How to Put on Peloton Shoes and Clip Into the Pedal: Quick Easy Steps!


For new bikers, clipping in and out of the Peloton shoes can be quite a daunting task. However, it need not be. The process is very simple and easy to follow. But it’s important that you follow all the instructions carefully to avoid getting injured or being uncomfortable while riding your bike.

Once you learn how to clip in Peloton shoes, your indoor cycling experience will become much more enjoyable. And that is exactly why I have written this guide to help you put on your Peloton shoes and clip into the pedal without facing any issue.   

So, let’s get started.

What’s So Special About Peloton Shoes?

Peloton shoes are designed to take your indoor spinning experience to the next level. They are not just comfortable to wear but also come with a mesh vent for breathability. The shoes include a ratchet clip as well as Velcro straps so that you can have a perfect fit.

These special features allow the biker to concentrate on their activity and not be distracted. The best thing about Peloton shoes is that they can be used with other exercise bikes as well! 

However, one thing that you should know is that Peloton pedals are designed to be clipless and they are based on Look Delta and SPD-SL design of shoes and cleats. So, if you plan on using other types of cleats, you will need to replace your Peloton pedals. 

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How to Put On Peloton Shoes

Here is a step-by-step guide to putting on your Peloton shoes the right way.

Step 1: Install the Peloton Shoe Cleats

As a first step, which is also the most important, make sure your cleats are securely attached to your Peloton shoes. Most shoes compatible with the Peloton bike do not have pre-installed cleats including the Peloton shoes.

So, before you put on the shoes, you have to mount the cleats. Place each cleat over the respective screw holes you can see on the bottom of the shoes. Make sure the cleats are in line with your toes.

Place the washers on each cleat hole. Now tighten the screws using a 3mm hex key and then try them on to see if the cleats have been properly installed. The pressure must fall in the ball of your feet if the cleats are balanced. 

Step 2: Loosen the Buckle

To loosen the buckle, you just have to press the button. It will snap open automatically and then you can adjust the buckle to the point where you feel comfortable.

Step 3: Put on The Peloton Shoe

Make sure you are already wearing your cycling socks before putting on the first Peloton shoe. It is recommended to sit down comfortably in a chair to maintain your balance. Also, make sure your entire foot is settled inside the shoe comfortably and the heel is not hanging.

Step 4: Buckle Up

Now pull the string through the loop in the button of the buckle and pull it up. It is recommended to have a tight fit but also make sure you are not uncomfortable.

Step 5: Repeat the Process with the Other Foot

From installing the cleats to adjusting the buckle to the point where you are comfortable, repeat the above steps for the other shoe. You’re done!

How to Clip in Peloton Shoes on Pedals

If your Peloton shoes are somehow not clipping in no matter how hard you try, there must be something wrong with either the cleats or the pedal’s screws. However, it’s not recommended to mess with the pedal’s screws too much, otherwise, you might end up damaging them.

Try this step-by-step guide to ensure you clip in without any trouble.  

Step 1: Stand Legs Apart on Each Side of the Bike

Now that you have your shoes on, it’s time to hop on the bike. Before you attempt clipping in the shoes, you should stand legs apart on each side of the bike and hold the bars firmly with both hands.

Step 2: Twist the Pedal to the 6 o’clock Position

Twist the pedal with your foot to a 6 o’clock position so that you can clip in the first foot. Make sure the other foot is still on the ground. Since the pedal faces upwards, you can easily position the cleats and get ready to clip in.

Step 3: Point Your Toe Down and Put Pressure

Now point the toes downward and put pressure on the ball of the foot so it will clip in on the pedal platform. You will hear a clicking sound when the cleats hit their destination with you applying the force. Apply some more pressure to make your grip stronger and ensure that the shoe is properly clipped in.

Step 4: Clip in the Second Foot

Repeat the process for the second foot but this time it should be a whole lot easier. The foot that has been already clipped in would now be moved to a 12 o’clock position. The other pedal will automatically move a 6 o’clock position where you can clip in the second shoe.

You are now ready for an enjoyable ride!

Tips to Consider When Putting On Peloton Shoes

We just looked at how to put on Peloton shoes and how to clip into the bike pedals with your Peloton shoes. It’s important to consider some tips and tricks to make sure you follow the instructions carefully and avoid the risk of getting injured or causing any damage to the bike or its pedals.

Here are a few tips to help you have peace of mind with your new Peloton shoes.

–   Make sure the cleats are properly installed and if you think the ride doesn’t seem comfortable, you may need to tighten the screws.

–   The buckle enclosures of the shoes should be loosened first before you try to put them on. This can be done by pressing the button of the buckle. 

–   Put your socks on before putting the shoes on. The shoes would still work if you don’t wear any socks but it’s advisable to wear them for more comfort.

–   Sit on a chair while putting the shoes on so as not to lose your balance.

–   Make sure both your feet are entirely inside the shoes and they are comfortable and secure.

–   The straps shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.

–   Follow the instructions carefully to properly clip in the shoes.  

Precautions to Be Taken While Clipping in Peloton Shoes

Here are a few precautions to follow while clipping in Peloton shoes;

–   Do not push down abruptly when clipping in Peloton’s shoes. The process should be as smooth as possible.

–   Some people face problems when clipping into or out of their bikes. You can try troubleshooting the issue by loosening the pedal tension. You can find more information on how to adjust your pedal tension here. But be informed that it is not recommended to loosen the screw too much because it may damage the pedal.  

–   Make sure the cleats are attached properly. Peloton support recommends positioning the cleats in line with your toe and as close to the inside of the shoe as possible.

–   If you think something is wrong with the shoes or the bike is not stable, stop immediately.

–   If you experience joint pain or strain on your thighs and hamstrings, the shoes might not be properly clipped in.

Advantages of Clip in Peloton Shoes

Clip-in Peloton shoes make it so much easier to push down and pull up the pedals while exercising on your Peloton bike. You feel more comfortable and secure when the shoes are correctly clipped in and the bike also seems more stable.

Another advantage of using Peloton shoes properly clipped into the pedals is to prevent toe-down pedaling, which puts a lot of strain on your joints and thighs. When your body is properly aligned, you can avoid the risk of getting seriously injured.

Clip-in Peloton shoes greatly benefit people who have a short height. And finally, you can enjoy hours and hours of cycling without feeling tired when the shoes are properly clipped in.  

How to Clip Out of the Peloton Pedal?

Clipping out of the Peloton pedal is even simpler and straightforward than clipping in. All you have to do is kick your heel outwards with just enough force. There might be some resistance but if you do it correctly, it will clip out without any issue. Once you have one of your feet on the ground, use the same method to clip out the other foot.

Before you try clipping out of the Peloton pedal, make sure the bike comes to a complete stop. You can also press down on the resistance knob to bring the bike to an immediate stop.

It is recommended to unclip the right foot first if you are right-footed and vice versa. Bring the pedal of choice to a 6 o’clock position, press down on the resistance knob, and kick your heel outwards to unclip.     

How to Put Off Peloton Shoes

Some people have trouble unclipping their Peloton shoes despite the simplicity of the procedure. If you are also one of those people, worry not. There is a way to dismount with your shoes still clipped in the pedals.

You can even get away from unclipping the shoes if you are the only one who rides the bike. However, it’s still useful to learn how to put off the Peloton shoes when they are stuck in the pedals.

Move the pedal in which your shoe is stuck to the 12 o’clock position. Turn the resistance knob all the way to the right to make the pedals immobile in this position. Locate the tension screw at the back of the pedal and turn the screw one full turn counterclockwise using a 3mm hex key.

Be sure not to over-loosen because it may damage the pedal and render it useless. Now grip the back of the pedal with one hand and use the other hand to unclip the shoe. You might need to exert some force but that’s perfectly normal.

The last step is to tighten the tension screw once again by using the same key but this time turning it in a clockwise direction. 

The same method can be used to remove cleats stuck in the pedal because you either installed them incorrectly or didn’t follow the instructions when clipping out.  

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FAQs on How to Clip in Peloton Shoes

Will stiff cycling shoes make a difference?

Stiff-soled cycling shoes are only recommended when you have to pedal all-out and experience fast accelerations. For indoor cycling, these types of shoes don’t offer any enhanced performance than any other comfortable cycling shoes you might already be using. 

Should my toe touch the end of my Peloton shoe?

With Peloton shoes, it is recommended to have some space left at the front, so your toe should not be touching the end of your shoe. Spinning sessions can get quite intensive and it is therefore not a good idea to get too much of a tight fit.

Can you use SPD cleats on Peloton shoes?

The Peloton shoes are designed to use Delta-compatible cleats only. If you want to use SPD cleats on Peloton shoes, you will need to replace the Peloton pedals. 

Can you wear sneakers on the Peloton bike?

You can get on the Peloton bike even without any shoes let alone some comfy sneakers you already use. You can also install toe cages to enjoy the experience even more with your sneakers.

Will peloton shoes come with cleats?

No, they won’t. The cleats have to be purchased separately if you want to use them. The shoes would still work if you don’t attach the cleats. However, the spinning experience can be taken to a whole new level with clipping into the pedals and therefore it’s recommended to order the cleats with your Peloton shoes.

Can Peloton shoes fit wide feet?

Peloton shoes do not come in “wide” sizes. However, you can find a size in which you feel comfortable and wear it while working out. So, generally, if you have wide feet you may want to try on a size up.

Can two people ride on the same peloton bike?

Of course, they can. The bike has been designed to work for different people and also offers to change accounts so each person can log into their own account while working out. The bike is supposed to be a family workout equipment so use it according to your own will.

Wrapping Up

Footwear plays a pivotal role in boosting your indoor spinning performance. Although shoes like the ones offered by Peloton are designed quite intuitively, many people shy away from using them simply because they think they are too technical for their use.

Peloton shoes differ greatly in design from regular shoes not just in terms of comfort and breathability but also in terms of soles that are equipped with a special locking system to work well with Peloton bikes. 

If you know how to use these shoes correctly, you will experience a huge improvement in the way you enjoy your exercise. In this post, we looked at a step-by-step guide on how to put on Peloton shoes and how to clip into and out of the pedals when you start and end your exercise.

As you can see, the process is quite simple and straightforward and there is nothing to fear. I hope you are now ready to ride your indoor bike with Peloton shoes on and enjoy it to its fullest. All the best!

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