Tempo Mirror Review [MUST READ]


Smart home fitness gyms are all over the place right now. Given that fitness aficionados can’t physically go to the gym, the outstanding fitness training capabilities and social interaction factor of these smart indoor gyms have earned them lots of trust over the years.

Tempo Mirror is one of the very few smart gyms raved for its physical appearance and top-notch exercises that give people the results they exactly needed.

However, since it requires a great deal of financial commitment, you may find many people skeptical about its purchase. To make this whole process a no-brainer for you, here’s a complete Tempo Mirror review that breaks down each concept and features along with its flaws to help you make the best decision for yourself.

So, read on!

Tempo Mirror Review


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The Tempo studio’s futuristic approach ensures a streamlined and high-quality gym that you can access from the comfort of your home. The wide array of on-demand workout classes are packed with fitness trainers who offer various workouts like strength training, cardio, pilates, yoga, and whatnot.

To make sure you don’t go overboard with your workouts, it also features a heart rate display and music connectivity that can make this whole process enjoyable.

What gives Tempo an upper hand against the rest is its fitness trainers, who are experienced enough to give you expert advice without having to carry out time-consuming solo research. The virtual community feature allows you to have accountability and motivates you to hit the smart indoor gym every day.

About the “Tempo Mirror” Brand

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The Tempo Mirror has the unmatched ability to stay top-of-the-line with everything it does. From giving basic workouts for beginners and experts to giving you expert advice on your posture, Tempo has got it all!

What sets this mirror apart from the rest is its AI-based system that creates a 3D skeleton of your body without capturing your unique features. This allows Tempo to view your posture while carrying out crucial workouts, which, if not done right, can potentially do more than good.

In fact, the class never before unless you position yourself correctly on the exercise mat. It only considers your skeleton without invading your privacy, and the location you are working out in adds an extra layer of convenience for this smart home gym.

The 42-inch touchscreen and built-in stereo speakers give you full control over how you want to indulge yourself in its workouts.

Another well-known feature about Tempo is its amiable and cheerful instructors who are always on the run to not only give you the most out of each workout but keep you motivated through the whole journey as well.

This Tempo Mirror comes with a wide array of gym equipment like bench press and dumbbell bars, foam roller, workout mat, heart rate sensor, along many more to give you the ease to have a full-fledged gym at home.

You can add up the weights that come with Tempo to create weights for up to 100 pounds of weight. Besides that, the storage space available at the back of this easel-shaped smart home gym allows you to keep your heavy gym equipment securely in place without cluttering your house whatsoever.

Special Features (Pros) of Tempo Mirror

1. Gives real-time feedback

Considering how you have your 3D model using 80,000 individual points, you get to have reliable real-time feedback to help you carry out each rep properly.

2. Offers weight recommendations

The smart AI algorithms of Tempo carefully monitor and measure your initial fitness level, desired fitness level, and at which pace you’re going to achieve it. This allows Tempo to recommend you to weight resistance that perfectly aligns with your current physical energy.

3. Tracks your calorie burn

In general, you need to have a deficit of 3,500 calories to shed one pound. Honestly, you will never be able to get there unless you know exactly how many calories you are burning each day.

On days you decided to hit up a few extra calories, you can measure and burn the same amount of calories to keep the balance with Tempo. Tempo here uses the heart rate trackers also to measure your calorie burn on an everyday basis.

Drawbacks (Cons) of Tempo Mirror

1. It Doesn’t work without the Internet

Just like most of the technology equipment, Tempo is futile without the internet. And if you happen to have a slow internet connection for a day, it can be quite annoying to see the buffer pop up every minute on the screen.

2. It Doesn’t allow you to partner up with your friends and family

Where many indoor gyms allow you to set up multiple accounts on a single device and/or workout with your friends, Tempo doesn’t offer anything of that sort.

3. Extra costs

Once you’re done with the smart home gym’s initial payment, you also have to pay for the monthly subscription for the rest of your life.

Tempo Mirror Review Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Fitness System

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of Tempo, you can’t be sure whether these perks are actually good for you unless you know how an ideal home fitness gym looks. Here are a few of the things you must consider before buying an indoor fitness system.

1. Price

The indoor mirror uses an advanced level AI system to carry out each of the exercises and functions. Therefore, this also has a great impact on the price of these smart home gyms.

Here, depending on the device and the features it offers, your indoor gym shouldn’t be for more than $3,000. Anything more than that can prove to be an unwise decision.

2. Space/Storage

Having storage space in your indoor gym can make it a lot easier to have your gym workout from one palace. With this, you wouldn’t have to move around frequently to look for equipment and not to mention the neater appearance that these storage spaces give to your house.

3. Gear

To bridge the gap between a real gym and a home gym, it is essential to have the appropriate gear to make it effortless for you to carry out your workouts. However, keep in mind they may come at an extra cost which can further add to your expenses.

Benefits of Tempo Mirror

The sophisticated tracking and active workout suggestions from Tempo allow you to benefit from having an actual fitness trainer.

Its virtual community can also play a big role in motivating you to keep up with your fitness routine, but considering the social distancing, it can be a great way to improve your social skills.

What Others Are Saying About Tempo Mirror

Trainers have the potential to make or break your fitness routine. According to many fitness experts, Tempo gives you excellent advice without tiring you out whatsoever. With this, you get to see a wide range of data displayed not on the screen, which is actually rather helpful than overwhelming.

Tempo Mirror Alternatives

If you aren’t very keen on Tempo, perhaps because of its appearance of price, here are some of the other alternatives that are worth comparing.

1. Mirror

Mirror Fitness System

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If you want to amp up your fitness routine without having to showcase a full-fledged gym at home, this one is for you. Mirror comes with great aesthetically appearance perks that can allow you to blend into your house elegantly.

The built-in camera can be used to have one-to-one conversations with your personal trainer and take gym selfies which is something you won’t be able to see in Tempo.  However, Mirro is centered around light workouts like cardio, yoga, and pilates rather than strength training.

2. Echelon Reflect


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Echelon Reflect comes with 2 versions: Echelon Reflect 40 and 50. The 40-inch version doesn’t offer a touchscreen where the 50-inch one does. What differentiates Echelon from Tempo is its motivating schemes like the point-based system that gives you points every time you achieve a milestone.

Besides that, it also offers Bluetooth connectivity to your heart rate monitors and headphones, along with a front-facing camera to communicate directly with your trainer and other virtual fitness community members.

However, just like Mirror, Echelon is also known for its great abilities for light workouts that you can do at home.

3. Tonal


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Tonal is great for people looking for strength training smart home gyms that come with their own gym equipment pieces. The built-in electromagnetic handles allow you to have a resistance of around 200 pounds to carry out your strength training. Besides that, the attachable ripe, mat, and foam roller can quickly amp up the whole process.

The spotter mode in the Tonal detects every time you are going for lighter weights or are in your fatigue zone.

However, all of the gears mentioned above come at the extra cost of $495 align with $49 on a monthly subscription.


Tempo undoubtedly has proven its ability over many of its competitors. The software and the classes of this outstanding device are always updating, so you can access only the latest and most advanced classes available out there.

And if in case you ever regret making this purchase, you have a 30-day return policy that can allow you to return it with no questions asked.

So, what are you waiting for? Compare and contrast all Tempo alternatives and take our best bet that can inevitably make your journey to fitness smoother.


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