Can’t Clip into Peloton: What to do Next? An Easy Guide!


What should you do if you can’t clip into Peloton?

Spin classes can be fun if you have got the right products for them and shoes are one of those accessories that can make or break your workout session!  

However, Peloton shoes are not the regular running shoes that you can easily wear and head out for a workout. These shoes need to be treated differently as they are specially designed for Peloton bikes.

What if you purchase these shoes and can’t clip into Peloton? Do you need an easy way to put on the shoes and start your class as soon as you’re done?

This easy guide with step-by-step instructions would make you well informed about Peloton shoes and how to clip them into the pedals.

However, let’s discuss some Peloton facts before jumping on to the step-by-step guide.

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Some Basic Peloton shoe Facts

Peloton shoes are the kind of footwear used for indoor Peloton stationary bikes. Now the question arises, why do we need these kinds of shoes?

The answer is very simple because Peloton shoes are specially designed for Peloton equipment. These shoes would assist you in better spinning performance with the Peloton bike.

Just imagine for a minute that you just hopped onto the bike with ordinary running shoes and your feet are not having proper balance as they would be sliding down the pedals. This would be so uncomfortable that you would not want to go through with your workout session.

Peloton bike shoes use Delta-compatible cleats that consist of a three-hole assembly and that can be easily attached to the bottom of the shoes.

Although it’s possible to ride the bike using your regular sneakers or any other shoes for that matter, Peloton recommends using the bike with the shoes designed for it. This is not just to ensure optimal performance but also to ensure a safe and secure ride.

You can use another pedal system with the bike though if you plan on using other types of shoes. These may include shoes designed for SPD-compatible pedals. You will have to replace the factory-fitted pedals with ones that are compatible with SPD cleats.

Now that you know what Peloton shoes are all about, it’s time to look at how to clip into Peloton pedals without much effort.   

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How to Clip Into Peloton Pedals

Clipping in and out of Peloton pedals shouldn’t be very difficult particularly if you’re wearing compatible shoes that come with Delta-compatible cleats. However, some people still face issues that could be due to any reason at all.

Before discussing those issues, let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide on how to clip into Peloton pedals.

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Step 1: Mount Peloton Shoe Cleats

First, you need to know what cleats actually are and what they do. Cleats or studs are protrusions on the outside of the shoe sole which give a good grip to the feet. This would give you a very good grip and provide you with the right balance when you carry out your workout activities.

Some shoes compatible with the Peloton would already have cleats mounted. If they are already mounted, then you would not need to install them.

Most of the shoes would not have the cleats mounted so there you would need to install them.

Now the next important part is to identify the angle and position of the cleat. A badly angled cleat on your shoe could put pressure on the knees and give you knee pain. The angles of both the cleats of the shoes do not necessarily have to be similar.

For that, you need to identify where the balls of your feet would be present. Then place the cleat plate across the balls of your feet into the 3 screw holes. Put the screws in the screw holes and tighten them with a hex or Allen key that comes with Peloton shoes.

You need to make sure that the screws are fixed properly and tightened after vigorous exercise as they may tend to loosen after some time.

Step 2: Loosen the Buckle or Unstrap the Shoes Properly

Peloton shoes could either have the buckle system or Velcro straps. If you are using a buckle, then all you need to do is just press the button on the buckle and wait for it to snap open. When it makes enough room for your foot to get inside the shoe, you can stop pulling the straps.

With Velcro straps, you can simply unstrap them and pull them until you can feel your foot can easily get inside the shoe.

Step 3: Put On the Shoes

Before you even think of putting on the Peloton shoes, you need to first wear socks. Without the socks, your feet would not have a good grip and would keep sliding. It could also damage the sole of your shoe.

After wearing socks, make sure you get closer to the Peloton bike. This would help you make comfortable without having to walk in the cleats which could be very uncomfortable.

Slide your foot inside the Peloton shoe and make sure that it is completely flat inside. You would not want your feet hanging to the edge of your shoes. Now do the same with the other foot.

Step 4: Buckle the Shoes Properly

Once you feel that your feet are comfortably settled inside the shoes, you can easily tighten the straps or buckle them up with the help of the button. If you feel it may be too tight, pull up the string and adjust it according to your comfort level.

Step 5: Clip Into the Peloton Pedals

Before clipping into the Peloton, it is always better to stand up with your legs apart to an appropriate distance from the bike so that you can get an idea of where the shoes need to be clipped.

While in a standing position, you can locate the pedals of the bike and see where the cleats need to rest in the pedals. You can use the handlebars to give you a proper balance while doing this.

Next, point your toe downward and place it into the pedal’s opening. Just make sure that the cleat properly touches the pedal’s opening. Now you can push your heels until you hear a clicking sound with the Peloton Shoes which indicates that the cleat has completely attached to the pedal. Do the same with the other foot.

If you still struggle to get a sound, you need to repeat the steps and see at what point you can get the sound. With a little practice, you would be able to easily clip in.

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How to Clip Out

For clipping out of the pedal, all you need to do is:

●  Bring your Peloton to a halt. If you are right-footed, you can unlatch your right foot first. If you are left-footed, do it with the left pedal first.

●  Get the pedal to the 6 o’clock position. Press on the resistance knob which would make the pedals immobile.

●  Now twist your heel at a 6 o’clock angle away from the pedal. You may feel some resistance which is normal as the cleat is securely fitted to the pedal. When once one foot is out of the pedal, the other can easily be taken out.

Let’s go through a few tips which would help you clip into Peloton in a better way.

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Tips For An Easy Clip In

●  Make sure you wear socks before clipping into Peloton. Sweaty feet will not help you get into the pedal properly.

●  The cleats should be properly aligned with the pedal.

●  The cleats should be positioned in the right area of your shoes. They should not be more towards the end of your feet or too close to your toes.

●  Always make sure that you wear your shoes closer to the bike. In this way, you won’t have to walk with cleats as these are protrusions, making you uncomfortable when you walk on the floor.

●  Always bring the pedal to a 6 o’clock position for both clipping in and out of the pedal. This angle would help you easily attach to or detach from the pedal.

●  Always bring the bike to a complete halt before clipping in or out. The resistance knob would help the bike not to move.

Why Can’t I Clip Into Peloton?

Have you tried all the above steps and tips but still face difficulty while clipping into Peloton pedals? No worries, this section will help you solve most of your problems.

Loosen the Pedal Tension

Peloton recommends this as the first step in troubleshooting when you’re unable to clip into the pedals. Adjusting the pedal tension is not very difficult. All you have to do is locate the screw on the back of the pedal with the plus and minus sign on it.

Loosen the screw using the 3mm Allen key that comes with the bike by turning it one-quarter of a turn in the counterclockwise direction.

It is also possible to tighten the tension if you find the cleats are too loose in the pedal. To tighten the screw, you have to turn it in the clockwise direction. It is recommended to tighten or loosen only one-quarter of a turn at a time and try clipping in again.

If you still have problems, try loosening a little more.

Properly Attach the Cleats

This is another common issue that makes clipping into the pedals very difficult or outright impossible. It is recommended that the cleats are facing forward and are in line with your toe. And the middle of the cleat should lie across the ball of the foot.

When you can make sure the cleats are positioned correctly, tighten the screws using a 4mm hex key. To check if the cleats have been attached properly, get on the bike and start pedaling. The pressure should fall in the ball of your feet. If you feel this is not the case, loosen the cleats and try attaching them again.

Replace the Cleats    

Old and worn-out cleats should be replaced before you try clipping into Peloton pedals. They will not only make the process difficult but may also break or come loose while you’re exercising and cause injuries.

Find compatible cleats and also choose the correct float angle. Zero-degree float is not recommended for beginners. So, try to look for either 9 or 5-degree float cleats.

Lubricate the Pedals and Cleats

This is an important maintenance step that you must perform every month or so to make sure everything works properly. It will also make sure your pedals don’t squeak while you exercise and you are able to clip into them easily.

I hope you found the guide informative and will now be able to clip into your bike’s pedals without much effort.   

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Your turn…

Peloton shoes are not your regular footwear that can easily be worn. They are only made for the Peloton bike workouts. These shoes provide ultimate comfort for the feet so that no injury is caused due to any wrong angle during a workout session. An intense workout can easily be carried out with these shoes without any discomfort.

But the problem comes when people start having difficulties while clipping in and out of the Peloton pedals. Although it’s a pretty straightforward process, the issues could be due to incompatible or worn-out cleats, wrong angle, too tight pedals, or too tight or lose cleats.

These problems are also easy to troubleshoot but you need to find out where you’re doing it wrong. Once you are able to pinpoint the cause, you can easily make amends to make it work.

As these are not your regular running shoes, you need to understand the technicalities associated with them. Once you learn how they can easily function, you are able to enjoy the best Peloton workouts.

All the best!

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