Tempo vs Tonal: Which is Better and Why?


We all know how working at home has higher benefits in providing convenience than joining a gym. Where this is a fact, it is also true due to the lack of accountability; we find it a lot easier to procrastinate and ignore paying attention to our body at home.

And this is where smart fitness gyms come into the picture.

Tempo and Tonal are two of the most trusted and well-known brands that efficiently design fitness studios that can make your journey to a healthier body not only effortless but fun too.

Considering how both of them offer relatively similar options, I’m sure you’re between the two options. To make it a no-brainer for you, here’s a complete comparison of Tempo vs Tonal that you need to kick start your fitness from the comfort of your home.

So, let’s get started.

Tempo vs Tonal Review: The Brand

1. About Tempo

Tempo offers a full-fledged gym packed with equipment and a 42” touchscreen that can instantly amp up your fitness routine. With this display, you can succeed in seven live exercise classes of your choice per day and stream unlimited on-demand videos with your professional trainer.

Some of the workout categories that Tempo revolves around are HIIT classes, yoga, mobility, cardio, and weight loss classes. Its advanced tracking sensors ensure to track your heart rate, as well as calories burned per session, ranking, and pace of the workout.

Using this data, Tempo then increases/decreases the suggested intensity levels for your training, so you know you’re always making progress.

2. About Tonal

Tonal, in a nutshell,  is meant for people who are extremely serious about weightlifting. It breaks through the common fitness conundrum with its robust moveable arms that provide resistance for up to 200 pounds, so you don’t have to fiddle around different weights to keep your shape in check.

The streamlined piece of equipment is well known for providing a range of other useful tools like Bluetooth capability, WiFi, speakers, and a 24” touchscreen that you count to offer you 100s of workout training videos a day.

Tonal provides full adjustability over its device, like changing the music system and controlling the incredibly smooth arms’ resistance using a dial on the screen. What gives Tonal an upper hand over the rest is that you can view your workout history to determine your workout intensity for the day.

This is especially helpful to find out about your lazy days so you can further proceed to combat them. Besides that, Tonal is geared with 17 sensors that use AI to give you instant feedback to correct your posture while carrying out extensive strength training.

Tempo vs Tonal Review Comparison

Looking at the definitions above, I’m sure you find it arduous to differentiate between the two. But guess what, I’ve got your back! From the nitty-gritty of these brands to apparent differences, keep reading to get your answers.

Tempo Review


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One of Tempo’s most extraordinary things is its ability to make each stage process user-friendly for its users. Just turn on the device, choose a fitness category you’re targeting and scroll through the numerous classes to get started.


1. Relatively cheaper

If we compare Tempo with Tonal, Tempo comes off as cheap at $1995 with $39.95 for the monthly on-demand subscription.

2. Warranty

To help make up your mind, Tempo comes with a 30-day hassle-free tail period along with 3 years of warranty that covers any problem you may have with your fitness gym. Besides that, to further reduce your cost, this at-home smart gym allows you to make multiple profiles for different users with no extra charge whatsoever.

3. Premium equipment & app

The premium equipment that comes to Tempo includes a barbell, dumbbell, and rubber-coated pilates that offer long-lasting durability to make a bang for your buck. Other than that, the Tempo app that comes with the device allows you to schedule classes and alters to keep you motivated throughout the journey.


1. Too bulky for some

If you are someone who lies to keep their house quite personal and homey, Tempo may not be the right choice for you. This is because its structure is made for house owners who prefer a designated gym at home.

Tonal Review


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Tonal can act as your personal trainer using its “spotter” function that tracks your progress and spots every time you’re losing motivation during the workout session. Some people believe that Tonal is a duplicate of any commercial gym equipment.


1. Allows over 170 different movements

Since Tonal is packed with more than 170 movements, you can rest assured never to get bored of your workouts.

2. 3-year warranty

Warranty can be the most important thing to need when it comes to dealing with technology. Here, Tonal allows you to have 3 or more years of warranty to make sure you don’t spend a single penny on the maintenance and repairs of this already expensive equipment.


1. Doesn’t offer live classes

Although Tonal comes with a camera, it provides live classes as of yet. Therefore, this camera is useful for people who have a physical injury during a workout session.

2. Allows accessories and equipment at an additional charge

considering the high price of the fitness gym ( $2,995.00 to $3,490.0), the cost can quickly add up if you decide to opt for the extra equipment alongside the machine.

Tempo vs Tonal Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Investing your Hard-earned Money

Buying fitness gyms requires more than just financial commitment. The fact that you’re thinking of your health and are looking for a way to improve it requires you to be wise with all the decisions you make. And with that comes research, a lot of it.

Therefore, here’s your complete homework to ensure you don’t stay behind in your fitness technology game!

1. Price

What makes a good home fitness gym is its reasonable price. By “reasonable,” I don’t necessarily mean affordable. It means even if it has a higher value than normal, make sure it also offers you tasks that are better than just “normal.” However, going for a fitness mirror for more than $3000 is definitely not worth it.

2. Gear

When it comes to gym equipment, make sure you can purchase equipment that allows you to carry out the entire workout from one place. The best part, most of them come with their own storage t void cluttering up your room.

Features & Benefits – Similarities & Differences

Benefits of Tempo Vs Tonal

If we keep their individual differences part, both of them come with a wide array of benefits and features that can align well with your fitness goals.

1. Cardiovascular Health

Thanks to the large library of different cardio workouts and incentives, Tempo and Tonal make sure to keep your blood flowing all while staying motivated throughout the journey. It does this by tracking your progress and monitoring your heart rate to push you every time you need a little nudge.

2. Body Toning

Body toning mainly revolves around spot training and less cardio and HIIT. by having one of these smart gyms at home; you can rest assured to always stay in shape and continuously improve your mental and physical performance.

Tempo vs Tonal: How Are They Different?

Besides the obvious price factor, Tonal is slightly less interactive than Tempo. This is because it doesn’t offer the convenience of having live sessions and actively motivating you to stay ahead in-game. On the other hand, Tempo claims to be reasonably fit for strength training; due to Tonal’s electromagnetic resistance feature, it takes the lead in yield unprecedented results to build muscles and get stronger.

Tempo vs Tonal – Are They The Same?

The fundamentals of these two equipment pieces are quite similar compared to other innovative home fitness gyms. Tempo and Tonal both offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability to help you connect with Apple or Google Health. In the on-demand classes, expert trainers have high energy and provide rewards every time you achieve a milestone.

They make it easier to keep track of your fitness and provide suggestive workouts so you don have to carry out the daunting research on the web every time you’ve completed a particular workout goal.

But what makes these two gym studios unique is their AI computer interface and body sensors that provide real-time feedback on your posture and progress along with an app, so you don’t end up carrying out workouts that do more harm than good.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations

One of the greatest things that people find incredible about Tonal is how it still allows you to go on with your fitness classes even if you pause or cancel your monthly subscription. Although you won’t see the actual fitness trainer, the equipment that comes with the device can do a great job at keeping you in shape.

Tempo’s unique body structure gives people peace of mind with its sturdiness which is a common problem among many of these smart home fitness gyms.


To wrap up the comparison, you need to pick between the two based on your fitness goals and preference. If serious weightlifting is your thing, Tonal will not disappoint you with its advanced technology.

However, if you prefer versatility and have a full-fledged gym at home, you can never go wrong with Tempo fitness studio’s unmatched features and equipment.


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