Peloton Century Club Shirts: Everything You Need to Know!


Prizes and challenges are always the greatest motivating factors, especially for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Imagine someone celebrating your milestones with you and actually demonstrating that they care!

Peloton has introduced an interesting program known as Century Club Shirts to reward its users and keep them motivated to take on more challenges.

According to this program, you are eligible to receive a free Peloton Century Club shirt once you have hit the target of 100 workouts belonging to a certain category (for example, cycling).

It’s a way to tell other Peloton users that you have hit a certain milestone and have achieved a badge. The shirt also keeps reminding you that you need to work even harder and achieve other milestones as well to keep fit and healthy in the long run.  

Since this program is quite popular among Peloton users, we decided to dedicate a post just to discuss what it is and how you qualify. So, let’s get started!

What is the Peloton Century Shirt?

Peloton Century Shirt is a commemorative unisex T-shirt given out by Peloton to its All-Access members who manage to complete 100 workouts in a particular discipline.

Within a few days of hitting the milestone, you will receive an email from Peloton with a promo code that you can use to order your shirt. However, make sure you use that code within a year from the date of issuance, otherwise, it will expire and will no longer be useful.  

Previously, all Peloton users (including the digital app members) were eligible to receive Century Club Shirts but now only All-Access members can receive this prize. Although the shirt is like any regular cotton T-shirt, the meaning and the idea attached to it are quite powerful and it makes every Peloton user strive for it.   

Who Is Eligible to Receive the Peloton Century Shirt?  

Peloton keeps updating the terms and conditions for this program and according to their latest update (as of 08/31/2021), one member will only be eligible to receive one shirt. In addition, these shirts are only available for people who have bought the All-Access Peloton Membership, which is a monthly subscription plan priced at $39/month.

Currently, only members living in the USA, UK, and Canada are eligible to receive these shirts. Plus, they need to be at least 14 years of age.

The code you receive via email is not transferrable to anyone else and it is valid for one use only. According to the new update, one member is eligible to receive only one T-shirt.

Peloton Century Shirt Sizing

If you are wondering what size to order, you will get your answer in this section. Well, most people who have already received the shirt report that it runs true to size. However, since it is made of a soft cotton material, it might shrink after a wash.

So, you might want to order a size up if you are worried about that. Nevertheless, if you happen to have ordered the same size you wear normally, then try not to wash it in warm water. It is also recommended to hang or air dry it instead of using the washing machine spinner.  

It is also interesting to note that since Peloton started offering only unisex T-shirts for this program (back in summer 2019), the issue of sizing resolved. These shirts are made to fit all people regardless of their gender or stature.

How Long Does It Take to Hit the 100 Mark?

This is a very common question and so we decided to dedicate an entire section to it. Well, it depends on how you plan your workouts or what your weekly streak is. Some people have a mixed workout routine in which some days they take a spinning class, and others they only decide to meditate or take a short yoga class.

If your primary goal is to hit that 100 mark to receive the Century Club Shirt, then it is recommended to choose a workout you can do consistently. Remember, 100 is not an easy target so choose your exercise carefully and then commit to doing it on a daily basis.

For such dedicated riders, it’s possible to reach the 100 mark in less than 6 months. However, some people take as long as a year to hit their 100 mark in any type of workout. So, it really depends on your own level of dedication and consistency and also the type of workout you choose for this goal.

All the best!

What Are Peloton Badges and Milestones?

Peloton badges are a way to tell other riders that you have completed a certain number of rides or exercises. It is also a gesture to make you stay motivated for a long time. You receive a badge when you complete your 1st ride, 50th ride, 100th ride, and so on.

You can see these badges as virtual rewards because they only appear on your profile. It is also possible to receive a badge for completing specific challenges or actions. For example, when you hit the Highest Score on a ride, you get a badge for it.

These badges can be viewed under the Achievements tab on your profile. There will be different categories of badges here, for example, cycling milestones and running milestones. You can view other badges and strive to achieve them by looking at their requirements.

The beauty of these virtual rewards is that anyone can achieve them regardless of their membership plan. So, even if you are a digital member, you can open your profile and see all the badges you have achieved.

Once you complete 1000 workouts in any discipline, you enter what is known as the Millennium Club. There are no giveaways at this level but you can still feel a sense of accomplishment upon hitting this target and be able to join some private forums for riders who have hit the 1K mark.

One such group is on Facebook by the name of Peloton Millennium Club.

There are also badges for daily and weekly streaks. If you manage to complete any Peloton workout consistently in a week, you get this badge. For example, 3 days in a row, 30 days in a row, or 3 weeks in a row, etc.

Then there is something called Social Badges that you can achieve if you complete certain workouts with your friends on Peloton. You can receive a badge even if you work out with only one of your friends. But there are interesting badges in this category for working out with up to 20 friends.

Here is a list of all the badges in the Social category;

  • Dynamic Duo
  • Three’s Company
  • Pack
  • Squad
  • Flock
  • Swarm  

You don’t have to complete these workouts live with your friends. Even if you are working out alone but some of your friends have already completed those workouts, then you become eligible to receive this badge.

All these badges and achievements have been designed to keep you motivated as a Peloton user. Indoor cycling or any other kind of indoor workout can get tough, so you really need something or someone to motivate you and this is how Peloton does it for its users.

And while you can receive only one Century Club Shirt in your lifetime, the badges are unlimited and designed to be earned multiple times. Plus, they are available for everyone regardless of where they live or which of the two Peloton memberships they have bought.

Let’s celebrate your Peloton achievements together!  

Can You Buy a Century Club Shirt?

Peloton offers a wide range of high-quality fitness apparel including tops and bottoms for men and women. These are a bit expensive but totally worth the price – as reviewed by most users.

You can find sleeveless, short-sleeved, and full-sleeved T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies in this collection. And choose one according to your size and style preference.

If you have been eyeing the simple Peloton tee for a long time, you can check out their range of T-shirts and choose one for yourself. Remember, this apparel is available for everyone and you don’t have to be an All-Access member to buy it.

You don’t even have to hit that 100 mark to become eligible to buy one of these shirts. However, there is certainly a difference between receiving it free and buying it with your own money. Plus, there won’t be any ‘100’ written on the sleeve, which is a proof of your achievement.   

Nevertheless, all these shirts and hoodies come with the Peloton logo printed on them, so they are totally worth it.

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to choose the color or style of the Century Club Shirt, you will have to first hit the 100 mark, receive the promo code in your inbox, and then enter the code on Peloton Century Club website to see what options you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have multiple members on my account, will they all be eligible to receive a free shirt?

Yes, on All-Access Membership you can create as many as 20 different profiles and all those members will become eligible to receive the Century Club Shirt when they hit the century.  

Are there any other milestone shirts?

No, currently there is only one promotional program according to which one member can receive one shirt provided they achieve the milestone of completing 100 workouts in a particular discipline.

What is the quality of Century Club Shirts?

These shirts are made of soft cotton and are designed as regular comfortable wear. They are not meant for exercise so most people won’t wear them while cycling. The shirt is unisex and true to size or very slightly small. So, order the size you wear normally and you will be fine.

How long does it take to receive the shirt after I complete the milestone?

When you have hit the 100 mark, you will receive an email with a promo code to order the shirt. This email usually appears within 2,3 days. After you use the code, it might take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks to have the shirt delivered to your doorstep.

Am I eligible for Century Club Shirt as a resident of Australia?

Unfortunately, the program is currently available only to All-Access members located in the USA, UK, or Canada only. In the future, however, Peloton may decide to add other countries to this program where they deliver their hardware.

Am I eligible to enter Century Club Shirts as a Peloton digital member?

Unfortunately, Peloton has limited this program to All-Access members only. This change took effect from August 31, 2021. Before this date, Peloton digital app members were also eligible to receive the milestone shirts.  

Where do I have to place the order for a Century Club Shirt?

Once you receive the code in your inbox, you can visit Peloton Century Club, choose your country and then enter the gift code to redeem your shirt. Remember, one code can be used only once and it is non-transferrable.

Can I return or exchange my Peloton shirt received as a gift?

No, according to Peloton terms and conditions, you cannot return or exchange a shirt received as a gift as part of their promotional program. Peloton may also decide to cancel or limit the offer at any time. So, keep checking their terms and conditions related to the Century Club Shirts if you want to know more.     


If you want Peloton to celebrate your workout achievements with you, hit the 100 mark in any one of the disciplines and become eligible to receive a free Century Club Shirt!

Not only does this program keep the users motivated but is also a way to promote Peloton apparel. These high-quality shirts and bottoms are expensive but once you try on one of these, you wouldn’t be able to settle for anything less.

So, if you are an All-Access Peloton Member and workout on a regular basis, try to complete 100 workouts in a particular discipline and you will receive your favorite Peloton shirt within a few weeks! 

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