What Is Heartmath: Everything You Need To Know!


Over the years, several right-thinking people have tried evaluating Hearthmath to know what it really is. In fact, the internet is packed with so much information about the product. 

But what is HeartMath exactly?

HeartMath is a way to transform stress into resilience at any moment by creating several fast and powerful techniques that put you into an optimal state called coherence. 

Coherence is a real, scientifically measurable state in which the Autonomic Nervous System is in balance. When you are coherent, you can think clearly and objectively.

Does it have anything to do with cardiovascular endurance, heart health, or understanding your heart rate?

This is indeed a million-dollar question. In this article, we will answer this question for you.

Let’s get started!

What Is Heartmath?

The Heartmath product is a system of certified, cutting-edge programs and an innovative technology widely used by thousands of persons, including schools, families, health institutions,s and internationally. 

It is globally accepted for real-time practical solutions in releasing stress, anger, and anxiety. Additionally, the Heartmath builds on the coherence and resilience state of users. 

Hearthmath is an easy way to learn, design, and regulate techniques related to your heart. This means that you can bring out your best self while using this technology. 

The product was born in 1991 by Doc Childre, and his vision was to develop a scientific-based tool, product, and technology to bridge the connection between the heart and mind.

Heartmath, How Does It Work?

The Heartmath Interventions utilizes heart rate pulsing patterns, known as the heart rate variability (HRV).

In addition to constructive emotion-based coherence-building techniques to help establish a lasting shift in the mind and heart to create an emotional response to stress, anger, and anxiety. 

Consistently, the differences in the HRV – ‘Heart Rate Variability’ are examined to provide feedback to the user on how the exercise is altering their body’s state of anger, stress, and anxiety if these states are ever-present.

Is Heartmath A Pseudoscience?

The Hearthmath is surely a good product. However, on the question of the Heartmath being a pseudoscience, I’m not really sure about that. In fact, there is less scientific evidence to prove this assertion. 

Certainly, the processes of observing HRV, heart rate variability to recognize stress have been a tool for clinicians for a very long time. For this reason, we can’t fully conclude that the Heartmath is a pseudoscience. 

What Is Heartmath Coherence?

In practice, the coherence state is achieved by tracing the development of a smooth sine-like wave pattern in the HRV, the heart rate variability. 

The character and nature of the pattern are a sure pointer of the psychophysical coherence state. A state measured and quantified by the emWave, Inner Balance, and biofeedback technologies. Several important physiological changes happen during the coherence state. 

While the Autonomic Nervous System’s two divisions harmonize with each other, there comes an overall shift in the automatic balance to increase parasympathetic activity. 

Plus, an increase in physiological entrainment. Thus, harmonization of different bodily systems with the rhythm produced by the heart. 

Certainly, you can regulate emotions and behaviors when in its coherent state. Everything ends with an increased synchronization between the activity of the brain and the heart.

What Is Heartmath Institute?

The Heartmath Institute is a global corporation that enables people worldwide to break through to higher states of coherence, creativity, accomplishment, and instinctive acumen. 

The institution has used its research to establish the foundation for training and educating people from different cultures. To put it simply, I will say it studies the science of the heart. 

Over the years, the organization has had the opportunity to work with major governmental institutions and corporations, like the military, universities, hospitals, and a collection of health professionals and law enforcement agencies. 

Since the day the organization was born, her purpose has been to develop and deliver practical, reliable, and research-based tools and equipment that can help people align and bond with their minds, hearts,t, and emotions to produce positive results and outcomes.

Their products and services are designed to enthuse people to upgrade their life experience and bring out the best aspects. They do this by connecting the heart to science in a fascinating way.

What Is Heartmath Technique?

It is quite simple to use the Heartmath. You can create a coherent state in just a minute by using the simple but very effective procedure of the Quick Coherence Technique. 

By using your heart’s influence, you can strive to achieve enough energy, mental clarity and feel better anywhere at any time. 

To start with, focus your attention on your heart. 

Concentrate your mind on your breath, and imagine your breath flowing in and out your heart and chest area, breathing slightly slower than usual. 

Focus your thinking on something that means a lot to you – on any experience that seems positive

What Is Heartmath Meditation?

People do meditate because of several reasons. Some reflect on their lives, revive their state and push themselves to a higher level of greatness. 

Surely, meditation is a good way to release yourself from any negative feeling. 

The various Hearthmath techniques can teach you to concentrate on the region around your heart and link with your heart. This helps with balancing emotions, mind, body, and spirituality. 

Surely, anyone can learn deep breathing and meditation. But to achieve a lot with it, you have to be consistent. 

That’s where the Hearthmath comes into play. The product is not just a breathing aid but a training aid that pushes you to a whole different level.

What Is Heartmath Training?

The Hearthmath Education and Resilience Training program integrate scientific-based processes and technologies to stimulate justifiable stress tolerance, awareness, resilience, and self-control before, during, and after high-pressure conditions. 

The program has been designed to give individuals a better understanding of stress and resilience issues and provide hands-on tools to increase individuals’ endurance and ability to manage energy and emotions. 

Over the years, it has proven to be effective in helping people manage challenging issues such as hyper-stimulation

What Is Heartmath Biofeedback?

In Dr. Inna Z. Khazan’s book, The Clinical Handbook of Biofeedback, she describes biofeedback as “….a way to help people develop greater awareness and ability to regulate their physiological functioning by using signals from their own bodies to improve their wellbeing, health, and performance.” 

The Heartmath’s innovative emWave and Inner Balance biofeedback technologies provide you with a real-time understanding of your emotional, mental and physical state. 

Simply put, biofeedback is used to learn, exercise, and practice the steps in balancing yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

This process does not include the use of drugs but only machines that permit you to screen your own biological responses.


In this article, we’ve had an in-depth discussion of the Heartmath product and everything surrounding it. 

We’ve understood that using the Heartmath product is a good way to release yourself from stress, anger, anxiety, and other serious emotional issues. 

I hope through this article, all your doubts and questions regarding Heartmath have been answered.



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