Mirror vs Tonal vs Tempo vs Echelon: Which is Best and Why?


Gone are the days when you had to drive several miles to workout and drive all the way back home when you really wanted a warm bed and a soft pillow.

Nowadays, technology has simplified the way we view fitness. With a press of a button, you can create your account and get world-class fitness trainers in front of you to teach you nothing but the best.

Best of all, smart home gyms don’t only give access to highly impactful workouts; it’s actually a fitness world of its own.

And if that’s what you’re looking for, you must have stumbled upon numerous options from which you’re stuck between Mirror, Tonal, Tempo, and Echelon.

Mirror, Tonal, Tempo, and Echelon are all names given to home gym equipment popular among people who work out regularly at home. They offer similar features but are also different in many aspects. 

To make this process easier, here’s an unbiased, in-depth comparison that you can totally trust.

Mirror vs Tonal vs Tempo vs Echelon Review: The Brand

About Mirror

Mirror is a futuristic device that is streamlined to eliminate all of your fitness problems instantly. With 70 live classes added to this every week, Mirror is equipped with excellent workouts running from cardio, pilates, high intently training to yoga and other dance classes.

It also features powerful tracking sensors that display your heart rate, music, and calories burned in a specific workout session.

About Tonal

Tonal takes the upper hand over most of its competitors by incorporating built-in strength training technology that digitally adjusts the equipment’s resistance after collecting data about your fitness level.

Its flexible resistance handle allows you to swing it up, down, and out to yield full strength training. Smart home gyms like Tonal is known for its compact and lightweight body that can adjust in any home environment.

About Tempo

Tempo has prevailed its name to be one of the best home gym systems you can ever find out there. Pack with powerful exercise gear; it comes with a full-fledged gym that you can have at your home.

What really sets Tempo apart from the rest is its AI system that automatically creates a 3D model of your skeleton without capturing your unique features or house environment to guide you through bad posture or positions that could potentially harm you.

About Echelon

Echelon specializes in the highest quality front-camera and built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity with a heart rate monitor to give maximum efficiency. The large Definition 50-inch screen is large enough to give you a smooth experience while crying out your workout routine.

Mirror vs Tonal vs Tempo vs Echelon Review Comparison

Now that you’re aware of the fundamentals, let’s compare four of the most competitive smart home gyms you can find out there.

Mirror Review

Mirror Fitness System

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Mirror is specially built to aid convenience for people who prefer to carry out fun exercises while staying connected to the world. You can expect Mirror to be there for you to build fitness communities in times of social distancing.

What makes Mirror stand out from the crowd is its unique ability to blend into any room to enhance its overall appearance.


1. Affordable

It generally costs $1,495 but is comparatively affordable than most smart gyms you can find online. Besides that, you can also use this incredible device for 30-days free to help you make up your mind.

2. Durable

By making a good investment into the home gym, you can make sure to make a bang for your bunk due to its prolonged longevity and robust material that easily lasts you for solid decades. Although it has a thin and lightweight body, it is not at the cost of durability.


1. No touch screen

Like its name, the device is merely a mirror that plays videos and other interactive live classes. The only way to interact with the Mirror is through your phone.

The Mirror app comes with a wide array of workout libraries from which you make the choices to be displayed on the screen. However, some people find this an advantage since you don’t run the risk of damaging the skin.

Echelon Review


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Echelon is all about building communities and finding various ways to motivate you on your lazy days. The system makes it effortless to make the whole process fun and impactful by using a points technique that gives you a certain amount of points every time you workout at different heart levels.


1. Practical Design

This 52-pound smart home gym is backed up with an efficient design that makes it ideal to have it installed in your home. You can either mount it on a wall or have it on a stand; it gives a sturdy feel but looks quite aesthetically appealing. Connects with heart rate monitors and Bluetooth headphones.

2. Compete on the leaderboard

As mentioned earlier, Echelon is all about motivating and building fitness communities. To go the extra mile, Echelon lets you compete on the leaderboard, so you always have a motivational fuel every time you are about to give up on your fitness.


1. Expensive

Although the initial purchase of $1,639.98 isn’t that high, the problem comes when you have to bear all the monthly subscription fees that are $38.99 per month or $399.99 per year. However, this price factor depends on the screen size that ranges from 40 to 50 inches.

Tonal Review


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If you want to rapidly grow your muscles without having to go to the gym every day, Tonal has got your back. What people prefer about Tonal is its smart and efficient technology that lets you have multiple resistance levels without taking much space in your house.

This can be a huge advantage over traditional strength training equipment.


1. Multi user friendly

If you happen to live in a house with your kids or spouse, Tonal offers you to set up multiple accounts with your specific fitness details so you can always continue where you left off the last time without losing your progress whatsoever.

2. Gear

We all know that it comes with handles that give excellent resistance, but what still lays untold is its set of barbells and dumbbells along with weight and a roller and workout mat to make sure you have everything in one place.

You don’t have to worry about the gear cluttering up space since all of the equipment is securely locked up in its sleek locker in the smart home gym base.


1. Costly一you get what you pay for

Tonal is expensive, one of the most expensive ones actually. At $2,995 + $495 of the additional resistance equipment along with a $588/year subscription can quickie add up to become a whopping $4,078 at your expensive.

However, considering how it’s a full-fledged gym packed in a single device, it’s totally worth it if you can afford it.

Tempo Review


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Just like Tonal, Tempo also offers multiple gym equipment. From resistance gym equipment to heart rate monitors, it has got it all!

The smart gym design is relatively different from all the rest of the home gyms I’ve mentioned above. All of these are like mirrors; Tempo rather looks like a TV cabinet with a storage compartment for all of its gear.


1. Various options to choose from

Besides the strength training equipment that it offers, you can also get access to top-notch other workout guides that can help you not only get ripped but complement other sports activities like improving pace and endurance for running.

2. Personalization

The AI-based interactive mirror really takes the time to get to know you. With this perfectly aligned workout routine that supports your fitness level, you can rest assured of your health to Tempo.


1. Takes up a lot of space

Since it’s not a mirror, you can expect Tempo to take considerably larger space for a house environment.

Mirror vs Tonal vs Tempo vs Echelon Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Investing Your Hard-earned Money

1. Price

Let’s admit it, although these smart home gyms can last up to years, paying for the initial purchase can totally drain your bank. Therefore, keep in mind the amount of money you’re willing to devote to your fitness.

However, if you’re struggling to go to the gym every day and think of setting up a traditional home gym, I’d suggest you go for a smart one that can cost you less in the short and long run.

2. Design

The design of a smart gym plays a key role here. Your preference could be anywhere between appearance to practical benefits. Depending on you can go Mirror, Tonal, and Echelon for its especially aesthetic perks or Tempo that takes the upper hand in convenience and practicality.

3. Warranty

Having a warrant for a few years in your smart gym can save you from a lot of trouble if you happen to manage it, or considering the nature of technology, you encounter any errors.

Features & Benefits – Similarities & Differences

Benefits of Mirror vs Tonal vs Tempo vs Echelon

1.    Cardiovascular health

30 minutes of workouts created by these dynamic smart gyms can truly amp up your heart condition. Since the devices religiously track the heart rate, you can always keep in mind when to carry out specific routines that can further improve cardiovascular health.

2. Weight loss

By keeping in mind how each one of them offers great cardio exercises, you can totally mention your fitness goals and start your journey to weight loss right away.

3. Body toning

Just like with any other fitness goal, these smart gyms are equipped with body toning workouts like spot training and managing intensity levels to make sure you’re always staying ahead in your fitness game.

Mirror vs Tonal vs Tempo vs Echelon: How Are They Different?

Besides the obvious price factor among all of these, Tonal takes the upper hand over Mirror with its electromagnetic resistance bands that can go up to 200 pounds to match your training intensity. Mirror, on the other hand, takes the price lead.

If you want to lift the actual weight, unlike Tonal, Tempo is your best bet to go. It is packed with barbells, dumbbells, and other strength training equipment to get real jobs done.

Coming to Echelon, you can always make sure to stay pumped and ready to work out with its excellent motivational schemes and communities that only push you further towards your goal.

Mirror vs Tonal vs Tempo vs Echelon – Are They The Same?

If you look from afar, they all sound and look the same; perhaps that’s you’re here reading this article. Which I do agree upon. The fundamentals and concepts for each of them are just the same.

Specifically speaking, Mirror and Echelon are more similar because of their light and fun qualities and are therefore suitable for people who want to incorporate an element of laid-backness in their fitness (especially cardio)routine.

Whereas, Tempo and Tonal are more mission-focused and offer rather practical and other strength training benefits.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations

A study done in 2017 shows that working out with like-minded people can instantly enhance your motivation levels, emotional and overall social interaction capabilities that can work hand-and-hand with workouts to make you the best version of yourself.


All in all, this complete comparison has brought to this realization that I can’t really pinpoint a single one and make it a winner of this battle. We are coming from the most basic option that no one ever goes wrong with is Mirror.

Neither is it expensive nor would it burn you out with its intense strength training workouts. However, if you’ve pictured yourself doing a certain workout routine, then, sure, go for specific practical smart home gyms that can make your fitness journey a lot easier.


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