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The Truth About Cardio

Let’s be honest, in a fast-paced world we all want the most “bang for our buck.” And when it comes to cardio workouts, cardio exercises and cardio training – this same mentality applies.

In our quest to determine the most cost-effective, time-efficient and best way to lose weight, tone our body/muscle and improve our cardiovascular health – we ask some critical questions.


What cardio training is best for a beginner?

What cardio Exercises can you do at home?

What piece of cardio equipment gives the best results?

There is only one answer.
And that is, “there is no “One Fits All” solution available.”

It is a matter of personal preference; knowing your body, where you are at the moment and your health and fitness goals. It’s unique to every individual.

Notwithstanding our joy of seeing you here, we’ll like to be very clear and unambiguous in opening your eyes to some frustrating misconceptions about cardio training, workouts, and exercises going on today.

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Inasmuch as you’re in good hands with Cardio Zero, there are a few cardio myths you must stop believing and replace them with cardio facts that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Cardio Myths and Cardio Facts you don’t know!

Just take a moment to imagine yourself at the end of a demanding day with the rhythmic swooshing of the elliptical on the background or the tap of a treadmill synchronizing with the playlist you are listening to.

Yet, admit it!

Just like everyone else nowadays, you are a fan of cardio workouts, as it is common knowledge, they are good for our heart’s health.

Even though this is true, there are several myths revolving around cardio exercises that are not even close to the truth as they might appear.

If I stirred your curiosity, read on to find out the top cardio myths we’ve discovered recently.

Common Cardio Myths and Facts about Cardio Training you are Ignoring

Cardio Myth #1: Cardio is great for losing weight fast

lose weight fast

When I was desperately trying to lose weight, I just got obsessed with doing as many cardio exercises as possible. But at some point, in my adventure against excess weight, my trainer stopped me and revealed that this is actually a myth.

It is a fact that cardio can aid in losing weight faster, but at the same time, it determines you to lose the wrong kind of weight.

Doing only cardio burns both fat and muscle. This is why for a lasting change, cardio routines must be mixed with strength workouts.

Cardio Myth #2: Cardio is all about elevating your heart rate

cardio myth about heart rate

Well, this is actually a fact. Usually, people associate cardio with running or biking. Yet the entire purpose and benefit of cardiovascular exercise is keeping your heart rate elevated.

Cardio Myth #3: It is more effective to do cardio on an empty stomach

Its a myth

This one is my favourite myth. A couple of years back everyone was ecstatic about the fact that you can lose more weight if you do cardio on an empty stomach. But the reality is that this is a false statement.

A recent scientific study showed that fat burning is consistent no matter if you have eaten before your workout or not. Moreover, it was proven that doing cardio on an empty stomach can be harmful to someone’s health.

Cardio Myth #4: Cardio is a repetitive stress

repetitive stress

Another fact about cardio exercises is that it can cause a lot of stress on your joints. This means you should do cardio with measure and mix it with other workouts, just to prevent unwanted injuries.

Cardio Myth #5: Cardio allows you to eat anything you’d like and still lose weight

eat anything

I would love for this one to be true, yet it isn’t. Always remember that doing only exercises won’t be effective enough in burning fat, which is why adopting some healthy eating habits and diets is a must-do.

Cardio Myth #6: You must burn at least 500 calories during one cardio session

ignore this cardio myth
Specialists in workouts routine say that forcing yourself to hit a magic number whilst doing cardio is rather useless. This happens because machines only estimate how many calories you might lose after you finish your routine.

Instead of trying to reach an imaginary number of burned calories, you can opt for doing harder cardio exercises in shorter bursts. This was proven to lead to more calories burned, even after the routine is finished.

Cardio Myth #7: Always start with a cardio workout

cardio myth about workout

Another misconception we all follow is that intense cardio routines should be followed by lifting weights. Certified trainers and fitness experts explain that if you enroll in a demanding cardio routine, it is recommended to perform resistance training the following day.

Performing the two routines in separate days will allow your body to burn more calories in the process.

Cardio Myth #8: With a 1-hour cardio routine, you won’t see any results

This is completely false, as all body movement has a beneficial impact when it comes to calorie burn. Even 20 minutes on the treadmill can aid you in losing weight.

Cardio Myth #9: If you run or ride your bike, you can skip leg day

leg day

Well, unless you sprint up the hill or ride your bike like trying to escape from a life-threatening situation, you won’t get enough muscle building to be allowed to skip leg day.

So, you should always focus on adding squats or lunges to your routine, which will boost your performance and improve effectiveness in fat burning.

Cardio Myth #10: You can do cardio outside the gym

cardio anywhere

Most gym trainers admit that cardio exercises can be done anywhere and at anytime in your daily routine. It is even recommended to add small bursts of cardio during your daily routines such as climbing stairs or speed walking.

Anyway, besides these common myths, cardio routines are great for keeping your body healthy. If you seek to lose weight in the process, it is always best to mix some cardio routine with strength training exercises.

You will be amazed at how effective this is!