Garmin 935 vs 945: The Ultimate GPS Watch Comparison Guide!


Garmin 935 vs 945, which one is better?

The Garmin 945 is better than the 935 based on the huge list of updated features and a slight change in hardware design. The battery on the new model now lasts 50% longer with the GPS on, the screen has tougher corning gorilla glass, storage is better and the overall package is 0.2mm thinner.

Running, in particular, is one of the best, proven ways of keeping fit.  To achieve maximum results and stay goal-oriented during this and other related activities, running watches pack a multitude of sensors optimized with corresponding software to keep you well informed about your progress.

Garmin announced its Advanced Sleep Monitoring feature developed as a result of a sleep study by Garmin Health conducted under the supervision of Dr. Suzanne Stevens, Director of the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) Sleep Medicine Clinic.

These devices doesn’t only help to identify sleep stages more accurately – they’ve also proven effective with more and more athletes adopting them.

Given that there are hundreds if not thousands of players in this market, Garmin is proven to be a game changer.

Specifically their top tier Garmin Forerunner 935 and 945 models. Both products have a similar outlook and it might be difficult to differentiate.

In this Garmin 945 vs 935 review, we will inform you of all the key areas of the two. We will give an overview, similarities, differences, buyer’s guide, benefits and an FAQ section.

And in the end you can make an informed and intelligent decision on which one to invest in – the Garmin forerunner 935 or 945.

Let’s begin!

Garmin 935 vs 945 Comparison Table

Factors to Consider

Garmin 935

Garmin 945

Size/Weight Weighs 49grams Weighs 50grams
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1 Bluetooth 4.2
Storage 64MB storage 3GB storage with over 1000 tracks
Colour Available in black and lemon Available in black only
Weight Capacity Fiber-reinforced polymer case High rated silicon band
Screen Chemically reinforced screen Corning gorilla glass screen
Monitor Lacks oxygen level monitor Has an oxygen level monitor
Battery Life 24-hour battery life with GPS on 36-hour battery life with GPS on
Map Minimalistic map app Full-color map
Workout Stats Shallow post workout stats Detailed post-workout stats with infographics
Power Button Silver power button Dark grey power button

 Garmin 945 vs 935 Review

There is a research analysis on the growing usage of consumer wrist-worn wearables in recent times and most importantly in conducting research work. These fitness trackers and smartwatches helps to measure various physical activity.

Of course the wearable landscape is in constant change. New devices and brands are released every year, promising improved measurements, analytics and user experience. And Garmin is no exception.

Garmin 935

Tommaso Strada 100 for menGarmin Forerunner 935

Garmin Forerunner 935

Our Ratings

Check best price amazon1200px Amazon logo.svg

The Garmin 935 is a high technology GPS sports watch. It is great for running and triathlons. We cannot possibly cover all the capabilities packed in this gear.

In simple terms, it provides all the vital information you can think of when it comes to fitness. With heart rate, compass, sleep, blood pressure, and motion sensors, this watch is a monster.

With a compact form factors, the unit uses a circular high-resolution display.

The packaging is solid with up to 50M water and sweat proofing. Although the unit is not touch screen, it employs an easy to navigate user interface using hardware buttons.

The setup process is simple and its best for triathlon runners who wish to maintain upward progress.


  • Comfortable
  • Decent battery life
  • Great build quality
  • Multiple functionalities
  • Multi-platform connectivity
  • Excellent design and aesthetics

Garmin 935


  • Thick bezel
  • Low storage
  • Crammed Garmin connect app user interface.

Garmin 945

Tommaso Strada 100 for menGarmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945

Our Ratings

Check best price amazon1200px Amazon logo.svg

Succeeding the 935 is the Garmin Forerunner 945 and it has a lot going on behind the 10-point naming difference. Both hardware and software are updated.

Key highlighted areas include expanded music storage, cloud syncing, full-color maps, bigger battery, and better training information processing.

Although the general outlook remains similar to the 935, the new iteration includes more personalized and utility-oriented features such as race prediction, activity profiles, and stress level monitors.

The updated VO2 max oxygen calculator is now more accurate as it calculates the heat and altitude during ascending training.

The 945 also supports quick Pairing to auxiliary sensors such as chest straps and cycling power meters to extend its utility across different sporting activities.



  • Lightweight
  • Longer battery life
  • Better customization
  • Offline music support
  • More in-built features
  • Blood oxygen level sensor

Garmin 945


  • Steep price
  • Crammed Garmin connect app user interface.

Garmin 945 features

Similarities of Garmin 945 vs 935

  • Both track distance
  • Both have goal setting
  • Both can upload maps
  • Both have in-built GPS
  • Both support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Both have a 240*240 px resolution display
  • Both are compatible with android and iOS
  • Both have a barometer for pressure sensing
  • Both track routes and number of burnt calories
  • Both measure pace and provide activity reports
  • Both are IP certified dust, water, and sweat-resistant
  • Both have notifications as well do not disturb mode with silent alarms.
  • Both are compatible with external heart rate monitors via the Garmin Connect app
  • Both have rechargeable batteries with an average of 14-days life with GPS off and digital level indicators

Garmin Forerunner 935 vs 945 Buyer’s Guide: What to Look out for before you Buy.

There are hundreds of great running watches and discerning the best one for your needs and budget can be tasking. However, consider the following factors that cut across all of them to assist you to arrive at the best choice:

1. Price

Although this is entirely dependent on your budget, it’s worth noting that more premium watches have better build quality, display, features and additional support. However, you need not break the back as good pieces typically start at around $100 to the post $500-$1000 price points.

Most watches have additional paid features such as coaching and music streaming which may add to the overall cost.

2. Purpose

Depending on your intended usage, you may not necessarily have to buy a watch that packs “junk” features. While GPS watches give real-time information on speed, distance and time, more advances models go a step further to make a better sense of this data. To get an idea, here are the major categories of exercise watches:

i) Fitness trackers

They offer the most basic running updates such as step count, calories and distance. Later versions have additional sleep and heart rate monitors. They are compact, lightweight and easy to use. They are best for beginner runners and cyclist.

ii) GPS running watches

These pack all the features of fitness trackers with additional GPS technology for route, pace and elevation tracking.

They are good for experienced long-distance runners. They also come with GLONASS for better GPS reception in Europe.

iii) Multi-sport watches

These are a hybrid of two above and they pack features that can track all kinds of sports including swimming, cycling and hiking.

3. Performance

This boils down to the level of activity the watch can handle without losing charge or breaking.

To this end, consider the material used in making both the case and straps. Steel, reinforced aluminum and carbon fiber tend to last longer and take a beating. Leather and reinforced silicone are a great option for the belt.

If you wish to go longer runs, consider a piece with long battery life and quick charging.

Garmin Forerunner 945 vs 935: Benefits of a Sports Watch

1. Better Results

It’s much easier to hit your goals when you are aware of the specific areas you might be lagging.

Running watches offer both real-time and stored statistical feedback on your performance. Therefore, it’s easier to improve, set and track new goals every time.

2. Style

A sports watch is a great way to accent your workout gear and look cool.

I mean, this counts.

Depending on your opinion, the self-esteem boost and overall composure might enhance your output on the track.

Overall, it also feels great to add a new piece of smart gear to your accessories collection.

3. Community

Most sports companies have an online social platform where you can easily benchmark and find valuable advice on your targets.

Finding peer fitness partners motivates you to remain consistent and stretch your limits.

4. Good health

Your body needs to be in the optimal condition every day for you to continue hitting your goals.

Getting real-time updates on your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels will ensure you don’t exceed your limits.

Advanced watches like the Garmin 900 series discussed in this article do estimate how much time you may need to recover based on the level of completed activity.

They also offer post-run recommendations on optimal rest periods you should consider.

Since over-training is one of the most persistent problems for runners around the world, these tools will ensure uninterrupted career advancements.

5. Breaks Monotony

The Garmin 935 and 945 offer online route upload features that allow you to use different tracks without having to worry about getting lost.

New territories release crucial endorphins that give your brain a boost. In contrast, using the same old route may severely affect your motivation.

With time and artificial intelligence, these watches get to know you and can make arguably accurate predictions on how well you will fare on an upcoming marathon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#Is Garmin worth it?

If you are looking for better race tracking, the Garmin line of watches packs GPS technology to keep on toes with your long-distance races.

#Is the Garmin 935 touch screen?

No. It’s not a touchscreen although it spots east to spot, responsive feedback on the hardware buttons. With prolonged use, they are easy to find without having to look.

This helps when you need to maintain concentration on the road during runs, rides, sprints, etc.

#Can you use Garmin pay without a phone?

No. These devices are capable of making payments on the go entirely independent of your wallet or phone app. With this, you can buy stuff on the go.

#How many years does a Garmin watch last?

There is no definite longevity on Garmin watches as is with any other electronic device. Proper handling, storage, and charging patterns add to the average lifespan of the items. What is certain though is the battery life which is estimated at around 36 hours on standby, 24 hours on off-GPS use and 12 hours with GPS on.

#Is Garmin better than Apple watch?

Based on the versatility and style, YES. The apple watch is good looking and packs more features than the Garmin line. For specific athletic utility, the Garmin is better as it’s built with dedicated hardware and software for the course.

Bottom Line

The Garmin 935 and 945 are great intelligent running companion devices that help keep track, set goals and make thorough improvements on your runs. Factor in your budget along with the intended use to get the best value for your money. I hope this article was helpful in your running watch shopping endeavor. Cheers!

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