Peloton vs Airdyne: Which Is Better And Why?


Are you planning to invest in indoor exercising technology? Then, consider including an indoor exercise bike on your priority list. 

Purchasing an indoor exercise bike is one of the sure ways to burn muscles, push your heart rate up, and generally, put your body into the best shape. 

You strengthen your heart and lungs and lower your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

And the good news is that you can use these machines even in the comfort of your home. You may not have the chance to visit your preferred gym to work out because of the pandemic, but an indoor cycling bike can offer you the opportunity to stay fit. 

In fact, I think this is the best time to set up your own gym at home. Now let’s find out, among the two well-known machines you can choose from, which is better and why. I mean the Peloton Vs Airdyne: Which Is Better and Why? 

We will compare these two machines in terms of price, features, functions, and each machine’s overall performance to help you make the best decision as a buyer.

Are you ready to be walked into the details of this article? Let’s get started!

Peloton vs Airdyne: The Brand

About Peloton

The Peloton bike first came into the scene in 2012, but it took a whole 2 years period for the company to sell its first indoor cycling bike

Since the first bike was sold, the company has grown to become one of the well-known fitness companies around, growing more than 200% year-in-year-out, according to its influential tech officer, Yong Feng. 

In February of 2017, the company stated that it had about 285,000 users worldwide, including mobile app users, bike owners, and in-house riders. 

The numbers increased just after two years, with about 511,000 connected subscribers and a 95% retention rate. Selling more than 550,000 machines. 

Their idea was to bring the indoor cycling experience straight into the home.

About Airdyne

The Airdyne fitness machine has been around for over a century, with its reputation still intact – a machine you cannot stop but love. A leading air resistance machine in the fitness industry. 

A multipurpose stationary bike, designed with a flywheel fan, solid steel cranks, and a double-coated steel body. 

The multi-grip handlebars allow riders to grip the bike firmly, the padded seat provides users with optimal comfort, and the universal rail and clamp allow users to swap their seats if they so desire. 

It looks like a normal bike – in that, you sit on the seat, lean forward on the handlebars, and pedal with your feet like your normal bike. 

When the bike is operating, the pedals push the wheel fan round with the resistance provided by the air to turn the blades of the fan around. 

This is definitely a feature that makes users love this bike. Properly suited for individuals who want to have quick yet effective training that will lead to calories burning.

Airdyne vs Peloton Review Comparison

Airdyne Review

The Airdyne is a robust bike designed with a flywheel fan, steel crank, handles, seat, pedals, and a solid coated steel body. 

The handles allow you to reposition your hands while using the bike. You can move it back and forth while using the pedal, putting your arms and legs into the best shape. 

You can also put your hands on them and work or move the wheel giving your upper-body a workout. It has been well designed to improve push-offs and reduce blunder.

The console of the bike is quite basic. It provides you with information on distance, power, speed, and heart rate when synced with a monitor. This is surely beneficial when using the bike.


  • Adjustable seat
  • Space efficient
  • Affordable
  • Robust and study
  • Contoured saddle
  • Heart rate control
  • Warranty available
  • Designed with steel
  • Easy to carry around
  • Good weight support
  • No subscription or membership fee
  • Connect with popular fitness apps
  • Great for both short and tall people


  • The fan causes the bike to make a little noise. 

Peloton Review


Is the Peloton bike worth the investment? The answer is a big yes. Even so, if you are accustomed to visiting the gym week in week out to pay their exorbitant fees. 

Even though the Peloton seems a little pricey, it is actually one of the best machines you will ever get on the market. 

And unlike visiting the studios, with this, you get to own the machine itself. Therefore, you get the opportunity to do all sorts of personal training with it. 

Moreover, you wouldn’t have to be judged by others on how you smell and how intense you sweat. Additionally, you can also fix it at home to start sessions any time you want because it is very convenient to use at home. 

But take note: once you purchase the bike, you have to pay the $49 monthly subscription fee repeatedly. Else, you will be left with a bike with just three classes to stream and a free-riding mode that just shows real-time data on the screen. 


  • Easy to access
  • Space efficient
  • Bike-like design
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Warranty available
  • Robust and Efficient
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Great social interaction
  • Comparatively affordable
  • Adjustable HD touchscreen
  • Resistance increased by a knob.
  • Tons of live and on-demand fitness classes to choose from


  • A little pricey – you get what you pay for

Peloton vs Airdyne Buyer’s Guide: Things To Consider Before Investing Your Hard-Earned Money

1. Price

To own the Peloton, you have to be thinking of coughing out an amount of $1,895. Indeed, its price goes hand-in-hand with its quality. You surely get what you pay for. 

Plus, you need to invest an extra $100 to get the shoes. That is not the only thing; the mat also cost an additional amount of $59. 

You also need to consider paying the $49 monthly subscription fee to access the classes; else, you will have a bike that can do something little. 

The live video content is one component that makes the bike special and clear; that is what keeps most customers glued to it. 

The Airdyne, on the other hand, cost an amount of $899. It is quite affordable as compared to the Peloton bike. You don’t have to think about any monthly subscription fee too.

2. Design

The Peloton bike is made of a carbon steel and aluminum flywheel which determines the resistance level while riding. 

It is neatly designed to carry weights as high as 297 pounds. And quite heavy, so you will need about four hands to carry around your apartment. 

Users can adjust the seat upwards or downwards, provided the distance between the seat and the pedal is quite lower than the height of their legs; else, they wouldn’t be able to use the pedal. 

The Airdyne, on the other hand, is rugged and robust. Its frame is made of high-quality steel. Designed to give users full-body training, putting users’ legs and arms into the best of shape. 

3. Footprint

As you may know, the footprint basically shows how much space the bike will occupy in your home. 

Peloton has a footprint of 4’ X 2’, which saves its users a lot of space. That of Airdyne is in a similar range; 4 feet X 2 feet.

4. Resistance

The number of resistance of the Airdyne is 100, and that of the Peloton has a knob which the user can manually use to operate the bike. There is an option to vary the level as you ride. 

The Airdyne, on the other hand, uses air to turn the fan blades which in-turn increases the bike’s resistance. The faster and harder you ride, the higher the resistance becomes

5. Weight Capacity

The weight of the Airdyne is around 113 pounds, and that of the Peloton is 135 pounds. Due to this reason, you wouldn’t need a lot of hands to carry the bike around your home. It as well as a maximum user weight of 297 pounds and 350 pounds for the Airdyne.

6. Comfortability

The Peloton comes with a 22-inch HD touchscreen that streams both live and on-demand fitness classes to users in the comfort of their homes. 

Users can adjust the screen to have different heights and at the same time provide riders with data on distance, speed, and rank users when they are competing with each other. 

The seat is well cushioned to give you the comfort you desire. It definitely doesn’t take a lot of working space. It is indeed a space saver. On the other hand, the noise of the Airdyne can sometimes irritate its users.

7. Build and Construction

The Peloton bike is nicely constructed with a 53-inch height, 23-inch width, and 59-inch depth. 

The pedals are made with delta-compatible aluminum cleats, whose three holes lock the pedals. It is powered on a Mediatek quad-core processor built on Android. 

The HD touchscreen is a thick monitor embedded with a front camera for video chats, volume buttons, and a 2-channel stereo speaker system. 

The Airdyne, on the other hand, is made with steel and other high-grade materials. It has a fan whose blades are turned by air during the workout. 

The motion of the fan helps with resistance training. The higher you use the pedal, the greater the resistance becomes. And the greater the resistance, the higher the machine becomes effective.

8. Warranty

The Airdyne has a 10 years warranty period for its frame, 2 years for its parts, and 6 months for labor. The Peloton, on the other hand, has a 12-month limited warranty period.

9. Level of Classes

The Peloton allows users to access its fitness classes on its touchscreen – for a monthly amount of $49. Each class takes a period of 30 minutes, sometimes 45 minutes, to complete. You can perform cardio, toning, and weight training with the Airdyne.

10. Assemble

Don’t be worried if you are a beginner and you are wondering how you will assemble and install the bike you choose. 

There is a manual attached to the bike that simplifies the installation process. Even with the Peloton, they have individuals they’ve specially employed and trained to help with such work. This surely wouldn’t be a problem if you are to invest in any of these two bikes.

Benefits of Peloton vs. Airdyne

1. Cardiovascular Health

Using the Airdyne, you put yourself in the right position to burn enough calories – 75 in a minute. But it is not easy to sustain that. 

Cardio workouts can be done on the arms and legs to burn more calories—a great product for conditioning training. 

But there is a caveat, burning enough calories is also dependent on the kind of food you eat. Mind you; there is the temptation of eating more food (for you will feel hungry faster) because of the intensity of the training. 

The Peloton, on the other hand, gives you a range of workouts that is similar to a normal bike. It is a very great piece of equipment for people who want to have longer endurance, strength, cardio, weight, and core training. 

It works well on your legs and core than it does on your arms. If cardio and building a well-shaped body is something that interests you, then choose the Airdyne.

2. Weight Loss

The two bikes promote weight loss, endurance, and strength training, but the resistance of the Airdyne increases as you paddle harder, thereby building your legs and arms.

3. Body Toning

Peloton takes body toning to a whole different level. It helps burn calories and tones your body into the shape that you earnestly desire. 

Airdyne doesn’t disappoint either. With consistent use of the bike, you will notice that your lats, pecs, abdomen, hamstrings, calves, biceps, triceps, and quads are all toning.

Peloton vs Airdyne: How Are They Different?

Between the two bikes, the Airdyne bike stands out as the noisier. You can hear their whistling sound as it pushes the fan and the chain drive, making a similar sound. 

It’s like a standing fan blowing at full speed. The Peloton Bike doesn’t make much noise because it has no fan. 

So for a quieter riding experience, the Peloton can be your safest choice. But then, the noise is not the only difference between these two bikes. The list below speaks into detail on this topic

Differences Peloton Airdyne
Price $1,895 $899
Product weight 135 pounds 113 pounds
Dimensions 59-inch length X 23-inch width X 53-inch height 42-inch length X 20-inch width X 52-inch height
Maximum user weight 297 pounds 350 pounds
Warranty 12-month limited warranty The frame (10 years), Parts (2 years), Labor (6 months)
Handlebars Adjustable Multi-Grip handlebars
Workout Access to live and thousand on-demand fitness classes 9 programmable workout options
Noise level Very low Very high
Screen 22-inch HD touchscreen for different height LCD multifunction display with metrics for time, calories, watts, rpm, distance, and speed
Connection Wi-Fi connection Multimedia device holder

Peloton vs Airdyne: Are They The Same?

The two bikes are healthy fitness tools, but surely, your choice should be based on your personal fitness goals and plans. This is a list of how similar these two bikes are

Similarities Peloton Airdyne
Real full-body workout
For cardio and weight training
Solid and robust design
Welded steel frame


There you have it! A thorough comparison between the Peloton and the Airdyne. Two fantastic bikes that offer the best cardio workout you will ever think of as a user. 

Even though they look alike in several ways, two things set them apart. The price is one of them and the features. 

You can choose the Airdyne if you don’t want to spend too much on a bike. But if you want quality and a little bit of modernity, choose the Peloton. 

It is indeed super beneficial for anyone serious about training, as it offers you enough information about hitting your fitness goals more effectively.

I do hope this article has been helpful to you. Do have a wonderful riding experience!


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