Peloton Vs Schwinn IC4 Indoor Bike Comparison: Which is Better?


Peloton Vs Schwinn IC4 Indoor Bike: Which is right for you?

Stationary exercise bikes are not new, but they are soaring in popularity these days because of the restriction on social activities.

Due to covid-19, every exercise enthusiast is pushed to do their exercises indoors.

Peloton and Schwinn IC4 are two brands that have been trending among stationary bike enthusiasts. Both have astounding modern features such as live and on-demand videos. Many people rely on smart exercise bikes to sweat it out in the morning before doing anything else.

In this article, we are going to have a side by side comparison of the two best brands in the stationary exercise bikes category, cool huh? Let’s go!

Peloton Bike Review

Peloton is a tech company that manufactures smart stationary exercise bikes.

Their smart bikes are one of the finest available in the market today. Although they have one of the best products on the market, they have quite some disadvantages. Notably is the high pricing of their smart bikes. On account of that, many starters look for viable alternatives in the market.

Schwinn like Peloton is a tech company that manufactures smart exercise bikes. Schwinn is an alternative to Peloton and from recent reviews from customers; Schwinn is preferred over Peloton due to its pricing.

Schwinn is affordable when compared to Peloton.


Peloton Accessories

The price tag of the peloton bike scares off starters who love smart bikes. However, it comes with high-tech features including a virtual gym and a personal trainer.


  • Durable
  • Excellent design
  • Excellent customer service
  • Automated statistics tracker
  • Adjustable handlebar and saddle
  • 5 inch HD screen with stereo speakers
  • Option to connect with 24/7 classes via peloton app


  • Super expensive
  • Shorter Warranty period as compared to other bikes

Peloton bikes come with modern, smart, and advanced features rendering them one of the best in the market.

Who is Peloton bike for?

Anyone who is looking for an advanced and smart stationary bike and has some extra money to spend can consider purchasing this product.

The bike costs $2,245 including delivery with assembly. Moreover, you have to consider the $39/month for the Peloton Digital App.

What Are Customers Saying About This Product?

The registered members are happy with the boot camps and training sections they have paid for.

They love the in-built peloton app and their customer services are admired by many. The sleek design of the bike promotes comfortability when using the bike. Sounds great!

Schwinn IC4 Review

Factoring in affordability, the IC4 could be a substitute for the peloton bike. Why do customers love it? Simply, it delivers the peloton experience at an affordable price tag.

It comes with a smooth-running 400-pound drive wheel, dual-link pedals with toe cages, and hundred levels of micro-adjustable resistance (magnetic). IC4’s Bluetooth connectivity allows connection to a wide variety of apps such as the Peloton app and Zwift.


  • Heavy Drive: You have a wide range of fitness levels and challenges thanks to the 40-pound flywheel of the bike.
  • Multi-Grip Handlebar
  • Warranty: 10-year frame warranty, 3-year mechanical and electrical warranty and 1-year labor warranty.
  • Data Monitor: Track your time, distance, calories, heart rate and more with ease.
  • Customizable Pedals: The dual-link SPD foot pedals come standard with toe cages or clips allowing you to customize your ride.
  • Durable


  • Workout Variety: No preset workouts.
  • Console: Basic LCD included to track your stats but there is no high-tech console included for streaming workouts (unlike the peloton bikes with an embedded HD screen and with the peloton app)

However, the IC4 is compatible with many fitness apps including the peloton app. One gets access to live and on-demand workouts from the best trainers in the industry when you invest in the Schwinn IC4 exercise bike.

Who is the Schwinn IC4 for?

Anyone who is looking for a high-tech stationary bike at an affordable price should invest in the Schwinn IC4. It’s considered one of the best alternatives to the Peloton bike. The IC4 delivers the Peloton experience on a budget.

What Are Customers Saying About This Product?

Already guessed it right? Customers are happy with the pricing coupled with the high-tech functionality this device comes with. The excellent warranty and customer services are also admired by the majority.

Schwinn Ic4 Indoor Cycling Bike vs Peloton: Things to Consider When Buying an Indoor Cycling Bike

Anyone who needs a home gym is required to buy any of the two. But which one should I buy?  Well, it depends!


The most significant difference between Peloton and Schwinn is the price.

While the Peloton Indoor Cycle does offer to finance the bike, the cost you’ll end up paying is too much in comparison to the Schwinn IC4. The Schwinn indoor cycle comes in at about a quarter of Peloton’s price.


The resistance for both bikes is also another factor to consider. With the Peloton, you get Magnetic Resistance while the Schwinn IC4 comes with felt pad resistance. As such the Peloton bike is better in terms of resistance feel and longevity.

One drawback you will encounter with the Schwinn bike is the felt pad resistance.

While this type of resistance system is alright, it generally doesn’t have the longevity of bikes with magnetic resistance. So after a few years, the felt pad on the Schwinn bike will need to be replaced and with Schwinn’s unparalleled warranty, it covers most of this issue.


With the design, both bikes feature a similar structural layout that is typical of a great indoor cycle.

However, Peloton’s design is a little bit visually appealing than the Schwinn with smooth contours and a sleeker finish. Both bikes feature Height adjustable handlebars with a multi-grip design.

They also come with a sporty cycling seat that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. There’s not much difference here in the structural design.


The most substantial advantage that the Peloton bike has over the Schwinn IC4 is in its display. On the Peloton, you get a 22″ HD display that is flawlessly compatible with the Peloton app.

On the Schwinn bike, you get an averagely sized LCD console that is capable of tracking primary workout metrics such as time, calories, etc.

While the LCD falls behind with the Schwinn indoor cycle, you do get a media tray that you can hold your device. This feature is an excellent part of the Schwinn IC4 as it allows you to save money by just installing the Peloton App on your smart device or tablet.


The footprint of a stationary bike is probably one of the most critical aspects, and both bikes are excellent at this point.

The Schwinn IC4 has a dimension of 48.7” x 21.2” x 49.8” while the Peloton bike has a dimension of 59″ L x 53″ H x 23″ W.


With weight, Schwinn IC4 weighs a total of 101 lbs while the Peloton Cycle weighs 135 lbs.

This difference in weight between the Peloton and Schwinn is not an issue as the Schwinn bike is smaller. The Schwinn bike also doesn’t have an extra-large display which adds to the total weight of the Peloton.

One more difference between Schwinn vs Peloton is that one bike has a higher weight capacity than the other. The Peloton comes with a user weight limit of 305 lbs while the Schwinn IC4 has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.


In addition, you get a solid warranty if you choose to go with the Schwinn IC4. The warranty covers up to 10 years on the frame, three years for mechanical parts, one year on Electronics and 90 days for labor.

This warranty is impressive for a product that costs so little in comparison to Peloton’s warranty. Peloton offers a warranty of 5 years on the frame and 12 months on labor and other parts despite its high cost.


  • LCD Display: You can track your calories, distance, time, heart rate, and more with this feature. This feature is unique to the IC4 as described above.
  • Upper Body Workout: You get a pair of 3-pound dumb bells with the bike. It will help support your upper body workouts. Another similarity between the two bikes.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: This feature is common to both bikes. You have the option of streaming spin workouts from the world’s best trainers via Peloton and Zwift from the IC4.
  • Plenty of Resistance: You can easily find the perfect challenge with the hundred micro-adjustable resistance levels provided by the stationary bike. Similar feature for both bikes.
  • Customized Pedals: The dual-link foot pedals have “toe cages” to help customize your ride. Both bikes share this similarity. 
  • Tablet Holder: Allows you to place a tablet or mobile phone and listen to your favorite music while exercising. This is also key for streaming live and on demand workouts, via apps like Peloton. Unique to the schwinn bike, peloton comes with its own embedded HD screen.
  • Water Bottle Holder: Allows a compartment to keep your water bottle within easy reach. Both bikes share this common feature.
  • Multi-Grip Handlebar: The multi-grip handlebars will let you work out different muscle groups and be comfortable during the entire process. Another common feature for both bikes.


Practically, both bikes have the same functionality. These bikes are designed for workouts or exercising indoors. Talking about benefits, what do regular exercising offers the body?

In cardiovascular health, the heart muscles are strengthened and this facilitates better heart functioning and circulation. With the Schwinn’s heart rate monitor checker, you can monitor your heart rate while exercising.

Others might also engage in regular exercising to lose weight.

Frequent exercising can help burn a lot of fats and this helps reduce body fats. Dumbbells included with the bikes could introduce variety in your workouts. Calorie checker feature that comes with the Schwinn exercise bike could help monitor your calorie level.


The two bikes differ significantly in the pricing; the peloton bike is super expensive as compared to the schwinn bike. In terms of display, weight capacity, warranty and resistant type, there are differences between the two as discussed in detail above.


The peloton and the IC4 are similar in various ways. With purpose and functionality, they are basically similar. The design and look of both bikes are similar too.

They both also share common accessories and features like the water container, Bluetooth connectivity, and dumbbells.

In such a pandemic situation the world is currently experiencing with the social distancing and closure of many gym centers and fitness centers, stationary bikes are the best if you want to continue with your fitness schedule indoors.

Considering the variety of workouts these bikes could bring and the online fitness classes you can enroll in using the apps they are compatible with, these smart bikes have introduced the fitness centers right in our homes.

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