Heartbeet Complete: How Does It Support Healthy Circulation and Blood Pressure?


Thanks to technological and lifestyle advancements, people today are said to have the highest life expectancy in modern human history. This partly comes as a general trend where people are aware of and hands-on with their health. It’s most likely why you are here.

Aside from physical exercise, hydration, and sleep, diet plays a pivotal role in your overall health. Supplements are quickly developing into a key part of the modern man’s diet. Heart supplements are one of the most common of them all. And rightly so. In this article, we shall review Heartbeet Complete: How does it support healthy circulation and blood pressure?

Let’s find out!

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Heartbeet Complete Review

Heart beet is a “5-major ingredient” cardiovascular and general wellness formula. There’s a lot to say about Heartbeet Complete and I will, but to summarize it all, here’s it!

It focuses on INCREASING the naturally-reducing-levels of nitric oxide in the body. 

So catch this, nitric oxide, in layman language(for now) has specific properties that trigger the natural expansion of arteries, specifically ARTERIES. This is a complex process that generally puts the probability of onset of MEASURABLE improvements from 2-6 weeks. This is generally a result of ambient influences. This includes genetics. 

However, across a number of diverse tests, it has been shown to work for most people. So this aside, I think it’s worth mentioning about its free 90-day return policy. Problem is, I can’t really comment (on anything)on the quality and (especially)responsiveness of their customer care team. There are not many people returning it, so I guess…

It’s sold in these Tart Cherry Flavored nutrient sticks. The standard package has 30 of those-for a month, 1 each day. It’s simply mixed with water in a glass and ready to drink after a little mixing. It’s “beet rooty” (in color), “he” “he”, I have a problem truly describing that color, anyways!

The formula claims to have a significant impact on:

  • Lowering bad cholesterol
  • Improving blood flow by opening up blocked(by native deposits of cholesterol) arteries. Hence,
  • Lowering blood pressure. Thus allowing,
  • Energy level busting.

I hope you get it now:-)

In the subsequent sections, we’ll go in-depth over this “buzz”? Or probably not! From this point, our goal from here is to know(in no strict order):

  • Why Heartbeet Complete and not other supplements?
  • Is it famous or infamous?
  • What are the most outstanding features of Heartbeet Complete?
  • Is it safe? What makes the Heartbeet Complete, literally?
  • Does it help you? How does Heartbeet Complete work( in simple terms?
  • What are the cons of Heartbeet Complete?
  • What are the side effects of Heartbeet Complete?
  • How fair is it really priced?

These and other subtle questions shall be coming up in detail.

What’s Heartbeet Complete?

4 Bags of HeartBeet Complete - Natural Beetroot Powder Formula for Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Circulation w/L-arginine, L-citrulline, CoQ10 & Turmeric. 30 Stick Packs in Ea. Bag.

Heartbeet Complete is a concoction of vitamins, minerals, beetroot, and other Special nitrogen oxide-enhancing ingredients. Together, they make the most comprehensive heart health formula. It kind of sounded a little cliche but when I looked closer, it turns out to actually be true.  

This is because most of these ingredients included in this formula are sold individually as well. Under an uncategorized circumstance, you could buy each of them separately and come up with your mix. It would be such a hustle and unnecessarily expensive. Of course, you are open to this at any time.

But, I’ll remind you that the ingredients in this formula have different methods of action.  Singular ingredients have a specific pronounced impact, that differs from the rest(depending on quantity/ percentage). Under those circumstances, buying part of the ingredients that help you most, each, separately, is recommended. 

All of this stuff is summarized into daily doses that are best-taken 30 minutes before sleep or 30 minutes before breakfast. It’s quite popular with just as compelling an amount of ‘blog mentions’. 

How does Heartbeet Complete work?

As you have seen, the Heartbeet Complete formula contains a lot of things. Surprisingly, they all sing to the rhythm of keeping the heart in the right rhythm! This is where your chemistry class begins.

Nitric oxide is produced in the endothelium layer of blood vessels. Immediately, the chemical causes the breakdown of plaque on the linings of blood vessels. In turn, increasing the space within where blood flows, thus lowering blood pressure. 

Nitric oxide is the most outstanding molecule in Heartbeet Complete. It’s one of the most responsive chemicals meant to improve cardiovascular health. So why do you need this stuff? It’s simple, there are a number of contributing factors that lead to a significant reduction in the levels of Nitric oxide. 

These include psychological distress, poor diet, and lack of exercise. You are likely to have lacked in one or more of these areas before. Routine repetition of these habits may gradually deteriorate blood vessel health. This is because of the increased amounts of bad cholesterol deposits that increase blood pressure.

In healthy adults, the body has a natural ability to combat these factors but within a limit. It’s beyond this point that bad cholesterol dominates over nitric oxide. This tends to have a significant role in triggering stroke and heart attack.

The soluble gas acts by binding on the smooth vascular muscles and activating guanylyl cyclase which relaxes the muscles. This causes vasodilation during both systemic and coronary circulations. I’ve phrased this as easy as possible.

In-depth, it binds to the heme moiety of cytosolic guanylate cyclase. In turn, activating guanylate cyclase. This increases the intracellular levels of cyclic-guanosine 3′,5′-monophosphate which causes vasodilation.

What’s in Heartbeet Complete?

The Heartbeet Complete is made of several ingredients. What do they individually do? Well, let’s find out one-by-one:

  • Vitamins C(ascorbic acid,

Necessary for growth, development, and repair of all body tissues. It strengthens cardiac endurance, bone development, and maintenance of cartilage.  

  • B12(cyanocobalamin)

Mainly known as a key material for DNA synthesis. Helps prevent megaloblastic anemia that causes unexplained exhaustion. It also helps to reduce the levels of homocysteine which is directly correlated with a high risk of heart disease.

  • Folate as folic acid 

Helps the body manufacture new cells. Prevents uncontrolled cell multiplication.

  • L–Arginine 

Combats high blood pressure. Helps correct errors that cause poor urea synthesis. Treats erectile dysfunction and heart disease.

  • L-citrulline

The kidneys change L-citrulline to L-arginine plus nitric oxide. It’s the latter product that enhances unblocking of arteries, thus, heart health. It also boosts the immune system.

  •  30% polyphenols

Protects against heart disease, improves brain function, and protects against internal blood clots.

  • Coenzyme Q10

Improves cardiac health. Regulates blood sugar. Assists in the prevention of cancer. Minimizes skin damage and muscle fatigue.

  • Bio Perine

Boosts thermogenesis, thus metabolism. This in turn increases nutrient demand, thus,  absorption of Heartbeet Complete into your body. 

  • Black pepper extract 

Improves the bioavailability of Heartbeet Complete. Studies show that it can reduce bad cholesterol levels. It also has sedative functions. 

  • Citric Acid 

It’s known to lower risk factors for heart disease. With a careful combination with L-Malic acid, citric acid may help combat ischemic heart disease.

  • Natural flavor

To make you love it. Everyday!

  • Xylitol

This is an artificial sugar for better taste plus a few more calories.

  • Stevia 

Taking just 750-1500mg of stevioside reduces daily systolic blood pressure by 10-14mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 6-14mmHg. 

  • Elderberry juice(for color)

Great for your immunity, has both anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • Rice hull concentrate 

Supplies crucial dietary fiber 

  • Beetroot extract

Helps lower blood pressure,  helps maintain ideal body weight, may slow the development of dementia, may improve muscle performance in people with heart failure, and may even prevent cancer.

  • Turmeric root extract

Has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Can prevent Alheizmers and cancer.  May contain symptoms of depression.  May even help control Arthritis!

  • Red wine(fruit)

The alcohol-antioxidant combination found in red wine( in moderation) is thought to prevent coronary artery disease. The best strain of red wine for this purpose has to have the most amount of resveratrol, the antioxidant in the wine. To this end, the ‘Pinot noir’ easily stands out. It has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Vitamin D(calciferol)

This is a vitamin D2 used to treat hypoparathyroidism. It’s also useful in treating rickets along with increasing phosphate levels. Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to a higher risk of suffering high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

  •  K(Vitamin)

According to the Harvard School of Public Health,  It makes 4 of the 13 proteins needed for blood clotting! It’s fat-soluble and in high demand for healthy bone development and wound healing. 

  • B6(Pyridoxine HCI)

Helps unblock clogged arteries thus significantly reducing circulatory complications. Research depicts that people with lower levels of Vitamin B6 are twice as likely to develop heart disease. 

About the Heartbeet Complete brand

Heartbeet Complete is a Pleasant Grove-Utah, single-product company that manufactures and partly distributes the Heartbeet Complete formula. The product was developed for people who would like a single package that caters to their heart and overall health. 

The formula is specifically made for people looking to improve their bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and energy levels. You can reach them on call via 1-800-583-8004 or email @ CONTACT@HEARTBEETCOMPLETE.COM.

Pros of Heartbeet Complete


The Heartbeet Complete is formulated with all-natural ingredients along with essential vitamins and minerals. This makes this formula safe for use for most people. In general, it’s best to consult your doctor before commencing with any supplement.  It’s been shown to be safe for diabetic users.


The Heartbeet comes in a well-thought 30-pack box. It’s easy to prepare and generally takes under a minute. The sticks are super soluble, hence, no need for blenders. It tastes great and has no after-taste. I like the convenience of the simplicity of the process. This makes it easy to stick to your schedule.

Nutritional benefits

The Heartbeet Complete has the most number of ‘heart and body-friendly ingredients. It’s definitely great for the heart. However, it brings with it vitamins and minerals which individually contribute to the well being of other organs and systems in the body.


The black pepper extract in the Heartbeet Complete ensures that the formula is absorbed more efficiently. The bioavailability of a drug simply refers to the percentage of the blood that reaches the systemic circulation. 

This is a very important aspect of any substance. Fortunately, health institutes such as the FDA usually confirms that the bioavailability of common drugs is set right. When buying supplements of any form, you should know how fast you can expect results. It also dictates the dosage or consumption methods(oral, injection or jelly)

A substance is said to be 100% bioavailable when administered via injection. Any other forms of consumption have lower absorption rates. This is due to the intermediate processes such as epithelial assimilation and absorption that significantly lower the usable quantities. 


The majority of products in this price range have fewer ingredients. The Heartbeet Complete is a great value for money considering the immense promise it makes in improving your heart health. With reference to this formula, the daily cost comes to a little over a dollar. The cost-effectively reduces when you purchase Heartbeet Complete at higher quantities.

Cons of Heartbeet Complete

FDA approval

The Heartbeet Complete has not been tested and proved by health standard institutions such as the Food and Drugs Administration. There’s only private, non-official research conducted on limited test subjects.

Heartbeet Complete Buyers Guide: Things to Consider before Buying Heart Supplements

The heart is arguably the most important organ in the body. It ensures the survival of all other organs. That is why we invest our time, energy, and money in improving our cardiovascular health. 

Consuming supplements is a great way to do so. However, you must be choosy about (for lack of better words) what you “put in your heart”. Let the following 5 factors guide you to the safest heart supplement that provides the most value for your money:


According to a study conducted by the University of Minnesota, the more expensive a supplement is, the safer it is. This means that it’s made of high-quality ingredients. It also closely adheres to standard dose recommendations by the FDA. 

All I’m saying is that you get what you pay for. If you decide to purchase a supplement, go for the best. 


This is what you are buying. Ensure that the ingredients used are safe. I’d recommend going fully organic is possible. If you must, then only allow the inclusion of a few select inorganic compounds in controlled amounts.

There are uncountable ingredients that can be used in a supplement. Therefore, I cannot realistically provide you with a one-stop review of all of them. However, try to avoid the following four unsafe compounds:

  • Bitter orange-contains Synephrine, a chemical known to cause heart attack and strokes. Its effect is pronounced when concurrently taken with cocaine.
  • Chromium-may trigger anemia and liver failure 
  • Kava-may cause liver damage 
  • L-tryptophan-may cause neurotoxic reactions

Your Doctor

Make it a priority to inform your doctor before introducing any substances into your body. This will ensure that it does not conflict with the biochemistry of your current medication or health condition. It will also guide you to the correct dosage. Finally, doctors tend to know reputable brands to recommend.

Customer reviews

Although there are a ton of false customer reviews on supplements, it’s still worthwhile to read through customer feedback. You need to be discerning while at it. Do well to read through different sites and gauge the average feedback. You may also check the average product rating points.

Customer support

Reputable, honest brands have excellent pre and post-sale customer support. This is an indicator of the confidence the company has on its products. Check for free trials, free return policies, and other forms of quality guarantees. 

You may also consider testing out if the customer service office is reachable( and responsive) via call, email, or text. Ask family and friends what they think about the product. You will most likely find a familiarity opinion or two.

3 Health Benefits of Heartbeet Complete

Blood Circulation Support

It thins out the arteries that promote efficient blood circulation. This means that the heart gets a lot more done within its natural limits. Consequently, there’s a notable decrease in blood pressure after a period of use.

Maintains Nitric Oxide Homeostasis

Heartbeet Complete contains beets powder and amino acids which naturally promote the production of nitric oxide. This gives your body more resources to maintain a healthy artery endothelial thickness. 

Fights Bad Cholesterol

Heartbeet Complete helps breakdown blood cholesterol in the body. 

Improves energy levels and cardiovascular endurance. This can help improve your physical training capacity. 

Side effects of Heartbeet Complete

Side effects usually come as a result of specific ingredients. Therefore, it’s best to contact your doctor before using Heartbeet Complete. He can check the individual components and gauge their safety.  

That said, herbal supplements are generally considered safer than their non-herbal counterparts. So how do you know if a supplement is herbal? The FDA requires the following information illustrated on the labels of all herbal supplements:

  • Name of herbal supplement 
  • Name of manufacturer and distributor 
  • A complete list of ingredients listed beneath or as a facts panel
  • Serving size, amount and active ingredient

So, you may run into multiple herbal supplement claims by manufacturers. How can you confirm? Well, there are three ways to go about this problem:

  • Ask you doctor 
  • Benchmark with scientific research-great sources for supplement-related information include the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health and The Office of Dietary Supplements.
  • Contact the manufacturer directly for tangible proof.

Social Proof – What Other Are Saying About Heartbeet Complete

After scouring the internet for diverse feedback, I found a number of customer reviews that seemed rather positive. 

  1. One customer said: tastes great
    “It tastes great and helps to maintain normal blood pressure”
  2. Another customer said: works quickly

“He always eats before drinking it. In a couple of weeks, he has already started feeling its effects”

  1. Another customer said: impacts noticeable change
    “She mixes it with half a bottle of water. She never had blood pressure problems until she reached her upper mid-ages. She can notice the difference if she skips a dose of Heartbeet”.

Alternatives to the Heartbeet Complete

1. Turmeric Curcumin – 2250mg/d – Veggie Caps – 95% Curcuminoids with Black Pepper Extract – A simpler alternative


This is a two-ingredient supplement. It’s meant to relieve joint problems and frequent aches. That’s why it contains 95% standardized turmeric powder along with 5% black pepper. The active ingredient here is the turmeric. It’s been used for thousands of years throughout medicine to reduce joint aches. 

This can effectively contribute to a general feeling of wellness. Hence, the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, thus, blood pressure. It’s a simple but comprehensive compound. The black paper produces Bioperine, a chemical that makes the turmeric more bioavailable. This is beneficial in improving the overall impact time.

Benefits of the turmeric Curcumin – 2250mg/d – Veggie Caps – 95% Curcuminoids with Black Pepper Extract

Made from organic materials 

Highly bioavailable 

Made in the USA so it is reliable

Convenient 60-day supply in a single package 

Notable differences between the Turmeric Curcumin – 2250mg/d – Veggie Caps – 95% Curcuminoids with Black Pepper Extract and the Heartbeet 

  • Lesser ingredients 
  • Higher black pepper content 
  • Cheaper 
  • You can check it out on  Amazon.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules – 100% Organic ACV Pills – General Wellness Alternative


This supplement contains apple cider vinegar. It’s mainly meant to cleanse the body of natural toxins. This includes bad cholesterol build-up. The result is better health and wellness along with improved metabolism. This, along with keeping you feeling great, also, improves your cardiovascular health. 

Benefits of  Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules – 100% Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Pills

  • Improves immunity 
  • Highly bioavailable 
  • Non-GMO 
  • Free return policy 

Notable differences between the  Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules – 100% Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Pills and the Heartbeet 

  • Cheaper 

  • Contains more ingredients 
  • Less bioavailable 
  • Check it out on  Amazon.

3. Cardio Heart Health Powder – Similar Alternative


This is a nitric oxide boosting supplement. It helps clear blood vessels for improved circulation. In addition, the supplement contains other essential vitamins and minerals. These boost the entire immune system. The result is a better feeling of overall wellness. 

It comes in a 1.05-pound pack for a 60-day’s worth of supply. The active ingredient is L-Arginine, a compound that increases the level of nitric oxide in the body. It’s made in the USA. All orders are backed by a free return policy.

Benefits of Cardio Heart Health Powder

  1. Improves blood circulation all over the body 
  2. May cure migraine 
  3. Contains multiple other beneficial compounds
  4. Made in the USA
  5. Refund policy 

Notable differences between the  Cardio Heart Health Powder and the Heartbeet

  1. Comes in powder and not in daily sticks 
  2. More bioavailable 
  3. Higher L-Arginine content 
  4. Do check it out on Amazon.

Bottom Line

The correct heart supplements may offer us great leaps in our fitness journeys.  To find the right heart supplement for your body condition, consider the ingredients, safety, packaging, bioavailability, and price. 

It’s advisable to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle and only supplement with supplements! If you liked this article, feel free to peruse other fitness content on the site. Cheers!

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