Cardio Heart Health Powder: Recommended by Doctor’s For Heart Health!


The heart is the most important organ in the body. It ensures the proper functioning of each cell in all organs and body tissues-including the brain.

We engage in healthy eating habits, get good sleep, and exercise regularly to support the heart directly on indirectly. Another way we can help the heart is by taking dietary supplements.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of heart supplements available in the market today. It may be hard to tell apart the genuine ones.

Fortunately, we are here for you! One of the few reliable heart supplements is the Cardio Heart Health Powder. In this article, we’ll review the Cardio Heart Health Powder: Recommended by Doctor’s For Heart Health! 

We’ll cover the following areas with regards to Cardio Heart Health Powder :

  • What it is 
  • What it contains 
  • How it works 
  • Pros 
  • Cons 
  • A comprehensive buyer’s guide 
  • Health benefits 
  • Side effects 
  • What others are saying about it 
  • Alternatives to the formula

Cardio Heart Health Reviews

The Cardio Heart Health Powder is a comprehensive heart supplement. There’s a lot going for it.

To adequately cover all of its aspects, we’ll base our discussion on the following subtopics:

What is Cardio Heart Health Powder?

Cardio Heart Health Powder is a dietary supplement meant to improve the functionality of the cardiovascular system. It contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents.

All of these are crushed into a fine powder.  The formula contains a proprietary blend of L-arginine(500mg) and L-citrulline(1000mg).

All ingredients are set to improve blood pressure, boost energy levels, and fight bad cholesterol.

Cardio Heart Health Powder contains a total of 30 ingredients. Some of them are for color and flavoring purposes.

How does it work?

Cardio Heart Health Powder contains L-arginine as its active ingredient. This is an amino acid that is broken down into nitric oxide, a powerful neurotransmitter. It triggers the vascular lining muscles to dilate. This increases the volume through which blood can flow in the blood vessels.

Raw L-arginine is also responsible for the secretion of hormones such as insulin.

In 1988, three scientists-Robert F Furchgott, Louis J Ignarro, and Ferid Murad were awarded the Nobel prize for the discovery of Nitric oxide.

Turns out that this gaseous compound is produced in every cell in our bodies. It is responsible for signaling all cardiovascular and circulatory functions. For that, it was named the “miracle compound”

For a long time, nitric oxide was written off as an atmospheric pollutant. Note that the body usually produces all the nitric oxide it needs.

However, as you age, along with specific medical conditions such as nutrient deficits, can reduce the amount of nitric oxide in the body. That’s why you may need this specific supplement.

Lack of nitric oxide has been linked to various side effects- fatigue, erectile dysfunction, memory loss, high blood pressure, insomnia, and asthma.

What’s in Cardio Heart Health Powder?

The table below contains a list of the compounds found in Cardio Heart Health Powder. Each of them has a link to a page that describes its benefits, uses and side effects comprehensively.

INGREDIENT( with links to benefits)
  1. L-arginine 


  1. Vitamin B5
  • Folic Acid 
  • Proprietary Blend with perilla oil


  1. CoQ10


About the “Cardio heart health” brand

The Cardio Heart Health Powder is created and sold by DOCTOR RECOMMENDED SUPPLEMENTS. This is an online supplements store primarily based on Amazon. The brand deals in a variety of health supplements . 

They sell a variety of supplements including  both natural and synthetic. Their natural supplements are derived from beetroot, turmeric and greens powder. Other areas of health covered by the brand include immune health and fitness enhancers. 



The Cardio Heart Health Powder is composed of several classes of ingredients. These include vitamins, amino acids, anti-inflammatory agents, fibers, and antioxidants.

On its own, this makes this product a super-formula. Each ingredient plays a vital role in the optimization of certain body functions that contribute to proper cardiovascular health.

For instance, vitamins and antioxidants significantly dampen oxidative stress on the cardiovascular system. The same culprit is responsible for the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and CVD.

Other benefits include enhanced neural function by minerals. It also influences the synthesis of new cells. 

Even if not all, some of the components of Cardio Heart Health Powder are set to help your body in certain ways. Each consequent is made easily available to the body by following a careful production process.

This preserves the power of the formula for maximum action in the body.


Based on its integral parts, quantity, and quality, the Cardio Heart Health Powder is decently priced. In comparison to other products in its class, it offers a higher value proposition.

Granted, its affordable prices is not a pointer to quality issues. This pricing point is achieved by balancing certain economic elements in the production and distribution processes. 

Cardio Heart Health Powder is made and sold by Doctor recommended supplements  This is a popular brand that enjoys high turnovers.

It’s for this reason that the powder is priced so low. (Economics of scale). The cost becomes even lower with an increase in quantity. For instance, a 16-pound har goes for $34.95 while a 33-pound jar goes for $64.95.


All ingredients in the Cardio Heart Health Powder are natural. This excludes the colors. Such a composition is generally considered to be safe.

There is no use of pronounced chemicals or heavy metals as is the case in synthetic supplements. Its taste can attest to this. It has a unique, natural tang. 

Cardio Heart Health Powder has precisely measured the quantities of each ingredient. This ensures that it doesn’t trigger any illnesses or allergies. It also ensures that the body receives just the right amount of each component to effectively cause a positive change.

Notice that the body needs very low quantities of most nutrients, preventing wastage.

That said, I recommend that you consult your doctor about the safety Cardio Heart Health Powder. With such a high number of components, there are potent chances for cross-reactions.

This could trigger immune responses or even, negatively impact the functionality of certain medications you may already be on. 


The Cardio Heart Health Powder is a wholesome product. Its well prepared and packaged. Its easily dissolved and hardly forms any lumps when mixing with fluids.

The whole preparation process typically takes about a minute. This is such an advantage considering some dietary supplements require a blender to mix properly. 

It helps you stick to your daily dosages. The jar also comes with a scoop that allows you to accurately measure the quantities you take.

Note that certain vitamins contained in the formula can be toxic in high quantities. Dizziness, diarrhea, headaches, and vomiting are some of the symptoms of overdosing on supplements.

Customer support

Cardio Heart Health Powder enjoys lots of good press. However, personal experiences are hardly consistent across all users.

The are several variables that may impact your impressions on the formula. These include your expectations, medical history, physical conditions, current medication, and preset allergies. 

Other reasons for dissatisfaction may include physical blemishes on the supplement’s container along with lumping. To cover all these mishaps, the company includes a free return policy on all orders.

Since the product is distributed directly by the manufacturer, the refund/return process is straightforward.



While the powder mixes easily, it may not be the best way to consume supplements. This can be largely attributed to the large difference in flavor preferences across individuals. It makes a less enjoyable process to drink stuff that you don’t like every day. I wish it came in gel capsules.  

This way, you taste nothing at all. However, note that Cardio Heart Health Powder comes in a tart cherry flavor. It tastes good and most people may like it. 


As previously iterated, the adjunct comes in only one flavor. If this doesn’t serve you right, you have no choice but to wrinkle your face and squint your eyes as you put up with it every day. 

Cardio Heart Health Powder Buyers Guide

Consider the following factors before investing your hard-earned money in a heart supplement:


All other aspects of any product come after the cost. It’s the dollars you pay for a supplement that helps you set your expectations. Therefore, its important to know what you want first.

Next, you have to find out many vendors who sell the product. This allows you to adequately gauge the fairness of pricing for each seller. 

Be thorough as you read through each of the product descriptions. Factors like the number, source, and quantity of each ingredient are some of the things you should look for.

I prefer supplements with the highest number of components. Check for the base price for each package offered. You should also take note of the shipping costs. 

You can shortlist 2-3 potential candidates. It’s at this point that you may consult your doctor(more on this later). By so doing, you’ll get the best value for your money.

Remember that you get what you pay for. Some vendors can make false claims on their low-priced products. Such offers are nothing but trouble.

That’s why it is recommended that you buy supplements from reputable manufacturers. 


There are two basic types of dietary supplements-natural and synthetic. Natural supplements are curated from ingrained ingredients. Such products are the most expensive. The rarity and complexity of sourcing such ingredients is the reason behind the high cost. 

Natural supplements are generally considered to be safer for the body. However, they usually contain lower quantities of the active ingredient(s). This makes them slow-acting.

It also requires that you consume a relatively higher amount to achieve the desired effects. So how do you discern a natural supplement? Check the label.

Natural supplements are usually indicated to be 100%-plant or animal-based. 

On the other hand, synthetic supplements constitute man-made ingredients. Such compounds are easy to manufacture from the lab in large quantities. Its why they are typically cheaper than natural supplements. 

Also, the manufacturer has close control over the concentration of each compound. 

Therefore, it affords them the ability to make highly concentrated formulas. These have a fast-acting effect and are highly bioavailable.

Contrary to popular opinion, synthetic products are not always bad. Most medications are synthetic. It all depends on the responsibility and expertise of the manufacturer. How do you identify a synthetic supplement?

Check the label. If it doesn’t contain a list of natural food sources, then it’s synthetic. The FDA does not control dietary supplements. Therefore, it’s up to you to determine if a product is safe for you.

Most synthetic supplements also contain salts such as acetate, bitartrate, chloride, gluconate, hydrochloride, nitrate, and succinate. These are meant to stabilize its ingredients.


The human body is an amazingly complex system.  Under the optimal supply of healthy food and threshold physical activity, the body is a self-sufficient.

This means that it can adequately produce all the compounds it needs to function. The rest is supplied by the food we eat. 

As such, stipulate specific reasons why you need a supplement. This could be advised by specific changes or abnormalities you may have noticed in your body.

A sure way to confirm this is by visiting your doctor. They can run tests to check for any problems. You may also want supplements as part of your detoxification or fitness journey. 

Once the need is ascertained, its time to look for a supplement that serves your needs best. This can mean choosing between brands, natural or, synthetic formulas.

Before rushing into a supplement, check if you can fix the problem by changing your diet, lifestyle, or daily routines. This is a sure way to fix these problems.

Your Doctor

This is the most important source of advice with regards to supplements and medication. You should consult your doctor throughout the process.

I recommend visiting your personal doctor whenever possible. They know your medical history and current health condition. Based on this information, they can point you in the right direction. 


A supplement is a mash-up of several compounds. Even specific supplements(those that supply only one type of nutrient e.g vitamin C) always contain other less-pronounced ingredients. Therefore, understanding this composition forms the largest chunk of your research assignment.

Find out the benefits, risks, and side effects of each ingredient. Factor in your medical conditions and intentions of usage to find relevant information. With this information, you can adequately make a purchase decision. 


A supplement must be useful as soon as possible after ingestion. Bioavailability is a measure of the speed of action of a supplement. The formula must also preserve all of its components even after ingestion. This is achieved by making the supplement as fine and as soluble as possible

Other bioavailability-enhancers include dietary fibers. Black pepper extract is a good example. It contains pepperine. which inhibits  P-glycoprotein and cytochrome P450 3A4.

These are proteins that eliminate most drugs/supplements the minute you swallow them. Their inhibition ensures proper assimilation of each ingredient in the body.

Pay close attention to the ratio of the active ingredient to the rest of the formula. This dictates the level of positive change you should expect from a formula. Some active ingredients such as L-arginine in heart supplements are quickly metabolized in the body.

Consequently reducing their efficiency of operation. 

I recommend supplements with a slow-release feature. To achieve this, a large amount of the precursor to the active ingredient is included. For example, L-citrulline is the precursor to L-arginine.

L-citrulline is not easily metabolized in the body. This allows it to be gradually broken down to L-arginine. This ensures a constant supply of nitric oxide. 

Such techniques improve the bioavailability of a dietary supplement.

Customer Support

A supplement vendor must display confidence in their product. This can be in the form of satisfaction guaranties.  This means that you can get your money back should you fail to notice any changes after taking a supplement.  A free-return policy is another service to look for. 

It allows you to get a replacement/full-refund on faulty products. This covers anything from broken containers, expired products and to dump or solidified powders.

Check that the manufacturer has an active customer support office, website, telephone number, chat, or email address.

Such avenues can be utilized when you need to talk to the manufacturer directly. Other than complaints, you can always reach out to get answers for specific questions you might have on a supplement. 

User reviews

Proper research and window shopping are two ways you can place a verdict on a formula. The latter should take into account cost, features, and customer feedback.

What others say about a supplement is arguably the surest way to predict your experience. Before concluding on one formula, go through lots of information first. 

This can save you from getting duped by false reviews. You can also get feedback from people living with similar health conditions you may have.

Further details on the real experience of consuming a supplement can also be found. As a rule of thumb, go for a supplement with the highest ratings and positive user feedback.


The manufacturer is the most important aspect of a supplement. It is only these guys that know what’s in a formula for sure. Amateur companies have less experience in the supplements industry. It’s highly unlikely that they are known. This lack of reputation can be an indicator of unproven quality. 

Reputable brands(that that have been in operation for at least 1 year) have a higher-quality rating. They have a proper understanding of what the market wants. Also, they have grown from many product failures in the past.

I recommend such brands. Although their products are relatively expensive, they are usually of higher quality.


Our bodies should be respected. This means understanding what we ingest. A supplement must be safe to use. Safety means that a product is useful in the body regardless of your physical and medical condition.

Natural supplements are considered to be safe. The vendor brand also plays a role in determining safety.

The portions of each ingredient dictate the effect of a supplement in your body. This is because the body requires specific amounts of each compound.

Too little and it’s not going to work, too much and it becomes dangerous. Lastly, ensure that a supplement meets GMP(good manufacturing practices) standards. This guarantees safety.

Health Benefits of Cardio Heart health powder

  1. Boosts energy 
  2. Supports immunity 
  3. Fights bad cholesterol
  4. Lowers blood pressure 
  5. Enhances muscle function
  6. Optimizes blood sugar levels
  7. Reduces oxidative stress on the cardiovascular system

Cardio Heart Health Powder side effects

May negatively react with blood pressure and stroke drugs 

Other than that, the active ingredient L-arginine has shown no side effects during clinical trials. Rare side effects include:

  • Gout 
  • Nausea 
  • Headache 
  • Abdominal pain 

What Other Are Saying About Cardio Heart health powder

After scouring the internet for user reviews, I found the general response to Cardio Heart Health Powder to be rather positive. Here’s a sample of what some people say about the formula:

One user said: lowers blood pressure and heart rate

“Her husband recommended Cardio Heart Health Powder to help lower her resting heart rate. Her husband had been using L-arginine to pass the big rigs driving test. She went from a resting heart rate of 90 to 75 beats per minute”

Another customer said: tastes great

“He was diagnosed with tachycardia and was on pills for a while. He has been using Cardio Heart Health Powder for more than a year. He has since recovered from pain. Its good taste also makes it easy for him to enjoy his dosage in the morning”

Another customer said:  good value for the price 

“ It contains several ingredients, dissolves easily and tastes great. He recommends it for anyone”

Alternatives to Cardio Heart Health Powder

1. Cardio Miracle (TM) – Premium Alternative


Cardio Miracle is a nitric-oxide boosting cardiovascular supplement. It contains L-arginine as the active ingredient. This compound is broken down into nitric oxide. The benefits include lower blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and a boost in energy levels. Cardio Miracle comes in a powder form.

You need to take a scoop in the morning and evening every day. To do this, simply mix it in 4-8 ounces of water or juice before drinking.

The supplement comes in 3 flavors- stevia, cane sugar, and vegan. Its recommended that you take in on an empty stomach in the morning, 15-20 minutes before breakfast. In the evening, take it 2 hours after dinner. 

Key features of Cardio Miracle

  1. Great taste 
  2. Decent pricing 
  3. Highly bioavailable 
  4. Fine powder quality
  5. Comprehensive ingredients 

Notable differences between Cardio Miracle and Cardio Heart Health Powder

  1. Pricier 
  2. Improves dental health 
  3. Check it out on Amazon.
  4. Contains fewer ingredients 

2. Heart & Body Extract – Syrup alternative


This is a syrup heart health herbal formula. It contains garlic, Hawthorne berries and leaves, coleus, motherwort, bilberry, butcher’s broom kelp, mistletoe, ginger, and cayenne pepper.

These components are all meant to clear plaque from arteries to improve blood floor. They also help balance the levels of bad cholesterol.  

Key features of Heart & Body Extract

  1. Herbal
  2. Good taste 
  3. Easy to consume 
  4. Free-return policy 
  5. High bioavailability 

Notable differences between Heart & Body Extract and Cardio Heart Health Powder

  1. Cheaper 
  2. It is in syrup form 
  3. Contains fewer ingredients 
  4. Has a higher bioavailability rating 

3. Heartbeet Complete – Customers Favourite


This is a beetroot-based heart formula. It contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and flavors. The active ingredient L-arginine is present in both its raw & precursor(L-citrulline) forms. This makes it highly effective in the consistent supply of nitric oxide.

The formula is packaged in powder sticks-30 in a box and 1 for each day. 

This makes it easy to accurately portion your daily dosages. It claims to support health in the ways of reducing blood pressure, fighting bad cholesterol, and improving immune function.

Key features of Heartbeet Complete

  1. Tastes great 
  2. Easy to consume 
  3. Highly bioavailable
  4. Contains many ingredients 
  5. Comes in pre-measured daily portions 

Notable differences between Heartbeet Complete and Cardio Heart Health Powder

  1. Pricier
  2. Comes in a stick form
  3. Contains fewer ingredients 


Heart supplements help dilate blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, improve blood flow, and rid the cardiovascular system of oxidative stress. They also help fight bad cholesterol, improve energy levels, and transmit neural signals. The result is a proper-functioning cardiovascular system as well as a general feeling of wellness.

Consult your doctor before starting on any new supplements. Consider your budget, health conditions, intentions of usage and brand before purchasing a heart supplement.

A good heart supplement should be fun to drink, highly bioavailable and truly impactful. It should also be safe for use and have no hidden side effects.

The Cardio Heart Health Powder is a reliable supplement. Its made of safe ingredients, tastes great, has high bioavailability and genuinely aids the cardiovascular system. Be sure to take your supplements in the right quantity and frequency as advised by the supplier.

If you liked this article, feel free to check out more amazing fitness content on the site. Thanks a lot and stay safe!

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