How to Cancel or Pause Peloton Membership: A Quick How-To Guide!


While Peloton All-Access and digital app membership are quite useful when it comes to finding the right workouts for your fitness goals, sometimes you just need to take a break. Or maybe just cancel it for good because you have decided it’s not for you.  

Since Peloton auto-renews your subscription every month, if your intention is not to use it for the next few months to come, it’s recommended to pause it or cancel it altogether. This is to ensure that you don’t end up paying extra bucks for features you will not use.

So, the question is, how to cancel or pause Peloton membership and resume it again once you’re ready to get back on the bike or tread?

It is possible to cancel or put on hold your Peloton membership for a few months and the process is rather simple and straightforward.

If you want to know how to do it and then reactivate your subscription after a few months, keep reading on.

Why Would Anyone Want to Cancel Peloton Membership?

An unexpected turn of events is possible at any time during our life. Sometimes we have plans to travel or relocate and at other times we might need time to recover from a surgery or illness. Pregnancy and childbirth are also reasons for getting a break from exercise.

Even if none of these reasons apply to you, you might just want a break from regular spinning classes and continue when you’re ready.

It is also possible that you might need cash for some other outlays and so you would like to cancel or put on hold your Peloton membership that costs $39 per month for All-Access Membership and $12.99/month for Digital Membership.

If the cost of All-Access Membership sounds a lot, you can also downgrade to app membership and still be able to enjoy most of the features. You can access the same classes but on the digital app, you won’t be able to see all the metrics that you see on your Peloton screen with All-Access membership.

Moreover, with the digital app, you will only be able to create a single profile. On the other hand, All-Access membership allows you to have 20 different profiles on the same account. Plus, the leaderboard is visible only to All-Access members and not to the app users. The leaderboard is a great feature as it allows you to see how you are doing in comparison to other people who are taking the same class with you.

You can compete against your friends and also the hashtags that you’re a part of. On the app, you can see who is in the class and high-five them but you don’t get to see their metrics or how they are performing. All that is available only to All-Access members.

On the app, however, you can see your heart rate if you connect a heart rate monitor with the app. So, these are a few differences between the two types of subscriptions and you can decide which one you are going to keep depending on your workout schedule and fitness goals.    

How to Cancel Peloton Membership?

If you want to cancel your Peloton membership, the first thing to know is, you cannot do it from the bike itself. You will have to do it either from Peloton’s official website or from your cell phone.  

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you cancel or pause your Peloton All-Access or digital app membership.

Step #1 – Log into your Peloton account

If you’re using the web portal to access your profile, you will have to log into your Peloton account first. Use this link to provide your username/email and password you used while signing up for Peloton.  

Step #2 – Open Subscriptions and choose membership plan

Open this link to go to Subscriptions in your Peloton account if you’ve already signed in. Choose the desired plan you wish to cancel from the Membership tab. It can be either the digital app membership or All-Access Peloton Membership you might have subscribed to.  

Choose the relevant plan from the options so you can be prompted if it’s confirmed that you want to cancel the membership.

Step #3 – Cancel the subscription

Once you choose your desired membership plan, there will be an option to cancel the subscription. Select this option and you will be prompted if you really want to cancel your subscription. Choose Yes and your membership will be deactivated.    

It’s also possible to cancel your membership using an offline method and that is to call up the Peloton support. All you have to do is dial from your landline or cell phone the number 1-866-679-9129 and then choose the desired extension to talk to the agent.

Once you’re connected, you can tell the agent that you wish to cancel your Peloton membership. They will take care of the rest of the procedure.   

How to Cancel Peloton Membership On iOS or Android Devices?

If you want to cancel your app membership on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), go to your device’s settings and click on your Apple ID. Now, click on Subscriptions that will open all the apps you have subscribed to.

From this list, select Peloton. And then Cancel Subscription. There will be a prompt to confirm cancellation. Proceed with an affirmation and you are done.

The same process can be followed if you just want to use the app during the free trial period. Once the trial is over, cancel the subscription so you won’t be charged for the new month.

The same process can be followed on an Android device. Go to My Account on your cell phone and then choose Your Android Apps and Devices. From here go to Subscriptions and choose Peloton from the list. From that screen, choose Cancel Subscription and it’s done.

What Happens When You Cancel Your Peloton Membership?  

When you cancel your membership either for a few months or for good, you will lose your access to on-demand and live classes, scenic rides, and a few other useful features of the membership.

For members, Peloton offers all sorts of data and content that they can find in their profiles. This includes the rides you have done in the past, your achievements, and visualizations to analyze what you have been doing in the past months.

Then there are various types of rides available in your profile classified into Programs and Collections. You can choose a class based on its description, instructor, and other parameters. As a member, you also get to choose a Scenic Ride, which is available beside Just Ride.

And now if you cancel your subscription, all this content disappears. Instead, you see a screen that says “Activate Your Bike” with information on how you can do it. However, on the bottom of the screen, you will find a red button labeled “Just Ride”. If you tap that button, you are taken to a screen where you can view your cadence, output, resistance, and a few other metrics related to your ride.

For people who just want to use the bike for a single ride at a time and don’t really need to analyze what they have been doing in the past or compete with other people with similar interests, canceling the membership wouldn’t affect anything. They can still use that Just Ride feature and even get access to three pre-recorded classes whenever they want.

But for those who have bought Peloton just to connect with the community and to really measure their progress over time along with focusing on how to get ahead of other people on the leaderboards, canceling the subscription plan will take everything away from their reach.   

It is mentioned in Peloton terms and conditions that the company reserves the right to terminate your subscription/account if it goes against their TOS. If this happens, you will lose your data, files, and other information stored in your profile including your badges, achievements, and history of workouts.

In case of account termination, you will have to send a formal request to Peloton to reactivate your account and pay all charges up to the date of termination to get all your files back.

This doesn’t happen when you choose to cancel or pause your subscription yourself. It’s possible to subscribe again and all you have to do is sign into your account and go to Subscriptions. This time, you will reactivate the membership instead of canceling it.

It is also possible to transfer your prepaid membership credits to someone else. If you are no longer interested in Peloton membership benefits but there is someone in your friends’ circle who could benefit from those features, you can email Peloton support to change the owner of your membership.

Make sure the other person is a resident of one of the countries where Peloton All-Access Membership is available and they have signed up with Peloton already. You will be required to give their rider name or email address and the process will be handled.  

Is It Possible to Reactivate Your Peloton Membership?

Yes, it’s definitely possible to get your membership back even if you have had it canceled or paused for more than three months.

You can do it like you activated the bike the first time around. Turn on the screen and select a wireless network from the available list of networks to ensure you’re connected to the internet. Once the welcome screen pops up, tap on Getting Started. Here you can enter the email address you used when purchasing the Peloton bike and hit Continue.

Once logged in successfully, you can tap Activate Bike and then create a profile or several profiles for all members in your household.

Remember, if you choose to put your monthly subscription on hold for one, two, or three months, the membership will be reactivated automatically by Peloton once this time period is over.

And while your membership is on hold, you won’t be billed for the subscription. The next billing cycle will start from the month following the last month you selected while pausing the subscription. So, basically, you will have to wait for the new month to start to resume using the All-Access features.

However, it’s possible not to wait for the new month and get your membership reactivated the previous month. If you manage to do so on the right date, you will get all the features back instantly.

Parting Shot

Don’t want to use your Peloton membership for the next few months? No worries. Peloton provides an easy solution to this problem and even allows you to reactivate your membership once you’re ready to take on your fitness goals again.

Sometimes due to injury, illness, pregnancy, vacation, or relocation, people want to pause their Peloton subscription. Since the membership costs $39 per month, it’s a good idea to have it paused if you will not be using the paid features instead of keep paying without any reason.

Many people think they won’t be able to get their membership back if they cancel it. But the good news is, it is always possible to reactivate your membership from your bike and tread even if you stay removed from the scene for more than three months!

So, if some other plans are coming up, go to your Peloton account and cancel your membership till you’re ready to get back. If price is an issue, you can also check out the digital membership plan that costs $12.99 per month. However, with this kind of membership, you will be able to create only one profile.

Also, remember that Peloton reserves the right to terminate your subscription any time during your membership and if this happens, you will have to call Peloton support and have your membership reactivated.  

Hope you learned a lot from this guide and are in a good position to cancel or pause your Peloton membership. All the best with your future plans!

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