Tonal Alternatives: 4 Best Tonal Competitors You Can Trust!


The new hype of the fitness industry is undoubtedly the smart home gyms that are not only packed with impactful exercises, but the communities and the appreciation you get can give you a gum-like feel to the entire experience.

What makes them ideal for house purposes is that they can be mounted on the wall to give you enough space to work out in peace.

One of the most raving smart home gyms is Tonal. It can be a revolutionary device for many fitness enthusiasts. It is centered around strength training can also make it hard for people who have rather different goals.

Here are the top 4 best Tonal alternatives that can perfectly suit your requirements to narrow down your research.

Tonal Alternatives: Top Picks Reviewed

  1. Mirror
  2. Tempo Studio
  3. Echelon Reflect Touch
  4. NordicTrack VAULT Fitness Mirror

Best Tonal Alternatives Comparison

If you find it daunting to choose among these, it’s never a bad idea to understand the concept of each of these alternatives and weigh all the pros and cons to make the best decision for yourself.

1. Mirror

Mirror Fitness System

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This full-length mirror is not just used to see your outfit of the day; if you are closer, you will also get to see expert trainers giving live classes on various routines to help you reach your goals. Some of them include cardio, strength training, pilates, and yoga.

What distinguishes this $1,495 Mirror from the rest is its fun and light workouts for people who like to step up their fitness game all while making it fun to indulge in.

The on-demand fitness classes can be accessible with a click on the app installed into your smartphone. The built-in camera on the Mirror precisely scans your body without taking in your personal information like unique body features and your surroundings to make a virtual version of your body.

This can then be used to check and correct your posture during workouts. This is needed in workouts like squats and plants, where you lose efficiency only by having a bad posture.

Besides this, it also measures and analyzes your heart rate using Bluetooth and comes with 6 fitness bands to help you make the most out of your workout.

Prosmirror fit

  • Allows music
  • Create to track calories
  • Seamless design that blends in your room
  • It offers a large array of workout options
  • The huge library makes sure you don’t get repeated classes.


  • Quite expensive considering the hidden costs
  • No touch screen
  • Unlike Tonal, it doesn’t offer feedback.
  • No weights included

2. Tempo Studio

tempo man

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This easel-shaped smart home gym is a favorite for many fitness aficionados. Due to its robust quality and practical benefits, the Tempo Studio takes the upper hand over numerous other smart home gyms.

One of Tempo’s most compelling factors is its large variety of gear that it offers with the smart gym at an affordable price to make sure you have a full-fledged gym right at the comfort of your home.

Some of the gear includes stage space to store the equipment, 2 dumbbells, a foam roller, six collars, a 25-pound barbell, and 16 weight plates.

Its realistic tracking system allows you to measure up your performance with each exercise. This can help you improve in the future and consider how their efforts are paying off.


  • Offers weight recommendations for people of all fitness levels
  • Highly professional trainers
  • Comes with a large library of live and on-demand workout programs for every workout.


  • Initial expensive cost + monthly membership can quickly add up.
  • It can be a problem if you have a slow internet

3. Echelon Reflect Touch


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Here comes a mirror with the largest display screen to give to a real-life feel while you’re working out. Besides its 50-inch interactive display, it also features a front-facing camera along with Bluetooth connectivity and speakers to not only monitor your heart rate. Still, it allows you to interact with the Echelon fitness community as well.

Echelon, in specific, is known for its incredible motivational schemes that are used to keep your blood pumping even when you don’t feel like getting out of your bed.

The hundreds of on-demand videos offer various workout techniques of cardio, yoga, boxing strength training, and pilates. The device can either be mounted on the wall to save space or kept on a stand to aid portability.

However, bear in mind, this device doesn’t come with any equipment whatsoever, so make sure to be ready with your yoga mat and essential equipment to get started right away!



  • Excellent on-demand classes
  • Unique construction for the Studio
  • The leader board adds a competitive edge to the overall smart gym.
  • It can be connected to your headphones via Bluetooth to blast songs while working out


  • Don’t offer gym equipment.
  • The classes can’t be rewind or fast-forward
  • The screen gare makes it difficult to view the screen in bright light.

4. NordicTrack VAULT Fitness Mirror

NordicTrack VAULT Fitness Mirror

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This 60-inch, lightweight, and stylish fitness mirror have everything you need. From aesthetics to practical benefits, NordicTrack is armed with first-class gym equipment and fitness classes that can help you stay ahead in our fitness game.

You can access a variety of on-demand classes in its 32-inch HD touchscreen when it comes with its own integrated storage space to keep all of your equipment secure without cluttering up your house whatsoever.

The built-in speakers, an exercise mat, resistance bands, dumbbells, 20-30 pound kettlebells, and yoga blocks are all the things that you can expect to come along with this smart fitness mirror.  With this, breaking sweat has never been more stylish.


  • Beginners can use it
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Easy to use user interface


  • Comparatively expensive

Tonal Alternatives Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Home Gym System

1. Price

As you can see, none of these mirrors are cheap. You can never expect a good home fitness gym that is under $1,500. However, if you think about it: these gyms are likely to last you for decades.

Making a purchase that is between $1,500 to $3000 can be worth it. Plus, if you have been struggling to go to the gym every day, you’re probably thinking of starting your own either a traditional gym in your garage or buying one of these smart gyms.

Here, smart gyms lay you easy with all the research and heavy-duty of buying separate gym equipment, flooring, and maintaining a traditional home gym. Therefore, it’s never a bad idea to make a good investment in your body.

However, if you are unwilling to deviate a large sum of money at once, some smart fitness gyms also allow you to pay money in installation.

2. Gear

Inevitably, you would need equipment to carry out effective training. Some fitness mirrors come with all the essential equipment that you would do for specific workouts, like heart rate monitors, resistance bands, roller, dumbbells, and so on.

What makes it extra special is that you don’t need to find separate spaces to store these. The fitness mirror comes with spacious storage spaces that are robust enough to endure your gym equipment’s heavyweights and equipment.

However, bear in mind, this gear does come with extra cost. If you already own some of the essentials, you can cut off a large sum of money by only opting for the fitness mirror and its monthly membership.

3. Construction  and Assembly

Unless you have enough space to opt for any shape and size of the mirror, go for home gyms that are that compact, lightweight, yet sturdy to keep.

You can either mount them or keep them on the stand. The mirrors’ sturdiness is especially needed since you pose the risk of it breaking while you’re carrying out workouts that involve extensive movement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#Are smart home workouts as effective as gyms?

It depends on what you prioritize. Usually, people prefer to have smart home gym workouts since they take relatively less time and effort to kick start your workout anytime you want.

The comfort of doing it from your home also makes it excellent to avail all the benefits you get from working out alone. This includes having full control over your routine, saving time in traveling and waiting for equipment, and a distraction-free environment for you to indulge in your workout truly.

However, if you prefer to visually go out there and find it easy to make excuses to work out at home, the gym is certainly the best option.

#What are the best home gyms for strength training?

The best home gyms for strength training have been either Tonal or Tempo, depending on your preference. If you prefer something that can be mounted to the wall with high resistance capabilities, then Tonal is your best bet to go.

Its setup and seamlessly blend into any room without taking much space whatsoever. However, Tempo is known for giving you a gym-like appearance with its body and is therefore for people who prefer to make a proper gym section at home.

#What are the best smart home gyms for cardio?

Cardio involves different techniques than strength training. Therefore fitness home gyms like Mirror and Echelon are ideal for carrying out high-energy cardio.


Tonal is excellent for people who like to go the extra mile and incorporate a full-fledged workout at home; however, if you aren’t quite keen on doing there, you have the freedom of choice to go for whatever works well for you. Just recognize your goals and take your bet to fitness victory!


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