Peloton vs Renpho: Which is Better for You? 


The Covid-19 pandemic has made it clear just how important fitness is with regards to immunity and lifespan.

The public place’s restrictions made it even tougher to access gyms. Indoor training equipment sales skyrocketed to meet the demand. There are many advantages of having a home gym besides the obvious cost-effectiveness.

You and your family get the liberty to work out at your convenience! If you were to buy only one piece of equipment to improve your health, it would most likely be a spin bike. They allow you to clock in the minimum recommended hours of physical activity per week.

Peloton has been in this space for some time now and doing very well. However, the company sparked serious competition which has led to the introduction of cheaper, quality brands like Renpho.

In this Peloton ss Renpho review, we’ll help you decide which one of the two spin bikes to purchase for your needs.

Peloton vs Renpho review: The brand

About the “Renpho” brand

Renpho is smart health equipment and gadget manufacturer based in Hong Kong.

Their goal is to improve people’s wellness through innovative, budget-friendly products such as Bluetooth body fat scale, hand massagers, and the AI bike. They have over 7 million customers worldwide.

About the “Peloton” brand

Peloton is an American fitness equipment and media company founded in 2012. Their premier product, the Peloton bike was launched in 2014 and quickly became the most famous in the segment.

To date, the company has added a newer bike and treadmills to its portfolio. The Peloton digital app is now available on most platforms off the bike.

Renpho Review

Renpho AI Powered bike

See Best Price for Renpho

The first AI-powered bike. It knows no prejudice, it needs no membership. It doesn’t believe in trophies, it believes in you. It serves you. It syncs with your biometrics to reach your greatest fit. These are the laws of fit, you get what you give!” That’s the exact marketing slogan for the Renpho bike.

The tone and grammar are honestly on point, and as you’d expect. But I’m not about to take it at face value. In the subsequent sections, I’ll discuss the most outstanding features of the hyped bike.

Features of the Renpho bike

Artificial Intelligence

If you’re a netizen, like me, you’ve probably seen AI everywhere by now! It’s in phones, cars, apps, etc. The implementation of AI on the Renpho bike is not only a first but also, well-done. It’s fully run by a special algorithm that primarily and automatically adjusts resistance levels.

The whole idea here is to deliver a smooth and effective ride. Your biometric data is what guides the algorithm.

This unlocks an infinite, custom riding experience for people aged 15-70 years. your power output and fitness level also guide the resistance. This allows for a safer workout experience for older folks and those with terminal health issues. 

Renpho offers 45+ free classes on its Android/iOS app.  Using a proprietary algorithm, the bike’s real-time power calculation and variable resistance are>90% accurate. This is especially necessary if you’re to rely on the equipment to reach your fitness goals. 


The Renpho AI bike has a minimalist general outline measuring 40″ L x 20″ W x 49″ H. It has an aero-style handlebar system that’s comfortable and height-adjustable.

Although relatively small, the seat competition-style is two-way adjustable-height and span. The company dubs it “airflow seat” and promises better comfort levels above the classic saddles. 

It’s made of an industrial-grade steel frame with an excellent tensile strength that supports riders up to 265lbs. The rear-mounted 32lb flywheel delivers a natural ride feel that’s easy on the joints.

All the while, it neatly fits in a space no more than 4’*2’. This means that you can set it up practically anywhere in the house. Even New Yorkers!

Speaking of which, the belt drive system is silent and may not be intrusive to next-door neighbors. The pedals are flat with toe straps.

You can swap them for Look delta or SPD versions using the standard thread mount-9/16” diameter with 20 threads per inch. Did I mention the bike only weighs 77lbs! 

Twin horizontal stabilizers keep the bike steady even at high riding speeds. A pair of front-mounted moving wheels are also installed for easy logistics.

Finally, a USB 12V-1.4A charging port is a nifty package included to charge up your device while riding. AC 100V-240V, 0.6A 50/60HZ is the plugin power range that caters to most countries.

Oh, it’s gray with red and white accents!

Ride Quality

All 45+ classes offer an array of different cycling challenges-beginner, fat burning, endurance, and muscle strength. Based on the AI claims, no two individuals would have an identical experience in any class. The free training app is developed by Les Mills, a reputable company in the fitness content space. 

You may also connect and ride with friends on the platform. Classes vary from goal-based to relaxed scenic rides. The bike has an adjustable device holder with a maximum capacity of 8.84” diagonally.

From here, you can view the classes. A functional threshold power adjustment technology ensures that you never outgrow the bike’s progressive challenges.

A permanent magnet, brushless servo motor allows for both automated and manual resistance adjustments. You get 80 digital resistance levels to suit your needs. The freewheel is much safer than the conventional flywheel. It stops as soon as the rider pauses pedaling. 

The bike is compatible with other fitness apps such as Zwift, The Sufferfest, Kinomap, FulGaz, and Rouvy. Power information is relayed from the bike to these platforms via Bluetooth.

Vital performance information such as real-time and precise output, time, torque, power, and cadence can be downloaded and analyzed. You can set and track your goals. 


The Renpho bike costs between $600 and $700. For what it’s worth, I think it’s a great pricing point. You get all you need for a satisfactory spin class.

I’m especially impressed by the free Les Mills classes along with the automatic resistance variation function. Bare in mind that you will need to bring a third-party display at an extra cost. Good for you if you already have a tablet. 

There’s no enough data to cover the questions of longevity and long-term reliability. However, the brand is still new and we’ll get to know it with time. Note that in this sub $1000 segment, you’re not out of choice. Brands like Sunny, Echelon and the likes have equally competitive listings.


  • Well-priced 
  • Freewheel design 
  • Free Les Mills classes  
  • Compatible with third-party apps 
  • Functional threshold power training 


  • Has no built-in display 
  • Limited classes 

Peloton Bike Review


“For anybody that wants it”. This is Peloton’s new, and rather a notorious slogan. Peloton is expensive, so I’m not sure if the wanting part is valid for “anybody”, lol! Anyways, cheap is expensive, but is expensive, expensive? In this Peloton review, I’ll tell you all I can about this premium bike. 

Features of the Peloton bike


I have to talk about the current $1895 price tag for a Generation 2 Peloton bike. Mind you, this is the lowest price, ever! Down from $2245. There’s a newer Peloton bike+ that costs $2495. But I’ll skip that one. You can easily buy 3 Renpho bikes for the price of one. 

Another $39/month subscription fee for the Peloton digital experience is excluded from the package. The purchase of a Peloton should be a well-interrogated decision.

However, the quality both in terms of hardware and software is unmatched! So yeah, there’s that too. 

Peloton offers a partial payment on the bike at a monthly installment rate of $49 for 39 months. This comes at a 0% annual percentage rate.

You have the option to try the bike for 30 days at home with a 100% refund if you’re not completely satisfied. The bike shall also be delivered and assembled at the entrance of your house, due to Covid.

All purchases are covered under a 12-month limited warranty program. This covers the touchscreen and most original bike components. Anyways, let’s say you decide to get it, the following is what you should expect:


The Peloton bike has excellent aesthetics. With no description, it’s eye candy. It also has that cool factor that’s set to blow away your friends! Thanks to the social media buzz in the last 5 years! My job is to look past that for you. First off, the bike is made of welded steel that’s powder-coated. 

It has a 4’*2’ footprint and measures 59”*53”*23”.  The minimum ceiling height is 8’ to ensure riders have adequate headroom.

You’ll need a 24” margin on all sides in your training space for an unrestricted workout. The bike comes with a 21.5” touchscreen with excellent brightness levels. It’s also adjustable from different angles. 

With a 1080p resolution, the 10-point display looks and feels immersive. The handlebar is aero-style and is also height-adjustable. A convenient lever is installed below the handlebar for this purpose.

Next up, there’s a red resistance-adjustment knob that’s super responsive. The cross-style Peloton frame has a weight limit of 297lbs and a height limit of 4’11”-6’4”.

A 38lbs magnetic flywheel delivers not only smooth rides but also staggering 100 resistance levels. The most experienced athletes are still likely to get challenged by the bike. 

Riding Experience

The Peloton bike has a sport-series saddle with an ergonomic channel. It’s well-padded and large enough for most user’s comfort preferences.  The crack arms measure 170mm and allow for a full leg extension. They are also made of steel and can take all you throw their way. 

The stock Look pedals are comfortable and have a wide contact area. This allows for maximum power transmission.  Since it comes with a standard 9/16” thread, you can swap with SPD or Speedplay pedals. All the while, the bike remains stable at all riding speeds, thanks to a pair of industrial-grade splined stabilizers. 

The bike uses a V-belt drive system. It’s silent and maintenance-free. A pair of water bottle cam dumbbell holders are neatly installed behind the saddle. This allows you to focus on your ride without halting. 

Peloton Digital classes

For your subscription, you get unlimited access to thousands of HD training videos. These include both on-bike and off-bike content.

For instance, strength, yoga, meditation, boot camp, running, etc. There are in-workout metrics such as cadence, resistance, and heart rate constantly on display across all cycling workouts. 

There are world-renowned coaches on the platform. More videos are also added weekly so you never run out.  A leaderboard ranks top members in a class. You can also checkout how you’re faring to gauge your progress. Live classes have since gained traction with a real-time instructional format. 

One account on a bike may have an unlimited number of profiles, each with custom settings. Each rider’s data may be shared on other platforms such as Zwift. 

You can also use the same account on other Peloton platforms such as Apple TV and Roku. The Bluetooth 4.0 capability allows you to connect to heart rate monitors and headphones. 

If there are no noise restrictions at your place, you’ll enjoy the 2*10W rear-facing audio system with sufficient clarity and volume.  There’s a 5MP camera to stream rides with friends.

You also have the standard 3.5mm audio port to plug in your headphones for a more immersive experience. By the way, are your team wired or wireless?! 

The display runs a custom user interface built on Android. A 2.0 GHz Mediatek MT8173 quad-core processor along with a 2Gb RAM deliver a smooth experience.

All your information from when you first used the bike is stored in the 16GB flash storage. It also has a 100Mbps ethernet port for faster connections.


  • Compact design 
  • High build quality 
  • Partial payment plan 
  • Large touchscreen display 
  • Good content quality and variety 


  • High purchase price 
  • Monthly subscription 

Peloton vs Renpho Buyers Guide

Indoor spin bikes provide cardio facilities in commercial gyms from the comfort of your home.

They eliminate gym commute time and membership fees. Anyone with serious fitness goals must engage in some cardio and spin bikes allow for just that. There is an overwhelming number of fitness products in the market. 

Consider the following factors before investing your hard-earned money in a spin bike:


It’s possible to get a spin bike for as little as $300. As previously discussed, this figure can go way north of $2,000. The difference is in quality, brand reputation, and packaging. Cheaper bikes have low-quality hardware and limited features. The opposite is true for pricier bikes. 

Consider your intentions with the bike before specifying your budget. I know the order is not right, but trust me, with the right intentions, you’ll definitely raise whatever amount you need.

Also, do check out different deals by different retailers, both online and physically. Plus, scavenge for coupons and discounts to further cut the price.


Aesthetics define your first impressions of any product. However, I’d suggest that you look past that. Try focusing on the functionality and suitability of a bike to your anatomy.

The handlebars need to be comfortable, adjustable, and with sufficient grip. The same applies to the seat which should be large and well-padded. 

The frame should support your weight and height. You can easily get these specifications on the vendor website. The pedals should also be of your preference- either Look-delta or SPD.

Most bikes come with a 9/16” pedal installation thread. Meaning you can always replace the stock pedals with one of your choosing. Who wants the extra cost and hustle though!

Construction and Durability

A spin bike, being a long-term investment, should include all the features you need for a worthwhile cardio session. For instance, minor details such as water bottle holder and device tray can significantly increase your time spent on the bike. This translates to better fitness results

The flywheel should also be heavy enough to keep the bike stable. The drive mechanism could either be a chain or belt. Chain drives require regular maintenance and lubrication while belt drives don’t.

The latter is also silent, smooth, and doesn’t degrade with age. Finally, the bike should be made of steel for the best strength and longevity. 

Training Content

Unless you plan on using your spin bike for casual cruising, you’ll need some training content. This helps to avoid monotony on the bike and improves your cardiovascular endurance as you get a dynamic of challenges. Most fitness apps are paid while a selected few are free. So keep that in mind.

Next up is the display from where you consume the content. This could either be in-built on the bike or 3rd-party, in which case you’ll need to buy a tablet. Confirm that the bike has an adjustable device holder bracket to accommodate your gadgets. A USB charging port would be a plus. 

The content would be useless if the resistance is fixed or on the low. As such, I recommend magnetic resistance freewheels or flywheels.

Ensure that it’s easily adjustable with as many levels as possible. Automatic adjustability based on the class is a useful feature. However, it’s usually an option in costlier bikes. 

Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity should also be part of your spec sheet if you’re looking into integrating your own tech into your cardio routine. This allows you to pair up with smartwatches, headphones, heart rate monitors, etc. Which is likely to provide a better insight into fitness levels.

Differences between Peloton vs Renpho bikes

ASPECT  Renpho  Peloton 
Price  $699 $1895
In-built display 
Dimensions  40”*20”*49” 59”*23”*53”
Weight Limit  265 297
Audio system 
Connectivity   Bluetooth Bluetooth, Wi-fi, ANT+
Pedals Flat  Look-delta 
Water bottle holder 
Monthly subscription 


Similarities between the Peloton vs Renpho bikes

ASPECT  Renpho  Peloton
Companion app 
Magnetic flywheel 
Belt drive 
Partial payment plans
9/16” pedal thread 
Auto-follow resistance 


Benefits of Peloton vs Renpho bikes

1. Cardiovascular health

The Renpho bike offers a smart, dynamic resistance servo motor that offers smooth adjustments to the resistance level. The feedback loop, in this case, is your biometric data such as heart rate. By so doing, the bike offers custom training that fits your body and level of fitness. 

The Peloton bike has an extensive variety of fitness classes. These automatically vary the fitness level thanks to its auto-follow feature.

Using this training technique, you can easily and progressively improve your endurance levels. Simply repeat a class from start to finish multiple times until it becomes effortless. 

Both bikes continuously raise your heart rate no matter how fit you get. It’s such strain on your body that yields better cardiovascular health. 

2. Weight Loss

A good percentage of people engage in cardio in a bid to lose weight. Well, these spin bikes are one of the best tools to do just that.

Peloton keeps track of your vitals and relays the same in easy-to-understand numerical and infographics. In this case, calories burned would be your primary focus. 

The Renpho bike app also provides similar information. With enough experience,  you’ll get to understand the relationship between your effort, diet, and weight loss. Don’t forget weight loss equals calories in minus calories burnt.


Both the Renpho and Peloton bikes are smart. They tell you exactly how you’re doing in real-time. They also store and analyze your progress over time.

With such information, it’s easy to stay on course, as opposed to doing things blindly. The social rides with friends are another often overlooked feature in both books.

I don’t know about you but I tend to perform better when doing joint activities. Or with girls around, lol!

Final Thoughts

The Renpho bike offers much better value for its price in comparison to Peloton. It has great hardware and a free software platform. With an automatic resistance function and compatibility with third-party apps, I would recommend it anytime. You also get a 3 $233/month payment option with 0% APR from Affirm. 

However, you still have to buy a tablet since there’s no in-built display. The free classes are not nearly as diverse as is the case in older platforms. So you’ll have to contend with that.  On the other hand, if money is no object, then Peloton is just for you. It’s the best spin bike money can buy, and it sure delivers!


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