Echelon Rower vs Concept2: Which is Better for You?


Whether it is strength training, cool down, or perhaps warm-ups to give you a fresh spin into your daily workouts, rowing machines never stay behind with their excellent properties and low impact workouts that can yield unprecedented results for your body.

If you find it hard to drag yourself to the gym every day, rowers like Echelon and Concept2 can be your best friend to put your gym life together.

However, considering how many of these rowers offer relatively the same features from afar,  here’s a complete guide that makes this whole effortless for you.

So let’s dive right into it!

Echelon Rower vs Concept2 Review: The Brand

About Echelon Rower

Get your total body workout with this incredible Echelon Rower that offers a wide array of workouts in its best form. What sets it apart from the rest is its sophisticated design, rotating console to fit in your tablet or smartphone, along with a challenging taste for you to keep pushing yourself forward.

The 32 silent magnetic resistance levels equally trigger all the parts of your body to make this a must-have gym equipment for you to have at home. The live and on-demand videos offer various views to help you experience the true essence of rowing.

To add an extra layer of convenience, this Echelon rower also features a foldable body with built-in wheels to help you move around this lightweight equipment whenever you want at home.

About Concept2

The outstanding performance of Concept2 Rower has undoubtedly made it to one of the most well-known rowers used by athletes of all sorts. The company has prevailed in its name for over 40 years and has become the best-selling rower brand that offers verticality and competitiveness at its best.

The Model D fits your goals and budget just right by making it accessible to people of all body types and ages. If we come to the specifications, Concept2 offers a 14-inch seat height along with adjustable forests and an ergonomic handle for utmost comfort.

With this, you can easily track your data. Its highly efficient Monitor 5 is ideal for comparing results and wirelessly connecting to measure your heart rate and other fitness apps to bring the best out of your workout. This includes tracking your workout time, distance, and intervals during each session.

What makes it absolutely great for household purposes is its design that can be split into two pieces to aid storage, and the wheels can be used to effortlessly move the rower around to fit in the right direction.

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Echelon Rower Review

Echelon makes my personal favorites through its wide array of workouts that triggers each part of your body and ensures to shed rapid pounds before you know it. Their classes are also armed with the right classes to uplift your mood every time you’re working out.


1. Live on-demand training videos

The live on-demand videos are filled with energizing trainers that offer fun and supportive workouts to meet your goals. If you find it hard to get out of the comfort of your warm bed, Echelon is also equipped with an Echelon community with leaderboards to add an element of competitiveness to your overall workout journey.

With just a single click on your phone, you can also access all the apps’ features to make this process nothing but the best.

2. Convenient

Large and bulky gym equipment in the house can be a complete eyesore. Echelon eliminates this problem by manufacturing an efficient rower with quieter magnetic resistances foldable structure that can be moved out of the site if not in use.


1. The monthly cost for the app

To avail of all the app’s great features, you need to pay $39 per month, which can be unfavorable for some.

Concept2 Review

The concept is all about adjustability with its ergonomic designed handles, footrests, and flywheel design to ensure your workout in a peaceful environment. One of the most appealing points of Concept2 is how you can detach the equipment into two segments to store and help travel.

Besides that, this fantastic rower offers more comprehensive and one-of-a-kind workouts explicitly used in rehabilitation centers for physical health improvement.


1. Easy to assemble

Upon purchase, you can easily set up the rower without using any excessive and complex tools whatsoever. Open the package and use the eight screws provided to assemble the rower in place.

2. Full control over the workout

With this, you can rest assured to take control over the airflow with an easy change of the damper while creating a smooth environment with minimal noise.


1. Slightly pricey

You can expect the price of Concept2 to go up to $1,250, making it slightly more expensive than Echelon, which is $1,039. However, it does come with other affordable options that you can opt for.

However, the silver lining is, since it doesn’t provide any live program or a library of on-demand training classes, you don’t have to pay a subscription fee which can inevitably add up to your expense.

Echelon Rower vs Concept2 Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Investing your Hard-earned Money

Rowers like Echelon and Concept2 are a great kick start to your journey without being too harsh on your body. Many athletes prefer to boost their strength training with this piece of equipment; others also prefer it to recover their body post-marathon or injury. However, this is only possible if you can differentiate the factors that distinguish a bad rower from a good one.

To help you enlighten with that, here’s a complete buyer’s guide that can save you from any potential disasters.

1. Price

Considering how the hidden costs in any gym equipment can quickly add up to exceed your budget, always ensure that you’re going just a little below your current gym budget. This is especially needed for brewers that offer monthly subscriptions.

2. Design

Remember, you will spend some of the most tiring yet productive time of your day with your rowers. To ensure this time goes smoothly, it is the impact that the rower is equipped with an ergonomic design that can effortlessly hold your tablet in place and has excellent overall adjustability to aid comfort.

3. HD Screen

The traditional rowers have an LCD screen with multiple subscription content to help you go through your workout every day. If you are only looking for a way to carry out some physical activity every day, go for a simple digital concept that offers enough training to keep you fit at all times

However, if joining programs and metrics is your bet, I’d suggest you opt for an upgraded console that is packed with rather motivating and complex workouts for you to try and reach your goal.

Benefits of Echelon Rower vs Concept2

Full Body Workout

Both Echelon Rower and Concept2 burn plenty of calories without putting much strain on your joints. Therefore, you can totally depend on rowers to keep you in shape even if you happen to suffer from osteoarthritis. Such exercises can also be ideal to be carried out for long periods of periods for utmost performance.

Strength Muscles

Although rowing exercises are known for increasing endurance to a great extent, it is also great for strengthening your muscles due to the multiple resistance levels offered by rowers. Apart from that, you can also benefit your blood vessels, heart, and lungs.

Ideal for Beginners

If you are new to working out, I’d recommend you start with rowing exercises since it requires less complex movements to improve your daily life before you know it. The easy-to-follow videos on the web or the on-demand training programs can also make it effortless to go through your initial journey of fitness.

And if you happen to be highly consistent with our workout, you can also expect to see dramatic results only in 2 whopping weeks.

Echelon Rower vs Concept2: How Are They Different?

Although both of these rowers offer relatively few features, few things take the upper hand over the other. When you closely evaluate the features, you will see that due to the small and lightweight structure of the Echelon, it can be a better option if you have limited storage space at home. Whereas, Cocnet2, on the other hand, comes with flexible wheels to aid portability.

Other than that, there is also a significant difference in price and the maintenance required for both as Echelon is comparatively easier to keep than Concept 2, which may need to be occasionally oiled.

Echelon Rower vs Concept2 – Are They The Same?

Both of them offer a great sense of competitiveness, using leaderboards to keep you motivated to workout every day. These tech-focused rowers offer you full control over your workouts’ intensity so that you are always focusing yourself forward without putting a lot of stress on your body.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations

According to GQ Magazine, the fact that you can connect your rowers with advanced technology like Bluetooth and ANT+ support. Such equipment can help you be your personal virtual fitness trainer that you can count on every time you happen to go off track with your fitness.


Rowing machines have proven to be very useful for fitness enthusiasts, especially those who want to build a fully-equipped home gym. It has been found that these machines work out all muscle groups, and hence a person can actually benefit from them hugely in the long run.

Considering how rowers can be a long-term investment for your health; you need to make sure it’s second to none. Therefore, to make a bang for your buck, make sure you’re fully aware of your requirements, create a checklist, and tick off as you go shopping online.


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