Exercise Bike Cover Designed for Peloton Bike Review


Indoor bikes make it easy for us to get a true workout at home. The OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover Designed for Peloton bikes is the king of the outdoors.

It’s made of tough materials and promises total protection. Today, we’ll discuss the cover in detail. 

Welcome to the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover Designed for Peloton Bike Review. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll cover:

  • About the “OwlGlass” brand 
  • Special Features (Pros) of the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover Designed for Peloton Bike
  • Drawbacks (Cons) of the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover Designed for Peloton Bike
  • Buyers Guide
  • Benefits of the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover Designed for Peloton Bike
  • What Other Are Saying About the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover Designed for Peloton Bike
  • 3 alternatives to the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover Designed for Peloton Bike

Let’s begin.

Exercise Bike Cover Designed for Peloton Bike Review

About the “OwlGlass” brand

For about a decade now, OwlGlass has been leading the protective fabric distribution space. It’s an American company with competitive pricing points and quality. It’s primarily based on Amazon and sells a wide range of products. 

Special Features (Pros) of the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover


This thing is super lightweight. It only weighs a pound. It’s easy to handle. However, it has a large volume of 59 x 24 x 53 inches. This is greater than anything else in its category. It’s spacious enough to accommodate extra items. Its free size provides sufficient real estate for the large display. 

It’s also super easy to apply and remove. The same is the case with folding it away. The cover is made of thick fabric. It’s stiff and maintains its shape after application. Once closed up, nothing can penetrate the compartment. You can easily handle it single-handedly.


The OwlGlass cover for Peloton opens up around the bottom edge. It’s much larger than the bike. This makes it easy to drag it on. You don’t need any special tools to install the cover. The entire process typically takes under a minute. A hamstring runs around the edges to help close up the cover. 

A hamstring cord extends to allow you to adjust the tension. Then, a cord lock keeps the string in place for a proper seal. To remove it, all you have to do is release the hamstring cord and lift the cover. Thanks to its polyester fabric, it’s easy to fold it up and store. It doesn’t crease and maintains its fresh look. 


A 600D polyester fiber is used in making the OwlGlass Cover. It’s resistant to high temperatures- protecting the bike from UV and heat radiation from direct sunlight. It’s also scratch-resistant to protect against children and pets damaging the bike. With a complete seal, it also keeps away dust, mildew, and debris to protect sensitive electronics. 

The cover is also water-resistant. A laminated undercoat makes the fabric impervious. It also helps it to maintain a proper shape. This eliminates the chances of stuff collection on the cover while outdoors. All the while, free air circulation is allowed to maintain normal temperatures.

This helps protect the bike’s paint job. Most customers find their bikes in the same condition after months of being stored under this cover. 


All joints on the OwlGlass bike cover are sealed. The stitching is tight and consistent. It’s hard to accidentally tear it. The polyester material used is tested and proven to have the capacity to handle extreme conditions. The hamstrings used remain tense after many pulls. The cover is manufactured in the USA. You should expect great quality. 

Customer Support

You get a free carry bag when buying the OwlGlass cover for Peloton. This is a good effort from OwlGlass to ensure easy portability. In case of any quality or satisfaction issues, a free-return policy on all orders guarantees you a refund or replacement. The process is straightforward and quick. You also get a 1-year warranty.

I also appreciate the decent pricing of the cover. It offers great quality, durability, and protection for its affordable price. Overall, you are getting a good deal here.

Drawbacks (Cons) of the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover

Limited Color Options

The OwlGlass cover for Peloton is only available in black. While it’ll likely match most themes, it may not appeal to all user preferences. If you are in the market for wider color options, I’d recommend the Equip Inc covers for Peloton instead. 

Buyers Guide

Exercise bike covers protect our expensive bikes in good condition under any conditions for a long time. That’s why you should get the perfect model. We are here to help you do just that. For the highest value for your cash, consider the following factors before investing your hard-earned money on an exercise bike cover:

1. Price

The cost of a bike cover is dependent on its quality and brand. The type of material, attention to detail, and quality of the fastening mechanism are directly proportional to the price. A high price attracts durable polyester or nylon fabrics with great design and size. Premium covers are durable, easy to use, and effectively protect your bike.

On the other side, a cheaper cover comes with a set of issues. Except, for the low price you pay. That aside, it’s likely that the unit will easily tear when subjected to temporary stress. It may also come with incomplete stitchings which may trigger further damage. Fortunately, a bike cover need not break the bank. 

You can find a worthy piece for a relatively low cost. For instance, the OwlGlass cover costs just under $50. 

2. Build Quality

An ideal exercise bike cover should be well-made. It should have no protruding threads or loosely attached stitchings. The zipper should be well-secured on the cover to ensure it never malfunctions. I prefer metallic zippers for their durability. The hamstring should be well sewn into the fabric for a tight seal. 

High-quality materials should be used to make the cover. If you can find and afford leather, it’s one of the best. Otherwise, nylon and polyester are the two most common and reliable materials to use on a bike cover. 210D nylon and 600D polyester, and upwards is the way to go.  

All dyes used in the mother fabric should be durable and appealing. This ensures that the cover retains its fresh look for longer. 

3. Installation & Maintenance

No special tools should be required in installing a protective bike cover. The process should be short and simple. The cover should easily open up using a zipper or hamstring. This simplifies the application and removal processes. This should take under a minute. A great bike cover should also be easy to clean with regular soap and water.

4. Protection

Your Peloton is an expensive investment. That’s why it should be protected from all destructive agents. You must first decide where the bike will be stored. This helps you to choose the ideal cover. Regardless, dust, water, UV, heat, debris, and pet hair must be kept off the bike.

5. Customer Service

A good quality exercise bike protective cover should be backed by a free return policy. You know, in case you receive a torn order. It should also be covered by at least a 1-year warranty. Also, confirm that the vendor’s or manufacturer’s customer care office is reachable. It could be physically, via email, call, or text. 

Benefits of using the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover

  1. Offers great value for its price
  2. Heat and UV-resistance keeps the paint fresh
  3. The durable polyester fabric used promises a long service life 
  4. It’s easy to install and remove. It also comes with a free carry bag
  5. Stops the frame from rusting, thanks to its water-resistance nature
  6. It’s extra-large to provide complete coverage over all parts of the bike

What Others Are Saying About the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover

After scouring the internet for customer feedback on this cover, I found the general response to be quite positive. Here’s a snippet of what some verified buyers had to say about the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover:

One customer said:

“He uses the cover to store his $2000 investment away from prying eyes and bad weather. It’s heavy-duty and he sees how it can protect his bike”

Another customer said:

“She loves the product. It has good quality”.

Another customer said:

“It fits his Peloton perfectly. He likes the drawstring cord mechanism”.

Alternatives to the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover

In case the OwlGlass Exercise Bike Cover Designed for Peloton Bike doesn’t work for you, the following are some great alternatives:

1. Wassers Protective Cover for Peloton Bike-Lighter alternative 4/5

FANDGOK Exercise Bike Cover,Protective Cover for Peloton Bike,Can Be Used Indoors or Outdoors, Waterproof and Dustproof. Compatible with Peloton Bike

Buy on Amazon

The Wassers Protective Cover for Peloton uses a soft polyester fiber. However, it’s tough and virtually indestructible under ordinary conditions. The cover is specifically designed for Peloton. It fits well and touches the floor. This keeps off water, dust, debris, and pet hair from ruining the bike.

The cover looks great. A free carry bag is included in case you want to transport the unit. There’s a free return policy on faulty orders within 30 days. 

Key features of the Wassers protective cover for Peloton

  • Strong
  • Good size 
  • Well-priced
  • Free return policy 
  • Great finish and color 

Notable differences between the Wassers protective cover for Peloton and OwlGlass protective covers for Peloton

  1. Lighter 
  2. Cheaper 
  3. Available only in black

2. Equip Inc covers for Peloton: Premium alternative 4.5/5

Equip, Inc. Protective Cover for Peloton Bike. Heavy Duty UV/Mold/Mildew/Water-Resistant/Indoor and Outdoor Cover (Tan)

Buy on Amazon

Equip Inc is a reputable company in the protective covers space. They are continuing the same work with these covers. You can get

The Equip Inc line of bike covers boasts two premium covers. One for use indoors and the other for outdoors. The outdoor model is made of durable polyester. It’s durable, tough, and wear-resistant. It’s available in black, grey and tan. The indoor cover is made of 210D nylon. It’s soft, tough, and durable. 

It keeps off dust and pet hair. It also protects the bike from UV should be stored next to an open window. It’s only available in black. Each unit has a zipper on the side for easy application and removal. It also has a drawstring with a cord lock. This mechanism fastens the bottom edge of the cover. 

This blocks water while allowing free air circulation. Consequently, the ambient temperature around the bike is kept within optimal ranges. This further preserves the bike’s paint.

Key features of the Equip Inc bike cover for Peloton bike


Easy to install 

Free carry bag 

Free return policy 

Durable materials 

Notable differences between the Equip inc and Owlglass covers for Peloton

  1. Larger 
  2. Pricier  

3. WOMACO Exercise Bike Cover – budget alternative ⅘

WOMACO Exercise Bike Cover Waterproof Dustproof Upright Indoor Cycling Protector Stationary Recumbent Peloton Bicycle Protective Covers for Outdoor Protection (Black, 48" L x 23

Buy on Amazon

A high-grade 400D polyester fabric is used in the construction of this cover. It’s large, strong, and durable. Since it perfectly fits the bike, all contaminants are kept off. These include dust, hair, mildew, and debris. There’s an additional laminated undercoat lining the fibers. This promotes the cover’s structural integrity. 

It stands upright and maintains it’s shaping. The layer is also water-resistant. This protects all sensitive electronics on the bike. Black is the only color option- thankfully, it matches most interior themes. It’s easy to apply the cover on your bike. There are a couple of zippers and hamstring cords. There’s a pair of handles on either side to help with removal.

Key features of the WOMACO Exercise Bike Cover

  • Affordable 
  • Great design 
  • Generous size 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Durable materials 

Notable differences between the  WOMACO Exercise Bike Cove and Owlglass protective covers for Peloton

  1. Smaller 
  2. Cheaper
  3. Limited color options 


Exercise bike covers are protective, convenient, and safe to use. They ensure that our bikes remain in great physical and operating condition for a long time. An ideal protective cover should fit well, use durable materials, and resist the immediate environment. The OwlGlass cover for Peloton is made of quality polyester. 

It’s cut just the right size to fit the bike. It’s water, dust, debris, and UV resistant. It’s also larger than the average cover. So you can slip in a few more things. Maybe your weights. I would highly recommend it for the value it offers at its price point. Thanks for reading to the end. If you like our work, check out more tech and fitness content on the site. Thanks. 

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