Incstores Rubber Flooring Review: Your Preferred Rubber Gym Flooring Mat


There are a few high-quality mats that promise excellent longevity, appearance, and performance, One such mat is the Incstores rubber flooring mat. In this Inctores rubber flooring review: your preferred rubber gym flooring mat, we’ll explain in detail, why you may want to try this mat. Welcome.

So, what has the Incstores Rubber Mat got to offer as a spin bike mat of choice?

What are the best Incstores Rubber flooring mat Alternatives Available?

After several hours of research we came to the realization that the Incstores Rubber mat is of the best exercise mat. In fact, many Peloton users vouch for this mat.

However, the Saris CycleOps Training Mat and the Wahoo Trainer Mat came in as a perfect alternative to the Incstores mat if versatility is something you want. Probably the best exercise mat on the market today.

Since we’re talking about heavy duty mats, the Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat 6’x8’x7mm comes in with an enviable reputation. Its large, smooth and doesn’t disappoint.

Again if you want budget-friendly and simple indoor cycling mat. Something good enough to keep your bike in good shape, the Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat 

 will be your best choice.

Incstores Rubber Flooring Review

The Incstores mat is made of high-quality rubber.

It promises in excess of a decade of great performance. I especially like its size and maybe one of the largest in the market today. It is well priced and looks great. 

We can trade anything for longer, happier lives. That is why you have already invested your hard-earned money on the best fitness equipment. One last piece of accessory remaining is a mat. Although they are relatively small and cheap, floor mats have valuable benefits

They help protect our expensive-to-fix floors, collect sweat, and improve traction during training. Finding the ideal mat out the thousands currently on sale can be confusing. Most mats are generic and have low quality, thanks to their low prices.

About the Incstores Brand

Incstores is an American e-commerce company that specializes in offering quality flooring solutions. The company started in 2010 and has a wide variety of products. These include tiles, rolls, and mats. 

Special features of the Incstores mat


The Incstores rubber flooring mat is made in the USA. This serves as the first mark of quality.  High-grade, natural rubber is used in the manufacture of this mat. Rubber has a low permanent set characteristic that allows it to recover after prolonged stress is removed. This means that the mat bounces back to its original form after use. 

It also has high tensile strength. This ensures that it can comfortably accommodate heavyweights. The combination of its high resilience and proper manufacturing ensures that this mat delivers on its promises. 


This mat is made of a tough, textured, natural rubber composite. Both surfaces feature a matrix-circle pattern. You can feel this by running your fingers over the mat. This increases the friction between the mat and the floor/ exercise equipment. This stops the equipment from “walking”.

The mat is also 6.35mm thick. This ensures that your equipment sits stable on the floor. Rubber also sinks on the areas of application of pressure. This creates a definite ridge on which your equipment sits. Therefore, improving ground contact. This is crucial in ensuring that your setup doesn’t trip over. 


The Incstores rubber mat measures 4’*10’, translating to a total workout area of 40 square feet. You now have surplus space to place your lighter accessories, food, and water. In fact, you may host more than one large piece of equipment or perform body exercises, still on the mat.  

The mat is 6.35mm thick. This promotes comfort when using the mat for calisthenics. It also absorbs vibrations before getting to the floor.  The result is excellent floor protection. 


The Incstores mat is made of natural rubber. It’s free of BPA, silicon, and heavy metals. This makes it safe for use around pets and children. It has no plasticy smell. This means that there are no harmful chemicals leaching from the mat. 

Natural rubber is biodegradable. This makes it safe for the environment. The mat has excellent traction that ensures that it stabilizes whatever equipment you place on it. This reduces instances of accidents. It also ensures that you can safely walk on the mat. Just don’t do this with bare feet on a wet mat. 

Customer support

The Incstores incorporation has reliable customer service. You can reach their customer support office on (800) 613-0996-Monday to Friday(9 am-7 pm EST) and Saturday(9am-4 pm EST). 

The mat comes with a free return policy and a 1-year warranty. You may need to go through your third-party vendor for warranty claims. Otherwise, I’d recommend that you check the condition of your newly purchased mat for any blemishes.  This way, you can quickly begin your return process. 

Water and sweat resistance

The incstores rubber mat is made of natural rubber. The material exhibits excellent water resistance. It actually pools water/sweat instead of scattering. However, rubber is prone to damage when exposed to hot temperatures, ozone, sunlight, and oxygen. Its also easily damaged by hydraulic fluids, petrol, and other petroleum derivates. 

Noise insulation

The Incstores rubber mat is 6.35mm thick. This is not thick enough to cause any drastic reductions in noise levels. However, you can expect excellent absorption of vibrations. Notice that the only way to eliminate noise transmission is by coating the entire room (floor and walls). Your family will thank you for those early mornings and late evening workout sessions.

Drawbacks of the Incstores Mat


The mat is 6.35mm thick. This makes it thicker than most other mats. However, there are thicker mats. This is not an issue for people who do not intend to use the mat for equipment-free body exercises. 


The mat has a rubber smell that requires at least a few days to fade away. One trick is to leave it outside for some time until the smell becomes bearable. 

Incstores rubber flooring Buyers Guide: Things to consider before buying floor mat for bike trainer

Flooring mats help to protect our floors, absorb sweat, and improve grip on our training equipment. Before investing your valuable money in a mat, kindly consider the following factors as a guide to the best deal possible:


The cost of a mat is inclusive of many things. One of them being the type and grade of material used. The high cost of a quality mat is reflective of its parent design, manufacturing process, and country of origin(for tax reasons).

All in all, you get what you pay for. A cheap mat will serve you for a short time. It also compromises your overall experience at the gym. This can be attributed to a poor form factor and persistent odors. It may also tear much faster. 


The size and shape of your workout area determine the type of mat you should use.  A mat is supposed to provide sufficient coverage under your training equipment. This means that it should be larger than the dimensions of your trainer. A half-afoot to one foot appears to be the ideal margin to be left on either side of your trainer. 

Size information is usually indicated on the packaging or user manual of your equipment. Otherwise, you may use simple measurement procedures using a tape measure or meter rule to find the dimensions of your trainer. 

This serves as the first guide to help you choose the ideal mat in terms of size. Factoring in your immediate environment allows you to pick the best mat both functionally and aesthetically!


A mat is meant to protect the floor. This requires that a mat provides some form of padding. The thickness and density of a mat defined its floor-protecting ability. Confirm that the mat you are going for is at least 3mm thick. You may gauge its density by squeezing the mat from either side. 

Denser mats are heavier than lighter mats(per cubic foot). Notice that i much harder to roll up and transport denser mats and vice versa. I recommend denser, thicker mats anytime. 


The question of durability in any product is dependent on three major factors. First the type of material.  Flooring mat can be made of rubber, PVC, leather, or nylon. 

Leather is expensive, rare, durable, and pricey.  PVC is highly available, strong, durable,  affordable, and easily malleable.  Nylon is cheap, easily available, and has a short life. Rubber is easy to color, has high tensile strength and, tear resistance.

The exact type of material issues is dependent upon your intentions of use and budget.  I personally advocate for people to buy the best quality product once and for all. A quality mat should look great and perform as designed.

In my experience, I have found PVC and rubber to be the most reliable materials on mats. They are tough, sturdy, and have excellent longevity. Rubber and PVC are competitively priced. This means that you are likely to find similarly-priced PVC and rubber mat options.  with all the Bells and whistles both materials still suffer persistent odors. 

Fortunately, manufacturers have found a way to use friendlier curation processes to eliminate this problem. This has made it possible to have mats whose smell disappears within a few hours.

I wouldn’t advise you to take the manufacturer’s word for that. Instead, you may go through a number of customer feedback posts from the product to find out if the persistent smell is a problem. 


The question of grip is synonymous with the very essence of purchasing a mat in the first place. The grip is essential in reducing fall-related injuries. It also improves the stability of your body or exercise equipment. 

Grip is mainly supplied in the form of a rough texture either surface of a mat. In some mats this is conspicuous and in others, it comes in the form of Matrix circles. You can certainly tell by touching(feeling) the mat.

Thickness also greatly contributes to grips. Thinner mats have a much lesser grip than thicker ones. However, when a mat is too thick, it may compromise grip. This is because lighter objects may not sit upright. 

Most vendors list grip/traction as one of the salient features of a mat. Ensure that your mat lays flat on the floor.  They use a piece of plywood to correct any surface imperfections. As a bonus tip,  remember to avoid walking on wet mats with bare feet, for obvious reasons. 

Water and Sweat Resistance

Sweat is nothing to avoid if your cardio routine is competent. A reliable mat should help maintain proper hygiene within workout spaces. This means that it should not absorb water or sweat. 

The majority of mugs made of PVC or rubber out of water and sweat resistant. This is because these materials have a closed-form structure.  It keeps out pockets of air with into which liquids may sip. Your water-resistant mat will pool instead of absorbing sweat. this makes it easy to clean the mat regularly.

Customer reviews

There is no way to test out products online.  as such,  it’s important that you make an informed purchase.  This entails doing your homework thoroughly. the first step is to confirm the type of mat you want. 

Next,  search for the mat in a number of e-commerce sites. Then, compare prices and see what previous users had to say about the product. You just need a few posts to set your expectations on the mat. Pick the mat with the highest value proposition. 

Benefits of the Incstores mat

  • Absorbs noise and vibrations 
  • Improves stability of a trainer 
  • Collects sweat for easy cleaning
  • Protects hardwood and carpeted floors 
  • Has a non-slip texture that minimizes accidents 
  • Helps to demarcate your allocated home gym space

Social proof-what others are saying about the Incstores Rubber Flooring mat

After scouring the internet for customer reviews on the Incstores rubber mat, I found the general response to be rather positive. Here’s some of the feedback:

  • One customer said: great quality, rubber smell.

“ She likes the quality and unboxing experience of the mat. It had a faint rubber smell that died out in a day or two. It’s thin but heavy. She needed help to move it”

  • Another buyer said: has excellent traction 

“The mat helped create a workout space for him. It has excellent traction and nothing slips on it.”

  • Another buyer said: Great quality, inconsistent thickness

“The mat looks and feels great. It had a rubber smell that persisted for a week or so. It also has an inconsistent thickness.”

Alternatives to the Incstores mat

Saris CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bike Trainers – Pricier alternative


The Saris cyclops mat is a premium mat. Its made of high-quality PVC foam. This makes it durable, flexible, and reliable. The mat comes in a typical cylindrical packaging. The unboxing process is simple. The mat is easy to roll and uPricier alternative: Saris CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bike Trainersnroll. This makes it easy to transport the mat.

With a minimalist design, you’ll find a small Saris logo as the only imprint on one edge of the mat. The rest of the surface features a textured pattern that improves grip. This makes it safe to workout on the mat. 

Its both water and sweat-resistant. Consequently, it is easy to clean the mat regularly. Although the mat is thin, it does a good job at keeping your trainer from walking, It also helps absorb vibrations and to some level, noise. However, the difference is not significant. All orders come with a free return policy!


  • Easy to clean 
  • Durable materials 
  • Easy to roll/unroll
  • Great build quality 
  • Water and sweat-resistant 


  • Pricey 

Notable differences between the Saris cycleops training mat and the Incstores rubber flooring mat

  1. Pricier 
  2. Thinner 
  3. Smaller 

Wahoo KICKR Multi-Purpose Floor Mat – Thinner alternative


The Wahoo kickr mat has an excellent build quality. It comes in a 6.5’*3’*6mm form factor. Don’t let its thickness fool you. This thing is made of high-density PVC microfiber foam. It is hardy and has a high compressive tolerance. This ensures that it bounces back to form once the weight is released. 

The sheet is made of closed-cell blocks. This eliminates air spaces. The result is 100% water and sweat-resistant mat. Some of the benefits of this feature are the ease of cleanliness and maintenance of the mat. It also absorbs no odor, allowing the mat to stay fresh. 

The mat is dominated with a noticeable anti-slip texture on both sides. This supplies the necessary grip required to stabilize your trainer. To some degree, it also absorbs noise and vibrations. Lastly, the mat features a safety bevel edge that allows it to lay on the same level with the floor on all sides. This reduces instances of injuries due to stumbling.


  • Good size 
  • Durable material
  • Free return policy 
  • Safety bevel edge
  • Water and sweat resistance 

Notable differences between the Wahoo kickr trainer mat and the Incstores rubber flooring mat

  1. Smaller 
  2. Thinner 
  3. Made of PVC

Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat – Larger alternative


Not only is the Gxmmat extra-large mat wider(2 feet wider) but it’s also thicker(1mm thicker) than the Incstores rubber mat. This makes it much more comfortable to work out on. Say goodbye to sore knees and elbows!

The mat is made of high-quality PVC foam. It looks and feels great. The mat is dense and weighty. It is hard to roll up and carry the mat.( you may need an extra hand). Both sides have a non-slip design. This keeps your trainer from “walking” during vigorous sessions. It also promotes the stability of the user. 

Water and sweat resistance come standard in this non-toxic mat. Its made of BPA, silicone, lead, and latex-free materials. It comes in two colors-purple top and grey bottom & all black. All orders come with free accessories- 3 velcro straps, a pair of high-quality gloves, and a carry bag for the mat.


  • Large size 
  • Well padded 
  • Free accessories 
  • Two-color options 
  • Water and sweat resistance 


  • Only available in one size 

Notable differences between the Gxxmat extra-large mat and the Incstores rubber floor mat.

  1. Wider 
  2. Thicker 
  3. Has more color options 


Floor mats help protect our floors, collect sweat, and increase traction between your trainer and the floor. This allows for safe, hygienic, and sustainable workout environments. A great mat should be made of high-quality materials. This makes it safe, durable, and comfortable. 

Specify the type of mat you want before starting your window shopping.  Once you receive your new mat, set it up in the right way. This involves ironing out any creases using a hairdryer. You also need to ensure that you place it on an evenly flat surface. This is often the case on carpeted floors. You may change this by using a piece of plywood under the mat. 

If you liked this article, kindly check out some of our other amazing fitness content on the site. Thanks for making it to the end, cheers! #Stay safe. 

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