Keiser M3i Spin bike Indoor Cycle Bundle Review


If you are in the market for a premium indoor bike that overlooks no detail, congrats, the Keiser M3i spin bike – indoor cycle bundle may be just what you’re looking for.

Is it worth it?

Join me in the subsequent sections to find out.

Below is an outline of what we’ll cover:

  • About the “Keiser” brand 
  • Pros of the Keiser M3i indoor cycle bundle 
  • Cons of the Keiser M3i indoor cycle bundle 
  • A comprehensive buyers guide on indoor bikes 
  • Benefits of using the Keiser M3i indoor cycle bundle 
  • What others are saying about the Keiser M3i indoor cycle bundle 
  • 3 alternatives to the Keiser M3i indoor cycle bundle 
  • Final thoughts


Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle Review

About the “Keiser” brand

Dennis Keiser, a co-founder at Keiser Corporation pioneered the conception of the company. About 45 years ago, he was contracted to design the first variable resistance machines for a leading manufacturer. He went on to start Commercial Design, an engineering consulting firm.

In 1976, his brother Randy joined him to start Keiser Corporation. 

Their first product came out in 1978. It was the world’s first air-powered variable resistance workout machine. It was a huge success and they have since grown to other fitness products including the Keiser M3i indoor cycling bundle. 

2. Special Features (Pros) of Keiser M3i spin bike

1. Frame

The Keiser M3i is made of a heavy-duty steel frame. It has a proprietary V-design to allow for concurrent adjustments of the Handlebars and seat positions relative to each other. This creates an experience as close to a typical road bike as possible. It can handle up to 350 pounds. 

The frame design significantly improves the bike’s stability. It also allows for sensitive parts to be located at the back.

Moving on, the pedals are well-designed. They have a curvature that reduces foot impact and leg discomfort. They are also SPD-compatible although there’s a toe strap on the other side. 

The pedals are well-balanced to ensure that SPD users’ toe cages do not come into contact with the floor at the lowest half of the cycling action. I don’t see how you can ever bend, let alone break this frame.

2. Resistance and Drive Platform

The Keiser M3i uses a poly belt drive system. It’s just as complex as the name sounds once you crack it open and see the complicated parts. However, you should be happy as it delivers a smooth, natural ride.

The bike seeks to mimic a road bike experience. It’s quiet and may not disturb your ambiance with whooshing sounds. 

You get a maintenance-free magnetic resistance unit. It has 24 difficulty levels that you can manipulate using the lever-style adjustment mechanism below the handlebars. It runs silent and can get harder than you can possibly handle. The flywheel weighs 45 pounds and is located on the rear and for a reason!

To prevent sweat from damaging the metal. It’s kept at the back to also improve stability. This is why you can do upright sprints without any wobbling or rocking.

3. Computing Abilities

One feature of the Keiser M3i bike is its Bluetooth connectivity capabilities. The bike pairs with the Keiser M-series app. From here, you can access all your metrics and graphs. The app is fairly limited content-wise.

In the company’s defense, it’s free, so yeah…Anyway, there’s a fix for this. 

Enter the M Series converter module from Keiser that goes for $19.95. The Keiser M3i bike has limited Bluetooth codec compatibility. Only accessories from Polar can pair with this bike, or at least, that’s what they say.

Getting the converter allows you to connect virtually all apps and devices including a 3rd-party heart rate sensor if you wish.

With the converter, the bike can be connected to any 3rd-party apps like Peloton, Be Cool, Spivi, and many more.

Note that the Peloton app can be fully used on this bike on a $19.99 monthly subscription. It’s up to you to gauge if you really need the extra charges in your life right now. Lol. 

The free M-series App has three content categories-Free Ride, FTP Test, and Guided Session. The Freeride lets you cycle without any goals although all your metrics are displayed on the LCD and shared with the app as well.

The Functional threshold power test measures the amount of energy in watts that you can sustain in an hour.

There’s an onboard computer that displays all kinds of metrics- speed, time, calories burned, cadence, heart rate, and many more. You can definitely trust the numbers you’ll see here.

This is because the Keiser M3i is the first bike to receive the TÜV’s EN957-10 Certification for Power Accuracy and Safety. 

4. Comfort

First off, the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle features a fully adjustable form factor. The saddle can be adjusted four ways- front, back, up, and down. This allows users weighing up to 350 pounds to find an ideal setting.

Oh, and by the way, while the saddle is not large, it’s not small either. In any case, you can always switch it for a better one. 

That said, the handlebars are perfect. They are also fully adjustable- fore and aft. With proper padding and a light textured finish, the handles are cozy to use. They have a proper grip and allow for maximum power transfer. The pedals are excellent for anyone between 4’11” to 7”.  

All eligible users are set to get a full leg extension anytime. This not only improves comfort levels but also minimizes the instances of cycling-induced leg injuries.

Thanks to its belted drive train, pedaling feel natural and smooth. Even at high RPMs.

5. Customer service

Great customer service is not only delivered when things are off with your order. I’d like to think that great companies think about the end-user during the product design process.

Well, the Keiser M3i is a perfect example of true inclusivity. Aside from the bike, you get an accessory tray to contain all your gadgets.

There’s an embedded water bottle holder. It’s installed along the bike’s V-frame. It’s large enough and easy to reach.

A pair of stretch pads behind the saddle. It’s meant to get you started with your warm-ups or cooldowns. The importance of recovery after exercise can’t be underestimated. 

There’s a Polar heart rate monitor included as well. It automatically pairs with the bike via Bluetooth.

Finally, depending on where you buy the bike, you can get a high-quality exercise mat. It improves stability and absorbs any noises from the bike.

All these things can potentially improve your overall experience on the bike. Do you know what’s even better? Keiser’s warranty program.

Right out of the box, the bike is backed by a free return policy. A 6-month warranty covers the wearable parts- the saddle upholstery, pedal cage, pedal strap, LCD, T-frame, and pedal cages.

The rest of the bike is supported with a 3-year limited warranty. Now, I’m not sure such terms are common!

Keiser M3i Spin Bike Buyers Guide

Indoor bikes are such a smart idea. I mean, you get to ride at home, get fit and everything?!

Now that we both agree that it’s a good idea to get one, then I have some things to tell you if you want to get a good deal. Consider the following factors before investing your hard-earned cash on an indoor bike:

1. Price

But of course, this is the first thing you consider! So you need to specify your budget. This may be advised by your intentions of usage, level of fitness, body size, and technology options. That out of the way, I’d bias towards the premium side whenever possible.

Great performance, quality, reliability, and longevity are some of the perks of this segment. 

Regardless, you need not break the bank to get a nice piece either. I’ll tell you to only buy from reputable vendors. Especially those with higher star ratings and many positive reviews.

And hey, don’t be lazy. If you look hard enough you’ll find a nice indoor bike.

2. Frame

No compromises here, it has to be steel. Unless you can find a pure carbon fiber or graphene model. The shape and configuration also matter. Some common shapes include X, V, and Y frames. It has a direct consequence on the bike’s performance.

3. Resistance

If you plan on using the bike for at least 1 year. Then it’s best to find a bike with many resistance levels. Magnetic resistance is the best. Manual or electric. The adjustment mechanism(knob/lever-style) should effect smooth, accurate adjustments. 

4. Stability

An indoor bike should be as stable as possible. Ensure that your bike comes with some form of stabilizer legs. Some models also include wheels within the stabilizers. Trust me, it helps with hard workouts and in case you wish to relocate the equipment. 

5. Technology

Before we go too far, you may want to do some soul searching to see what you want to do with the bike. If you are a tech junkie, then you should go for one of the many bikes that have in-built computing devices. Otherwise, you can buy a basic indoor bike and ride to your exhaustion. 

Benefits of Keiser M3i Bundle

  1. Highly adjustable 
  2. Super comfortable 
  3. Strong steel frame 
  4. Excellent build quality 
  5. Heavy( 90+ pounds) thus stable
  6. Offers a wide level of resistance to keep you challenged 
  7. No sweat damage since sensitive parts are located at the rear

What Other Are Saying About the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

After scouring the internet for reviews, I found the general response to be rather positive. Here’s a snip of what some verified buyers had to say about the Keiser M3i spin bike bundle:

Keiser reviews

Alternatives to the Keiser M3i Spin Bike

1.Pooboo Exercise Bike

This bike comes with a ton of great features starting with a steel frame. It has comfortable, 2-way adjustable handlebars.

The saddle is large, well-padded, and 4-way adjustable. All your metrics( time, speed, distance, calories burned, ODO, and heart rate by hand pulse) are neatly displayed on the LCD. 

All orders are backed by a 1-year warranty along with a free return policy.

Key features of the Pooboo Exercise Bike

  • Good size
  • Well-priced 
  • Transport wheels 
  • High adjustability 
  • Excellent customer service

Notable differences between the Pooboo Exercise Bike and the Keiser M3i cycling bundle

  1. Smaller 
  2. Cheaper 
  3. Does not support Bluetooth

2. Relife Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike

The Relife indoor bike is loved by many for its affordable price with great quality. It’s made of an industrial-grade steel frame capable of supporting up to 350lbs.

A comfortable belt drive train delivers smooth rides with minimal noise. Magnetic resistance is used here and can be adjusted from the front-mounted dials.

Both the handlebars and seats are well-padded and fully adjustable. This delivers an excellent riding experience. All your vitals are displayed on the large LCD. 

Key features of the Relief Exercise Bike

  • Great design 
  • Strong frame 
  • Fully adjustable 
  • Easy to move around 
  • Many positive customer feedback 

Notable differences between the Relife Exercise Bike and the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycling Bundle

  1. Smaller 
  2. Cheaper 
  3. No Bluetooth 
  4. Lacks a water bottle holder and accessory tray 

3. Echelon EX5 Smart Connect Bike

The EX5 easily stands out as one of the best indoor bikes you can possibly buy. It has a strong steel frame with a weight limit of up to 400 pounds. It has new aero handlebars that are easy to reach and fully adjustable- fore and aft.

A well-padded, competition-style seat delivers excellent comfort levels. It’s also 4-way adjustable: up, down, front, and back.

You get a handheld accessory tray mounted on the rear. It also doubles as a dumbbell holder. A convenient water bottle holder is included on the front. A brand new motor is also included for precision magnetic resistance control.

A dial-style resistance adjustment knob takes you through 32 difficulty levels. 

The bike connects via Bluetooth to the Echelon App. There’s a tablet holder that flips 180 degrees. This allows you to find perfect viewing angles while going through the tutorials on the app.

Note that the app costs $39.99/ month. It has thousands of quality classes for use both on and off the bike.  Overall, this is a great piece of equipment.

Key features of the Echelon EX5 Smart Connect Bike

  • Echelon App
  • High resistance levels
  • Excellent build quality
  • Reliable customer service 
  • Accessories and water bottle holder

Notable differences between the Echelon Ex5 Smart Connect Bike and the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

  1. Cheaper 
  2. Has a paid app 

Final thoughts

Buy it!

The Keiser M3i indoor cycle bundle is a generous serving of high-quality fitness products. It’s strong, highly adjustable, and Bluetooth-enabled. You get more than just the bike- heart rate sensor, accessory tray, water bottle holder, and floor mat.

Note that it’s not cheap by all means. But if it fits within your budget, why not!

Congratulations on reading to the end. If you liked this article, check out more great tech and fitness content on the site. Cheers!

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