Garmin 735 vs 935: Which is better? A Comparison Guide


Garmin Forerunner 735XT vs 935, which is better?

While both watches will drastically improve the results of your training, the more expensive, later edition FR935 model packs more storage, higher resolution display, larger battery, more add-on support and faster processing speeds than the less expensive 735XT counterpart.

To get the best out of your running routines, a sports watch is a great piece of hardware to improve the quality of your training by tracking and presenting vital training information like heart rate, speed, distance, direction, and pace.

Although there are a ton of multipurpose smartwatch models available, dedicated running watches are specifically built for training and are better sports companions.

Not very long ago Garmin announced its Advanced Sleep Monitoring feature developed as a result of a sleep study by Garmin Health. This research was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Suzanne Stevens, Director of the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) Sleep Medicine Clinic.

These devices doesn’t only help to identify sleep stages more accurately – they’ve also proven effective with more and more athletes adopting them.

In this Garmin 735 vs 935 reviews, we will dissect two of Garmin’s grossing models, the Garmin forerunner 735 and the Garmin Forerunner 935.

We will outline the description, similarities, differences, a buyer’s guide, FAQ’s and of course the benefits of the 735 vs 935 variants.

Let’s dive in.

Garmin 735 vs 935 Comparison Table

Factors to Consider

Garmin 735

Garmin 935

Size/Weight 40.1kg 40.2kg
Clock face Analogue Digital
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC
Tracking technology GPS GPS/GLONASS
Barometer altimeter Absent Present
Dimension 1.75*1.75*0.47 inches 1.85*1.85*0..547 inches
Screen resolution 215*180 pixels 240*240 pixels
Battery Life Up to 11 days Up to 14 days

Garmin 735 vs 935 Review

There is a research analysis on the growing usage of consumer wrist-worn wearables in recent times and most importantly in conducting research work. These fitness trackers and smartwatches helps to measure various physical activity.

Of course the wearable landscape is in constant change. New devices and brands are released every year, promising improved measurements, analytics and user experience. And Garmin is no exception.

Garmin 735 Review

Tommaso Strada 100 for menGarmin_735xt

Garmin Forerunner 735

Our Ratings

Check best price amazon1200px Amazon logo.svg

The Garmin forerunner 935 is a compact, feature-packed GPS running smartwatch. On purchase, the package comes with a charging cable and a user manual.

The fun begins when you turn it on with the easy to locate control buttons that are way better than touch screen interfaces.

Although there are sufficient features like the step, calorie, speed and distance trackers built right into the package, connecting to your phone would be a good place to start.

This is because of the ease with which you can access more features with the Garmin Connect app.

As a side note, the user interface on the app is a bit cluttered and will take some getting used to, but you should adapt pretty quickly.

Similar software is also available for PC. Once you are done with the startup shenanigans, just pick a selection of your favorite activities using a simple few button presses and you are good to go.

GPS is the most outstanding feature of this unit and I must say it works fast. Locking on your route is a 30-second max affair.

If you’ve been using similar outdated products, you know how relieving this must be.

Although the default screen is one with time, pace and distance, there are more than 10 other customizable landing screens where you may choose what to display from maps to music and connect IQ infographics apps.

An excellent data compression algorithm sends all the running information to your phone via Bluetooth so that you can monitor and tweak your next day’s progress on a larger screen.

The level of accuracy for your running data can be as high as 1 second to get the most granular feedback.

The built-in heart rate sensor ensures you don’t exceed your limits although its accuracy could be better.

The unit is best for sport-dedicated smartwatches with all the capabilities in one package. It’s not great for people looking for versatile watches with just as competitive cellular, photography, and internet performance.

The same ease of use and bumper to bumper tracking continues and is just as good for other athletic activities like swimming and cycling.


  • Easy connectivity
  • Decent battery life
  • High-resolution display
  • Multi-activity suitability
  • A multitude of stock sensors
  • Up to 50M deep water and sweat resistance
  • Excellent build quality with durable casing and strap
  • Several add-ons support like chest strap heart rate monitors, safety road ID face and other cycling-based activity monitoring extras.



  • High-priced – You get what you pay for
  • Complex to navigate Garmin connectivity app user interface

                    Garmin 935 Review

Tommaso Strada 100 for menGarmin Forerunner 935

Garmin Forerunner 935

Our Ratings

Check best price amazon1200px Amazon logo.svg

This lightweight fitness tracker packs all the capabilities of a running watch while maintaining a light 1.4-ounce form factor.

It’s built for full-blown triathlon training although it features well-optimized modes for people interested in other sporting activities like biking, skiing, hiking, and general cardio.

This can be attributed to its cutting-edge distance, pace and lap time tracking capabilities. Away from basic features, the unit has a heart rate monitor, GPS, Bluetooth, and a gyroscope forming a basis for unquestionable speed and performance.

Straight out of the box, you get a USB data/charging cable and a user manual, the Garmin way. Even with fast, accurate GLONASS (Europe)/ GPS tracking, you still get terrific battery life, up to 14 hours and 24 hours with the GPS off.

Although the accuracy of the heart rate monitor is fair, you can go for the optional two chest straps for better results. (One is for swimming and is fully waterproof while the other is for terrestrial use with modest water and sweat-proofing as well).

Over and above your expectations, during runs, the watch will measure your contact time, stride length, oxygen levels, and vertical oscillations.

It uses this estimation to give post-workout recovery recommendations. The importance of rest cannot be underestimated when it comes to training and sleep tracking is perfected in this model with the various sleep stages clearly outlined.

Touch operation is replaced with three conveniently located, decently-sized, haptic buttons on the left and two on the right.

The main interface is an LCD screen in dark mode by default, with excellent viewing angles even in direct sunlight.

The style is on point and it may as well be a fashion accessory to add on your running outfit.

Frost and midnight blue are the two color options with a perforated silicone band that ensures a universal fit and proper ventilation for most wrist sizes.

Pairing with your phone is easy and you can access the Garmin connect app that stores all the running data from your watch on syncing.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile features
  • Great build quality
  • Decent battery life
  • Water, dust and sweatproof
  • High-resolution GPS/GLONASS
  • Accurate heart monitoring with support for auxiliary two chest monitors

Garmin 935


  • Highly-priced
  • Not comfortable in bed
  • Complex to navigate Garmin connect app user interface

Similarities of Garmin 735 vs 935

  • Both use LCDs
  • Both units support GPS
  • Both support quick charging
  • Both are compatible with android and iOS
  • Both have sleep monitors with cycle summary
  • Both track calories, heart rate, steps, pace, and distance
  • Both support vibration and notifications for phone, email, and text

Differences of Garmin Watch 735 vs 935

  • The 735 is cheaper than the 935
  • The 935 is slightly bigger and heavier than the 735
  • The 735 lacks the compass sensor present in the 935.
  • The 935 supports routable maps while the 735 doesn’t.
  • The 735 has a camera shutter control which is left out in 935
  • The 735 has a quick-release mechanism while the 935 doesn’t.
  • The 935 has a 100M waterproofing rating while the 735’s is 50M
  • The 935 has longer 24-hour battery life with GPS on while the 735 has 14 hours.
  • The 935 has on color option, black, while the 735 has two shades of blue and black.
  • The 935 uses the barometric altimeter to give incline response while the 735 uses GPS for the same, with the earlier being more accurate.

Garmin 735XT vs 935 Buyer’s Guide: What to Look out for before you Buy.

1. Price

When it comes to a dedicated running watch, the estimated cost of a quality piece is significantly higher than that of the average smartwatch.

The same is reflected in the Garmin forerunner 735’s post $150 and that of the Garmin forerunner 935’s post $250 tags.

The sheer number, quality, and performance of features in these devices contribute to their high price. The 735 is more affordable than the 935 with enough features to go with.

2. Display

The clarity, resolution, frame rate, viewing angles, color accuracy, display technology and size of the screen in your running watch are the key factors that determine how crisp it looks.

The Garmin 935 has a sharper 240*240 pixels display in comparison to the 735’s 215*180 pixels.

Other crucial factors aside, the pixel density is a quick way of judging the quality of a smartwatch display. As such, the 935’s is sharper, brighter and crispier.

3. Battery life

A running watch may have all the bells and whistles, but they don’t amount to much if you can’t enjoy them off the charging brick.

Therefore, a running watch must, as a minimum, stay powered with all the features you need running, for the duration of your training session.

Both the 735 and 935 have decent stamina for all your usage. The 935’s 24 hours, GPS-on battery life outshines the 735’s 14 hours.

In terms of standby time, the 735 can stay on for up to 21 hours with the UltraTrac mode on while the 935 can do 60 hours.

In simple smartwatch mode, the 735 boasts 11 days of standby time while the 935 does 14 days.

4. Design

Running watches generally have okay designs. Nothing exciting as most of the investment goes into integrating as many features as possible.

The story is different in the Garmin Forerunner 735 and 935 series. They have a durable stainless steel frame, glass-reinforced polymer body, and optional quality leather/plastic straps.

The buttons are also key in determining the kind physical feedback you get while using the watch. Both units feature stainless steel buttons with smooth finishes.

Overall, they feel nice to touch. These features along with other hard-to-notice details like the integrity of joined parts and the paintwork make these watches check the design box.

5. Comfort

How a watch sits on your arm is just as crucial as how it performs. Running watches are a piece of hardware that you will be rocking for some hours almost every day.

You want something that stays still and leaves no mark on your wrists. Both the Garmin forerunner 735 and 935 have well-fitting straps with holes punched all through.

Combine this with their slight curvature at the backplate and you get an excellent fit.

Garmin 735 vs 935: Benefits of a Sports Watch

There are hundreds of great running watches and discerning the best one for your needs and budget can be tasking. However, consider the following factors that cut across all of them to assist you to arrive at the best choice:

1. Better results

It’s much easier to hit your goals when you are aware of the specific areas you might be lagging.  Running watches offer both real-time and stored statistical feedback on your performance. Therefore, it’s easier to improve, set and track new goals every time.

2. Style

A sports watch is a great way to accent your workout gear and look cool.

I mean, this counts.

Depending on your opinion, the self-esteem boost and overall composure might enhance your output on the track.

Overall, it also feels great to add a new piece of smart gear to your accessories collection.

3. Community

Most sports companies have an online social platform where you can easily benchmark and find valuable advice on your targets.

Finding peer fitness partners motivates you to remain consistent and stretch your limits.

4. Good health

Your body needs to be in the optimal condition every day for you to continue hitting your goals.

Getting real-time updates on your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels will ensure you don’t exceed your limits.

Advanced watches like the Garmin 900 series discussed in this article do estimate how much time you may need to recover based on the level of completed activity.

They also offer post-run recommendations on optimal rest periods you should consider.

Since over-training is one of the most persistent problems for runners around the world, these tools will ensure uninterrupted career advancements.

5. Breaks Monotony

The Garmin 935 and 945 offer online route upload features that allow you to use different tracks without having to worry about getting lost.

New territories release crucial endorphins that give your brain a boost. In contrast, using the same old route may severely affect your motivation.

With time and artificial intelligence, these watches get to know you and can make arguably accurate predictions on how well you will fare on an upcoming marathon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#Is the Garmin 935 worth it?

Yes. The FR935 is a great running watch with all the features like GPS tracking, smartphone compatibility, data analytics and space, speed, elevation, heart rate and distance sensors that you’ll need to achieve pro training.

#Is the Garmin 735 waterproof?

Yes. The watch has a 5ATM water resistance rating, meaning it can withstand up to 50M of immersion.

#Does Garmin 935 have music?

No. It has no internal storage for music. However, you can control the music playing on your phone via Bluetooth.

#Is Garmin better than Fitbit?

In terms of sleep tracking, yes. Fitbit devices use heart rate sensors to follow along during breathing exercises but they do not process that information, unlike Garmin devices which track, process and present stress data all day.

#Is the Garmin 735XT touch screen?

No. It uses buttons to navigate the interface.

Bottom Line

To optimize the usage of your valuable training time, the Garmin forerunner 735 and 935 running watches are good value for your money. I hope this article was helpful in discerning the 735 vs 935 watches. Consider the extent of intended usage, purpose, and budget to advise you on your best sport swatch option!

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