Echelon Reflect Review [MUST READ]


High tech products have revolutionized the way we perceive fitness. Echelon Reflect is a well-known brand that has prevailed its name to become the top-rated solution to all your weight issues all at the comfort of your home.

But is it really what it claims to be?

If you have been struggling to find the best smart home fitness gym that can perfectly meet your requirements, here is an honest Echelon Reflect review that talks about everything you need to know to make your first smart home fitness gym today. 

So, let’s get started.

Echelon Reflect Review


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Echelon Reflect is an innovative way to have an interactive workout mirror that allows online connectivity and an HD display that acts as a virtual fitness trainer. The on-demand videos in the home gym come with a large variety of classes involving cardio, yoga, Zumba, strength, and Pilates.

What makes home smart gyms like Echelon standout from the rest is their capability to help you stay motivated to workout from home. Its fun and user-friendly display can be availed with a monthly subscription to allow you to attend the classes that help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Besides that, the fact that you can build virtual communities and bond with like-minded people can quickly become one of the best reasons why Echelon Reflect is a must-have in 2021

About the “Echelon Reflect” Brand


If we look at the bigger picture of the Echelon brand, it rigorously focuses on eliminating the well-known problem of finding the motivation to workout at home.

Considering how the pandemic has levied restrictions on going to the gym, some gym-goers have found other gym alternatives while most of the people are taking this opportunity to ignore their fitness health.

Truth be told: no one likes to ditch the comfort of their warm bed to carry out complex physical movements. Therefore, Echelon has come with creative ways like competitive leaderboards, motivational trainers, and building communities to help you be more accountable with the way you workout. These features carry out real-time feedback to help you improve with each workout.

Echelon Reflect is highly easy to use, sweat-proof and enables Wi-Fi to help you completely indulge in each of your fitness classes without bearing with the complicated fitness apps whatsoever.

When it’s switched off, the state-of-art device merely looks like a mirror that can blend into any room. And as soon as you switch it on, you get to experience a full-fledged workout in front of you.

For now, you can avail of two versions of the Echelon: Reflect 40 and Reflect 50 Touch. Where the Reflect 40 has a smaller screen with no touch screen capabilities, the Reflect 50 is packed with a powerful touchscreen to help you connect with the home gym right away. However, there is also a significant difference among the prices of these to Echelon Reflect as well.

Special Features (Pros) of Echelon Reflect

1. Lightweight

The lightweight and compact body of the Echelon Reflect aids portability, thus, it’s convenient for many people. You can easily mount it to any wall of your house without any professional help whatsoever.

2. Live & On-Demand Fitness Classes

Whether it is strength training or losing belly fat, Echelon Reflect is armed with top workout videos that would best meet your goals. The fitness trainers also carry out live sessions and give first-class fitness advice ll by sign up for its monthly subscription.

3. Tracking

With Echelon, you don’t have to manually track the number of calories you need to burn or whether your current performance is better than your past. In fact, it automatically tracks your heart rate and suggests exercise duration and intensity on a daily basis.

Drawbacks (Cons) of Echelon Reflect

1. Screen Glare

The screen glare that comes in bright rooms while you’re working out can make it difficult to see the instructor. This is especially true since Echelon is more of a mirror than a screen.

2. Price

There is no doubt Echelon is relatively expensive to buy. The initial price of the 50-inch Reflect costs $1,639.98 plus shipping and the 40-inch non-touch Reflect for $1,039.98 plus shipping. Besides that, after a 30-day free trial, you must pay $27 /mon for its on-demand fitness classes.

3. No Equipment Included

Unlike many other smart home fitness gyms that offer basic equipment used in their on-demand classes, Echelon requires you to buy your equipment separately.

This can be quite problematic when your desired workouts mainly involve using equipment for efficiency. This adds to the price factor of Echelon as well.

Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Fitness System

Now that you’re fully aware of everything Echelon can or can’t offer you, unless you don’t know the fundamentals of what makes a good smart home gym you can never make an educated decision for yourself.

1. Price

Considering how these indoor smart fitness gyms use advanced technology, you can’t expect it to be cheap. Therefore, your expenditure on the initial purchase of a smart gym mirror should be between $1500 to $3000.

Anything more or less than that is not worth it. The great thing about one of the best smart gyms like Echelon is that its members can be used on all other Echelon devices like Connect Bike which can make its price a reasonable option.

2. Assembly

The assembly of home gym equipment is crucial since it’s easy to get lost in the complex components of this device. In situations like these, having mirrors that come with assembling parts to adjust can allow you to save money and mount the mirror on the wall yourself.

3. Build & Construction

A solid and sturdy build can assure you safety while you are carrying out extensive physical movements with your family.

4. Warranty

It is understandable that when compared to treadmills, smart home fitness requires less wear and tear. But having the security that you have a warranty of 2+ years on your smart gym can make this buying decision a lot easier. Some companies also offer a 30-day return policy to help make up your mind.

Benefits of Echelon Reflect

Echelon Reflect is a great way to keep your blood pumping without taking much effort from your end. considering how it is impossible to go to the gym due to the pandemic, with Echelon you have the ability to stay in shape regardless of whatever obstacle strikes you.

It can also be a great way to carry out dance and Zumba classes with your family and friends for that ever-needed get away from the stressful life.

What Others Are Saying About Echelon Reflect

Many people believe that using Echelon Reflect is ideal for people who prefer to do yoga and Pilates without breaking their bank on gym memberships. With this one-time investment, you can keep your poses in line with the instructor. Indeed a poor posture while carrying out yoga can do more harm than good.

Echelon Reflect Alternatives

By now you must have an idea that Echelon is mainly for people who prefer to do light exercises and are struggling from getting motivation every day. If this isn’t your concern, here are three other Echelon alternatives that are worth a try.

1. Mirror

Mirror Fitness System

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Mirror is a full-length screen that can easily blend with the rest of your house. Simply switch on the power button and turn this ordinary mirror into a full-fledged smart home gym. The Mirror is packed with high-value software that can help you build your desired body.

The features that Mirror allows but Echelon doesn’t include:

  • Comes with iOS and Android apps
  • Front-facing camera to directly interact with your virtual fitness community
  • 40” inch display that allows seeing the videos in HD

 2. Tempo


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Unlike others, Tempo doesn’t offer a reflective screen to help you see yourself in the mirror. Its aisle-like body distinguishes this equipment from the rest of the smart home gyms out there. The monthly subscription allows you to workout out your desirable on-demand training to help you reach your goals better than you know it.

  • Creates a 3D virtual scan of your body to examine posture
  • Comes with a wide array of gym equipment
  • Is centered around strength training

3. Tonal


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The Tonal comes with 2 handles on the side side of the machine that allows you to carry out all of your workouts from one device. The home gym comes with its own equipment that can easily be stored away in its storage space to prevent cluttering your room.


  • Focuses on strength training suing electromagnetic resistance that can go for up to 200 pounds
  • Comes with a barbel, mat, rope, two handles align with many more


Where new-age technology solutions are getting complex, Echelon breaks these stereotypes to be highly user-friendly for its fitness enthusiasts. The incredible ability of this smart mirror allows you to access a library of workouts with a single tp on the screen.

For this to work, all you have to do is squeeze in a little time for yourself, carry out your desired workouts and you’re all set to become the best version of yourself.


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