Does Airpods and Apple Watch Connect to Peloton Bike?


You may be wondering: Do Airpods work with Peloton?

Peloton is at the forefront of integrating useful technologies into the cardio regimens of its users. The raw Peloton experience is satisfactory by all standards.

However, Peloton accessories can make it even better.

What about the Apple’s AirPods and Apple Watch. 

Does Airpods and Apple watch connect to Peloton?

Airpods can connect to Peloton via Bluetooth. Simply charge up your AirPods and press the pairing button at the rear side of the case until a white light flashes(Meaning they are ready to pair). Navigate to the settings app and turn on the Bluetooth toggle on your Peloton. Your AirPods’ ID(name) should appear on the available devices list. Tap to pair. Only the iOS peloton app can pair with Airpods. The Peloton bike cannot pair with the Apple watch directly.

Airpods produce high-quality sound. They are wireless, compact, and convenient for working out. The Apple Watch offers an array of useful features. Heart rate monitoring is one of the most useful of its capabilities. 

These devices plus the peloton could make a formidable fitness arsenal. I’m sure you have lots of questions on this topic. You’ve come to the right place.

This article will answer the following prime questions on AirPods and Apple Watch with Peloton:

  • How do you connect(pair) AirPods to Peloton?
  • How do your unpair Airpods from Peloton?
  • Why cant my AirPods connect to Peloton?
  • Which AirPods control gesture(s) can I use when paired with Peloton?
  • How do you connect other Bluetooth headsets with Peloton?
  • What are the benefits of using Airpods on Peloton?
  • Is it safe to bike with Airpods?
  • Does Apple Watch connect to Peloton?


How to Connect (pair) AirPods to Peloton bike

Airpods can be connected to the peloton bike via Bluetooth using the following procedure:

Step 1: Open the lid of your active(charged+turned on) AirPods case. Here’s how to check your AirPods’ activity and battery status.

Step 2: Press and hold the pairing button located at the back of the AirPods case until the light flashes white.

Step 3: Navigate to the settings panel on your Peloton bike 

Step 4: Tap the Bluetooth option

Step 5: Confirm that your peloton Bluetooth connection is visible to all. To do this. tap the Bluetooth sub-setting button and check the box that makes the device visible

Step 6: Tap your AirPods ID( name) on the list of available devices to pair

Step 7: Play any of your Peloton media via AirPods

How to Unpair your AirPods from Peloton

Step 1: Navigate to the settings app on your peloton. Open the Bluetooth sub-settings

Step 2: Find your AirPods’ ID(name)

Step 3: Long press the ID to reveal the “ forget this device” option and confirm 

Your AirPods are now unpaired and ready to pair with another device 

Possible Reasons why AirPods Won’t Pair with Peloton  bike

I’m not going to go into the iOS vs Android compatibility issues. Airpods connectivity to android is not always smooth. One of the reasons for this is that Airpods have specific output bands that don’t resonate well with android. More on that here. The following are other common reasons why your Airpods can’t pair with Peloton:

  • Problem: The battery is low

Fix: make sure to charge them up using the case

  • Problem: Peloton Bluetooth is not turned on

Fix: Turn on Bluetooth on the peloton

  • Problem: Peloton may be unpaired to another wireless device.

Fix: Navigate to the Bluetooth settings page on your Peloton. Long press on the paired device’s name and “ forget the device”. Refresh the” available devices page” to pair your AirPods again

Fix: Navigate to the Bluetooth settings of the paired device. Unpair your Airpods.

If all fails, reset your AirPods and try to pair them again.

Quick Airpods Control Gestures that may be Useful on Peloton

When paired with iOS( Apple) devices, Airpods offer an array of well-thought gesture controls. Airpods have fully customizable touch control functions-double tapping and long pressing( 3D touch). These gestures allow you to do any of the following functions from the buds themselves:

  • Play or pause 
  • Activate Siri 
  • Activate noise control 
  • Play next track 
  • Play previous track 

Unfortunately, only the double-tap to play/pause gesture is available on Airpods when paired to non-iOS devices such as Peloton. Peloton runs android. The microphone remains active in case you wish to answer calls.

How to connect any Compatible Bluetooth headsets( BT version 4.0 or later)  to Peloton

Step 1: Make sure your Bluetooth headsets are charged and turned on 

Step 2: Set the headsets into pairing mode( often by pressing and holding a dedicated pairing button)

Step 3: Navigate to the settings panel on your peloton 

Step 4: Open the Bluetooth option 

Step 5: Scan for available Bluetooth devices 

Step 5: Tap on the Bluetooth headphone’s ID(name) to pair 

Step 6: Open any of your workouts videos and enjoy the audio via your paired headset

Benefits of using AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones on Peloton

  • Airpods looks sleek 
  • They have better audio quality than peloton bike speakers 
  • They are small and lightweight. This makes them less destructive during workouts
  • They support gesture control which is better than having to reach out to the bike’s touchscreen
  • They have a better microphone for communication purposes( with trainers and peer riders)
  • Your workout sessions become less intrusive to people around you since noise is minimized

Airpods Safety Concerns

Is it safe to bike with Airpods? There are generally two main areas of concern with regard to safety in Airpods:

  1. Sound: Riding outdoors with AirPods may reduce your ambient awareness. This may result in accidents. On the other side, using AirPods at any volume may not pause considerable risks aside from the potential damage on your eardrums. 
  2. Bluetooth: some people believe that the Bluetooth signal in Airpods is carcinogenic. However, reports on the health impact of Bluetooth bursts the myth. Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard that uses low wavelength ultra-high-frequency radio waves to send data between nearby devices. This radiation contains low energy levels and thus, considered safe for human use.

Does Apple Watch Connect to Peloton?

Peloton can be connected to Apple Watch if you are using the Peloton iOS app. This is the procedure for pairing your Peloton app with the Apple watch. More on that here.

The peloton bike can connect to any heart rate monitor or other fitness devices with ANT +capability. Adaptive Network Topology( ANT) is a wireless casting technology. It allows the wireless transfer of data between fixed and mobile-sports and fitness devices.

Apple Watch does not currently have ANT+. Therefore, there’s no way to directly connect the two devices. 

However, you can still wear your apple watch and have the metrics tracked separately. If you wish to rock a paired heart rate monitor, check out these Best wireless heart rate monitors for Peloton in 2020. While at it, check out how to connect a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to Peloton.

Bottom Line

The Peloton team is doing a commendable job. I’m especially impressed with their ever-growing list of devices compatible with the Bike and app. 

Airpods are well-made. They can pair with Peloton bike to deliver a great sound that only you can hear for hours on a single charge. The Apple watch enhances the utility of the iOS peloton app by increasing the number of metrics that can be tracked. 

While I find both gadgets useful, there are similar alternatives that are just as competitive. Check out these other best Bluetooth headphones for Peloton.

Thanks for reading to the end. Feel free to visit for more great fitness content. 

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