Best Method on How to Clip in Peloton Shoes


The question is, “How do you clip in Peloton shoes?”

More and more people are joining the Peloton community where they get to work out with their friends and compete with them on the leaderboard.  

However, one problem that many people still face despite eight years since its inception is the difficulty to clip into the pedals. 

Well, it might not seem like an issue at all for some people but there are others who reach the point of frustration while clipping into the bike and are still unable to do it.

If you have been there too, no worries. Here is a guide to help you get into Peloton pedals without much hassle. Once you learn the ins and outs of this method, you will forget that you ever faced any issues.

So, let’s get started.

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The Idea of Having Peloton Shoes

Although it’s possible to use your regular running or cycling shoes with Peloton, the pedals of this bike are designed to be compatible with LOOK Delta cleats only.

If you are wearing regular running shoes and hop onto the bike, then you might lose your balance. Your foot would not have enough grip and support to pedal the bike.

Peloton shoes are specially designed for spinning and they need to be purchased with the bike itself. These shoes would properly attach to the Peloton bike. This gives support to the feet so that you don’t lose your balance or hurt your feet in any way. This would also put less pressure on the joints, thighs, and hamstrings.

Anyone who is new to spinning would find it overwhelming to try on all the new accessories. However, there is really nothing to worry about. If you’re having difficulties clipping into the pedals, you can follow a step-by-step guide to see where you’re doing it wrong.  

Let’s start our easy guide to clipping into peloton shoes in 2022. When we talk about the year 2022, this means that all the latest Peloton equipment would be covered.

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How to Clip Into Peloton Shoes

Step 1: Mount Peloton Shoes Cleats

For a full Peloton shoe setup, you would need;

  • LOOK Delta cleats
  • Peloton original bike or Bike+
  • Peloton branded shoes or any other compatible pair of shoes
  • Hex key
  • Cycling socks

The first and basic step to getting started is to know what cleats are. Cleats are protrusions on the outer sole of your shoe. These cleats provide support to the shoe so that it can easily get attached to the Peloton pedal.

The cleats come in different forms and you need to decide which ones are compatible with your bike. Peloton at-home bikes come equipped with LOOK Delta pedals so you need to find cleats based on a three-hole assembly.

When you buy cleats for your shoes, the next important step is to mount them on your shoes. It looks pretty difficult when you see what the cleats look like as they have screws and holes but once you learn how to install them; the process is very simple.

To properly install the cleats, you can mark the balls of your feet on top to get an idea about the position of the cleats. If you mount the cleats at a different position, then it can put pressure on the wrong areas of your feet. You need to make sure that the cleats are not too close to either the toes or the heels.

After locating the right position, place the cleat plate across the balls of your feet and over the 3-hole screw unit. The 3 holes mean that 3 screws would be needed to fix it. With the help of a hex key, you can tighten the screws up and ensure that the cleat plate doesn’t move.

With time, you would also need to tighten the screws, especially after a vigorous workout.

Tip: To check whether you have installed the cleats properly, you would need to put on the Peloton shoes with cleats and place your foot on the pedal. If you feel pressure on your toes or heels then you would need to change the position of the cleats.

Step 2: Loosen the Buckle Strap

To slide your feet in, first, loosen the buckle by pressing the button at the end. It will snap open and you can pull up the strap till you feel that your foot can easily slip in the shoe.

Peloton shoes come with either a Buckle system which is also a lock system or in the form of Velcro Straps. The Buckle system is considered more secure and protected than the Velcro Strap system.

Step 3: Slide Your Feet in Peloton Shoes

Before putting your feet in, make sure that you are wearing proper cycling socks. Without socks, your feet would not be having proper balance which might get uncomfortable during the workout.

Secondly, the socks would also prevent excessive sweating which can make your feet slip out of the shoes repeatedly.

For a proper balance while putting the shoes on, you can either sit in the chair or sit on the floor. In this way, you can easily wear the shoes.

Tip: Make sure that the foot is properly inserted in the shoe and the heels are not hanging around the corner of your shoe. Your feet can get hurt if they are not properly inside the shoes.

Step 4: Buckle Up Well

After you feel that your feet are properly secured inside the shoes, you would need to tighten the straps by lifting the buckle button and then release. In this way, the straps are locked and you are good to hop on to your Peloton.

Step 5: Clip Into the Bike

When you have put on your Peloton shoes, the next step is to attach them to the Peloton bike. This is also a simple process that takes no time.

Stand with your legs apart from the bike beside the pedals and see where the pedals are. You will put one foot at a time on each pedal. Put either your right or left foot on the right or left pedal first. Bring the pedal to a 6 o’clock position.

Slide your toe in the downward direction on the pedal and put pressure on your heels till you hear a creaking sound. When this happens, it means that the shoe has been attached to the pedal correctly. Now you can start pedaling and enjoy your workout.

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Tips to Ensure Easy Clipping In

●  If you feel that the shoes have attached to the pedal too easily then the pedal tension needs tightening. You can use a 4mm Hex key that comes with the bike to tighten the pedal tension.

●  Check if the cleats are too tight. Tight cleats would cause trouble in unclipping from the Peloton bike. It may damage the shoes in the process.

●  It is better to hand wash your shoes instead of dumping them into the washing machine.

●  You can wash the shoes by making a mixture of sports laundry detergent and water. Soak the shoes in this soapy water and by using a sponge, scrub it properly. Allow them to dry immediately.

●  Select Peloton shoes according to the right size. They shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. There should also be some space above your toes. Too tight shoes will make you uncomfortable during workouts.

●  It is always recommended to wear Peloton cycling socks before wearing the shoes. The socks will give the feet more support.

●  Use a resistance knob on the Peloton bike to make the pedals immobile. This knob is needed to bring the pedals to a halt when clipping in or out of the Peloton.

●  You have to tighten the cleats after some time as they may loosen with the passage of time. You can do this at least once a month or after an intense workout session.

●  You can match the color of your shoes with the bike so that you feel good about working out.

●  It is always better to buy cleats and shoes together as sometimes the cleats might not come with the shoe package. You can order them together so they both arrive at the same time and in a single package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Peloton shoes come with cleats?

Yes, when you purchase Peloton shoes they come with compatible cleats that you can easily attach to the back of the shoes. However, some people decide not to buy Peloton branded shoes because they are expensive. If that’s the case, you can buy cleats separately for your shoes but make sure you get your hands on Delta-compatible cleats only with the right float.

Does clipping in and out of Peloton get easier?

Some people find it difficult to clip in and out of Peloton but the problem is mostly with the cleats. It is therefore recommended to get Peloton branded shoes and the cleats that come with the package.
If you purchase cleats separately or use any other shoe brand, it might not work well with the Peloton bike. Still, you can try some troubleshooting steps to make sure clipping in and out is easy.

Can I put SPD cleats on Delta shoes?

Yes, it’s possible to put SPD cleats on Delta shoes because they consist of a two-hole assembly but remember, you won’t be able to clip into Peloton pedals if you do this. Peloton pedals are based on the LOOK Delta system with a more open pedal attachment. It’s not possible to attach the SPD cleats to this system.

Is it possible to replace Peloton pedals with another system?

Yes, you can install any other compatible pedal system on your bike to use your preferred choice of shoes while spinning. There are dual-sided pedals also available on the market that allow both SPD and Delta compatible shoes to attach to them. However, before purchasing a new pair of pedals, make sure they will be compatible with the Peloton bike.

Do Peloton shoes make a difference?

Your spinning experience can be greatly enhanced if you’re wearing properly-fitted cycling shoes. Peloton shoes are designed to work best with the Peloton bike as they come with a rigid sole for maximum power transfer. They are also comfortable to wear and offer a good fit for safe spinning.
One thing that makes people consider other brands of shoes is the expensive nature of Peloton shoes. However, the advantage of buying these shoes is that you get the cleats included in the package. With other brands, you will have to purchase the cleats separately.

Now it’s your turn…

This easy guide would make you self-sufficient in clipping into your Peloton bike. You would not need to read too many tutorials or watch a number of videos to get yourself educated about Peloton shoes and their working dynamics.

Peloton shoes are not designed like regular running or walking shoes. Because of this difference, many people find them difficult to use at first. As a first step, you need to learn how to attach the cleats properly. If the cleats are not properly installed, you wouldn’t be able to clip into the pedals effortlessly.

If the cleats are properly installed and you’re still having difficulties, then the problem might be with the pedals. You can loosen the pedal tension a little to make sure the cleats can get in easily.

It is also recommended to replace worn-out cleats, lubricate, and tighten them every now and then. This step will not only ensure that the cleats are properly attached to the pedals but will also help you avoid injuries and mishaps while working out.

I hope you found this guide pretty comprehensive and sufficient to solve all your problems related to Peloton shoes and how to clip them into the bike’s pedals. Best of luck with your next spinning session!

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