Clipping Into Peloton Bike: The Ultimate Guide!


There are many Peloton users who find it difficult clipping into the Peloton bikes. And that’s exactly what we want to address today.

Yes, Peloton is popular. Nobody can deny it now.

Since its inception in 2014, this exercise equipment has taken the world by storm. Everyone talks about the bike and the tread and dreams of having one in their household.  

However, Peloton bikes are not regular bikes that people ride every day. They are equipped with an HD touchscreen that can be connected to the internet. Using this screen, you can not only enjoy scenic rides but also get access to thousands of live classes and join any one of them.  

Another thing that makes them different is the clipless pedals that they come equipped with. These bikes need special shoes to operate them. Peloton particularly chose the LOOK Delta pedal systems for their domestic bikes because this pedal system offers the best power transfer.

At the same time, Delta pedals are a bit difficult to clip into. If you are used to pedaling with SPD-compatible shoes, you will find the three-hole assembly a bit awkward and difficult to use at first.  

Clipping into Peloton shouldn’t be a hassle, though. With a little effort and a few tips, you can make the process simple and easy. But before going into the details of how to clip into your Peloton bike the right way, let’s first see what Peloton shoes are and what they are needed for.

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What are Peloton Shoes?

Just as you require ballet shoes for ballet dance and soccer shoes for playing soccer, you would need Peloton shoes or Peloton-compatible shoes for Peloton bikes.

Cycling shoes that come with stiff or rigid outsoles are considered the best for spinning classes. This is because the stiffness of these shoes offers the best power transfer and hence great sprinting performance.

Peloton shoes don’t just come with stiff soles, they are also made to be comfortable and breathable. However, one issue that many people face with these shoes is the difficulty to clip them into the pedals.

Now let’s get started with our guide to clipping into the Peloton bike.

When you receive your Peloton shoes, you might wonder if these shoes would be difficult to clip into the bike. Apparently, it looks as if it’s a tedious task but once you get to know how it’s done then it will be a relief.

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Easy Step by Step Guide to Clipping Into Peloton Pedals

Step1: Assemble Peloton Cleats

Before getting into the details of Peloton cleats mounting, it is better to first understand what cleats are and what purpose do they serve?

Cleats, also known as studs, are protrusions on the outer sole of the shoe which are attached to the peloton bike for a more comfortable and balanced workout.

There are two kinds of cleats normally used for riding indoor cycling bikes, Delta and SPD.

The Delta system is based on three-hole assembly and they are not recessed like SPD cleats. Because of this reason, you cannot use Delta-compatible shoes for walking.

Now you need to know how these cleats are assembled in Peloton shoes. You first need to locate where the cleat plate would be positioned. For that, you would have to feel the balls of your feet, mark them on top and place the cleat plate across the markings.

This is the right position for the cleat to be placed as it would not be too close to either your toes or your heels. This positioning would give you the perfect angle with which it would easily clip into the Peloton pedal and would not make your feet uncomfortable.

After correctly positioning the cleats, you would now move on to the 3 screw hole set. Set the washers in the recesses of the cleats and then add a screw in each screw hole by using the 4mm Allen or hex key.

You would need to tighten the screws so the cleats get fixed on the shoe. Now, let’s see how you can check if you have properly placed the cleats or not. You need to see that after wearing the shoes, the pressure is falling on the ball of your feet. This means that the ball of your feet should be directly over the pedal axle.

With the passage of time, the cleats tend to loosen and would shift to a different position which would cause discomfort for your feet. In that case, just straighten the cleats and tighten the screws with a 4mm hex key. It is recommended to tighten the screws once every month.

Step 2: Buckle Up

You always have to buckle up before you start your journey in an airplane or when you take a ride anywhere. Similarly, before using Peloton bikes, you need to buckle your shoes so that your feet are fully secured.

There are two types of shoe supports that help your feet stay put. One is the Buckle system and the other is the Velcro strap. Do you know what the difference is between the two?

Let’s discuss both types of shoe supports so that you can get a clear idea as to what best describes your requirements.

Velcro straps are very simple shoe supports that can be pulled to an appropriate distance till your feet can easily slip inside the shoe. After your foot slides in, you can easily close the strap.

For the Buckle closure system, the straps have a button on the side. This button when pressed would snap open the strap and you can pull to a distance when you feel your foot can easily go inside the shoe. Tighten the strap till your foot feels comfortable and press the button when you wish to stop.

Step 3: Attach the Peloton Shoes to the Peloton Bike

Now you are all set to use the Peloton bike. All you need to do is follow these simple points and you are good to go.

●  Make sure you are wearing socks before you start pedaling. Sweaty feet can cause loss of balance of the feet which could cause injury.

●  Stand with your legs apart and see where you can easily locate the pedal from your foot.

●  Twist the pedal to a 6 o’clock position and put your toe in a downward position with the other foot still touching the ground.

●  Put pressure on your heels till the cleats and the pedal produces a creaking sound which means both are securely attached to each other.

●  Do the same with the other shoe.

By following these steps, you can easily clip in the Peloton bike and start your workout.

Why Can’t I Clip Into My Peloton Bike?

This can be frustrating. Even after trying and doing everything correctly, you are still not able to clip into the bike. There can be many reasons behind this problem.

However, the first step you can try is to adjust your pedal tension as recommended by Peloton. The pedal tension may be too tight and need to be loosened in order for the cleats to properly get affixed.

Adjusting the pedal tension is not very difficult but make sure you use the right tools for it, otherwise, you may end up damaging the pedal. The tension screw is located on the back of the pedal and comes with a plus and minus sign.

Using a 3mm Allen key that comes with the Peloton bike, you can loosen the tension by turning it one-quarter of a turn towards the minus sign. It is recommended not to loosen too much at once. Try clipping into the pedals again and if you still find it difficult, adjust the tension a bit more.

Although this simple step serves to troubleshoot the problem most of the time, sometimes the pedal tension is not the reason.

If you think your shoes are not compatible with the cleats, change either one of them. It is also possible to replace Peloton pedals so you can wear any other compatible shoes you want to use.

SPD cleats are quite easy to clip in and out of the pedals. So, many people change their Peloton pedals for good. But if you are using the bike for the first time, it’s not recommended to do it on your own. Ask for professional help or read an online guide to do it correctly.

Not being able to clip into the bike may also be a result of faulty cleats. There shouldn’t be a rectangle in the middle, rather a circle. When you attach the cleats, make sure they are positioned correctly and the screws are extremely tight. 

Even after workouts, you should make it a habit to tighten the screws if you don’t want to get into trouble while clipping into the pedals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use ordinary running shoes for Peloton?

Yes, any regular cycling shoes having 3 mount cleats would be compatible with the Peloton bike. You can also use your regular sneakers on Peloton by using toe cages to attach them to the pedals. These would give your feet enough protection and spinning performance would not be compromised either.

Do the cleats come with the Peloton shoes?

Peloton does offer its own sets of cleats but you have to buy them separately. Cleats can also be purchased from other brands but if you want both the shoes and the cleats to arrive on the same day then you can order both together.

How long do the cleats last?

They can last anywhere from 3000 to 5000 miles. It is recommended to change the cleats after you have completed 3000 to 5000 miles on the bike. However, how long they last also depends on your riding style, conditions, and how they are used.  
If you don’t replace your worn-out cleats, it would not only make clipping into the pedals very difficult but also increase the risk of injury.  

Why can’t I clip into the Peloton?

There could be a number of reasons for that. The most common reason is to check whether the cleats are properly mounted to the shoes and the shoes are attached to the Peloton pedals correctly or not.
Sometimes the cleats are old and worn-out and may need lubrication to properly fix into the pedals. You can also try loosening the pedal tension as it might be too tight for the cleats to get in effortlessly.  
With a little practice, you should be able to easily clip in and out of the Peloton.

When do the cleat screws need tightening?

You can tighten the cleat screws after a vigorous workout. If you don’t carry out an intense workout, then tightening the screws once a month should be good enough. In fact, this is a maintenance step that Peloton recommends to make sure your riding experience goes smoothly.
Can Peloton shoes be washed?
Yes, Peloton shoes can be washed. Mix some mild sports laundry detergent with water. Soak your shoes and insoles in the soapy water and scrub them with a sponge or a soft bristle brush. Allow them to dry as soon as possible.

Your turn…

Peloton shoes are designed to be stiff-soled for better sprinting performance but the same design also makes them a little difficult to clip into the pedals.

Many people who are new to spinning would face some issues with their Peloton shoes when they try to ride for the first time. However, the process is not very difficult especially if you follow all the steps carefully.

In this guide, we looked at how to clip into your Peloton bike the easy way. And the most important part is to make sure you are using the right cleats that are attached to the shoes correctly.

Once you know the ins and outs of clipping into Peloton pedals, the process becomes simple and straightforward. It is also recommended to lubricate the pedals as well as the cleats every now and then to ensure smooth operation and easy clipping in and clipping out.

I hope by now you will be fully capable of riding your Peloton bike for the first time. All the best! 

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