Bullhorn handlebars: Everything you need to know


If you are a biker, you probably know how investing in proper handlebars is a game-changer. If you are, therefore, looking for some edgy, yet comfortable fit for your handlebars, you should take a look at the Bullhorn bike handlebars, which are some of the most aggressive and fastest handlebars in the market.

They are sold at a reasonable price, which definitely gives you value for your cash, considering their superb features.

Bullhorn Handlebars

Bullhorn handlebars are a light-weight solution designed for comfort, and thus minimizes fatigue when riding. They also have this bold and stable look that reflects the confidence of the rider.

This article gives an informative perspective to any rider looking for the best bike handlebars. Here is an outline of what the article entails:

First, we will describe the Bullhorn bike handlebars, what it can do, and give a general comparison of its features with market-leading products and its predecessors.

Second, we will describe the problems that Bullhorn bars solve and why you should seek to purchase them. We will also offer an insight into the ideal customer whom the Bullhorn handlebars suits and who they don't. We further suggest things that you should consider before the Bullhorn handlebars.

Third, we will provide the buyer's guide with a keen analysis of the specific features of the Bullhorn handlebars, together with the benefits and disadvantages these features offer to the rider.

Finally, we will provide user reviews of the product you intend to buy. Here, we also discuss alternatives to the Bullhorn bike handlebars in the market and how they differ in feature benefit and price. We also tackle the frequently asked questions and clear any doubt you may have about the Bullhorn bars.

What do Bullhorn bars bring to the table?

This is a quality bar that goes for a reasonable price. They curve up and forward and are good-looking. They are a light-weight option of sturdy bars that offer you the maximum comfort when riding.

The handlebars give a feeling control over your bike while also being durable at the same time.

Bullhorn handlebars offer the same experience when riding in the neighborhood, as though it was a standard road bike.

These handlebars are usually preferred because they provide a perfect hand position without the need for installing road bike brakes. They also allow a low-down aero position, which decreases wind drag and allows faster cycling.

Types of Bicycle handlebars

Other types of handlebars in the market include flat bars, riser bars, and drop bars. Flat bars are entirely flat, with a slight bend towards the rider.

They are popular among cross-country riders because they are highly versatile. They are quite simple, making steering precise. However, they are not suitable for riding over tough terrain, and their speed is not good.

Riser bars are wider than the flat bars. They are commonly used in trail biking because the rider has a more upright posture.

Their advantage is that the wider bar gives more leverage to the rider to make turning easier. On the downside, they are more pricey and more cumbersome than flat bars and are also not suitable
for climbing.

Drop bars offer great versatility and balance to the rider. If you are into track-racing, a good pair of drop bars is highly recommended.

They have better leverage for peddling, allowing the riders to exert more power to the pedals with less effort. They are also super cool.

Their disadvantage is that they may not be suitable for trailing since the riding position puts a lot of stress on the wrist. Honorable mentions include these bars of which you can find on Amazon:

Cruiser bars

Butterfly bars

BMX handlebars


1. Bullhorn bike handlebars offer a lower biking posture when speeding against the wind. This aerodynamic feature ensures that you move faster against the wind drag without much effort.

2. They offer excellent climbing experience. Compared to other handlebars such as the flat bars, bullhorn bars do not allow more room to move forward and upward when moving uphill. They also give more leverage to the rider, with more power exerted when peddling at a relatively less effort.

3. A type of bullhorn handlebars known as pursuit bars is perfect for speed.
They have a drop that allows you to go to a deeper tuck than you could with the typical bullhorn bars. This feature makes them better for speed and offers higher leverage to the rider.

4. They are durable. Bullhorn bike handlebars are sturdy and offer more control to the rider. They are also made of aluminum, which is rust-resistant and light.

5. Bullhorn bars are affordable. Their price is set at a reasonable range, considering its amazing features and great experience the rider gets when using them. This price is certainly unbeatable.

6. They have an edgy and cool look.


1. It does not allow for many postures when biking. Compared to the traditional drop bar, the Bullhorn bars do not offer as many postures, hand, and braking positions.

This may not be as vital on track racing but is critical when touring or road racing. Cycling for hours exposes the rider to fatigue, especially with the slope and wind variations.

Changing riding postures becomes essential in such situations.

2. The Bullhorn bars do not come with end caps. The handlebar's ends are open because the bar is hollow. This minor problem may be solved by covering the ends with caps from past handlebars with exact diameters.

3. The paint chips. Since the bike is exposed to everyday wear and tear, the paint covering the aluminum alloy begins to chip sooner than expected when scratched.

Problem solved by Bullhorn handlebars.

Handlebars greatly influence your overall stability, reliability, and riding experience. Picking the right type to suit your needs should be your top priority.

Bullhorn handlebars offer excellent aerodynamics, as earlier mentioned, which means that your posture gets lower when going faster or when facing headwinds making it appropriate for speed-oriented biking like track-racing.

Most handlebars do not allow enough room when going uphill. Bullhorn bike handlebars step in by allowing your body to move forward and upwards freely while climbing hills. This helps you to move further more swiftly with the best possible leverage.

Factors to consider when getting a handlebar

When picking handlebars for your bike, there are vital things that you should consider:

Comfort when Riding

You should find your comfort as a rider, which depends on how much room your bike handlebars allow you to have when riding. Ensure your body posture and angles that your wrist turns are not strained.


This is how much power you can transfer to the pedal. Good handlebars ensure you exert more power to the pedals with less effort.


This is the wind drag the rider experiences when biking. A lower posture decreases the drag and the rider moves more smoothly and at higher speeds.


It refers to the different biking styles you can use. Good handlebars are highly versatile while maintaining the hands in a neutral position.

Bullhorn handlebars Buying Guide

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider before getting a bullhorn handlebar:


The bullhorn bars come in three different sizes. These are 26x400mm, 26x420mm, and 31.8x400mm. The inside diameter is approximately 19.2mm. You have to make sure you are looking for a bar-ends shifter with such dimensions.


The clamp diameter comes in two variations; 25.4mm and 31.8mm. Ensure you check the handlebar details to determine the perfect diameter fittings.


Ensure the structure is robust and durable quality. Bullhorn handlebars offer stable non-slip and comfortable riding.


Bullhorn bars provide a 40mm drop for forwarding riding. The reduction ensures swiftness as well as the comfort of the rider. It is also suitable for aerodynamic biking at high speed.


The purchase price of the Bullhorn bars is set at a good range from $24-$47. Considering its fantastic capabilities, these handlebars are valued for money.


You should ensure the quality of the handlebars is top. Bullhorn bars are made of aluminum. Aluminum is the most suitable since it has rust-free characteristics and provides sturdy fitness at a lighter weight.


It depends on the build quality and bike quality. Make sure the handlebars are compatible with the bike. Check the user's guide provided to follow the exact description of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Bullhorn bike handlebars:

1. Do bar end shifters fit in these?

Yes. Bar ends do fit in these handlebars.

2. What is the outer diameter of the bar itself for brake lever mounts?

The outer diameter is 26mm. These kinds of bars are designed for time trial style brakes, which generally fit inside the ends of the bar.

3. Will the bars work with 23.8mm diameter brake level clamps?

They can, but you have to use lube to slide the clamps easily. To avoid any difficulties, you should probably buy new clamps which are thinner

4. Are the bars drilled for internal cables? 


5. What is the diameter of the stem? 26mm or 31.8mm?

The width is 26mm.

Bullhorn bike handlebars are highly recommended and have been given great reviews by buyers from numerous platforms such as Amazon.


Bullhorn bars are your best option if you enjoy track racing as well as hill climbing. They offer significant advantages such as more leverage and excellent climbing experience for such an affordable price. You should add them to your shopping cart.


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