Best Exercise bike with Screen: Peloton Alternatives for Home Exercise [+ Videos]


This is a review of the Best Exercise bike with Screen 2022.

Don’t be deceived by the word “SCREEN” and go for the perceived smart bikes with crappy and scrappy LCD screens. In fact, most of them either have an ipad or tablet mount or holder. 

The Cyclace, the DMASUN and even my favorite and my budget friendly exercise bike, the YOSUDA, doesn’t have a real screen. I don’t even deem a simple LCD screen on bikes like the Health and fitness and .. fit for purpose here. That’s my declaration though. You may disagree.

I’m looking for an inbuilt screen that doesn’t need any extra device to enjoy your favourite virtual class. And that is the list I’ve curated here for you. Period.

Let’s dive right in.

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H2 – Top Exercise bikes with Screen Reviewed

  1. Peloton Bike
  2. Keiser M3i
  3. Renpho AI – Smart Bike
  4. Echelon Smart  Fitness Bikes
  5. NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle
  6. Schwinn Fitness IC Bike Series
  7. Bowflex IC Bike Series
  8. Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series
  9. Schwinn Upright Bike Series

Top Indoor Exercise bike with Screen Reviewed

1. Peloton Bike

Peloton Plus

With a giant, 1080P, 21.5” touchscreen attached to the handlebars, ladies and gentlemen – the Peloton bike.

From an almost 22-inch touchscreen, the Peloton bike comes with streaming classes that can be watched or listened to – so whether this will suit your needs as well as it does ours we’re not sure yet! However no matter what height/weight range you fall into there’s sure to be something for everyone at Peloton.

Marketing itself as “The best cardio machine on the planet”, the Peloton experience seems to be what its users and customers expected. That equinox feeling.

Apparently, all the craze happens with its instructor-led live workouts and on-demand classes. And for instructors, it’s like having a personal trainer come to your house whenever you’d like.

In fact, you can join a Peloton live cycling classes or pick from thousands of different ride and workout options at a time that is convenient for you.

Peloton is great about building community, competitiveness, and motivation. You’ve always got friends to ride with and compete against.

Peloton is not cheap. But, that’s only one part of the story. If you are ready to part with more than $2,000 bucks, I’m about to tell you what you get as compared to any other Peloton alternative. Follow me as I breakdown the specs of the most expensive exercise bike in town:

Notable Features of the Peloton Bike

Software – Peloton App

Besides the bike’s impressive outlook, most people find the Peloton digital app to be the most outstanding part of their indoor riding experience.

Therefore, justification number one for the steep price is the fact that you never run out of new content to workout with.

The video and audio quality is crisp, thanks to the production team at Peloton’s New York City studios where the content is shot. The instructors dominate the screen, leaving some margin where your metrics are displayed.

I’d recommend that you try the Peloton Digital app for free for 30 days. You can play running, walking, boot camp, strength, and outdoor (audio-only) classes anytime, anywhere, with or without equipment – no membership fee required. This helps to gauge your susceptibility to the monthly membership.

The app can also be downloaded on iPhone, iPad, Android device, Fire TV, or access on the web.

The app boasts a user-friendly, modern, clean user interface that’s easy to operate. Your metrics such as heart rate, cadence, pace, and calories burnt are displayed in real-time on your screen.

You also get to see other members who are currently taking the cycling classes with you. Motivation! Motivation!

A live leaderboard displays the top performers for each class. You can cycle your way up and probably get a shout out from the instructor.

Hardware – Peloton Bike

The Peloton bike is made of a luxurious carbon steel frame with a matte black finish. Careful red accents on the resistance knob and belt drive unit enhance the bike’s sporty theme.

The Peloton logo and name are printed on the crossbar linking the handlebar to the pedal compartment.

With such a striking look, the bike will probably impress most people and integrate into any home’s interior decor and themes. It measures 4ft*2ft, weighs 138lbs, thus, It can sit in small spaces. You can also store it outside using a quality bike cover

You get two water bottle holders on either side of the handlebar pole to store your favorite water bottle for Peloton.

A lever is installed right below the handlebars to manipulate their depth. Check out how to adjust Peloton handlebars.

Again, a diverse user base can use the bike. The handlebars are aero-style with multiple grip positions and sufficient padding for extra comfort. A pair of front and rear stabilizers ensure that the bike remains stable through any class.


I know! I know!

Peloton is expensive and the overall cost involved shouldn’t be one of its cool features. However, I beg to differ since these guys offer financing at 0% interest under their APR program.

At the time of drafting this post, the starting price for the membership fee was $1895 or $39 a month for 39 months.

In case you won’t like the experience, the company is happy to come for their bike at any time. Most users who typically pay for spin classes at least 4 times a week will find the offer economically sensible in the long run.

User Experience

You have bought the bike and paid for the monthly subscription – 39 a month, now what? First off, regardless of your payment plan, all Peloton bikes now come pre-assembled and are delivered for free.

Due to COVID, this may take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks. The bike will be left on your doorstep and not inside the house as they did in the past.

You’ll need a 120V, 60HZ, 15A, power outlet to plug in the bike using the stock 10ft long power adaptor. A green LED comes on to confirm the bike is on.

Press the power button behind the display to wake the touchscreen. The bike runs a custom Peloton operating system built on Android. It’s super easy to navigate.

Select your wifi network and enter the password to kick off. You have the option to stream live  and on demand classes. Each class is based on different resistance levels and music volume.

The display has two, very loud hi-fi speakers. You can also pair your favorite wireless headphone for Peloton via Bluetooth or use the 3.5mm audio port.

The bike runs off a silent belt drive. You can workout from any room without disturbing other people in the house. A magnetic resistance unit with 100 levels is deployed to cater to all classes.

Your instructor dictates the current setting. Typical cycling classes start with a warm-up before jumping into the activities then a recovery/cool down.

With a heavy flywheel, the bike has excellent momentum and feels like riding an actual bike. It runs smooth and has a low impact on your knee and other joints. There’s an emergency stop button in case things go south.

The Peloton bike can be a better way to stay in shape. With its 22″ touchscreen, you can watch live workouts and on demand classes from anywhere with an internet connection! 

You should also take your height into account before purchasing one of these smart bikes – they’re only designed for riders who are at least 6’5″, but no more than 7′-0″. 

The Peloton will help those eager to get in shape during COVID improve both their cardiovascular system by doing regular exercises alongside some great music selections specially curated for you.


  • Reputable
  • live classes
  • Fully assembled
  • Compact and sleek
  • Multigrip handlebar
  • The best digital app
  • World-class instructors
  • An interactive community
  • This Amazon bundle has lots of addons


  • Only works with its digital app
  • High-priced: You get what you pay for

2. Keiser M3i

Keiser M3i Indoor Bike

What’s the best Peloton alternative today? It has to be Keiser M3i. Made in America and with a focus on versatility, this bike delivers an all-round indoor bike experience that mirrors true road biking just as it should!

Keiser M3i Indoor Bike | Built Entirely Around You

The Keiser M3i indoor  bike was made to mimic the feel of riding a road bike. It’s an all-round and versatile machine that will give you everything your heart could desire, without having any fear about breaking out in sweat or getting saddle soreness like with other Peloton alternatives on the market today!

The Keiser M Series bike is a must-have for any fitness fan. It has an easy to adjust seat and handlebars, versatile tray with water bottle holder that’s perfect in the comfort of your own home or office! The digital screen on this cool stationary bicycle allows you to see everything from how far traveled during one ride all the way up until calories burned which can be logged through the app. 

Inasmuch as it is perfect in-home gym equipment, this spin bike is a must for gyms and health clubs.

Testimonial, Sean Garner, Men’s Health Fitness Advisor, on why Keiser is a must for any health club

The M3 digital has a simple screen with everything a rider needs on a single screen.

The M Series Converter gives you access to more fitness apps. Without the converter, you still have access to Smart Display apps like Zwift, Peloton digital app, Impowered, Goind, and the Keiser M Series app, etc..

Keiser M3i Setup: This is how you set it up

Keiser M3i Indoor Bike Setup

Note: Included on the Keiser M3i Bundle on Amazon is the: (M3i Indoor Cycle, Media Tray, Stretch Pads, Floor Mat, Polar Heart Monitor, Assembly and Maintenance Kit, M Series Converter, Gel Seat Cover and Sweat towel.)


  • Reputable
  • Relatively quiet
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to assemble
  • A wide array of hand positions
  • Works with Peloton digital app


  • High-priced: You get what you pay for

3. Renpho AI-Smart Bike

Renpho AI Powered bike

The Renpho brand designs and engineers affordable, innovative home products for healthier living. Their customer satisfaction priority compels them to create an original product with meticulous care and effort towards usefulness in ergonomics as well as quality standards while keeping up all federal regulations on ingredients used within our devices which we stand behind 100%.

It is their aim that makes it possible so you can start taking steps toward enhancing your wellbeing by using high-tech technologies like ours!

RENPHO AI Smart Bike: Fit For All

The Renpho AI-Powered is an indoor exercise bike that boasts several attractive bike features like functional threshold power, auto resistance and scenic riding for a home workout with tablet mount, airflow seat, and an app for iOS Android

The AI powered  bike comes with several features that will help you get your fitness on. 

For instance, it has functional threshold power for an accurate workout experience or if you need assistance during tough moments throughout the ride then there’s auto resistance so all levels of riders can enjoy scenic riding just like they would at any public location around town (and even bring their tablet!). 

Plus this home stationary machine also makes sure every breath taken by the rider goes through one its four large internal fans.

​​The Bike is a revolutionary machine that helps you optimize your training and reach fitness goals. The AI-generated workout algorithm based on biometrics enables unlimited numbers of users to have the most personalized experience possible, whether they’re indoors or out! 

With Covid 19 threatening our way of life as we know it today, indoor cycling on exercise equipment with screens were only considered for those who had no other option outside from public gyms–until now with this cutting edge invention by inventor extraordinaires in creating an opportunity where one didn’t exist before: home workouts at any time day/night without worrying about being caught while trying hard not be distracted by distractions around you.


  • Not very expensive
  • Large cushioned seat 
  • Personalized training for all
  • Free downloadable phone app 
  • Smart motor damping precision 
  • Optimization with AI technology
  • Enclosed wheels and smooth freewheel design


  • Somewhat difficult to operate

4. Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bikes

echelon smart connect bike eX5

An interactive training bike with a built-in 22 inch HD touchscreen helps in the broadcast of live and on demand training sessions. It is not like other Echelon models that forgo the screen. 

It comes with features such as an HD touchscreen, magnetic resistance, smartly positioned bottle holder and can be used to have workouts both on and off the bike. This makes it a very significant and beneficial product. 

It is geared for zealous people for the latest great tech and those who want to be competitive while training alongside fellow online spin lovers at home. 

Additionally, it is a solid fit for those wanting a well-rounded set of workout options as well.

Considering the total cost within a year makes the EX5S more expensive than Renpho AI-powered bike.

There is no built-in programming in the EX5S other than the Renpho, where you can access AI and algorithms programs without joining any online sessions.

With tons of additional features like scribing calories burned from heart rate towards them during exercise– what are those numbers? You can go the extra Mile with yoga routines, strength training, Medication, Barre, and a lot more goodies.

Yes, as you may be aware – you have to pay for their subscription to be able to see your RPM numbers. That is about $39 a month to get the subscription for trainer-led live classes.


  • Live classes
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Adjustable seats
  • 32 levels of resistance
  • Owner’s manual included
  • Fully adjustable toe cages
  • More than 500 on-demand classes
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Rear dumbbell holders for easy access


  • The app cannot match the Peloton app

5. NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle

NordicTrack - the closest peloton alternative

The NordicTrack s22i 22-inch hd touchscreen has two rear-mounted 2-inch speakers and rotates 360 degrees which allows you to leave the bike for floor exercises and still view the screen.

The NordicTrack s22i is a sleek and sophisticated machine that will take your fitness regimen to the next level. With its subscription-based workout coach at hand, this bike provides more than just muscle fatigue with personalized programs for all abilities – even if you’re new! 

The preprogrammed workouts are easy enough for beginners but challenging enough so as not to discourage those who want it the hardest (so no excuses). Plus there’s everything else any serious rider needs: weight stacks; heart rate monitor dials on both sides of seat post targets; chest straps included!)

The NordicTrack s22i comes with a 0% financing for 36 months at $85 per month. and includes 2 additional years of iFit, so you can work out alone or bring the family! 

It does include Google Maps compatibility where you can create your own route through coordinates and the bike will automatically adjust to meet the terrain.

No need to buy cycling clip in shoes. It comes with a toe cage, or can flip to the flat side. It has the ability to swap out pedals or seats without voiding the warranty. 

And comes with a monitor for your heart rate that pairs well and weights that come with the bike.

There are two front mounted wheels which allow the user spin or push depending how they wish while pushing against 20% live incline control as well 10%. White glove delivery & installation assembly costs only $249 so you don’t have to worry when buying one yourself too 🙂 That is quite exorbitant.

Digital resistance with 24 levels that allows it to automatically adjust to meet the instructor’s resistance training for beginner, cross-training, global cycling, and Bootcamp

You can swipe through touchscreen to view stats like max watts, cadence, speed, view a calendar of past workouts and create your own ride using Google Maps

How to connect your Echelon bike to the Echelon Fit App


  • Magnetic braking
  • OneTouch controls
  • Reputable Company
  • Watts power readout
  • Real-time stat tracking
  • AutoBreeze workout fan
  • Max user weight 350 lbs.
  • inertia enhanced flywheel
  • Ergonomic padded saddle
  • Built-in fan with adjustable settings


  • No tray for personal items
  • Cannot switch the background music
  • Complicated to set up with more than 150 parts

6. Schwinn Fitness IC Bike Series

Shwinn - best peloton alternative

The Schwinn IC3 bike is the perfect way to get in shape and stay motivated. It has a belt drive, which means it’s silent and requires no maintenance! 

If you’re looking for a stationary bike that is both sleek and functional, the Schwinn IC3 might be perfect. It can connect wirelessly with your cadence tracker so it doesn’t necessarily rely on batteries! 

You can also use your favorite compatible apps like Explore the World, MyFitnessPal, etc. 

An LCD console is attached to the bars. It displays variables such as time, distance, calories, and RPMs. A media holder to clip in your tablet or iPad allows you to watch your favorite spin classes from the comfort of your seat. There’s an oversized water bottle holder to ensure you don’t have to pause your workout to rehydrate. 

I like the positioning of the pedal compartment. It’s slightly ahead of the seat pole. This puts the rider in a strategic position for low-impact training and maximum power transfer.

Thus, you aren’t likely to suffer any injuries. I’m not a big fan of the front-mounted flywheel due to sweat exposure, which may corrode the flywheel over time. 

I found a quality microfiber towel to be a good fix. The handlebar is fully adjustable-fore and aft. This ensures that a diverse size of riders can use the same bike.

You can’t go wrong with black. It’s the most popular color, it looks great and there are some red touches here to make you think of sports-car racing! The 40lbs flywheel powers your rides while dual sided 9/16″ thread pedals come standard–an SPD compatible one included for now but if they don’t work out or hurt after long distances.

Schwinn offers their IC3 pedal system as an option on all bikes purchased from them too which is what I chose because it’s more comfortable in my opinion (you’ll have to try both though!).

A well padded adjustable seat with ventilated cushioning ensures you can workout longer than ever before on this machine- something we know all about because our experts recommend getting 10 minutes into your routine every day (and 20 if possible). 

And when those arm muscles start hurting from indoor cycling? Relax them by grabbing onto one of two wide handlebars located at either end; they’re also cushioned for comfort during rigorous workouts like these ones will be!!

The seat can be changed with ease too so if someone doesn’t like what they’re sitting on just pop out the old one in favour of something new – there are no permanent fixtures here!


  • Strong frame
  • Small footprint 
  • Infinite resistance
  • In-built LCD console
  • Excellent build quality 
  • Multiple app compatibility
  • Generous warranty terms
  • Easy to assemble and move


  • Lacks an in-built screen
  • Friction-based resistance requires maintenance. 

7. Bowflex IC Bike Series

Bowflex designed this bike to be easy, interactive and motivational for home exercise. The 7 inch screen lets you follow along with videos or other training aids while also checking your heart rate on the included monitor band!

This is one of many ways that they are breaking boundaries in fitness equipment by including features not typically seen on Peloton style smart bikes like an LCD console which can show live video feed from different angles during workouts so users don’t have to pause what’s being shown if someone walks into view unexpectedly.”

Assembly Bowflex IC Bike is not overly difficult, but you may need to pay close attention. One of the feet that attaches below your horizontal stabilizer bar was bent in shipping and made assembly more challenging than normal for me!

One user mentioned that “When I tried unscrewing it to add the washer it seemed like it might be not cooperating, so I left it without the washer. I was a little disappointed with the bent part but you can see from the packaging, which included some wooden pieces of the corners, that they did try to do a good job of keeping it intact during shipping.” 

The Bowflex IC Bike comes with multiple warnings in its instructions. In fact, there are parts where you have to thread some cables through one of the shorter tubes, but a threading cable is provided, which you don’t have to use.

For most of this bike’s features you need to subscribe via their JRNY program, which allows users to select from multiple workout videos and also stream them. You can use it without a subscription for one or two scenery videos but not too many other competing apps like Peloton.

Unfortunately, there is no way to stream this to your TV at this time, although this may be in future releases, and there’s also no way to connect it to your Apple Watch for monitoring your heart rate. You’ll have to use the included band.

The screen is really small after a while, but it’s easy to get used to. The volume can be adjusted with the different buttons on your back and there are many options for stats or scenery that should suit whatever you’re doing just fine!

When it comes to workouts, the possibilities are endless. You can choose from over 20 different types of workouts including “Explore The World” which connects you with Asia Pacific or N Africa for an adventure in travel-based workout style videos that will get your blood flowing and muscles feeling like they did after a tough day at work! And if there’s one thing we know about our viewers – YOU LOVE COACHING!!! So why not take advantage?


  • Super Sturdy
  • Excellent build
  • Virtual workouts
  • Practically Silent
  • Workout programs
  • Infinite resistance


  • App Subscription
  • Uncomfortable seat

8. Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

Fully-loaded console with DualTrack blue backlit LCD screens offers 29 workout programs and visibility to workout metrics, even when the media tray is in use.

Is the Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series a good choice? 

I’ll say YES.  It’s easy to slide into, with big foot pedals. In fact, being recumbent means you sit back and pedal with no trying to balance and sit on a post adjustable seat like a regular bike and with the 3 speed fan you stay comfortable while working out. 

There are videos on how to set up and I’m here to tell you why you should buy it or not. 

Takes about an hour to assemble the bike, it’s easy with instructions to follow. There’s no noise at all and it is so easy to maneuver. Manufacturer lists the weight capacity at 300 lbs.

The Recumbent bike is going to provide you with a great low impact workout and is great for those wanting to keep active but need some additional back support while exercising.

I like the fact that the screen is so LARGE and high up that you can’t distract yourself from exercise by watching TV while using it.

I think it is as good as the expensive bikes costing several thousands for a similar experience.


  • Sturdy
  • Low impact
  • Nice pedals
  • No membership
  • Quiet operation
  • Two LCD monitors
  • Easy to adjust slider seat
  • Smooth ride on all resistance


  • Basic defects
  • A little hard to see the screen

9. Schwinn Upright Bike Series

The Schwinn Upright Bike Series comes in with buttons, not a touch screen. No batteries required. All you have to do is plug in to get the screen to work. You may have to get a power adapter separately.

If you are an elderly person this bike is a perfect low impact routine and is capable of vigorous hard cycling if that is your need.

I have the Schwinn Upright Bike and I found it to be fairly easy to assemble. The only issue was if you could dim or turn off the LCD screen, because its too bright for my eyes–it’s REALLY annoying sometimes when there are parts of videos that look blurry since they’re not really being displayed well enough on this thing! 

Another small complaint would be just about how some lines flicker in and out while scrolling through this bike’s features but again nothing major at all considering what I get from using it daily though.

Again this bike is an excellent rehab from people with injuries or disabilities or whether you’ve undergone a recent hip surgery. You can ride it everyday- as much as you want. And it will assist  you with my exercises that you  need to continue your rehab at home.

I would recommend the Schwinn Upright Bike series to everyone for hard core cycling or just enjoyment of exercising. Great investment we made.

For the money, it does the job, the adjustable seat is comfortable, and it’s quietness makes it a no-brainer especially for beginners and if you’re on a strict budget. 


  • Sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Quiet operation
  • No membership
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for beginner
  • Great for rehabilitation


  • Not backlit
  • A few design defects
  • Display doesn’t light up

Best Indoor Exercise Bike with Screen Buying Guide

There are several things you need to consider before investing your hard-earned money in this fitness bike.

1. Price and Cost

Do you know there’s a difference between price and cost? Well, let me explain.

The price is what you pay for the product but the cost is the overall expense associated with the product before and after the purchase. Always pay attention to the cost. It can be deceptive. But in this analysis, we’ll consider price as a metric for our measurement.

In fact, the monetary value of a product communicates value but value is not necessarily obtained in a product’s exorbitance. 

If your decision to purchase an indoor cycling bike with screen is based on just the price, then you will belittle the efficiency and potency of bikes like the Renpho AI-smart Bike or the recumbent bike mentioned on this list. 

Their super affordable price tag calls for more scrutiny I guess. Apart from that, you should look at  its comfort for most people looking for a solid home workout that gives you access to on-demand trainer-led classes and programs. 

Fortunately, most affordable bikes don’t include costs for membership. Additionally, the free classes’ subscription if any will only come in as a nice perk. Again, the likes of the Renpho come with professional training instruction, scenic and challenging rides, all for free. 

The decision is yours as to whether you want a household name like the Keiser M3i, Echelon or Peloton for their versatility or a budget friendly Renpho Smart-AI bike. 

2. HD Display

We want an indoor exercise bike with a screen, right?

If a community led or group motivation is a thing for you, then all the good things happen on the Peloton screen. A state-of-the-art 22″ touchscreen digital display brings the Peloton digital app experience to life. It is a crucial aspect of the overall experience you get.

One the other hand, one customer review of the Keiser goes like this, “Purchased this for one of our work gyms and could not be happier. This is exceptional. The quality of the construction is second to none. It is easily adjustable for multiple users. It has a super clean computer with a no-nonsense display.”

You get other relevant attachments like the M series Convertor and a Polar Heart Rate Monitor for free in this Keiser M3i bundle on Amazon.

3. Assembly

Many exercise equipment come disassembled so it can be shipped. This is true for almost all the exercise bikes with screens listed here.

Some of them come with a shipping/delivery and assembly package that is an additional charge from the baseline price point. I can talk about the Peloton and Nordictrack.

For instance, the NordicTrack’s package is an add-on that you can waive, but with more than 150 parts to piece together, it’s probably worth the cost.

The question of assembling equipment, especially exercise equipment featured prominently by reviewers and buyers on online stores like Amazon. Why? Because assembling huge equipment can be a pain in the rear area. But you’ll normally get through with it with some help from another person.

Again there are several videos available on specific products and how to assemble them. This one below is for the Keiser M3i. 

Keiser M3i Stationary Bike Assembly: Very Quick And Easy Assembling As Well

Keiser M3i Indoor Stationary Bike Assembly Guide

4. Build & Construction

There’s a lot of money to be saved by buying the cheapest lightweight bikes, but they’re not worth it in my opinion. Look for sturdy steel frames and avoid any that look like they’ll fall apart on your first use because this could lead you down an expensive path if something breaks while exercising with them.

The best indoor exercise bike with a screen attached will hold up throughout tough workouts- don’t settle just because there are cheaper options available!

Having a quality build that comfortably accommodates different body types is a plus. Our list of the best exercise bikes are just outstanding, a perfect combination of innovation and design. Above all, they’re quiet and have functional companion apps either integrated or compatible.

5. Resistance Levels

The resistance levels reflects how hard it is to turn the crank on a bike. It is measured in percent, with 100% being the maximum. In theory, one shouldn’t be able to pedal at 100% resistance, but some bikes do exceed the normal threshold because of poor calibration.

6. Weight Capacity

Don’t be so sure! Though exercise bikes are great for getting in shape, it might not hold your weight. Make certain that you don’t exceed the capacity before using one with a heavy load on display…

While I know many people think of these as being primarily designed to assist those who have lost significant amounts of weight or want an effective method at exercising because they’re stationary and can monitor how much time has passed based off their speed level — try looking into determining what kind would work well for YOU by checking out our wide selection available here today wise decision making process?”

7. Space/Storage

Not everyone has enough space dedicated to bulky workout gear in their homes. Knowing for sure how much space a stationary bike with a screen will occupy is important to know whether or not you have room in your home to keep it.

A dedicated workout room is the best place to use an indoor exercise bike, but if you don’t have one available then be sure there’s plenty of space around it for moving and storing. 

The front wheel on bikes like these are designed with this ability in mind so that they’re easy enough even when not being used by just pushing or rolling them aside!

These are high-end exercise equipment innovations with a well-thought-out design. Therefore, you’ll feel more comfortable when pushing hard on a sprint of riding for a long period of time. 

Some of them, example: the Keiser’s setup mirrors a typical road bike just like the Echelon or  Peloton.

You’ll love the M3i’s compact, sleek, no-frills design, and the fact that it does not require electricity. It is very quiet. It does not overpower a medium-sized room like mine. I have mine set up in the bedroom in front of a television. And it’s a sight to behold.

8. Warranty

For me, warranty and customer service are the holy grail of buying any piece of fitness equipment. So let’s get to the crux of the matter.

By far, you’ll see one of the best warranties on the market with Keiser M3i. And it runs through all its products. No wonder they enjoy so much love from their customers.

On the Peloton warranty, you get a cool 5 years on the structural frame and a 1-year warranty on its HD touchscreen, bike components, bike pedals, labor, etc..

Warranty fraud is becoming more prevalent in the fitness industry. People are using warranties to get free equipment that they would not have otherwise purchased, and it’s hurting honest customers who just want quality products for reasonable prices!

There needs to be better protection mechanisms put into place so this does not happen- but until then you should always make sure your credit card information has been entered correctly when filing paperwork or making purchases online because there will inevitably come a time where someone tries fraudulent activity on their end as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you watch TV on an exercise bike?

You can watch TV on an exercise bike, but not ironically. Well actually if you want to go full throttle with your current workout routine then this might be the best way for it!
I know it seems like a strange question, but can you watch TV on your exercise bike? Yes. Many people do so and they say their workouts get more intense because of this!

Which is the best exercise bike to buy?

There are many factors to consider when looking for the best exercise bike. You want something that will provide a good workout, is durable and affordable all at once! There’s no one-size fits all stationary bike on the market today; however we did find this beautiful Keiser M3i Bike with Built In screen which has everything you need in a stationary bike model: Bluetooth compatible computer (so users can track their progress)

Who are Peloton competitors?

Who are Peloton competitors? After consulting experienced fitness instructors and spinning instructors, I’ve found the Keiser M3i, the echelon EX5s and Renpho Smart-AI bike as the best Peloton competitors.    

Do Peloton bikes come with a screen?

A – Yes, they do! 
You know how you can connect your stationary bike to the Peloton exercise app and get real-time feedback, like what angle should I hold my handlebars at? Yes! The Peloton comes with a screen.
At the moment your favorite cyclists are streaming their live classes and trips around the world. Professional riders can be seen daily recording themselves on specialized videos equipped with screens that allow you to follow them remotely as if it were live TV.”

Is Echelon as good as Peloton?

A lot of you may be wondering if e-bike company, Wellgo USA is any better than its Amazonian competitor. The short answer: yes! I recently purchased one for my home use and can personally attest that it rides just like their high end bikes which comes at about 1/10th cost ($999 vs $4199). 
So while they might not have all the bells n’ whistles or designs available now – trust me when I say that there will eventually come another version out with everything built right in (in addition to major updates already announced).

What’s Next… 

Basically, Peloton creates a virtual spinning class experience.

So you get a lot more software, programming, and community than a simple unconnected bike. A virtual community-based spinning class at the comfort of your home substitute for going to a $39 a month spinning class that you have to drive to.

Keiser or the renpho are giving you one of the best, reliable Peloton alternatives without a $39 per monthly or $480 a year subscription. In fact, you can just subscribe to the Peloton digital app and use it on the Keiser bike. Or you can use a bike and the Peloton IOS app for $12.99 per month.

“ Well, believe it or not … my dear  friend”

If you’re interested in riding with friends and motivate each other right from the comfort of your own home, then you’ll love the virtual rides feature of the Peloton. If this is a make or break point for you – Peloton might be the way to go.


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