HOPESHINE Microfiber Gym Towels Fast Drying Sports Towel


Microfiber gym towels offer superior performance, comfort, and ease of maintenance than terry cloth gym towels.

One of the best microfiber gym towels is the Hopeshine microfiber gym towel.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into its form factor, performance, and reliability. Enjoy the best HOPESHINE Microfiber Gym Towels Fast Drying Sports Towel Review.

Below is a breakdown of what we’ll cover:

  • About the Hopeshine brand
  • Pros of the Hopeshine microfiber towel
  • Cons of the Hopeshine microfiber towel
  • Buyers guide to microfiber gym towels
  • Benefits of using the Hopeshine microfiber towel
  • What others are saying about the Hopeshine microfiber towel
  • 3 alternatives to the Hopeshine microfiber towel


HOPESHINE Microfiber Gym Towels Review

About the “Hopeshine” brand

Hopeshine is an American company that deals with self-care fabrics including towels, applicators, gloves, shower caps, bath towels, dusters, and wash mitts. The company has been in operation in both US and China since 2010. They focus on delivering high quality for the least amount of money. Hopeshine manufactures and distributes its own products.

Pros of the HOPESHINE microfiber gym towel


Microfiber products require a more complicated manufacturing process. They also require more materials per square inch than terry cloth fabric. Combine these two factors and you can see why they are typically costlier. The Hopeshine brand is highly reputable and reliable.  You can expect great quality and consistency from all their microfiber towels.

The same is the case for the Hopeshine microfiber gym towel. And yet, it’s quite affordable. You can easily find ordinary towels priced higher than this. Aside from getting a variety in the box, you also enjoy great size and good quality. Plus, due to the nature of the microfiber, which we’ll cover later, you may not need another piece anytime soon.


The Hopeshine microfiber towel measures 16”* 32”. This is about the perfect size for gym use. It’s large enough to provide sufficient coverage of intended areas. It’s also light enough to remain highly portable for convenient usage. The towel contains many layers of fabric strands within a very small area.

Note that these strands are 8-9 times smaller than a human hair. This is how they manage to be super lightweight. The towels are also thick enough to absorb more sweat, dirt, and grime than you may need in one workout session. This ensures that you never have to get too gross or hop off the bike for a fresh towel.


In general, most microfibers are a blend of two principal materials- polyester and polyamide( nylon). The Hopeshine microfiber towel is no different. It contains 80% polyester and 20% polyamide within its structure. The polyester forms most of the external layer while the polyamide forms most of the core.

This is strategic both aesthetically and functionally. The Polyester is plush and extremely absorbent. Consequently, the towel can completely wipe off your sweat multiple times in a row. The polyamide layer is meant to improve the structural integrity of the towel. It ensures that its shape is maintained.


If you were to cut a cross-section of the Hopeshine microfiber towel, you’d see an asterisk pattern. On average, a microfiber fabric contains between 90,000-200,000 strands of fabric per square inch. There’s a ton of air spaces in between these fibers. This aids in its cleaning ability as well as in cleaning the towel itself.

The Hopeshine microfiber towel can be hand or machine washed. Either technique must avoid softeners or bleaching agents. These chemicals may damage the polyamide layer which holds the towel together. Ensure that you don’t use high-temperature settings on the washing machine – both washing and drying.

40 degrees celsius should be the ceiling here. Otherwise, you may just use cold water. This ensures that the fiber doesn’t shrink and lose its absorbing power. Note that microfiber towels dry 3 times faster than their terrycloth counterparts. This makes it ideal to use the Hopeshine microfiber towel for high-intensity workouts where you sweat profusely.

Packaging and Utility

All orders of the Hopeshine microfiber towels include three pieces. First off, more is better. You also get three different colors of the same high-quality product. This ensures that you don’t run out of dry towels. It also enhances the longevity of the towels as you don’t have to repeatedly wash them every so often.

While at the gym, you may only use one at a time and have the rest stored in the bag. I don’t know about you but this seems pretty useful. You’ll give each used piece enough time to dry up before reusing. Microfiber is also 98.9% effective at removing bacteria from surfaces.

In this case, the Hopeshine microfiber towel ensures that no microbes are left on the skin. This directly reduces the instances of bad odor. The towel is also highly efficient in removing grease and grime. This further helps to keep your skin clear no matter how much you sweat at the gym. The towel can also be used for face cleaning and general body use.

The Hopeshine microfiber towel feels soft and friendly to the skin. It doesn’t cause any swirl marks or leave any lint, unlike cotton towels.

Cons of the HOPESHINE microfiber gym towel

Diminishes with each wash cycle

The superiority of the towel lies within its unique fabric structure. Each wash cycle, and especially those that are poorly conducted, damage the alignment of the strands. This gradually kills it’s absorbent and cleaning abilities. However, you get 3 pieces, which effectively reduces the frequency of washing.

HOPESHINE microfiber Gym Towel Buyers Guide

Gym towels allow us to quickly wipe off sweat so that we may focus on important work, training. They ensure that we remain clean, maintain grip, and feel free while working out. Consider the following factors before investing your hard-earned money in a microfiber gym towel:


The cost of a microfiber towel is a good indicator of its quality. The amount, grade, spinning, rationing, and configuration of fibers add to its production cost. The level of splitting and coloring also contribute to the same. Note that reputable microfiber towel manufacturers will have their products costing slightly higher than the market average.

I highly recommend such manufacturers. Thanks to their proven quality and customer service, you may expect great quality.  However, this sector is experiencing radical changes as people begin to appreciate the environmental protection abilities of microfibers. Consequently, the price of high-quality towels has significantly dropped.

Ease of Cleaning

A great microfiber gym towel should be easy to maintain. That begins with the ability to dry quickly. This ensures that you never have to skip your cleaning routine for fear of inconvenience the next day. It should also be machine-washable for quicker cleaning. Just be sure to observe the manufacturer’s maintenance directives.


The type of material used in your towel counts with regards to longevity. Terry cloth towels mostly use cotton. While they are great for daily use, in many ways, they lag behind competing materials such as silk, polyester, and polyamide. Speaking of which, silk is soft and comfortable but a little less absorbent for gym use.

So we are left with polyester and polyamide. Note that microfiber towels combine the two. The most common proportion being 70/30( polyester/polyamide) in Europe and 80/20( polyester/polyamide) in America and Asia. The two strains are virtually identical in terms of performance.

You should avoid 100% polyester microfiber towels. The lack of nylon significantly reduces the dirt and dust-attracting abilities of the towel. It also makes it prone to abrasion. In general, they last much shorter than the blended types.

Customer Service

As previously mentioned, you must purchase your gym towel from a reputable vendor. You can be sure of safety and reliability. Also, you can access tons of customer feedback on the product. That aside, should anything go wrong with the towel, the seller should be within reach to answer questions.

The best way to secure your confidence in the product is to look for a good free return policy. A warranty would also be great. Check that you are getting a good deal in comparison to other vendors. Some of the things to check out for is the size, number of pieces per order, and average speed of delivery upon making an online purchase.


A good quality microfiber towel should be friendly on the skin. This ensures that you don’t get any rashes. Also, confirm that the towel is soft enough not to damage the skin. You can do this by rubbing it on your body. If it grabs the imperfections on your skin, it’s a red flag. Instead, it should be almost friction-free!

Confirm that no harmful chemicals and heavy metals were used in the preparation and coloring of your microfiber towels. Most vendors are gearing towards safe manufacturing practices. So, this should not be a problem.


A gym towel should do all the things you need. First, it should be highly absorbent. Thankfully, most quality microfiber towels can absorb sweat 7-8 times their weight. Secondly, it should be lightweight and easy to handle. This ensures that it doesn’t become a burden while you are training.

Lastly, an ideal towel should survive multiple usages. All the while, retaining it’s cleaning and absorbing properties. While in part, this depends on the quality of the material used, it also depends on your maintenance practices. Avoid washing your towel with hot water as it may damage the fibers

However, should you notice deterioration in softness or appearance of stains, do boil it in hot water. But only then, avoid repetition.

Intended use

Specify your gym routines before purchasing a towel. If your workouts are demanding and cause much sweating, then consider a deep pile microfiber towel. These are thick and contain more fiber. As a result, it absorbs more sweat, quickly. On the same note, you may also have to get more than one piece.

If you are into low-intensity exercises, then a medium pile microfiber towel should work well. They have an average weight and strands. Their performance is decent and reliable. GSM( Grams per Square Meter) is another way to predict the performance of a microfiber towel. It gives the average density of a towel. The higher the GSM value the better the towel. On average, 250GSM upwards makes the best microfiber towels.

Benefits of using the HOPESHINE microfiber gym towel

  1. It’s gentle on the skin
  2. Provides great value for money
  3. It’s easy to clean as it dries quickly
  4. Absorbs more sweat than terry cloth gym towels
  5. Lasts long and can survive hundreds of washing cycles
  6. It’s of the right size and is easy to handle and carry around the gym
  7. It comes in a pack of three, ensuring that you don’t overuse any piece

What others are saying about the HOPESHINE microfiber gym towel

After scouring the internet for customer feedback on the Hopeshine microfiber gym towel, I found the general response to be rather positive. Here’s a snip of what some verified buyers had to say about the towel:

One customer said:

Hopeshine towels

Another customer said:

Hopeshine microfiber towels

Another customer said:

Hopeshine microfiber towel

to one customer, “She was skeptical about buying the towels. However, she still bought them for their stellar reviews. She usually carries 2 hand towels for use at the gym and they all soak up. One piece of the Hopeshine microfiber towel replaced the two and did a better job of absorbing sweat throughout her workout.”

Alternatives to the HOPESHINE microfiber gym towel

1. OlimpiaFit 3 Size Towels: Multi-size Alternative, 4.5/5

The OlimpiaFit towel comes in a pack of 3- large(50”x30”), medium(30”x15”), and small(15”x15”). They share the same core materials and designs. A 100% microfiber fabric is used to deliver soft, plush, highly-absorbent gym towels. Each size may be ideal for certain uses. Regardless, you’ll have plenty of variety to switch between.

With an elastic outline, it’s easy to fold these towels and they retain their good shape. A meshed carrying bag is included for free! The towels are antimicrobial and stay odor-free. All orders are backed by a free return policy, no questions asked!

Key features of the OlimpiaFit 3 size towels

  • Durable fabric
  • Highly absorbent
  • Wide size options
  • Wide color options
  • Easy to clean and dry

Notable differences between the OlimpiaFit 3 size towels and the Hopeshine microfiber gym towels

  1. Larger
  2. Free carry bag
  3. More color options

2. Desired Body Fitness Gym Towels (2 Pack): 2-pack alternative, 4.5/5

These towels feature a unique waffle-style exterior with stylish white silky borders. They are identical and measure 44″ x 16.5″. This is large enough for gym use. Also, they only weigh 5.3oz. Durable 80/20 polyester and polyamide microfiber is used in making these towels. They are soft, comfortable, and fresh.

You can easily fold them up into your compact travel bag as they take little space. Gray, royal blue, and white are the available colors. This ensures you can find a color that matches your current gym arsenal.

Key features of the Desired Body Fitness gym towels

  • Lint-free
  • Great size
  • Fast-drying
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Free-return policy

Notable differences between the Desired Body Fitness gym towels and the Hopeshine microfiber gym towel

  1. Pricier
  2. Larger
  3. Fewer color options

3. SINLAND Microfiber Gym Towels:  Variety, 4.5/5

The Sinland microfiber gym towel is available in 20 possible color combinations. Each set contains 3 16”*32” towels. Its soft microfiber surface absorbs 3 times more sweat than ordinary terrycloth towels. The manufacturer recommends that it’s machine washed and tumble dried at low temperatures.

Speaking of which, it can survive up to 500 wash cycles. Multiply by 3 pieces and you see how this thing can serve you for 5 years. It’s ideal for both indoor sporting activities such as swimming and gym as well as outdoor workouts such as sprinting, running, etc. They are easy to carry and can serve multiple purposes aside from gyming.

Key features of the Sinland Microfiber gym towels

  • Good pricing
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to maintain
  • Wide color options
  • Soft and comfortable

Notable differences between the Sinland microfiber gym towels and Hopeshine microfiber gym towels

  1. Pricier
  2. More color options

Final Thoughts

Microfiber gym towels are much more superior to terry cloth towels. They are gentle on the skin, absorb more sweat, last longer, and are easy to clean. The Hopeshine microfiber towel is of high quality, is well manufactured, may last longer, and is easy to clean. I would highly recommend it for on and off-gym use.

Thanks for reading to the end. If you liked our work, we cordially invite you to check out more tech and fitness content on the site.

As always, stay safe!

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