just about all you in need in one package. It’s made of 0.36” thick acrylic. This makes it sturdy and stiff enough to host multiple objects at once.

I can see how you can have your tablet/laptop, a power bank, a cup, and a pen at the same time. 

The edges are polished and beautifully curved. This improves its aesthetics and helps keep your hands safe. It’s easy to snap it on and off with no special tools required.

It’s scratch-resistant and always retains its fresh look. 

You’ll find two recesses-for a pen and a cup holder. The surface is textured and provides sufficient traction for most devices to stay in place.

It does not cover the Peloton screen in any way.  The unit is shipped in an easy-to-remove protective film. All orders come with a 3–day free return policy and a 1-year warranty!


  • Large 
  • Multipurpose 
  • Easy to install/ remove
  • Cup and pen holder recess 
  • High-quality acrylic material


  • Limited color options 

6. Hustle Tray for Peloton – Best grip spintray

Hustle Tray for Peloton Matte Black to Match Your Bike Real Wood Desk for Laptop Phone Tablet or Book Elite Quality Spin Bike Tray

The Hustle spin tray stands out for the extra knee room. It manages to deliver 3” more knee clearance than competitors.

The tray is made of recycled wood and is large enough for ordinary use. It measures 21”*17”*1”. This is large enough for most devices. It’s painted matte black to match with the Peloton bike.

The unit has a removable sticky pad that serves as a cup holder. It also has a removable rubber stopper on the outer longer edge. This ensures that your laptop doesn’t slip and fall.

Overall, the tray feels well made and weighty. It’s manufactured with utmost American craftsmanship. All orders are backed by a free return policy. 


  • Wooden 
  • Great aesthetics 
  • Free-return policy 
  • Generous knee room
  • Excellent build quality 


  • Only available in matt black

7. Peloton Laptop Tray – Best design spintray

Peloton Laptop Tray,acrylic Tray for Peloton Bike,instantly turn our peloton bikes into powerful workstation table with 2 Anti-Slip Coffee Coaster

This spin tray makes it to this list because of its thoughtful design. First off, you get a removable cupholder rubber patch. This can be installed on either edge of the tray.

It measures 20”*15”. This surface area is sufficient to hold multiple devices at once. 

Its edge stopper also serves a pen holder recess. It is innovative and space-saving. It’s made of polypropylene, a sturdy and durable material.

The entire package is transparent and should go well with your current Peloton setup. All orders come with a 30-day free-return policy along with a 1-year limited warranty!


  • Durable 
  • Great size 
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Innovative design 
  • Free return policy 


  • Only available in one color 

8. Wood Organizer Table Panel for Peloton Bike – Best knee comfort table panel

Wood Organizer Table Panel for Peloton Bike, Peloton Accessories with Cup Mat and Phone Holder(Light Yellow)

This wooden spin tray is specifically designed for the Peloton. It measures 20 inches by 14 inches. This is ample working space for work on the Peloton bike.

The panel includes a cup and Pen holder.

The cup holder is located at the right corner while the pen slot is located on the bottom edge.

The wooden construction is both strong and good-looking. The edges around and smooth.  this eliminates the instances of cut-related injuries.

You still get easy access to the peloton handlebars. All the while, the spin tray affords sufficient knee clearance. There’s a clean space-saving phone holder included on the speed tray. 

the wood organizer table panel for Peloton bike is durable and sturdy.  All orders come with a lifetime warranty.


  • Durable
  • Good size
  • Well-priced
  • Great aesthetics
  • Excellent build quality


  • Only available in one color.

9. Wassers Organizer Table Panel for Peloton Bike – Best feminine spintray

Organizer Table Panel for Peloton Bike, Clear Acrylic Peloton Accessories with Cup Mat(Pink)

First stop, this thing looks fantastic. It has amazing curves and overall just looks feminine. it’s available in pink and white.

It’s hard to notice but it’s made of acrylic. This brings with it durability and design advantages. It’s stable and can hold up to 300 kilograms.

There’s an optional cup mat just to improve organization.

There is a dedicated pen slot recess at the bottom edge of the tray. It does not affect access to the handlebars in any way.

It features rounded edges to prevent hand and elbow injury. It’s easy to install and comes with a free return policy.


  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Great build quality
  • Free return policy
  • Available in pink and white


  • Limited size options

9. TJERNLUND PeloTray Table Top Peloton Tray – Best budget spintray

TJERNLUND PeloTray Table Top Peloton Tray for Stationary Exercise Bikes, Notebook Laptop Stand Arm Holder While Biking

I had a hard time pronouncing the name too.  However, these guys give us a pretty good deal. Begin with it’s made of heavy gauge aluminum.

This looks techy and lasts long. It measures 13.5 by 16.25 inches. This is a sufficient working area to place all of your auxiliary devices

 it’s easy to install or remove. It provides the most comfortable handlebar access than all of the other trays on this list.

Don’t expect the cleanest look at this price point although the unit delivers all of its promised functionalities. The tray provides enough clearance for a full range of motion during cycling.


  • Durable
  • Simple design
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent build quality
  • Sufficient working area


  • Only available in one color 

Spintray for Peloton Bike Buyers Guide. Things to consider before buying Laptop Stand for Peloton

Spin trays afford us that extra space to bring the rest of our lives to the Peloton bike. They saves us time by allowing you to bring all the stuff you’ll need at once. This means more peace to concentrate on your fitness goals. 

Consider the following factors before investing your hard-earned money on a spin tray for Peloton:

1. Price

A spintray is a simple accesory. It need not break the bank. Their construction is mostly similar. The same is true with the type of materials. To this end, there’s is an obvious variation on the build quality and auxilliary features. 

If you pay a low price for a tray, you should expect a shorter service life and vice versa. The thickness of the wood or acrylic used also dictates the cost. I’d recommend that you make a one-off purchase of   a spin. This should serve you just as long as the Peloton bike does.

2. Safety

The stability of your devices should be the first requirement in a spintray. This means that its surface should be textures and flat. The type of material and finish greatly dictate the traction supplied by a spin tray.  

Acrylic and wood are the two most common material used in this product. Most models on this list should have no problem securing a number of devices in place. You may find it useful to have an edge stopper. This limits the farthest a laptop/tablet can reach on the lower edge of a spin tray. 

3. Weight

Weight is not an issue when it comes to spin bikes. That said, we can consider the volume. You don’t want a tray that is overly large or small. A tray should provide a working surface while staying clear of the Peloton screen and handlebars.  

4. Installation

A spin tray or any other Peloton accesories should be easy to install. This means no special tools should be required. The installation procedure should also be easy to understand.

Fortunately, most spin trays are easy to install and remove. 

I haven’t found any of them with lugs or special fasteners. You simply put it on or lift it off as it marries with the shape of the Peloton dash. This happens in minutes. It does not require any alterations on the Peloton bike hardware. 

5. Reviews

There are so many spintrays for sale online. The competition on this segment may lead to false claims by some vendors on their products. Considering the fact that you have no way to test this product, its best to check out what other people comment on their purchases. 

You can find a customer feedback segment  on most e-commerce sites. Do well to specify your options before perusing the comment segments. Doing this will increase the odds of you finding the best value for your money. 

As obvious, go for products with many positive reviews. You may also prioritize offers with a free-return policy and a longer warranty period. This goes to confirm that the vendor is confident in their product. 

6. Materials

The type of material used in making a tray dictates most of its qualities. Wood and acrylic are the two materials you are likely to find on spin tray. Wood looks great and lasts long.

Acrylic is easily molded with great strength and aesthetics. Either materials are set to build a reliable laptop stand. Remember that its much easier to customize the paint job on wood than acrylic.

7. Style

Style is as personal as it comes. The current configuration of your home gym determines the type of tray you can use. Most spintrays have limited color options.

They mostly come in black, white, pink, wooden or transparent. I’m sure you will find something that matches your preferences. 

There’s minor differences in the form factor of these trays. Most of them share the same flat design with an optional pen/cup holder and an edge stopper.

The curvature, size and color is where you are likely find small differences. I’m not asking you to blindly buy your stand though. 

8. Versatility

The chief reason you are buying a spintray is for the additional utility it gives you on Peloton. You shouldn’t expect to find a flexible tray. 

However, versatility may come in the sense that this product can do multiple things for you at once. Like hold your laptop, cup, pen and phone at the same time. 

You may consider a unit that can accomodate the most thigs possible.

9. Durability

The question of longevity is dictated by the quality of construction of your spin tray. The materials used in the product should be durable.

This means that they should support heavy weights.( Some spin trays on this list can accomodate in excess of 300 kgs). It should also hold up to scratches. 

A durable spin tray should also work well in extreme temperatures. It should also be inert to chemical corrosions.

Before installation, ensure that your spintray has no visible deformations such as dents or cracks. The rest has to do with how carefully you handle the tray.(…pets and children too).

10. Warranty

There’s an unexplainable confidence we tend to have on products with warranties. This should be a key factor to consider before purchasing a spin tray.

A warranty product ensures that faulty products are replaced. This saves you money and improves the value proposition of your purchase.

A free return policy is another great after-sales service to look for. I personally value it more than a warranty.

For the simple reason that a simple product such as a spin tray is unlikely to malfunction. You just need to ensure that it has no blemishes when new.

Frequentky Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

#What is a spintray?

This is a flat platform that is installed on the handlebars of a spin bike like Peloton. It’s used to provide an extra space to have other devices(phones/laptops/tablets), books, cups or pens on a spin bike.

#How high should my spin tray be?

The Peloton bike is about 60” high. This includes the 21.5” height of the touchscreen display. Most people get decent knee clearance at this height.

The spin table occupies the space right below the screen. 

You can adjust the height of the spin tray by adjusting the height of the handlebars. The procedure is simple. Loosen the lever on the front of the bike.

While standing behind the seat, bend your arms so that they are below the handlebars. Gently lift the handlebars to the desired position.  Tighten the lever to maintain the new position.

#Won’t a spin tray cause my laptop to overheat?

No. Spin trays are similar to tables. They have no side walls that may interrupt free air circulation. Therefore, your laptop fans will ran as usual. 

#Which is the right-sized spin tray?

The type of devices or objects you’d like to have on the bike determine the ideal spin tray size. You’ll find small to large spin trays on the market.

Measure/check the dimensions of your device( laptop/book/tablet). Ensure that the spin tray you buy is larger than your measurements.

#Can i access the handlebars with a Spintray installed?

This entirely depends on the type of spintray.  Most spintrays seat right below the protrusion of the handlebars. While you will still have access to the handlebars, it’s not going to feel usual with the table panel installed. 


Spin trays and table panels allow us to bring more objects/devices to our spin bikes.

To find the best spin tray for your budget, consider its price, quality, size and number of supported accessories.  Be sure to clean your spin tray as often as possible. You may also avoid sharp objects that may scratch your tray. 

If you liked this article, kindly check out our other amazing fitness content available on the site. Thanks guys, see you in the next one!

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