Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat Review: A Bike Trainer Mat That Doesn’t Disappoint!


So how does the Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat compare to the spin bike mat available on the market today?

With a multitude of trainer mat options, you may have difficulties choosing. That is why this review is crucial and if you need a heavy duty mat, this is in at a perfect timing. 

What are the best Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat Alternatives Available?

After several hours of research we came to the realization that the Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat is of the best exercise mat.

Since we’re talking about heavy duty mats, the Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat 6’x8’x7mm comes in with an enviable reputation. Its large, smooth and doesn’t diappoint.

However, the CyclingDeal Bicycle Workout Mat for Indoor Cycle is a great alternative to the Supermats Equipment Mat and at a lesser cost. Many believe its one of the best exercise mat on the market today.

Further, if you want premium quality indoor cycling mat. Something fit for purpose, then the Saris CycleOps Training Mat will be your best choice.

In this Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat Review, we’ll dissect one of their flagship fitness mats.


Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat Review

The Supermats Heavy-duty equipment mat 30GS is really just that, heavy duty! It boasts a high build quality, safe, durable materials, and a ton of positive customer reviews. It’s perfect for use under an array of heavy fitness equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, spin bikes, and many others. 

The cost of repairing your floor is certainly higher than that of purchasing any exercise equipment mat. Along with collecting sweat and protecting your floor, bike trainer mats also improves the stability of your workout equipment. This enhances your training experience. 

Inasmuch as an exercise bike mat is just as essential as the trainer itself, investing in just another mat may not be worth it. You need a formidable exercise mat to protect your flooring.

Among the multitudes of mats available for this purpose, Supermats easily stand out. 


  • Large 
  • Non-slip 
  • Well padded 
  • Excellent build quality 
  • Made of safe materials 


  • Only available in one color

About the “Supermats” brand

Supermats was founded in 1985 by a veteran. And still continues to hire veterans to date. The company is aimed at producing reliable ergonomic, agricultural, and fitness mats. All products are made in their vinyl manufacturing facility located in Fairmount, Georgia. 

It has a non-slip design that supplies extra grip. It’s both water and sweat-resistant.

Special features of the Supermats Heavy-duty Equipment mat


The essence of size on a bike exercise mat cannot be stressed enough. The Supermats heavy-duty equipment mat measures 30”*72”. This translates to a usable space of about 18 square feet. This is not only comfortable to work on, but it also means that the mat can be used under an array of small to large fitness equipment. 

These include treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, recumbent and spin bikes like Peloton. Another benefit of a large mat is that it can adequately collect sweat so that it doesn’t make it to your floor. It also provides some extra space where you can rest in between sessions without stepping on your hardwood or carpet floor.

A large carpet also serves as an easy demarcation of your fitness area. It’s a nice home organization hack.

This mat is 9.5mm thick and arguably the thickest in its class. This provides excellent padding for purposes of shock absorption which may damage your floor. It also allows the mat to accommodate heavy equipment without any damage. With this size, you can comfortably lay on the mat for purposes of yoga and calisthenics. 

In general, thicker mats are more durable and cozy than their thinner counterparts.


Unlike most other mats, this one has unique textures on both sides. One side is soft and the other is rough. There is no rule as to which side is up or down. I’d personally recommend having the smooth side in contact with the floor. The textured side is best used as the working area. 

This way, you can have an extra grip to secure your equipment in place. To some degree, the thickness of the mat also promotes grip. This is directly proportional to the weight of the equipment+rider.  A sufficient grip promotes stability. It also eliminates the need of worrying about accidental falls. Therefore, you can confidently go as hard as you can.

Build quality

The supermats heavy-duty mat should receive some accolades for its simplistic design. Its precision manufacturing delivers well-bounded layers of PVC foam and vinyl. The entire package features a unibody design.

Consequently, you should not expect any natural tearing. It rolls out easily without any curvatures. It looks and feels dense. It’s quite heavy and not easy to fold over. I haven’t found any creases. For the most part, it lays flat without much effort. Overall, it’s a strikingly premium mat!


The Supermats heavy-duty equipment mat is manufactured in the US. This makes it much safer to use based on the stringent quality protocols in place. 

To begin with, there are no heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Secondly, the PVC foam used is BPA, silicon, and phthalate-free. Third, the mat is colorfast. Meaning that the dye is applied within the material itself and not as an outer layer. 

This rids the mat of the foul, persistent plastic odor common in cheaper mats. It’s also children and pet-friendly. Another benefit is that the mat is safer for use on carpets as it will not leave any black stains. 

Noise insulation

Noise is unavoidable when you are working out. This comes in the form of sounds or vibrations. While it’s nearly impossible to reduce the transmission of sound to other rooms, you can definitely reduce vibrations. And as it turns out, vibration is the chief cause of the disturbance. 

The Supermats heavy-duty equipment mat is 9.5mm thick-about the size of 10 pennies stacked up. This efficiently dampens vibrations before reaching the floor. This stops the noise from reaching other rooms( assuming you are working out in a room with a closed-door).

The same thickness also allows your equipment to firmly stay in place. This reduces walking, thus the production of squeaking sounds. It also helps keep off dust from damaging sensitive electronics in your training equipment.


The longevity of a mat is dictated by three factors-frequency of use, the type of material, environment, and build quality. 

The frequency of working out is directly proportional to the level of damage on a mat. As such, the supermats heavy-duty equipment mat is set to give you several years of service if it’s used sparingly- for instance, for home use. On the other side, you should expect accelerated aging if it’s commercially used. 

This mat is made of PVC microfiber foam sandwiched in two layers of vinyl. The longevity of both materials has been proven and tested over time. There are many benefits of PVC over other materials like latex and leather. PVC is resistant to weathering, abrasion, shock, and chemical rotting. Depending on the curation procedure, it can last between 40 to 100 years!

Now, this is enough time to tone up, don’t you think?

As previously iterated, the build quality on this mat is nothing to worry about. With all manufacturer-based issues taken care of, the rest is upon you, the user! Remember to avoid exposing the mat to high temperatures for extended periods. This may increase the chances of wear and tear. 


To be honest, this thing looks like a mat. There’s not much to say about its aesthetics. However, it’s minimalist and clean. There’s nothing printed on it. It has subtle black lateral lines with a blend of greyish patterns. 

From a distance, it has that carbon fiber appearance. It comes in a tall cuboid box and unboxing is pretty straight forward. 

What others say about the supermats heavy duty equipment mat 30GS

Customer reviews 

I’m thinking most people are quite honest with their product reviews. This is assistive when shopping online. It remains the only sure way of setting your expectations on a product you are yet to see.

After scouring the internet, I found the following reviews on the Supermats heavy-duty equipment mat that seem rather positive:

One user said: Great for Peloton 

“He bought this mat due to its positive customer reviews on Amazon. He liked the packaging and its overall performance. It turned out to be durable”

Another user said: Great for jump rope 

“He has used the mat for half a year and has protected his jump rope from damage”

Another user said: Spacious 

“The mat arrived in a good package. It was thick, large and suited his cross-training needs”

Drawbacks of the Supermats heavy-duty equipment mat


The mat is 9.5mm thick. While this is durable, it poses a challenge when you want to roll it up as you may need help. It’s also quite large if you are operating from a small space. Undoing creases is also a challenge. 


The Supermats heavy-duty equipment mat comes in one size and color options. This may fall short of some customers’ preferences. 

Equipment mat hacks


  • Some mats may not lay as flat upon unboxing. To solve this problem, simply roll the mat the other way round and let it stay rolled for 20-30 minutes. It should now lay flat when unrolled. 
  • If this doesn’t work, use a hair drier to blow warm air on bumpy and creased areas. 


  • Clean your mat as often as possible using an all-purpose cleaner and water. Mix the soap with water on a container. Soak a soft cleaning cloth in the soapy mixture and use it gently rub on the mat laterally from side to side. Do this from one end to another.  
  • Rinse the cloth with clean water until the soap is all out. Soak the cloth in pure water and rub it on the mat in the same fashion as before. Leave your mat to air dry. Never throw a mat into a washing machine!
  • Flip your mat from time to time to avoid placing too much pressure on one point. Do this by turning the front side back. By so doing, you are giving the mat some time to recover from usage. This improves the longevity of the mat. 


  • Cut out a matching piece of plywood to be placed under the mat. The plywood should be ½” smaller than the mat on all sides( to provide sufficient coverage). This simple trick can drastically improve the stability of your trainer. Which in turn, improves your own cardio perfomance.

Things to consider before buying an Exercise Bike Mat

Exercise bike mats protect floors( which are expensive to fix), absorb sweat, and supply grip for additional stability of your training equipment.

 With an overwhelming variety of mat brands to choose from, it’s important to know which one would best serve your needs. Before investing your hard-earned money into an exercise mat, consider the following factors:


For most people, including me, cost forms the baseline for what we wish to purchase. The same goes for exercise mats. You get what you pay for in terms of quality and longevity. Of course, even the cheapest mat is gonna serve you, but, for a short time. And you’ll probably have to deal with plastic smell and frequent tears. 

On the other side, a one-off purchase of a premium mat will guarantee a safer, longer service life. Note that a high price tag is not always a good indicator of quality. To ascertain your purchase, ensure high-quality, chemical-free materials are used.  Confirm that the size and customer reviews are all right.

Tertiary preferences of custom branding and design are likely to attract high fees. 


To save yourself both time and money, it’s important that you carefully buy a long-lasting mat. The type of material and build quality are the two key factors that determine the longevity of a mat. 

There are a ton of materials used in making exercise bike mats-rubber, leather, nylon, etc. However, I’d recommend PVC foam for its superior qualities. It lasts long and is both tear( to some degree) and water-resistant. You can pick up a good piece for a decent price. 


Size in mats is synonymous to location in real estate! Too small and your equipment will touch your floor. Too big and it may not fit in your space. And by the way, you really don’t want to fold mats( especially thick ones). 

Before proceeding with your mat purchase, measure the dimensions of your exercise equipment. This is also provided on the user manual/box of the equipment. Measure the size of your allocated home gym space. 

Go for a mat that is at least a half-a-foot longer than your equipment on all sides. It should also fit well into your space.


Aside from protecting your floors and collecting sweat, exercise bike mats are supposed to also improve the stability of your bike. The grip may be supplied in two ways in a mat. First, by creating a rough texture. Second, by making a mat thick. 

Check for any( or both) of these qualities on the vendor’s page. This will improve your comfort levels on the trainer, thus, better athletic performance

Alternatives to the Supermats heavy-duty equipment mat

1. Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat 6’x8’x7mm – Larger alternative


The quality of this mat is unquestionable. However, the extra accessories included upon purchase is what really sets it apart. You get a free pair of high-quality gloves, a carry bag, and 3 velcro storage straps.

The Gxmmat mat measures 8’*6’. With a usable area of 48 square feet, its larger than the supermats heavy duty mat. It’s 7mm thick, providing excellent padding, grip, and floor protection. It’s made of silicone, latex, and phthalate-free materials. This eliminates odors and makes it safe to use.

It features double-sided, non-slip surfaces. This further improves grip, thus, safety when using the mat. The product is water and sweat resistant. It comes in two colors-black & purple top with a grey bottom. 

The Gxmmat extra large mat is suitable for both equipment-free pieces of training (yoga, MMA, jump rope, stretching). It’s also excellent for use under training equipment( treadmills, elliptical and spin bikes like Peloton)


  • Large 
  • Non-slip 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Safe materials 
  • Free accessories 


  • Only available in one size 

Notable differences between the Gxmmat extra-large exercise mat and the SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat

  1. Larger 
  2. Thinner 
  3. Cheaper 
  4. Has more color options 

2. CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer Hardwood Floor Carpet Protection Workout Mat – Thinner alternative


This 3’*7’ mat is made of high-density PVC foam. It’s larger than the supermats heavy-duty equipment mat. It’s silicon, mercury, latex, and phthalate-free. Therefore it’s both pet and children-friendly.

The mat has an excellent build quality and is also water/sweat-resistant. It’s easy to roll out and seems to stay relatively flat. At 3mm, it’s ideal for use under light to medium weight equipment. It’s also ideal for Peloton. 

It’s not ideal for stretching and yoga purposes. For multipurpose use, you can use the BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam mat.

All orders on the cyclingdeal bike trainer mat are backed by a free return policy. You also get a 2-year warranty!


  • Large 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Great build quality 
  • Water/sweat resistant 
  • Available in multiple sizes  


  • Thin 
  • Single color

Notable differences 

  1. Has more size options 
  2. Thinner 
  3. Cheaper 

3. Saris CycleOps Training Mat for Indoor Bike Trainers – Smaller alternative


This is a 65.5”*36” PVC microfiber foam mat. It’s 4mm thick and works well under medium to lightweight equipment. The Saris brand has over 2 decades worth of good quality reputation and the same is reflected on this mat. It’s well made, looks, and feels premium. 

It has a non-slip texture on both sides. It’s also 100% water and sweat-resistant. There is only one color(black) and size options.  It’s slightly larger than it’s predecessor with an updated logo on the same spot( the lower right corner). 

The mat is made in the US and costs a little higher than the supermats heavy-duty equipment mat. This product is specifically designed for use under indoor bike trainers. It’s not suitable for use as a yoga mat.  People who want a multipurpose mat should use the innhom 12/24 Tiles Gym Mat Exercise Mats Puzzle Foam Mats instead.


  • Good size 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Noise absorption 
  • Free return policy 
  • Good build quality 


  • Costly 
  • Limited size and color options 

Notable differences between the Saris cycleops training mat and the SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat

  1. Pricier 
  2. Thinner 
  3. Smaller 

Final Thoughts

Exercise equipment mats protect our floors, collect sweat, and supply extra grip for additional stability of our workout equipment. An ideal exercise equipment mat should be of the right size, be made of high quality, safe materials, and have both water and sweat resistance. 

The Supermats heavy-duty equipment mat has a generous surface area of 15 square feet. This is large enough to house most bike trainers. It’s made of durable, toxin-free PVC microfiber foam. It has a non-slip design that offers a sufficient grip. It’s also both water and sweat resistant. 

I think it makes for a great, reliable equipment mat. You can check it out on Amazon. 

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