Echelon Rower vs Hydrow: Which is Better for You?


Nothing can beat the versatility and outstanding results that rowing can yield to your body. From low-impact safe workouts to target your whole body, it has got it all!

If you are on the run to avail of the great benefits of exercising, there is no doubt you haven’t stumbled across the well-known Echelon Rower and Hydrow that has proven its capabilities to all of its users.

However, the real struggle comes when you have to choose the best rowing machine options out there. To make it a no-brainer for you, here’s an unbiased comparison of Echelon Rower vs Hydrow that you need to make the right choice for yourself.

Echelon Rower vs Hydrow Review: The Brand

About Echelon Rower

Just like how Echelon has prevailed its name with the Connect bikes, you can also take this advanced tech rower to your home that can allow you to carry out your workout at the comfort of your pajamas.

The 32 levels of electromagnetic resistance come with quick controls on the handlebar to help you gain full control over your rowing workout intensity, so you are aware of the level every time you achieve a fitness milestone.

The belt drive and durable aluminum steel frame create a smooth rowing experience to help you make the most out of this workout. Its wide library of helpful training videos and the affordable price tag entices many people to opt for Echelon Rower above anything else.

What’s more, it is likely to expect people to avoid advanced tech due to its complicated features that seem unnecessary when you don’t know how to use them.

Echelon eliminates this problem by creating gym equipment and a fitness Echelon Fit app that is user-friendly and helps you access your favorite workout routines with no hassle whatsoever.

About Hydrow

With a sleek-looking silvery boldly of Hydrow, you can certainly amp up your house, all while staying consistent with your workout routine. What makes this piece of equipment stand out from the rest is its easy-to-transport wheels that can allow you to easily wrap up the equipment once you are done with your exercise session.

You can immerse yourself in the most scenic views on the 22-inch High Definition display that will help give a realistic feel to the entire workout process. In fact, the whole idea behind Hydrow is to allow people to get the most amount of workout done without feeling drained at the end of the day.

Echelon Rower vs Hydrow Review Comparison

Echelon Rower Review

One of Echelon’s most notable features is its great ability to offer and let you connect with instructor-led live classes that can help you gain a sense of belonging to the fitness community.

Align with the Echelon Rower, you can also incorporate their home mirror gym, Smart Bike, and treadmill aligned with Echelon Fit to keep the same consistency with your equipment quality.


1. Affordable

Echelon, in general, started off being affordable to allow access to its equipment for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. Not just that, it also keeps up with the quality of the rower by offering multiple price ranges with their features and attributions to help you choose the one that would best meet your requirements.

2. Fairly quiet

Where many rowers can wake your neighbors up at night, Echelon works staying quiet throughout the entire workout session.

3. FitPass

The FitPass that comes with Echelon can offer a wide variety of outdoor routing routes and Live classes that are second to none.


1. Short warranty

Comparatively, to all the rest of the rowing equipment, Echelon offers a warranty of 1 year, which still isn’t enough to compel more people into trying it.

Hydrow Review

This futuristic premium rower is the only page on the page that offers a Live Outdoor Reality experience. You can stream live and on-demand videos to make the most out of each workout session. The Hydrow Rower then measures and displays your total progress over the course of a few days to help you grab the right idea.

You can also count on specialized videos to further elevate your relationship with Hydrow.


1. Bluetooth connectivity

Hydrow allows you to effortlessly connect Bluetooth 5.0 to your heart rate monitor or any other fitness apps to help you stay alert with your progress.

Besides that, to ensure you are having a blast without disturbing anyone, Hydrow also lets you connect your headphones with the special rower to have the time of your life.

2. Easy to store

The Hydrow, in general measures, 86 long and 25 inches wide-body and can make it easy for it to store away when not in use.

However, bear in mind, unlike many other rowers that can be folded, Hydrow doesn’t save your space from the height perspective but can undoubtedly leave some extra space horizontally.


1. You can’t adjust the volume of the music

Where connecting to headphones is an option, you don’t have control over your music volume when it is played out loud.

2. You can’t pause the videos

There are times when you need to pause the video to follow the smooth pace of the trainer. However, Hydrow doesn’t come with the convenience to pause the video.

Echelon Rower vs Hydrow Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Investing Your Hard-earned Money

Considering how we are packed with advertisements and negative influences that can lead to wrong choices, it’s never a bad idea to have first-hand knowledge about the gym equipment before you go to purchase your first rower.

1. Price

When you buy gym equipment, make sure you have a clear budget in mind since the prices can be relatively higher than normal equipment. This is especially important when you are buying a brand new model rather than the second-hand one.

Although there can be slight variation in the costs, Hydrow is known to be considerably more expensive than Echelon.

2. Quality

When it comes to quality, it’s always a good idea to pay close attention to rowers’ specifications to help you compare with the rest. If you are buying it straight from the manufacturer, you can also avail warranty for more than one year to help you give a sense of security in the purchase.

Benefits of Echelon Rower vs Hydrow

Improved mental health

Rowing is known to be super meditative thanks to the calm environment and scenic display. Once you get a hand on how you can work out on the rower, you can do it properly without looking at the training videos constantly.

Burns calories

Rowers have the potential to help you burn calories faster than other low-impact gym equipment out there.

Echelon Rower vs Hydrow: How Are They Different?

With a built-in 22” display, the Hydrow rower is more likely to give you a more comfortable experience while sweating in the rower. However, if you have your own tablet or dock, it would be a complete waste of money to break your bank on buying Hydrow.

Echelon’s lightweight body can make it look quite efficient and flexible than Hydrow, which has a heavy but sturdier body. But here, Echelon takes the lead in providing better exercises that include weights.

Echelon Rower vs Hydrow – Are They The Same?

Overall, both of the incredible rowers offer better training and comfort to their owners. It also lays opportunities to make virtual teams and motivate each other to reach unprecedented fitness gas.

Smart apps are a great way to improve your current performance and motivate you to keep going ahead. Another thing that can be found common between the two is s the premium and sleek appearance that makes it look stylish in any house.

Therefore, before opting for your first rower, making you compare, find communities, and join groups that give you authentic opinions as well as making you a pro at what you do.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations

According to Dynasys Tech, the fact that you can connect advanced tech to your rowers can be an ideal choice for those who have a relatively busy life. The on-demand training courses can help you indulge in proper workouts without dealing with any distractions whatsoever.

Commercial gyms users can easily pause their workout and use it whenever they are ready without disturbing other people at the gym. Other than this, by syncing your rower with other fitness apps or devices like Apple Watch, you can instantly increase your fitness game since it allows you to track each step to motivate you to reach your walking goals for the day.


As you can already tell from this article, Hydrow and Echelon Rower have relatively the same features. However, there are a few slight differences that make people prefer one over the other.

To state is specifically, people who tend to favor premium appearance and sturdiness with their rower and are willing to give anything for it; Hydrow is just the right one for you.

If you are someone who favors affordability and efficiency over the rest, Echelon is packed with everything to help you reach your goals on your own terms.


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