10 Best Shoes for Peloton Bike for Both Men and Women [Top Picks]


So what is the best cycling shoes for a Peloton bike?

Of course, Peloton is a state-of-the-art bike but just like many other spinning bikes – the indoor cycling trend is still quite new. People are gradually catching up with the craze.

Further, the advent of indoor cycling shoes is also novelty fitness enthusiasts have had to accept and deal with as part of the whole indoor cycling package.

However, if you’ve decided to pay $2245 for a basic Peloton package (the numbers can add up to about $4000 for an upgrade) then I believe you’re ready and on your way to making significant changes to your health and fitness.

Peloton shoes


Anyways, you’d have to buy the recommended Peloton shoe at about $125 to make your experience worthwhile.

Unless you’re not in a good position to make that additional investment.

It may be necessary to acquire Peloton compatible shoes with required cleats or clips on them to offer the necessary grip for the best pedalling experience.

Peloton pedal system uses the look delta cleats. Therefore you need the best indoor cycling shoes with look delta cleats to go with. Not shoes with the popular spd cleat even though it’s the industry standard. Those cleats work best with mountain bikes especially.

What do the cleats do?

A cleat connects the shoe to the pedal, designed to prevent the wearer from losing their footing and to get the best riding experience. So, of course, it’s essential that they be compatible.

If all these may sound crazy to you, why not try out the Peloton hack we talk about in our extensive Peloton vs Echelon post. That’s also cool.

For instance, you may want to use the Keiser M3i bike with Peloton digital app alongside one of the look delta shoes for the bike.

Or the Zwift or Peloton app, a look delta compatible indoor cycling shoe and Echelon bike.


Either way, you can get a near similar experience. And even more with any of the compatible shoes, we’ll look at here.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in this Best shoes for Peloton bike review:

First, we’ll share and compare the 12 top Peloton compatible shoes you’ll find useful

Second, we’ll take a look at some special features(pros), drawbacks(cons) you need to know about.

Third, we’ll provide a sampling of the actual customer and Independent reviews to give you a better insight into the product.

And finally, we’ll provide you with a detailed buyer’s guide to make a more intelligent and informed buying decision

Sound good?

Let’s dive in!

Contents show

Best Peloton Compatible Shoes Review

  1. Tommaso Strada 100
  2. Tommaso Pista – Women
  3. Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe
  4. Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe
  5. TIEM Slipstream Indoor bike shoes – Women 
  6. Shimano RP2W SPD-SL Women’s Shoes
  7. SHIMANO SH-RP5 Cycling Shoe – For Men
  8. Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Road V5 Cycling Shoe
  9. Pearl Izumi Women’s All-Road III Cycling Shoe
  10. ZOL Peloton Carbon Road Cycling Shoes

Best Peloton Shoes on Amazon – Top 10 Comparison Table

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So our utmost concern is to find look delta cleats compactible shoes.

In other words, we want the best cycling shoes available on the market today or nothing. And we should never forget this premise.

1. Tommaso Strada 100


Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Compatible Road Touring Cycling Spin Shoe -45 Black

Check Price on Amazon

Our goal is to use these cycling shoes with a Peloton bike. Ideally, the Tommaso Strada has the Look Delta-style cleats, which work perfectly with the pedals.

The Tommaso Strada 100 blends comfort and performance together, creating an amazingly versatile shoe that is perfect for road riding, commuting, touring, and spin class use.

Fortunately, the cleat area is compatible with every cleat type on the market. IncludesLook Delta cleats which is compatible with the Peloton Bike, and SPD cleats which are compatible with most indoor cycling pedal systems.

It offers 3-strap comfort and adjustability, with a stiff fibreglass reinforced polyamide sole for incredible power transfer.

In fact, there is the Tommaso Strada 100 and the Tommaso Strada 200, both with 3 Velcro Straps 2 velcro Straps & Ratcheting Buckle respectively.

Further, you have the option to add the whole bundle when buying.

It comes with a 100% Fit Guarantee, 100% Free Fit Returns, 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.


  • Cleats Included
  • Peloton Compatible
  • Option to add a bundle
  • SPD (2-bolt) Compatible
  • Look Delta & SPD-SL (3-bolt) Compatible
  • Can be used with road and spin bikes
  • Recessed Cleat Area (Easier for Walking)


  • Size conversion issues

2. Tommaso Pista – For Women

Tommaso Pista Women's Spin Class Ready Cycling Shoe Bundle - Black/Blue - Look Delta - 41Check Price on Amazon

The Tommaso Pista is said to be purposely built to spin!

The Pista is designed to fit all standard cleat systems, including Shimano SPD, SPD-SL, Look delta, and Speedplay. It is perfect for road riders, spin classes, and everyday riding.

There is an added toe-box ventilation that helps circulate air throughout the shoe, keeping you cool and comfortable, even during a hot spin class.

It comes with an ergonomic three strap velcro system that offers precision fit and firmly holds your foot, while avoiding pressure points for maximum comfort, even after a long period of riding.

The precision heel cup offers a firm, no-slip hold and extremely effective heel support, ensuring that your foot stays in place for maximum efficiency and performance.

The Pista offers a stiff power transfer for your best ride ever, helping you to reach your maximum potential, and crush your personal bests!


  • Cleats Included
  • SPD (2-bolt) Compatible
  • Compatible With Peloton Bike
  • Can be used with road and spin bikes
  • Recessed Cleat Area (Easier for Walking)
  • Look Delta & SPD-SL (3-bolt) Compatible
  • Black/Pink, Black/Blue, White Color Options


  • Size conversion issues

3. Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe

Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve Cycling Shoe, Black/ - 42, Black/Black, Model:TPR5OCMI11010-420

Check Price on Amazon

Fi’zi:k – they say, is a racing brand. It represents beauty, speed, passion.

The Fi’z:k Tempo R5 Powerstrap shoe is the lightweight, versatile footwear you need to pedal longer and more efficiently.

It’s built with an R5 outsole that uses carbon-reinforced nylon to effectively transfer power from your leg to your crank arm.

The Powerstrap system fully surrounds your foot to evenly disperse the pressure while using two hook-and-loop straps to secure the fit precisely.

Made for competition, this pair of shoes offers cyclist the freedom to race against each other and even race against the clock.

Again, for the enthusiast and would-be cyclists around the world who identify with the feeling of the fire of competition’, this will be a good friend and a faithful servant.

The R5 Tempo has a Microtex Upper with a supple yet strong and durable construction for a comfortable and consistent fit.

The Tempo series is designed specifically for road cycling, with a sleek design that doesn’t sacrifice comfort.


  • Great price
  • Synthetic leather
  • Peloton Compatible
  • R5 nylon composite sole
  • Great Velcro power straps
  • Recommended for road cycling
  • 2 years Manufacturer Warranty
  • Powerstrap Closure (hook-and-loop)


  • Heats-pots prone

4. Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe

Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe - 2 and 3 Bolt Cleat Compatible Black/Grey

Check Price on Amazon

Our next Peloton compatible shoe is the Gavin indoor cycling shoes. Designed for comfort, these shoes have synthetic microfibre leather and breathable mesh to prevent heat spots after a long ride.

hese Gavin indoor cycling shoes are compatible with the 2 or 3 bolt including Look Delta, Look Keo, SPD, SPD-R & SPD-SL cleats.

They are designed to work with clipless pedal systems as well.

You can use a cleat installed on the bottom of each shoe and fix it on the pedal. You may have to have to order the cleat separately.

We researched a compatible delta look cleats on Amazon such as the BV Bike Cleats.

The best part is the adjustable buckle which helps your foot to fit in perfectly.


Gavin shoe sizes


  • Great fit
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable mesh
  • Very comfortable
  • Nylon fibreglass sole
  • Synthetic microfibre leather
  • 2 and 3 Bolt Cleat Compatible


  • Issues with breakages

5. TIEM Slipstream – Women Only

TIEM Slipstream - Black-Black - Indoor Cycling Spin Shoe, SPD Compatible (Women's Size 6.5)

Check Price on Amazon

For Tiem cycling shoes, we found the TIEM Slipstream for women a great option for your Peloton experience.

This Tiem spin shoe is a performance cycling shoe that doesn’t sacrifice the style and comfort of your favourite pair of sneakers.

The Slipstream is the original slip-on, single-strap Tiem spin shoe, available in an array of colors to compliment your spin style.

It is perfect for indoor cycling as it allows you to walk around your gym or cycling studio with ease. Just remember that these shoes accept an SPD cleat (sold separately)

On the sizing, it is recommended you choose a half size down from your normal athletic shoe size for a secure, optimal fit. Sizes shown are US Women’s sizes.

Please note: SPD cleats are a 2-bolt system, these shoes are not compatible with a 3-bolt Delta cleat.


  • Great fit
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Synthetic leather
  • Super comfortable
  • Great for advanced cyclist
  • Wear like a regular sneaker


  • Sizing issues
  • Comes with no clips

6. Shimano RP2W SPD-SL Women’s Shoes

SHIMANO Women's RP2W SPD-SL Bike Parts, Standard, One Size

Check Price on Amazon

If you’ve just started taking spin classes or a pro cyclist, the Shimano cycling shoes are for you.

Inasmuch as you may love your sneakers or training shoes or the and the complimentary shoes rented out at the boutique spin studio, it will be a great idea to buy your own cycling shoes.

And if the scenario above relates to you, then I recommend the Shimano RP2W for you. Made for women, this pair of shoes will fit a wider foot.

A number of people complain about the sizing of the Pearl Izumi. Not to mention getting your foot in the shoes. But the Shimano RP2W maybe the answer for your wide feet.

For people with narrow feet, you may have to leave the bottom velcro strap undone and probably have the middle one, not all the way pressed down so that your feet aren’t numb after as you go through your spin class.

Just like most cycling shoes on this list, all you need is to buy the recommended Look Delta cleats, install and BOOM – you have a Peloton compatible shoe.

You can also use it for Soul Cycle, Equinox gyms, etc..

Great fit and look!

You can go to the company’s website and check out their size conversion and you won’t be disappointed.


  • Great price
  • Very Comfortable
  • Synthetic leather
  • Great fit and look
  • Great for beginners
  • Suitable for wider feets
  • Claimed Weight: [size 40] 509g
  • 2-bolt, 3-bolt Cleat Compatibility


  • Sizing issues

7. SHIMANO SH-RP2 Cycling Shoe – For Men’s

SHIMANO SH-RP2 SPD Touring Road Cycling Bicycle Shoes 39

Check Price on Amazon

This is the SHIMANO SH-RP5 for men, and you’ll love it. Shimano cycling shoes for men.

If you’ve suffered through too narrow biking shoes for years, the SHIMANO SH-RP5 may be what you need.

It comes with a larger width, so if you have a wider foot – then this is for you. Synthetic and very comfortable.

Great for general indoor and outdoor cycling with 3 durable hook & loop straps spread tightening force across the top of the foot.


  • Great price
  • Very Comfortable
  • Synthetic leather
  • Great fit and look
  • Great for beginners
  • Suitable for wider feets
  • Extra cushioned tongue
  • Lightweight glass fiber
  • Off-set Strap relieves tension


  • Sizing issues

8. Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Road V5 Cycling Shoe – For Men

PEARL IZUMI Men's Select Road v5 Cycling Shoe, Black/Black, 40

Check Price on Amazon

Another highly recommended Peloton shoes for those on a budget. Sturdy, comfortable and easy to slip on and off.

It comes with an improved nylon plate increases stiffness which allows for quick acceleration. These shoes support your foot all day especially during long hours and days in the saddle.

It’s 1:1 Anatomic 3-Strap Closure removes pressure from your instep to eliminate heat-spots during long rides.

And for storage, the Pearl Izumi is one durable, easy to clean, and there’s no residing odor after use.

So you can buy these shoes as an alternative to the Peloton shoes (with Look Delta clips) to ensure you have the best cycling experience.


  • Great price
  • Synthetic sole
  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates hot spots
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Exceptional breathability


  • Size conversion issues

9. Pearl Izumi Women’s All-Road III Cycling Shoe – For Women

PEARL IZUMI Women's W All-Road III W, Black/Black, 36 EU/5.2 B US

Check Price on Amazon

While reducing instep pressure, this Pearl Izumi for women also comes in with a 1:1 Anatomic Closure follows the foot’s natural shape to eliminate heat-spots.

Its concave shape heightens stiffness and anatomic support. SPD (two-hole design) cleat compatible.

Offering a great in-shoe feeling with a breathable fabric lining, you’ll love this beauty. Please note that measurements may vary by size.


  • Rubber sole
  • Padded collar
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • 100% Synthetic and Fabric
  • Three adjustable hook-and-loop straps


  • Sizing issues

10. ZOL Peloton Carbon Road Cycling Shoes –  The Best shoes for PelotonZOL White MTB Indoor Cycling Shoes 42

Check Price on Amazon

The ZOL Peloton has a carbon sole that offers the best power transfer application between the foot and pedal.

One of the best Peloton compatible shoes available on the market today. This top of the line premium cycling shoe is very lightweight and very comfortable on the foot.

Coming in with a Rollkin Lacing System for comfort, it also safely secures your foot while pedalling.

Weight in 42 cm is 242 grams. You’ll need to get the cleats separately. You can use this one – ‘BV Bike Cleats’ we found on Amazon.ZOL Peloton Carbon size chart


  • Great fit
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Synthetic leather
  • Great Lacing system
  • 100% Carbon fiber sole
  • super easy to slip in and out
  • Compactible with BV Bike Cleats


  • High-priced: You get what you paid for

Indoor Cycling Pedals System…

First, you’ll need to determine the indoor cycling bike’s pedals system. Today, most spinning bikes come with its own compatible clip that allows riders to attach their cycling shoes directly to the pedals and with the right cleat attachment.

Again the cleat is designed as a connection from the shoe to the pedal for 2 main reasons:

  1.  to prevent the wearer from losing their footing and
  2. for the most efficient, safest and best riding experience.

There is 2 main indoor shoe cleats attachment:

  • SPD cleats
  • LOOK Delta cleats

SPD cleats

The spd cleats are the most popular cleat attachment available. In fact, many exercise bikes use spd cleats.

They are compatible with both mountain biking (MTB) shoes and road cycling shoes. They also come with an outer sole that makes walking in them easily.

LOOK Delta Cleats

Look Delta Cleats for Peloton bike

LOOK Delta cleats are compatible with road cycling shoes. Very popular with road bikes that are equipped with TRIO pedals. They come with a 3-hole connection point designed to works with all road cleats for stability.

The peloton makes use of the Look Delta cleats on its pedal system. So if you want the best shoes for peloton bike, you’ll need one that uses the look delta shoe cleats.

For this review, we’re assuming that this purchase may be your first pair of cycling shoes and for that matter, you want the best shoes for Pelton, though we think you can get whatever you want here.

Shoes for Peloton Bike Buyers Guide: What you should look out for before investing your Hard-earned Money

1. Price

Shoes, unlike other fitness equipment, are very dear to my heart. You better buy quality or die trying. But at a reasonable price. Here, we’re looking at something between $50 to $150 for most of our recommended shoes.

You can always pay the additional $159 for Peloton’s own shoes, weights and headphones as the three essential elements to make the most of your ride.

Thanks to our best peloton shoes review, you can find all the recommended look delta shoes on Amazon. Very decent cycling shoes for women and men.

2. Size

For the best spin shoes, you’ll need to consider the different size options. With respect to where you’re coming from – you may require a European size or American standard size.

Please use the Size Chart Image to ensure the correct fit.

3. Cleats/Clips

If you want the most out of your indoor cycling experience, you first and foremost need to feel connected to your bike and pedal as efficiently as possible. And the Peloton is no exception.

For the best spinning shoes, you either go with the spd cleats shoes with the small and simple cleats that will clip into the pedals of nearly all indoor cycling bikes.

bv cleats installationbv bike cleats installed

Or the look delta shoes with a 3-hole connection point design for stability. This is the only cleat attachment compatible with the Peloton bike.

And that is what we’ve done for you here.

We’ve recommended the best shoes that are stable, adjustable and compatible with your foot for proper foot placement and alignment.

4. Design

For our recommendation, a clipless set-up is always the first step for cyclists looking to making a leap of faith into the world of professional cycling.

Inasmuch as the Peloton experience means riding with ‘clipless’ pedals, which attaches the cleats on the shoe to the pedal system to one another.

This is usually a new feeling for a lot of people who haven’t done it before. The idea is to make it easier to ‘pull’ on the upstroke.

5. Closure System

Shoes for Peloton bike need to be tightened without applying too much force. The shoes on our list here a variance of 3 velcro straps, 2 velcro straps, ratcheting buckle, and even traditional Laces, etc..

Low profile hook and lock Velcro straps offer precision ergonomic fit, adding comfort and security to all of your rides. Please use the Size Chart to ensure the correct fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#Do you need special shoes for the Peloton bike?

Peloton recommends its own shoes (with cleats), and other accessories such as weights, and headphones as the three essential elements to make the most of your ride. However, we know that the bike is compatible with look delta shoes with a 3-hole connection point cleat attachment.

Therefore any decent look delta shoes will be great for your bike. Exactly what we’ve done in our recommended best Peloton shoes here.

#What kind of shoes do I need for Peloton bike?

You will need the look delta shoes with a 3-hole connection point design for stability. The pedal system requires look delta cleats to clip-in your foot to the bike’s pedals. Adjustable and compatible with your foot for proper foot placement and alignment.

#Can you use any cycling shoes with a peloton?

You can but you shouldn’t. For the most efficient, powerful and safest ride, you need to use the best cycling shoes with your bike to prevent knee and hip injuries.

Peloton is a highly-priced indoor cycling bike and you’ll need to treat it with care if you want it to helpyou improve your overall health and fitness for a longer time.


Are Peloton compatible cycling shoes worth it?

Why not!

If you’re someone who feels extremely uncomfortable because the $125 Peloton shoes did not fit you very well and are gradually becoming useless, then I guess these cycling shoes would be great for you.

These shoes are perfect. There are a lot of people who used these shoes for their Peloton bike and they felt super comfortable and confident.

Plus the price is much more reasonable in that sense.

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