Cycleops Training Mat Review: Perfect Peloton Bike Mat. Worth the money?


So how does the Cycleops training mat stack up on the spin bike mat league table?

An exercise bike mat is just as essential as the trainer itself. Most indoor trainers are heavy and may damage your floor without a mat under. This accessory also helps improve grip and collect sweat to preserve your floor.

With a multitude of trainer mat options, it may be difficult to pick the best. For reference, a great exercise bike mat should be well-priced, durable, easy to clean, have excellent grip, and be water/sweat resistant.

So, what are the best Cycleops Trainer Mat Alternatives Available?

After several hours of research, we came to the realization that the Cycleops training mat is the best exercise mat. In fact, many Peloton users vouch for this mat.

However, the CyclingDeal Bicycle Mat for Indoor Cycle came in as a perfect alternative to the Cycleops mat and at a lesser cost. Probably the best exercise mat on the market today.

Again if you want a budget-friendly and simple indoor cycling mat. Something good enough to keep your bike in good shape, the Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat 

 will be your best choice.

Most mats check one more of these boxes. However, few manage to check all boxes. One such great mat is the Saris Cycleops training mat. In this article, we’ll have an in-depth Cycleops training mat review: A perfect Peloton bike mat. Is it worth the money? Let’s find out. 

Saris CycleOps Training Mat Review – for Indoor Bike Trainers

The Saris Cycleops mat is one of the largest training mats in the market. It’s made of durable materials that also look great. It promises excellent grip and stability along with 100% water/ sweat resistance. The Saris Cycleops mat is made in the US and therefore quality is assured.

About the “Cycleops” brand

The CycleOps brand was born in 1995 to manufacture high-quality bike trainers. In 1999, the company merged with The Saris cycling group in Madison, Wisconsin. Since then, the two have pioneered some of the best ground-breaking technologies in the cycling industry.

Some of their popular products include; smart bike trainers, the power beam pro, and the CycleOps virtual trainer. Aside from the high level of innovation and quality of their products, they are also known for their reliable customer support.

Although the Saris CycleOps is just a mat, there’s a lot going for it. Let’s now look into its features one by one. After that, we’ll discuss other potent alternatives to the mat within the same price range. We’ll also provide a comprehensive buying guide to help you land the best value for your money. Welcome!

Special features of the Saris Cycleops trainer mat

  • Aesthetics

The Saris CycleOps training mat arrives in a 38.5”*5.2”*5.2” box. To unbox, simply snip off the sealing tape to reveal the mat. It’s rolled up into a cylinder for ease of packaging and shipping. The mat weighs 5 pounds and feels well-made.

Both the upper and lower surfaces are plain black. You’ll find a yellow Saris logo on the bottom right corner. The mat is triangular in shape. It measures 38”*65”. It’s hard not to love its minimalist design. It’s also quite easy to roll out. For the most part, it lays flat with no creases.

Both surfaces are smooth and yet textured. You can feel the patterns if you run your fingers over them. All corners are perfect right angles for a more refined look.

  • Water and sweat resistance

The mat is manufactured in the US. This means quality is guaranteed. As I’m sure, your trainer is probably residing on one forgotten corner of the house. Maybe the garage or basement. Temperatures tend to fluctuate in these areas. The summer may inherently bring with it high temperatures.  Winter? Well, if you train hard enough, then your temperatures are likely to rise also.

Either way, sweating is inevitable. The folks at Saris paid close attention to this by using high-quality PVC foam on their mat. PVC is made from hydrophobic hydrocarbons. This means that the material naturally repels water. Consequently, your sweat is collected efficiently on the mat. This is one less excuse for you not pushing your limits.

It’s easy to clean the mat with a cloth, an all-purpose cleaner, and water. It also dries quickly. I wouldn’t advise throwing this thing into the dishwasher as it’s quite rigid.

  • Customer support

Even before the merger, both Saris and CycleOps were veteran companies in the cycling industry. As you may already know, it’s usual to find manufacturing errors in cycling equipment. Although not as frequent, the same may happen with mats.

Fortunately, the Cycleops mat comes with a free return policy. This should happen within 30 days after receiving your order. The customer support team is kind and assistive. In the event you are having trouble with the retuning procedure, you can always reach them via email( or call(800-783-7257) for further directions.

Most customers report having received their replacement in as little as two days. In addition, you get a 1-year limited warranty on your mat. Based on the construction quality and materials used, I doubt you’ll ever have durability issues.

  • Durability

The longevity of any mat, as is with this trainer mat, depends on the type of material, construction quality, manufacturing process and thickness. The Cycleops trainer mat is made of heavy-duty rubber that keeps grime and sweat off your floor. While there are thicker mats, the Cycleops 4mm thickness should suffice for medium to light equipment usage.

The surface seems to recover quickly once the load is removed. There are no obvious layers visible on the edges of the mat. Thanks to its excellent build quality. To increase the durability of your mat, try rotating and flipping the mat from time to time. This allows specific areas of the mat to heal and return to the original shape. It also helps to reduce the chances of denting and tearing.

  • Noise insulation

The Saris CycleOps mat is only 4mm thick. I wouldn’t promise you that much noise reduction. However, the mat certainly supplies sufficient grip that keeps the mat from walking. This in turn reduces the production of squeaking sounds.

There’s also a noticeable decrease in vibrations transmitted through the floor. And BTW, a closed room does a good job of containing sound. However, vibrations are transmitted way out of closed rooms. Therefore, a mat that absorbs vibrations can really promote silent workouts. Your family will thank you during those late evening and early morning rides.

  • Safety

The Cyleops mat is made from 6p (phthalate) free PVC rubber. Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in improving the flexibility and malleability of PVC.  This goes a long way in eliminating the plastic smell on this mat.

The mat also features micro-tread patterns. This delivers an excellent grip on both sides of the mat. This way, you don’t have to worry about your mat walking with an increase in training power. It also minimizes the instances of slipping as you hop on the bike.

  • Size

The mat measures 65”*36”. This averages to 3’*5’ with an equivalent area of a little more than 15 square feet. For most trainers, including peloton, this mat provides sufficient coverage. This provides an ample workout area. It also ensures that no drop of sweat makes it to your floor.

At 4mm thick, the mat offers excellent cushioning for most light to medium weight trainers and spin bikes including Peloton. This maximizes floor protection and stability. Notice that this mat is among the largest in its class.

  • Material

There are no discussions on mats without mentioning materials. Training equipment mats are set to accommodate large weights. To this end, it’s important that the material used in a mat is tough enough to accommodate the pressure and yet flexible to prevent denting.

The PVC foam used in this mat has all these properties. This promotes its look, feel, performance and longevity.  It’s thin enough to make it easy for the mat to lay flat when rolled out. The Cycleops mat is also easy to maintain as it dries up quickly upon wiping with soap and water.

The Cycleops mat is less prone to creases and has a good thermal performance. This means that it maintains its form in both low and high temperatures.  

Drawbacks of the Saris Cycleops Training mat

  • Thickness

The Saris Cycleops mat is 4mm thick. There are thicker mats in the market, some as much as double its thickness. While thicker mats provide better buffing and floor protection, thinner mats are portable and tend to lay flatter.

  • Price

The mat costs a premium price by all standards. If size is your thing, you can get thicker mats within the same price range. Overall, I like the look, construction, and feel of this mat.

Cycleops Trainer Mat Buyers Guide: Things to consider before buying an Exercise Bike Mat

Exercise bike mats help to improve grip, collect sweat and protect our expensive hardwood and carpet floors. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of floor mat options. Before investing your hard-earned cash on a mat, it’s important to understand what exactly you are looking for.

We are here for just that. Let the following factors guide you to the best mat deal for your budget:

1. Price

A floor mat need not break the bank. Regardless, you get what you pay for. Gauge your intentions before deciding on the amount of money you wish to spend on a floor mat. For long-term usage, it’s best to make a one-time purchase of a premium mat. The opposite is true for temporary use. Fortunately, you are likely to find a mat in any budget.

2. Material

Exercise bike mats can be made of different materials-rubber, PVC foam, nylon, or leather. All these materials will serve the purpose of being a mat. However, the question of availability, price, and durability is what sets them apart.

Rubber is not durable. Leather is rare and expensive. Nylon is light and short-lived. PVC foam( with an optional vinyl layer) appears to be the best material for an exercise bike mat. It’s robust, heavy-duty, and durable. It’s also widely available.

3. Size

An exercise bike mat should provide sufficient coverage under your equipment. To this end, I’d recommend some margin on all sides of your trainer-half afoot to afoot. This ensures that no drop of sweat hits the floor you are trying to protect.

Thickness is also equally important. This is especially true if you intend to use heavy equipment on the mat. A thicker mat is always better in the course of padding, durability, and floor protection. Depending on the type of equipment and your body weight, anything from a 4-8mm thickness should suffice.

You may also need a thicker mat if you are intending to use cleats on your trainer. This is because cleats can easily pierce thin mats. Such small damage can advance to a full-blown tear. 

4. Grip

Poor grip should not be condoned in a mat. This can lead to an increased likelihood of accidents and injuries. The thickness and consistency of a mat are the two principal factors in determining the level of grip on a mat.

The non-slip feature is mostly highlighted in the product information section of most e-commerce sites. If not, just confirm from the seller. Thicker mats tend to supply more grip and prevent your trainer from walking during training.

5. Customer support

In the event that you receive a faulty order, there should be a clear means of replacement.  A fault may be in the sense that a mat has a persistent odor, is torn, or cannot lay completely flat.  Go for vendors who offer a free return policy and at least a 1-year warranty.

 What others are saying about the Cycleops training mat 

Alternatives to the Saris CycleOps trainer mat

1. Cycling Deal Bicycle Trainer mat – ”Lower priced alternative”


The cycling deal trainer mat is not only cheaper but also larger than the Saris Cycleops mat. It measures 3’*7” with a surface area of 21 square feet. It’s made of the same PVC material although it’s slightly thinner at 3mm.

Both sides feature a non-slip texture that promotes stability and minimizes injury. It’s also 100% water and sweatproof. You get a 2-year warranty and a free return policy on all orders.  

This mat is best suited for use on carpet floors. It can be placed under treadmills, elliptical, and stationary bikes like the Peloton. It’s not suitable for use as a yoga or stretching mat.

Key features

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-slippery
  • Great customer support
  • Water and sweat-resistant

Notable differences between the Cyclingdeal and Saris Cycleops mats

  • Larger
  • Thinner
  • Heavier
  • Cheaper
  • Longer warranty period


2. Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat -Larger alternative


This Gxmmat mat measures 6’*8’, with an astronomical surface area of 48 square feet. It’s made of the same high-density PVC foam sandwiched in vinyl. Both sides feature a non-slip design for maximum stability.  With a 7mm thickness, you get excellent floor protection.

The mat is water and sweat-resistant. It’s heavy and may be difficult to roll it up in case you wish to move it.  Its silicone, phthalate, and latex-free. This ensures no odors and makes it safe to use. In the package, you get some goodies: a pair of high-quality gloves, 3 Velcro storage straps, and 1 carry bag

It offers excellent noise and sound absorption.  It’s easy to clean and comes in two color options– black & purple top with a grey bottom. All orders are covered by a 1-year limited warranty as well as a free return policy.

The mat can serve multiple purposes. It can be used as a personal training/ yoga mat. It can also be used under heavy equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals and spin bikes like Peloton. It’s not suitable for people who would like to relocate the mat more often due to its size and thickness.

Key features

  • Durable
  • Non-slip
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Offers excellent floor protection

Notable differences between the Gxmmat and Saris Cycleops mats

  • Pricier
  • Larger
  • Thicker
  • Heavier
  • Has more color options
  • You get free accessories

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat – Can serve multiple purposes


The Sunnyhealth mat is made of high-density, durable PVC foam. It’s available in black with three size options: large (7.5’*3.3’*6mm), medium (6.5’*3’*4.2mm), and small (4’*2’*4mm). The mat is 100% water and sweatproof. It’s 4-6mm thick (depending on size) and offers excellent floor protection. It features dual-sided non-slip surfaces. It’s best used under training equipment such as ellipticals, treadmills, and spin bikes. It’s not best for calisthenics and yoga purposes.

Key features

  • Durable
  • Non-slip
  • Easy to clean
  • Water and sweat-proof
  • Easy to roll up and store
  • Excellent floor protection

 Notable differences between the Sunny Health and CycleOps mats

  • Cheaper
  • Has more size options
  • Comparatively thicker  
  • Easier to roll up and store

Bottom Line

Although not a requirement, it’s always better to have a mat under your training equipment. They promote grip, protect floors and collect sweat for improved hygiene. Before purchasing an exercise equipment mat, consider the size and weight of your training equipment.

Some of the principal features to look for in a mat include durability, ease of maintenance, build quality, noise insulation, and water/sweat resistance. If your mat doesn’t seem to lay completely flat, simply blow warm air using a hairdryer on the highest setting.

Consider laying a piece of plywood under your mat to improve the stability of your trainer. You may also join fitness communities for more information on how to get the best out of your setup. If you liked this article, kindly tour the site for more amazing fitness content. #Peace!


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