Renpho AI-Powered Bike Review [MUST READ]


If you have been looking for the most comprehensive and helpful Renpho AI-Powered Bike Review, you have come to the right place. 

Since there are many indoor exercising bikes available on the market, I totally understand why you want to be sure you’re making an intelligent and informed decision before spending your hard-earned money on any stationary bike for indoor cycling.

Although they are all packed with excellent features, every bike is designed for a different type of consumer, depending on their requirements and budget.

Join me as we explore salient things worth considering before purchasing the Renpho AI-Powered Bike and, for that matter, any indoor cycling bike that comes with the benefit of improving your health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Are you ready? Let’s start rolling!

About The “Renpho” Brand

The Renpho brand designs affordable, innovative home products for healthy living. Their customer satisfaction priority compels them to create an innovative home product with meticulous care and effort for usefulness, ergonomics, and quality. 

Their aim and mission are to enable customers to start taking steps toward enhancing their wellbeing by using state-of-the-art technology.

Some of their revolutionary, innovative home products include the brilliant scale series – tracks body condition in all aspects with 13 indexes. 

As well as being a smart food scale to keep a nutrition diary easily, the smartphone app can help you track calories and your nutritional intake per ingredient or dish. The massage gun series targets sore and tired muscles to give relief.

The air purifier series removes allergens, VOCs, and airborne bacteria to improve air quality and help stay healthy.

So the next time you see Renpho as bestsellers, know they deserve it.

The Renpho AI-Powered Bike Review

Renpho AI Powered bikeSee Best Price for Renpho

The Renpho AI-Powered is an indoor exercising bike that boasts several attractive features like functional threshold power, auto resistance, scenic riding for a home workout with tablet mount, airflow seat, and an app for iOS Android

The Bike helps you optimize training, with the design made to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

An AI-generated workout algorithm based on your biometrics enables an unlimited number of users to have a truly peculiar personalized experience.

Until the Covid-19 pandemic, indoor cycling was the last resort venture for exercise because of the exonerating pleasure one gains from a public gymnasium

While nothing can be a perfect substitute to the energizing background sounds echoing from the walls of a studio, the coaches and highly determined athletes to motivate you, and the battles for champions, the Renpho AI-PoweredAI Powered Bike is gradually making exercising better.

Strikingly, every investment made by purchasing this device comes with over 40 plus access to free fitness classes categorized under 5 training courses to ascertain your development properly. And all these endowments can be obtained anytime, any day at your own preferred schedule, at the comfort of your home.


  • Not very expensive
  • Large cushioned seat 
  • Personalized training for all
  • Free downloadable phone app 
  • Smart motor damping precision 
  • Optimization with AI technology
  • Enclosed wheels and smooth freewheel design


  • Somewhat difficult to operate

Things To Consider Before Investing In An Indoor Cycling Bike

These are several things you need to consider before investing your hard-earned money in this fitness bike.

1. Price

The price of a product communicates value but value is not necessarily obtained in a product’s exorbitancy. 

If your decision to purchase an indoor bike is based on just the price, then you will belittle the efficiency and potency of the Renpho AI Bike. Their super affordable price tag calls for amazement. Currently priced at $699 and $599 with coupon. 

The price set at this affordable rate will be comfortable for most people looking for a solid home workout that gives you access to on-demand classes and programs. 

Fortunately, it does not include costs for membership. Additionally, the free classes’ subscription and other content are a nice perk. Again, it comes with professional training instruction, scenic and challenging rides, all for free. 

2. Assembly

There is some nervousness one assumes seeing the huge product box cart resting before him. But then, the bike comes 95% pre-assembled. You need to add a few parts to it.

All the necessary tools and clear step-by-step instructions are included in the user manual. Per user’s technological proficiency, assembling can span between 10-15 minutes without any product installation expertise.

3. Space/Storage

With the product having a net weight of 35kg/77lb, Dimensions of 40″ L x 20″ W x 49″ H, and a Footprint of 3.1′ x 1.4′(4.3 sq. ft), it’s easy to move it from one place to another without much effort needed. Its sleek, small and chunky design makes it seamlessly fit your small office or living room.

4. Build & Construction

In terms of build and construction, the bike is made of carbon structural steel. It is 3.1 feet long and 1.4 feet wide (4.3 sq. ft), making it compact enough. 

The height makes it ideal for someone with tall arms and legs. It is also easy to find a comfortable sweet spot. 

For the complete item, there is adjustable handlebars, seat, and display. Pedals are basic ones found on most standard consumer bikes featuring straps. 

5. HD Display

Since the product doesn’t come with its own screen, you would have to fix your own screen. Using a tablet or phone is enough to mount. 

Note that the quality of the display is dependent on the visual resolution of your device.

6. Weight Capacity

The bike’s net and gross weight stand at 35kg/77lb and 40kg/88lb, respectively. This makes it easy to be carried around without any extra hurdle. Mind you; it comes with a freewheel too.

7. Resistance

Gladly, the permanent magnet brushless servo motor provides both self and automated adjustable resistance (80 digital resistance level), real-time and precise resistance level, and a very smooth and quiet ride. 

This means that the automatic synchronization of machine effort to help resistance be in tandem with the user’s paddling pace without his intervention. 

8. Warranty

Every product you buy from Renpho qualifies for free international shipping and has a 30-day return policy. 

Moreover, if you have any issue with the hardware, you can address it to the customer care center with proof within 30 days.

Benefits of a Renpho Bike

Artificial Intelligence

The AI-based efficient digital course ensures the rider puts forth the correct type of effort into cycling. With the help of algorithms, users can have a custom-made AI training program every week. Through the bike, you can also connect with popular workout apps like Zwift and Kinomap. 

Professional Cycling Courses

Using the bike, you can access free professional cycling courses organized by Les Mills and other certified trainers. These classes help to pump you up and push you to reach your fitness goal. 

Resistance Based Training

Enables auto-follow resistance-based training on actual road conditions. This feature helps you set goals and be challenged by many of the world’s best professional bikers in the virtual gamified indoor cycling community. 

The permanent magnet brushless servo motor provides both self and automated adjustable resistance (80 digital resistance level) and real-time and precise resistance levels. This enables a very smooth and quiet ride. 

Alternative Products – Renpho AI-Powered Bike Review

1. EX5s Echelon Smart Connect Bike

An interactive training bike with a built-in 21.5-inch touchscreen display helps in the broadcast of live training sessions. It is not like other Echelon models that forgo the screen. 

It comes with a screen designed to rotate away from regular riding positions. This enables under off-bike workouts. It will cost you $1,639.98 to get the EX5S in your home, not including the cost of shipping or your monthly $39.99 down membership subscription. 

It comes with features such as an HD touchscreen, magnetic resistance, smartly positioned bottle holder and can be used to have workouts both on and off the bike. This makes it a very significant and beneficial product. 

It is geared for zealous people for the latest great tech and those who want to be competitive while training alongside fellow online spin lovers at home. 

Additionally, it is a solid fit for those wanting a well-rounded set of workout options as well.

  • Considering the total cost within a year makes the EX5S more expensive than Renpho AI-powered bike.
  • There is no built-in programming in the EX5S other than the Renpho, where you can access AI and algorithms programs without joining any online sessions.

2. EX-P Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike

For an alternative to the Renpho AI-powered bike, look no further than the EX-Prime bike, which comes with a cost of $500. The addition of a toe strap other than a pedal clip makes it a good choice for the cyclist who efficiently sustains injury underfoot. 

Boasting more than 1500 on-demand classes as well as live yet interactive workouts. For the indoor cycling lovers who wouldn’t want to splash a huge sum of money but still want to stay on budget and enjoy the benefits of indoor bikes, the EX-Prime Echelon smart connect bike is the best choice for you.

  • The EX-Prime price makes it a good choice for low-income earners, even though the Renpho AI-Powered bike is lower.
  • With the resistance level of Renpho AI set at 80 digital resistance level and the EX-Prime at 32 resistance level, the Renpho AI provides a very smooth and quiet ride, which EX-Prime doesn’t.

EX3 Echelon Smart Connect Bike

The Echelon Smart Connect EX3 Max Bike is an indoor bike designed for taking fitness classes through Echelon’s Fit platform, which is available for Android and iOS devices. 

For $1,039.98, it seems quite expensive than the Renpho AI-powered bike. It uses magnetic resistance in controlling efficiency. 

With this feature, you can view real-time events along with metrics like speed. It is an all-inclusive bike for professional bikers who want a perfect starter and an indoor cycling lover who wants to stay optimal with body shape in everyday training. In fact, everyone can use it. 

  • The weight of EX3 at 47.6kg against 34.9kg for the Renpho bikes renders the Renpho bike the choice of users bound by storage space.
  • Unlike the AI bike, which comes almost assembled in the box and can be carefully moved in by just a person, the EX3 has been totally dismantled in its bulky box. Therefore, you will need patience from many people to cart it in and assemble it.


It is no doubt that the Renpho AI-Powered Bike stands out as a perfect machine. Its AI functionality makes it an excellent product for many biking enthusiasts. 

Not forgetting the threshold power training, professional cycling instructors, revolutionary brilliant motor damping, freewheel design, and the many free and highly beneficial contents show how great the features are. 

There is no excuse for wasting money on bikes that yield fewer benefits as compared to the Renpho. So, good luck to you! 


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