Total Gym Fit vs XLS: The Ultimate Comparison Guide!


Total gym fit vs xls, which one is better?

The total gym xls is a great, cheaper and still versatile body-weight training equipment while the total gym fit is an upgraded, more expensive iteration of the same. The total gym fit offers more incline adjustment options, more exercises as well as a higher weight limit thanks to the use of premium materials.

As fitness knowledge becomes more accessible, health is and should be a top priority for people around the world. 

The question of whether you should go to the gym or workout at home still lingers. Which is better? We'll look at that later.

With our ever-busy schedules, finding time to go to the gym can be a hurdle. That is why home gym solutions are gaining traction.

Fully equipping a home gym is expensive and cost-effective alternatives are more than welcome. To cut on the overall price, weight-free options can achieve the same results.

One of the most reputable companies championing this course is Total Gym.

They offer a variety of body-weight/gravity training equipment with the total fit and xls models being the most notable. In this article, we will review both variants, outline benefits, similarities, differences, a buyer’s guide and an FAQ section of total gym fit vs xls.

Total Gym Fit Review

Total Gym Fit Main Abcrunch Corner

ir?t=cardiozero 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B084Z28JNQFollowing the success of the Total gym xls, the total gym fit is an upgraded version built to offer more functionality and flexibility.

It packs all the features of the xls with double the incline resistance adjustment options. Stronger, more premium materials are deployed to allow for extra 50-pound weight support.

More accessories are also available including the new squat stand. This equipment is great for people who want more control over the machine’s incline and are looking for an upgraded, modern gym setup.

It’s excellent for long term users who will enjoy the lifetime warranty on the frame and the 2-year limited warranty on moving parts. The unit is not fit for people who mind spending a few extra hundreds of dollars on top of the xls model.


  • Great aesthetics.
  • Supports 85 exercises.
  • Multiple adjustment levels.
  • Auto-lock height adjustment system to enable quick level changeover.
  • The high weight limit at 450lbs should support the majority of people’s frames.
  • Comes bundled with the Abcrunch, a 2-piece wing attachment, leg pulley module as well as an upgraded squat stand.


  • Highly-priced compared to the XLS model.

 Total Gym XLS Reviewir?t=cardiozero 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B008U5R4B0

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This is the bestselling equipment from the total gym’s home workout products. Arguably the best home gym among the many Total Gym models. It features an adjustable incline glider with a back/headrest at the end.

The system is designed to support 80 different exercises stored in 5 DVDs and a wall chart. Full body stimulation from upper, lower, core and cardiovascular activities are achievable in this single unit.

One DVD contains 12 6-8 minute exercises to choose from with 35 more illustrated on the chart.

The total gym xls is best for people who want high-quality total gym solution to get a full-body workout. It’s not suitable for people weighing over 400 pounds, and in that case, the total gym fit is recommended.


  • Great customer reviews
  • It has a generous weight limit.
  • Its foldability offers a space-saving utility.
  • Easy deployment as it comes fully assembled
  • Relatively low priced compared to the total gym fit.


  • Fewer add-ons in contrast with the total gym fit.
  • Lower weight limit in comparison with the total gym fit.


Total Gym Fit vs XLS Buyer’s guide: Things to consider before you Invest your Hard-earned Money

Consider the following factors when buying a better Total gym:

1. Weight limit

To this end, the frame material is the key determinant of the level of stress, in this case, mass, that a piece of training equipment can handle.

Most companies specify the limit of their products right out of the box. However, I’d recommend that you go for one that is mostly made of metal and with minimal plastic and rubber.

To be on the safer side for extended use, an extra 100-pound rating on your weight would be great.

2. Folding and storage

The ability to transform such big equipment into a small form factor is useful, especially for small home living.

Putting the “gym” away after every session will be easy and can free up space for you to do other things. This won’t be that big of a deal if you have a dedicated gym area.

3. Adjustability

Both height and incline adjustment is crucial when choosing a total gym.

As you already know, a progressive increase in difficulty is what allows continued results.

This is arguably one of the most important pointers to be on the lookout for if you intend to depend on the equipment for a long time.

4. Exercise Varieties

It goes without saying that the more the workout options you there are, the more the fun you’ll have during your training sessions.

It also makes it much easier to find a routine that resonates well with you! Squat, push up, curl and preacher curl bars should come as a minimum in the total gym variant you decide to purchase.

5. Packaging

We are talking about the overall design and finish of the total gym.

The size and weight should be solid but still, allow for maneuverability whenever you wish to switch positions.

Glide boards should be smooth and quiet to ensure peace and full concentration during a workout. The rest should be well padded to avoid injury and support a longer running time.


  1. They both support a height limit of 6’5”.
  2. They both come with exercise routine DVDs.
  3. They are both lightweight and are easy to move.
  4. They offer a 30-day $1 trial when purchased from the manufacturer’s website.
  5. They take up minimal space compared to a full-blown gym with weights and bars.
  6. They both offer great value for money based on the build quality, auxiliary enhancements and workout programs.
  7. Both the total gym fit and xls provide a quick, fun and effective home workout solution with over 80 exercises on each package.
  8. They both offer reliable customer support with minimal constraints on product returns. On this note, be sure to check the respective product policies for specifics.


  1. The total gym fit comes with six workout DVDs while the xls has five.
  2. The weight limit of the xls is 400lbs while that of the total gym fit is 450lbs.
  3. The total gym fit offers a 2-year warranty on parts while the xls offers 6 months on the same.
  4. The fit model features a new auto-lock height changing feature which is absent in the xls. The integration allows for an easy switch between exercise sets.
  5. The xls have three add-ons; leg pull, rubber squat, and wing attachments while the total gym fit has a new squat stand as a fourth additional add-on to enhance the range of regimens above the stock options.
  6. The xls offers six levels of incline while the total gym fit offers twelve. These positions vary from level 1(6%) to level 6(54%) on both units with the total gym fit allowing for mid-level positions to double the options. The varying inclination is directly proportional to the level of resistance, thus body weight to be supported.

Benefits of Total Gym fit and XLS

While most people rush into judging forward-thinking workout equipment as hoaxes, and they may actually be right, the total gym line of products is different.

When used as designed and with increasing intensity, results are almost guaranteed. The following are some of the benefits of using total gym products:


Building a complete home gym is very expensive. We are looking at an upward of $5000.

But, if you think about it, total gym cuts the cost by more than half while still allowing you to achieve all the key pillars of fitness from strength training, endurance, stretching and muscle building.

Enhanced flexibility

Using only your bodyweight forces you to improve your balance as core muscles are always engaged.

For instance, crucial muscles in the limb area mostly come along to help you complete your motions.


The elimination of heavyweights and minimization of additional pieces of equipment significantly mitigates the chances of injury during and after exercise.

Also, in the event of strength exhaustion, one can easily pull out without the need for external aid.


Muscle stimulation awareness is a crucial determinant of overall workout success. Using your body weight greatly contributes to this course and has been shown to produce faster results.

Regardless of pf whether you are performing strength training, you are guaranteed to burn more calories every time you are engaged.


There are more exercise routines achievable with bodyweight training than in weight training.

This allows for more engaging sessions with increasing intensity. It also gives you the authority to determine how hard you wish to go with increased accuracy.


#Are total gym xls worth it?

Total gym xls is absolutely effective for beginner to intermediate level workouts for people looking for a compact home gym setup. It takes up little space, has a higher than average user weight limit and can be folded for easy transit.

#Is the total gym really worth it?

Contrary to popular belief, this product is a great weight-free fitness investment even with its high over $2000 price. The question of the value for the same money with other products is subject to personal intent and opinion.

#Does chuck Norris really use Total gym?

It’s indeed true that the popular actor is a user of the total gym products. He has previously confirmed to endorse the product for its full-body workout capabilities. He especially likes the fact that he can continue with his martial arts hobby past the age of 70.

#Can the total gym build muscles?

With proper technique, the total gym has been shown to help trigger legs, abs, triceps, and shoulder muscle growth. The trick is to maintain smooth and controlled movements and stick to a daily workout plan.

#Can you do total gym every day?

Yes. This attributed to the fact that the equipment is easy to get started with, fun and easy on your joints. A 10-minute a day weekly routine should suffice. Three to four days a week would be fine as well.

#Is the total gym good for cardio?

No. The total gym is a great tool for strength training only.

Bottom line

To avoid injury, minimize cost and maximize the results while working out at home using only your body weight, the total gym fit and xls are a great choice of equipment.

Consider the intended length of use along with the size of the space you wish to place the equipment before making a purchasing decision.

Hoping this article was useful in advising you on the two, I wish you the best in your forthcoming fitness journey, cheers!

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