Where to Buy Used Dumbbells and Barbells Online!


Dumbbells and barbells are an excellent way to get closer to your fitness goals. Thanks to its fat loss, strength gains, and hypertrophy capability, you can count on these heavy metals to keep you in your desired shape.

However, it can be daunting to find the one that would best meet your preference, with numerous options out there. In fact, during the pandemic, you can find many weightlifters complaining about the lack of stock available on online websites for these dumbbells and barbells.

Therefore, to make sure you don’t stumble upon any other hardship on your way to your goal here’s a complete guide to help you make the most of your workout regime.

This article will look at where to buy used dumbbells and barbells online to save some money and still meet your fitness goals.

So, let’s get started.

What Are Dumbbells?

Dumbbells are one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment used by fitness enthusiasts today. Generally, dumbbells consist of a handle that contains two equal weights, which can either be removable or fixed.

These removable weights can help you go from the beginner’s journey to the expert level, including intense strength training.

All of the workouts involving dumbbells can help improve muscle growth and add overall flexibility to the body. It can also be used to enhance your joints’ stability, which can help people who struggle with balancing problems.

Some of the workouts with dumbbells include:

  • French presses
  • Triceps kickbacks
  • Flat and incline chest presses.
  • Lateral raises
  • Seated shoulder presses
  • Overhead triceps extensions

What Are Barbells?

Barbells are usually 20-100+ pounds free weights attached to a 4 to 7 feet long and 1-inch thick barbell. They are normally used for commercial purposes on dedicated racks with their own space to allow people to carry out hectic strength training comfortably.

There are various types of barbells like deadlifts and Olympic bars specifically designed for convenience for beginners. Some of the workouts involving barbells include:

  • Barbell curl
  • Wrist curl
  • Lying triceps

The difference between dumbbells and barbells generally depends on the size of the equipment, the areas of the body it triggers, and the exercises you carry out with each of them.

The Benefits Of Weightlifting With Dumbbells

Even after all of this clarification, there is a legitimate question that swarms around in many gym-goers minds: Should you fill up your gym with strength training equipment like dumbbells and barbells, or opt for cardio equipment that can rapidly shed the underlying fat?

The answer would be both. You can’t get the desired results unless you incorporate both of these workout training into your life.

Here are some of the benefits of dumbbells that you may not be aware of:

1. Burns Fat

Building muscles while doing your cardio can rapidly accelerate your entire weight loss journey since your body now focuses on building muscles rather than just burning fat. This will also likely make your body look tighter within the initial few weeks.

2. Can Improve Posture

Since dumbbells help yield stability in the muscle and joints, they sturdy throughout any physical activity. Oftentimes, when people lack the appropriate exercises, their joints begin to hurt, which, in turn, can deteriorate your balancing capabilities.

3. Can Enhance Bone Health

As they say, the more you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the better you get at managing severe stress levels. By exerting force on your bones, you increase the strength of your bones and eliminate the risk of getting osteoporosis in the future.

4. Improves Mood

According to scientists, lifting weights is a great way to release endorphins, instantly putting you in a happier mood. Some bodybuilding has also vouched for the unbeaten energy and happiness you gain after a good weightlifting session. Try it, and I bet you wouldn’t deny that too.

5. Improves Mobility

The process of lengthening and contracting your muscles has the potential to add more flexibility to your body eventually. This keeps the fluids in your joints moving, and the intense exercises combat any joint problems you may have with your body and avoids mobility issues in old age.

The Benefits Of Training with Barbells

1. Barebells Are Relatively Affordable

Considering how you can trigger several areas of your body, barbells are comparatively cheaper than most of the exercise equipment out there. Adding a simple bar with around 135 pounds of weight would cost you around $100-$400, which is a good investment for your body that can last for decades.

2. Lifts Mental Well-Being

If you didn’t know this before, a barbell requires more focus and mental strength than physical. This is because, while working out, you need to maintain a specific balance and keep your nervous system coordinated to prevent the false use of this equipment.

Doing this can allow efficient muscle movement and train your mind to have power over your body.

3. Versatility

To reduce weight and build muscle effectively, you need to have a good cardio and strength training routine. And for that, a barbell is all you need. You can add a few pounds, say 5, to the bar and carry out a fast muscular movement to improve endurance and get other cardio benefits.

It would help if you weighed both pros and cons of using barbells before using them for weight training.

Where to Buy Used Dumbbells and Barbells Online?

In my opinion, buying first-hand equipment and using dumbbells and barbells have little to no difference. Some online websites sell gym equipment in outstanding conditions. You can always save a bunch and get the same durability with your metals. Here are some of the online stores you can give a shot:

Fitness Equipment Empire

The fitness equipment empire offers both used and commercial gym equipment with a large array of dumbbell and barbell options. Here, you can always expect to get the desirable equipment without compromising the products’ quality whatsoever.

What makes this store better than the rest is its transparency towards the conditions of the used items. During delivery, they also rest assured you of the heavy equipment condition, so you don’t run the risk of any damages during shipment.

Primo Fitness USA

Be it commercial or home gym, if you are looking to set up your entire gym, this site has everything you need. They offer their items in packages that give a huge plus in affordability. You can put your dumbbells and barbells in the sets of two or with other complementary equipment sets, so you don’t have to carry out the daunting research for each of the products.

They also offer weekly special offers and shipping quotes without pressuring you into buying their products.


eBay is a whole nother world for pre-owned and brand new products. What gives it a competitive edge is its searching criteria that allow you to narrow down your search based on equipment ( in this case, dumbbells and barbells) and with the price factor.

Just enter the product you’re looking for and the price limits, voila! There you have your perfect piece in front of you.

The store also allows you to take up items on auctions and go for products that are available for immediate online purchase.

Why Do People Recommend Dumbbells and Barbells for Weightlifting?

People usually prefer their equipment to yield rapid results, all while staying calm to your joints. And these two pieces of equipment provide exactly that. Due to the unique shape of barbells, you can effectively lift weights that speed up the muscle-building process without putting much stress on your back and joints.

And when it comes to dumbbells, you can always go for one-arm dumbbells to improve one weaker side of your body. Such types of workouts are, however, impossible for many other gym workout equipment.

What Does the Research Say?

According to Muscle and Fitness, a barbell bench press is likely to get you better results than a dumbbell bench press. However, there are certain workouts that only dumbells can trigger properly. Therefore, having a mixture of these two exceptional workout equipment force your body to reach your goals more efficiently.

Setting Up Your Workout Area

You might have seen people breaking their sweat in an Olympic-sized gym, doing deadlifts, and achieving their goals. However, you don’t necessarily have to get into that. You can opt for some used dumbbell and barbell types of equipment and either mount it to your walls or keep it on the side of your garage gym.

Since these two pieces of equipment are quite versatile its own, you don’t have to bother making a full-fledged home gym at once.

Take baby steps and get one piece of equipment at a time. For this, start by getting the basic gym floorings and your dumbbell and barbells. You can workout using these for a week and try incorporating other equipment pieces at a time. This way, you will be able to make the most out of each piece of equipment and keep your budget in check.


Most gym beginners make most of the most common mistakes to carry out any workout they see on the internet without giving it a second thought. If you don’t have a personal trainer, you might need to go the extra mile to learn yourself.

By that, I mainly mean deadlifts. Before mindlessly grab the metal make sure you understand the hip hinge. All you have to do is push your hip and butt backward, keep your back’s natural posture, and gently bend your knees to hold the dumbbell.

Once you ace that, you are free to experiment with other types of equipment like barbells or even kettlebells to allow good flexibility in all your workout regimes.


It will help if you keep experimenting with your workout routine. This allows healthier growth of your body rather than completely burning out in a few days.

The best is to start with dumbbells to improve your weaker muscles, then to barbells that can help build muscles and other cardio and spot training variations that would give your overall healthier body and desired look.

I hope this guide on where to buy used dumbbells and barbells online was helpful to you. Weigh both the advantages and disadvantages of using these pieces of equipment for weight training and then make an informed decision.


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