Hydrow vs Ergatta: Which is Better for You?


Hydrow and Ergatta follow completely different strategies to help you get an effective workout without having to worry about putting too much strain on your body. Find out which one is right for you.

The humble approach of the rower has left all the rest of the workout machines behind. They bring out the best in you by making sure to work each muscle of your body out without being too harsh on your joints.

They are armed with highly advanced software that offers both quality and functionality to make this journey to fitness completely effortless for you.

Hydrow and Ergatta are two hover machines packed with workouts for both strength and cardio to make sure you don’t break your bank by buying different workout equipment for various purposes.

Here’s an in-depth Hydrow vs Ergatta Review to help you decide in just the next few minutes.

Hydrow vs Ergatta Review: The Brand

1. About Hydrow

The Hydrow Rower takes the workout to the next level with its award-winning design with inclusivity in mind. The 22” touchscreen and unmatched content can get you a full-body full for only $63/month. With this, you can cycle and run through the virtual landscapes to get a real-life feel for the overall journey.

What gives Hydrow an upper hand over the rest is the durable material and compact design, which can fit anywhere you want in your house.

2. About Ergatta

Ergatta is just your average piece of the rower. No brand can beat its handsome wood frame, clear water tank, and high aesthetic appeal that lets numerous fitness enthusiasts go head over heels for it.

The 17.3-inch touch screen lets you browse through countless functions and play gaming-inspired workouts to help you have fun, all while working out. With their Ergatta rowers, you get to have goal-based fitness programs, a personal dashboard, and competitions to give you a motivational boost and a gym-like feel at home.

This is a good-looking rowing machine that lets you flow the waves with your paddle and ensures to keep your body engaged throughout the session. With only $29 a month or $290, you can rest assured to amp up your fitness game with just a single piece of equipment.

Hydrow vs Ergatta Review Comparison

Hydrow Review

Hydrow Live Outdoor Reality At Home Connected Rowing Machine - Exercise Equipment - Full Body Workout - Live & On-Demand Classes - Subscription Required

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I personally loved the most about Hydrow because its sleet steel design with an aluminum frame gives it a competitive edge over the rest. Its smooth polymer body is known for providing durability and comfort at the same time. However, just like with everything else, it also comes with its own set of pros and cons.

To help you see the raw picture of Hydrow, here I’ve weighed all the pros and cons for you.


1. Build and Design

The structure of Hydrow is exceptional at helping you stick to your fitness goals. The seat is comfortable and has an excellent height of 16.5” off the floor. This means you can easily get on and off the rower without putting much stress on your knees.

The well-placed footrests and handle are padded to offer comfort and give an overall comfortable feel. ​

2. Quiet

Noise can be one of the biggest reasons why you are reluctant to opt for home gym equipment in the first place. Luckily Hydrow eliminates this problem by being completely noise-free to make it suitable for your house environment. The smooth strokes of this rowing machine can give an experience close to real life.

3. Free Trial

It is inevitable to have numerous mixed feelings while you are going out to make such a big investment. The best part about Hydrow is that you get to have a refund for your money if you aren’t happy with the purchase.  This gives a sense of security and thus helps to come up with a decision.

4. The Display

The display of Hydrow is probably the most interesting part about the rower. The 22” HD touchscreen monton displays the colors in the most vibrant form and makes you feel you’re on the water. This ever-needed relaxation can make your workouts more enjoyable, and a little stretch of imagination can quickly turn a boring day into a fun one.

As for the statistics, they show your personal data quite clearly to offer a distraction-free dashboard and leader board for that additional competitive factor.


1. Expensive

Hydrow is known to being one of the most expensive rowers you can find on the market today, with $2,199 + a subscription of $63/month, which can quickly add up to your expense. However, given that it can work each of your body parts, you only need this rower to get yourself in your desired body shape.

Ergatta Review


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The Ergatta is a dynamic machine made from cherry wood to give a more natural feel to the workout’s overall natural feel. It measures your top speed, endurance, and stroke speed to help you track your performance and improve as you go. Besides that, the competitive games specially tailored to workout specifically made to trigger your problem areas and eliminate them.

The water-based flywheel is highly unique, with actual skull-plying river rounds to give you more of a real feel.


1. Attractive Design

If you have seen Ergatta before, I’m sure you agree with its unprecedented perks of being highly lightweight and easy to use. This aesthetically pleasing design allows this rower to take the upper hand over the rest. You can keep it anywhere in your hose and expect it to blend into your house seamlessly, compact, lightweight, and folded for upright storage.

2. Leaderboard

Competition games, the monthly challenges, and competitions make sure you stick to your goals and wake up looking forward to working out on a rower. The body grabs the eye whale. The practical features help you stay loyal to the brand.


1. No Instruction Led Workouts

Having instructors on your at-home gym equipment can give a more professional experience with the machine. Unfortunately, Ergatta does come with a live instructor or other workouts besides its own landscape videos.

Hydrow vs Ergatta Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Investing your Hard-earned Money

Now that you are clear about what Hydrow and Ergatta can or can’t offer you, it’s time you get into what’s really out there to determine the beneficial features of this equipment for you.

1. Price

Although the rowers may seem a lot for most of the rowers out there, it will eventually be worth it once you get to know the years of satisfaction provided for not only for you but your entire family.

Companies of these high-end rowers spend a generous amount in the construction of this equipment with superior materials with the latest technology to help you make the most out of a single piece of equipment.

Thus, I’d suggest you go for a good hassle-free one-time vestment to offer you a range of parks and give peace of mind for its credibility and premium quality.

2. Ease to Maintain

When we talk about the heavy wear and tear of gym equipment and advanced technology, it inevitably comes with countless maintenance and other factors to keep it in shape. Here, an easy-to-maintain rower can stand out from the rest.

Go for rowing machines with plenty of detachable parts, which can help you buy spare parts if anything goes wrong. Simultaneously, machines with complication chains and fans may require you to spend a few extra dollars on professionals.

Benefits of Hydrow vs Ergatta

Hydrow vs Ergatta: How Are They Different?

One of the biggest differences between Hydrow and Ergatta is a Hydrow is mainly centered around high technology with the freedom to customize your workout plans, choose your favorite music, along with Bluetooth headphone options for added convenience.

Whereas Ergatta is known for its ease of use and minimal, attractive design that makes it comfortable to use.

It keeps you grounded and can be used to give a more relaxing feel while you are carrying out your usual workout. The gaming style display can definitely add an extra layer of fun to this already perfect rowing machine.

Hydrow vs Ergatta – Are They The Same?

Although it may not look like that to you, once you really delve deep down to understand both of these rowing machines, you will get to see how both of them offer excellent durable build and design to satisfy your needs and make a bang for your buck.

Where one is filled with high-tech, sleek design, the other offers a more natural look. Regardless of this, both are equally aesthetically appealing to suit your taste and home furniture.$63/month


After weighing both of these rowing machines, the final answer depends on what you prioritize the most. If you are a fitness enthusiast who is serious about shedding some solid pounds, Hydrow may be the right choice for you.

However, if you prefer enjoying and making the most out of your rower, Ergata is geared with fun and active workouts to help you do just that.


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