Total Gym XLS Review: Is it the Best Total Gym? [Must Read]


Of course, there are different Total Gym models available. In this Total Gym XLS review, we’ll get to know why it is the home gym you should choose to buy.

In short: Total Gym XLS is the best total gym solution available today because of its excellent solid construction, quality components that provide a comfortable experience, and multiple exercise options.Even Chuck Norris approves it. Need we say more about this “lean, mean machine.”

Total Gym XLS Home Gym Review

Initially, Total Gym made its mark in the rehabilitation centers all over America. Its primary focus was on helping people recover from several physical injuries. Today, their quality equipment is used by hospitals, fitness studios, clubs, physical therapy clinics, and home exercisers all over the world.

Total Gym XLS Home gym is not just another home gym on amazon but exceptional because it provides a full-body workout system to strengthen the body. It delivers over 80 different exercise options for a wholesome training experience.

Instead of focusing on just one muscle at a time, it works with multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Thus it offers you a very productive training session. By exercising for only 20 minutes every day, you, too, can have your dream body within a very short span.

Features of the Total Gym XLS Home gym:

  • 400 pounds of weight capacity.
  • Dimensions are 90 x 19 x 43 inches
  • Rails easily fold into ladder and rollers on base for storage.
  • Innovative design that offers over Eighty different exercises.
  • 5 inches high-density foam padding on glideboard for additional comfort.
  • 1,000 pounds vinyl-coated cables and soft synthetic-rubber padded handles.
  • Adding or removing the resistance is a very easy and straightforward process
  • From 6 to 26 degrees, six different resistant levels degrees and 6to 54% of body weight.
  • 1¼”x2” steel tubing with chrome-plated upper rails and black powder-coated lower rails.
  • Upgraded pulley system with chrome-plated pulley case with plastic pulley wheels and sealed precision ball bearings.
  • There are hundreds of different attachments available in the market for this model for all types of exercises.

Total Gym XLS Review

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  • The frame has a lifetime warranty
  • Very easy to store as it can be folded up
  • Suitable for all genders, old and young
  • Require no initial setup as it comes fully assembled
  • Comes with a nutritional planning guide to help you stay fit
  • Has a 400 pounds capacity which is more than enough for regular workouts
  • Very versatile, as you can perform up to 80 different exercises and test your endurance


  • For some people, the price may be an issue
  • The wheels and bearings are not very durable
  • It is suitable only for toning. Not intended for strength training like building muscles

When you compare this model with previous and even the latest Total Gym solutions, you find out that it stands out due to impeccable features.


For instance, Total Gym 1900 is a very introductory model, it doesn’t offer you as many exercise options. It can only support weight up to 350 pounds and also takes up more space. Similarly, even though Total Gym Fit is a more advanced model aimed for professionals, it takes up considerably more weight and is very expensive, comparatively.

In addition, its assembly can get rather tricky for beginners. Likewise, Total Gym 2000 can bear only 300 lbs as max weight and can only aid in 40 different exercises. In comparison, you can see how Total Gym XLS is a much better option.

This all in one gym equipment comes fully assembled, saving your time and efforts. It has a single glide board and several accessories to aid you in various exercises.

These include an upgraded pulley and cable system and a much-improved squat stand. The glide board has extra padding to provide extra comfort during the exercise sessions. It works by making you lift some percentage of your body against gravity.

This creates a very smooth and fluid resistance. You can increase the total strength by gradually boosting the incline of the glide board. What’s more, the package also comes with a complete line of workouts, including a wall chart, gym training deck, and Dan Isaacson’s nutrition and meal plan.

Total Gym XLS: What to Look For  When before Buying. Buyer’s Guide

While you can shop for your personal gym accessories from anywhere you want, purchasing for the best total gym for daily use requires thorough consideration.


This best home workout solution is available on Amazon at a very reasonable price of $1,060.32. While some reviewers complained about the price, in our opinion this price is very reasonable considering the number of exercises you can do with it.

If you buy any other ordinary home workout equipment, think about all the different accessories you will have to buy in addition to it? Then add up the costs, and you will realize the Total Gym XLS model is a much better bargain.


No assembly required at all. The package comes already assembled so you can start working out as soon as possible. But you do have to set it up initially.


This model is very straightforward to set up because it comes 100 percent assembled. To set it up, unbox the package. Pull out the squat stand from under the letter T and insert it on top of the other end.

Using your knees, gently pull up your total gym. It will stand on its own. Slide it open and pull out all the accessories from the inside. Open it up like you open any ironing board. Then lift up the support column.

Once you hear the clicking sound with a red spring pin, that’s your signal that it has securely locked into place. Now step on the bottom base bar and grab the height adjustment handle. Pull it up. You will notice that you can pull it up to six different levels.

Every time you work out, make sure that the safety hitch pin is put in place, making sure your exercise equipment is safe for use.

Next, grab the wing bar and fix it on top(or bottom) of the unit. The very last thing to do is to attach your training deck on top of the column. And you are done. Start exercising right away!


The quality and construction of the Total Gym XLS Home gym are very tough to beat. A single glance at this machine will tell you that it is very durable. The frame is made of extra-sturdy 1¼”x2” steel tubes.

It’s lower rails are powder coated while upper rails are chrome plated to ensure sturdiness. The 1000 lb vinyl coated cables are just as impressive. Besides, the 16×47 inches glide board has 1.5 inches of foam padding for comfort. All in all, this cardio machine has a very sturdy build, sure to last a generation.

Weight limit

Overall, this little tank is capable of supporting 400 lbs (bodyweight + plate weights), which is quite impressive.


The following accessories come included in the package:

  • Wing Attachment
  • Ribbed Squat Stand
  • Leg Pull Accessory and two Ankle Cuffs
  • Total Gym Training Deck – Your Personal Training System
  • Total Gym Exercise Wall Chart – the simple at-a-glance poster with thirty-five Total Gym exercises for you
  • Dan Isacson’s Nutritional & Meal Plan


Total Gym offers a lifetime warranty for the frame. All other parts and accessories, however, only have a limited 6 months warranty.

Total Gym XLS Customer reviews

After reading through hundreds of reviews on Amazon, it becomes clear that this model is a winner. It has a 4.6 approval rating out of 5, which speaks volumes about the customer love and support. People love it most for the versatility it provides with the number of exercises that can be done on a single piece of equipment.

As you can attach a hundred different kinds of accessories with it – catering to the needs of beginners as well as experts.

Secondly, people love how sturdy and well made its construction is. As we already discussed, it is built to last.

Third, people like it because of its ease of assembly and setup. It comes already assembled, and you can conveniently combine different parts in less than three minutes. The instruction manual also comes in very handy to set up the piece. Finally, some people are complaining about the price. Still, in our opinion, the price is very reasonable for such a quality product.

Total gym xls for sale: Where you can find this Home Gym to buy?

This complete exercise system is available from all major online and offline shopping stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc

Total gym xls Walmart: Does Walmart have this Total Home Gym?

Yes, it is also available on Walmart. You can check it out here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Of course, it does. Apart from us, thousands of satisfied customers all over the world are proof that this gym solution works like a charm.


Depending on the model you want to purchase, it can cost anywhere from $1,295 to approx. $4,895. Plus – some additional shipping costs if you live outside the U.S.


Total Gym XLS is the best total gym model available in the market today. The reason being, it is an all in one workout equipment for yoga, cardio, pilates, strength training, circuit training, stretching, and much more. It is very comfortable to use and is very reasonable with the price as well.


While people prefer Bowflex for different reasons, in our experience, the Total gym is totally worth the value and much better than any Bowflex. The Bowflex typically focuses more on the core strength and muscle building. At the same time, the Total gym is more versatile with different types of exercises you can perform.


Of course, Chuck Norris does use the Total Gym. He has used one or another model for approximately thirty years. Back in the days when he was still performing in movies, he used to spend almost ten minutes on a Total Gym before a fight scene.


Yes. Like Chuck Norris, Christie Brinkley is an avid total gym enthusiast. He has been using it for the last 15 years. How else do you think she has achieved such a lean and slim look?

Bottom Line:

Here you are with a Total Gym XLS review to better inform you to make an intelligent buying decision.

There’s no doubt this awesome piece of equipment will be a great addition and your home gym of choice as you progress through your fitness journey.

Hope you enjoy it.


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