Hydrow vs NordicTrack RW900: Which is Better For You?


Hydrow and NordicTrack RW900 rowing machines are ideal for a full-body workout with just a single piece of equipment. Find out which one of these gives an upper hand over the other.

As the demand for rowers increases, more brands are dipping their toes in innovative features that can help you get a more connected and impactful experience.

Hydrow and Nordictrack are armed with advanced features, excellent durability, and convenience to make this purchasing decision a lot harder for you.

However, how can you find out the best one to suit your needs? Here’s everything you need to know.

Hydrow vs NordicTrack RW900 Review: The Brand

Before we delve in deep into the specifics, it’s never a bad idea to get your fundamentals straight to help you familiarize yourself with the brands.

About Hydrow

Although Hydrow has been in the industry for a long, it is now owned and operated by numerous rowing enthusiasts worldwide. In fact, the social media communicates and support groups of Hydrow call themselves Hydronuts.

One of the things that make them stand out against the rest is a prolonged warranty or two to three years and ease of use that allows you to access even the most complex features of the rower.

Therefore, Hydrow gets maximum attention and popularity, earned through excellence and exceptional customer service.

About NordicTrack RW900

NordicTrack RW allows you to access 1,600 workouts by expert trainers from all around the world. It gives you the freedom to adult the resistance level of your workout and can easily be adjusted by your instructor.

If you find it tedious to carry out the same workout every day, Nordictrack eliminates this problem by adding new workout videos every day, giving users access to more than 1,600 workouts. The classes are led by expert trainers from around the world.

What separates NordicTrack classes from other connected workouts is that it adds new videos on the site every day to use Nordictrack when you see it.

The ever-expanding library is suitable for people of all fitness levels to ensure anyone can get their stans of this excellent piece of gym equipment.

Hydrow vs Nordictrack RW900 Review Comparison

Hydrow Review

Hydrow Live Outdoor Reality At Home Connected Rowing Machine - Exercise Equipment - Full Body Workout - Live & On-Demand Classes - Subscription Required

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Hydrow is for anyone who wants to go the extra mile to make a full-body workout, all while being kind to your knees. Its high-grade material used lets you enjoy its support for as long as you may want. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you distinguish it from the rest.


1. Bluetooth capabilities

Bluetooth capabilities let you listen to music remotely while working out. This can be a great way to endure your such hectic workout as it covers everything you need in one place.

2. Foldable

Although having a compact-sized rower is ideal for a home environment, a rower with foldable designs takes the lead with its easy storage that can be kept away whenever you want to avoid the gym-like look in your house.

3. The electromagnetic resistance system

Hydrow features an electromagnetic resistance system; you can rest assured that this rower will stay quiet during the workout. This is a highly needed feature in premium quality home gym equipment to suit its environment.

4. Durable

The body of Hydro Is made up of commercial-grade aluminum and steel to give satisfaction for as long as you want. This doesn’t just apply not the equipment structure; by durability, I also mean the HD display that can stay with you through thick and thin.

5. Trainers

Hydrow isn’t just an ordinary rowing machine. The expert trainers know exactly what rowers feel, need, and want to stay fit at all times. This means you always have someone to relate with and give you a boost of motivation every time you are having a hard time reaching your fitness goal.

The live and on-demand workouts get stores in its library, with new ones added every week. This means you can scroll through their countless videos to make sure you are always armed with the right ones to keep you engaged at all times.


1. Expensive

Although Hydrow comes with numerous benefits, it comes with the price of $2,199 upfront and a $38 monthly subscription fee that can quickly add up. However, with just one piece of equipment, you get to create unlimited fitness profiles that your entire family can use.

NordicTrack RW900 Review

If you are into rowers, I’m sure you’ve heard of the countless perks of Nordictrack and what it has to offer to you. I loved the rower because it can easily take up to 250 pounds and still last for years. Besides that, the incredible customer service ensures to keep you happy during the return and warranty process.


1. Adjustable HD display

The 22-inch adjustable HD touchscreen gives you the vital data to track your progress and find out ways of improvement. Thanks to the touchscreen feature, you also don’t have to worry about getting distracted with finding remote controllers or struggling with other buttons.

2. Ability to play music

Music is one of the things that keeps you focused and enjoy every moment of your workout. Therefore, if you find it brings you to work out on your own, bring along your Bluetooth headphones and have fun while burning some solid calories.

3. Free trial

It is completely alright, even if you are unsure of investing your money into Nordictrack. The free 1-year subscription to iFit gives you enough time to make up your mind.


1. The heart monitor is not included

Most rowers come with HD screens that monitor and display your heart rate to let you know the ideal speed and health for the day. NordicTrack lacks this feature.

Hydrow vs NordicTrack RW900 Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Investing your Hard-earned Money

Before you purchase your first rower, make sure you are aware of what’s really out there to help distinguish the good rower from the bad ones.

1. Price

Although you may have to pay a lot upfront, it will surely pay off as it provides years of satisfaction and support to help you get your ideal body shape. The trouble-free experience and convenience van also help to come with decisions.

And if you happen to have a few other daily members living in your house, you will surely be making a bang for your buck as it allows you to make multiple accounts on a single rower.

However, if you cannot pay the initial fees, it’s never a bad idea to go for second-hand options as it is more budget-friendly.

2. Resistance options

There are various types of resistances when it comes to rowers. Here, water and air resistance are known to give you a more adjustable and quiet experience.

However, make sure to pay close attention to the adjustability feature, as most rowing machines offer the same capability. Adjustability can play a big role if you are relatively precise about your fitness goals.

3. Smart features

Pre-programmed workouts, Bluetooth headphones, wifi-connection, and third-party app connectivity are a few of the smart features that are essential to offer you an effortless experience.

4. Comfortable seat

When you are using a rowing machine, you will inevitably be sitting for extended periods of time. Therefore, get your hands on the most comfortable seat that can instantly help improve your performance.

You also want to make sure the seat has an appropriate height from the ground and proper footrests and handles for added comfort.

5. Footprint

It is essential to take the right measurements of the place you are thinking of adding your rowing machine. This is especially needed when you don’t have much space at home and need a precise size to fit in it.

Another important thing to bear in mind is the weight of the rower. Ideally, your rowing machine needs to be 35 to 100 pounds as it will help you get a clear idea of whether you can move the equipment around the house.

However, some rowers also develop a foldable structure that can be kept away when not in use.

6. Warranty

Considering how your home gym equipment needs to go through hectic wear and tear, it is important to opt for a brand that comes with at least a 1-year warranty to ensure you don’t have to keep up with the struggle of finding the right parts and other repairs.

Benefits of Hydrow vs Nordictrack RW900

Work Up Major Muscle Groups

Rowing machines can be quite useful to keep your body in not only your ideal body shape but can benefit muscle groups too. It plays a major role in strengthening your shoulders, back, and arm muscles and hamstrings to give you the ever-needed strength training.

Besides that, it can also be used to tone down the overall muscles in your body.

Low Impact

Hydrow and Nordictrack offer low impact and non-weight bearing exercise that decreases the likelihood of injuries. Therefore, it is used by numerous athletes who are recovering from past physical injuries.

This is because the smooth movement of rows makes for much less impact on your joints, which as a result, helps people struggling with physical barriers like arthritis and other injuries.

Therefore, rowing is ideal for people with bad knees, hips, or even older people to help improve their health.

Increase Stamina

If you are someone looking to boost your endurance, it’s never a bad idea to hit a rowing machine that allows you to perform anaerobic and aerobic for maximum use. This lets you switch up your workout routine every time you reach a milestone.

Here, steady-state rowing will help promote endurance, whereas anaerobic exercise can be incredible for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) endurance.

Hydrow vs Nordictrack RW900: How Are They Different?

When we consider the major difference that distinguishes between them both, you get to see that Hydrow has more than 500 workout videos in their large library, whereas Nordictrack currently has 365. This means you can expect to get more variety with Hydrow when compared to Nordictrack.

Besides that, Hydrow comes with a whopping price of $2,199, whereas Nordictrack is bought for $1,699 + $199 for delivery.

Hydrow vs Nordictrack RW900 – Are They The Same?

Regardless of whatever differences they may have, both of them are excellent at observing the purpose that you opt for in the first place. The durable and well-designed strictly is second to none, and the impressive HD display ensures to allow you everlasting entertainment and guidance that you need to improve yourself.


Now that we have come to the end of the comparison guide let’s get the bigger picture of their difference. Although Hydrow is designed for indoor purposes, its Live Outdoor Reality technology makes you feel as though you are actually indulging yourself in real-life rowing experience.

Thanks to the beautiful and sleek design of the equipment, it can easily blend with the rest of the furniture and can even be folded away for extra aesthetic purposes.

As for NordicTrack, sure, it lacks a few premium features that Hydrow offers, but we also have to look at the significantly lower price that allows it to fit in your budget. With this, you get one year free of iFit to give this an upper hand over the rest.

All in all, if you are reading this, know you are fully qualified to make an educated decision for yourself. So weigh all the options, compare its rocs and cons and take your bet.

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