Echelon vs Peloton: Which is a Better Indoor Exercise Bike? [+ Videos]


If you are into interactive training at home, you must be familiar with these two amazing indoor bikes: Echelon and Peloton. At the same time, you might also be wondering which of these two bikes is better and why.

One of the biggest decisions you’d have to make in your fitness journey is how to start well. So, asking Echelon vs Peloton is a totally valid question regardless of the stage you are at in your indoor training.

So I did a bit of research for you, and especially for beginners who want to start an online spinning class or an indoor cycling journey at home.

Let’s look at what that means and what you can do about that.

Echelon vs Peloton

The Echelon is basically a Peloton clone (minus the built-in tablet display) and the flywheel, which is at the back. The Peloton has its flywheel in front. The Peloton bike is $1995 and a subscription of $39/mo (Now $12). Whiles the Echelon is at half the cost – $999 and $39.99/mo | $33.33/month with Annual Plan | $25/month with a 2 Year Plan.

Peloton Alternatives: Reliable Peloton Competitors You Can Trust!

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

It seems a new piece of equipment hits the market every day. With so many choices and marketing promises, it’s overwhelming.

There are a number of home gym equipment making this list regularly. And the spin bike and indoor exercise equipment are no different.

Both exercise bikes offer an intuitive app with unlimited Streaming, Live and On-Demand Classes, and Scenic Rides.

The Peloton bike comes with an attached display to use with the app, but with the Echelon bike, you can use your own device with the app.

Both indoor exercise bikes have fully padded, no grip adjustable handlebars, an on-frame water bottle holder, and a behind-seat weight holder.

Peloton recommends its Peloton shoes but that’s optional.

In this review, we’re going to be pitting the luxurious Peloton bike against the Echelon Smart Connect Bike.

We’ll talk about the Peloton bike, Echelon bike, Peloton digital(app), Echelon Fit App, Peloton pros and cons, Echelon pros and cons, Peloton vs Echelon classes, Customer Reviews, and some recommendations.  Our goal is to determine which will be crowned the “Best Indoor Bike” on the market.

You’ve heard the hype, and now you’re in the market for your very own indoor exercise bike!

Whether you’ve been hitting a class at your local studio or want to try doing it at home. Maybe, you just want to dip your toe in the waters and aren’t ready for a class setting yet.

There are two heavyweights on the spin bike and the indoor cycling market for you to choose from for your information. However, other Peloton alternatives may be fit for purpose, especially when you are on a tight budget.

The Peloton experience and hype may be real but, let’s look at some Peloton competitors that will give you a similar or even better experience.

Either the Peloton bike or Echelon will help you break a sweat without leaving the comfort of your living room.

But here are a few pointers to consider when deciding on the right indoor exercise bike for you!

Peloton vs Echelon: Price

Just like making any buying decision, price is typically one of the biggest factors when it comes to purchasing a piece of fitness equipment. Let’s look at how price and cost are related to these two.

Both exercise bikes require a;

  1. monthly subscription,
  2. Evening out at $39/month
  3. and $39.99/month respectively (Peloton Now at $12)

The Echelon bike is the cheaper of the two coming in at 1339.98 (999.99 + 39.99 subscription), while Peloton bikes start at $2245. Without membership.

Depending on any add-ons or Peloton accessories you need (water bottles, towels, a better heart rate monitor, shoes, etc.), a Peloton bike can top out at $2694 plus a $12/month membership.

Peloton Bike Review

Best of Peloton bikes

According to Peloton is “The best cardio machine on the planet.”

With a higher price point, Peloton markets itself as delivering an elite level fitness, experience. It’s more of aiming for that equinox gym feeling.

All of its classes are filmed in the company’s fitness studio in Manhattan and delivers elite instructors with a broad range of training styles.

You can join a peloton class live or pick from thousands of different ride and workout options at a time that is convenient for you.

Unlike the Echelon, Peloton comes with a large 21.5” built-in display and clip-in pedals. You do have the option to purchase the Peloton shoes as an extra investment or any of the Peloton compatible cycling shoes we talked about in our over 120hours+ extensive article.


  • The company is on solid ground with its finances and has a great track record (otherwise if they go under you’re just stuck with a bike)
  • The bike might be pricier as compared to other Peloton competitors but there are raving fans and reviews for the success of the peloton business model. Most customers have not regretted it.
  • You can install whatever pedals you want on Peloton, including toe cages. Parts and accessories are installed on delivery and it is super easy.
  • Peloton boost of thousands of on-demand classes. And even with a different bike, you can use the Peloton app. The peloton app is fantastic.


  • High priced – but you get what you pay for.
  • Outrageous $250 delivery fee
  • When you install spd pedals, there are claims that just that external addition voided the entire warranty, FWIW, even though they are claims that cannot be substantiated.
  • Since the Peloton bike, app, and experience are great, some well-meaning people believe the bike is as good as any other. You’re only paying for the experience.

Echelon Bike Review

In fact, this is where you get all the good things. Certified instructors, scenic rides, Echelon family and community, etc..

It also features-Demand and Live Studio Immersive Classes, races against others, and enjoys Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Zumba, Barre, Bootcamp HIIT Training.

Yes, you can get Echelon 1 Year Unlimited Membership offer here on Amazon today.

Echelon 1year membership

We also found this Bicycle Trainer Floor Mat – a protective floor mat to protect your floors from dents and damaging effects of heavy exercise equipment.

The Echelon Smart Connect Bike has a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Echelon bike is study – well-built and VERY similar to Peloton. The echelon seat is slightly bigger and more padded (you can put any standard seat on either bike). They have scenic rides, and they have live classes as well.
  • As for the Echelon classes – I think they’re great – literally hundreds of on-demand classes. And for the online classes and apps – Echelon lets you go month-to-month for a subscription.
  • Peloton ropes you in for a yearly subscription… you can buy Echelons that way too (for savings)…. you can use either product on a smart TV if you don’t want to use a tablet.


  • You barely see an advertisement or promotion of any Echelon bike model. You probably heard of it by searching whether the Peloton was worth it or the best Pelton alternatives.

Peloton vs Echelon: The Main Features to Look Out For When Choosing An Indoor Bike

1. Price

It all comes down to the budget in the end. If the high Peloton price point fits in your budget the higher quality experience is worth it. If you’re new to cycling and just want to get a feel for it, Echelon is a great way to break into space from the comfort of your own home. The main price difference is how much you are willing to pay upfront since the monthly subscriptions are identical.

2. Space/Comfort

Peloton is more similar to a road bike. A little more comfortable when pushing hard on a sprint of riding for a long period of time. Echelon’s setup mirrors a typical gym spin class. If this is a make or break point for you – Peloton might be the way to go.

3. Training Features

If having a live training option is important, Peloton is the bike for you. The kick-your-butt feel you get in a cycling studio is what you’ll receive from Peloton compared to Echelon, where the rides can feel a little dated and disingenuous.

4. Peloton vs Echelon App

peloton app

The in-built Peloton app looks modern and boasts more features as compared to the Echelon Fit App. However, both apps definitely get the work done perfectly. None of them seem to suffer from pertinent issues like user experience, bugs, etc…


You’ll need to subscribe to the Peloton app to use it. You can subscribe here. It will cost you about  $19.49 + tax per month.  Similarly, you can find the Echelon app on the Google Play store here. And on the Apple Store here.

For more indoor cycling apps options or Peloton app alternatives, you can read our extensive review on Zwift vs Peloton for a better perspective.

5. Echelon vs Peloton Classes

Peloton App Classes

Peloton App Classes

When you talk about Peloton live classes, you talk about the Peloton app. The new Peloton app is now called Peloton Digital.

The idea is simple but powerful. Simply immerse yourself in a live studio experience either in your home or on the go from your phone, tablet, TV, or web browser.

Peloton digital currently offers more than 8,000 live and on-demand classes, ranging from about 5 to 90 minutes.

Aside from the rides, you also get to do other exercise activities such as running, strength, toning, cycling, yoga, meditation and outdoor workouts. Basically, live classes that fit your lifestyle.

With the Peloton app and classes, you get to train with world-class instructors in live studio workout sessions in NYC and London. Led by New York Times best-selling author, ultramarathoner, and Peloton master instructor Robin Arzon.

Additionally, you can find about eleven live classes on any given day, beginning at 6:00 am and as late as 8:30 pm. A cool new feature allows you to search on-demand rides by playlists.

You can also take the Peloton Encore Rides, basically “live” re-airings of rides. There are some fun classes on Peloton digital that will make your rides an experience.

Echelon App Classes

Echelon Fit App

When you talk about the Echelon live classes, you talk about the Echelon app. Also referred to as the Echelon Fit App is the Echelon version of the Peloton Digital app.

Of course, there are other Peloton app alternatives such as Zwift that you can consider.

However, the Echelon Fit App provides live and on-demand studio fitness in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

According to Echelon, one membership works for all machines, including the popular Connect Bikes, Reflect Mirrors and even future machines!

With their certified cycle instructors, you can ride, get in shape and achieve your set fitness goals with experts that will keep you motivated.

One amazing perk is that you can track your progress by linking your Facebook, Fitbit®, and Strava accounts to compete with your friends and family! How amazing is that?

You can also find enjoy Live, On-demand, Scenic rides, Yoga, Stretching, and morYoufitnealso ss experience when and where you want it.

Customer Testimonials:

Echelon Customer Reviews

Whereischad on May 7, 2019, said:

Glad I picked Echelon over Peloton!

“Was looking at peloton but didn’t want to invest that much – heard about the Echelon bike and LOVE!! The classes are so great! The instructors even interact with me on Facebook! So glad I went with Echelon!!

ALEC BRADLOW on September 10, 2019:

Excellent value, solid!

“I Have the echelon connect 1 and I have to say it’s a great value for a quality bike. I also own a peloton bike and for about a third of the price the echolon provided a similar ride. Resistance is strong which can be an issue on spin bikes. This bike connects via Bluetooth to ur device but make sure the device has current Android or apple. Also this bike can display stats to device without monthly subscription and you could play free spin videos but still see resistance, cadence, mileage etc. All in all it’s a great deal! “

Joseph B Hoppe, on March 18, 2019, said:


I did not purchase my Echelon on Amazon but wanted to let everyone know how happy I am with my purchase. The instructors and company are top-notch! They are constantly listening to the customers on ideas for improvements and implementing them quickly. The instructors are very motivating and each brings their unique style to the rides. I wish they had more live rides offered in the evenings but I would imagine that will happen as they continue to grow. The bike itself is of high quality. It’s sturdy, smooth and quiet. I always wanted a peloton but could not justify the $2400 price tag. My headline says life-changer because this bike has motivated me to way up early for 5 am central time live classes. Also, I have been building some serious leg muscles and dropped 7lbs of fat in just 2 months of riding. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Echelon so far.”

Peloton Customer Reviews

Anonymous from Charlotte, NC said:


“I have a Peloton and two of the main reasons I bought it after doing research were:99% of the classes were filmed with a live studio audience in NYC studios which give it a better feel for me and allow me to take classes IRT, and

2) the company financially is on solid ground with a good track record (otherwise if they go under I am just stuck with a bike). I’ve tried the Peloton app with a much cheaper bike and its awesome. Everyone I know with a Peloton bike rave about it.”

Sara T from Margate, FL


“The Peloton bike is like no other stAtionary bike…. no substitute. You will get on this bike feeling tired and after a class feel great and energized…let’s not forget all the sweating!!! Oh.. weight loss 12.5 lbs in just 12 weeks”

Cali Standard from Colorado Springs, CO says,


First things first. If you’re even considering a peloton just DO it! This bike has changed my life, my perspective and my body. Riding my bike is truly one of the things I do that I enjoy the most. It’s for anybody, any fitness level.

Peloton or Echelon – Popular Add-ons

There are a few “add-ons” to consider for both bikes that will add cost to both machines – you will need to purchase peloton shoe125 to clip in and ride that bike. A detail that could be overlooked when purchasing. The essentials package that includes the shoes, dumbbells, and headphones comes in at $2404.

For the Echelon – you will need to have a tablet or smartphone in order to use the live training functions. If you don’t have a tablet and do not want to use your smartphone, an additional $200+ might be needed to get one that works for you.

My advice is to zero in on what is most important to you and move down the list from there. Either way, you are going to get a great bike and break a sweat whenever it is most convenient for you!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

#Is Echelon as good as peloton?

Of course, the Echelon is as good as the Peloton. In fact, it is regarded as the best Peloton alternative. The Echelon is a less expensive bike and great for beginners entering into the spinning exercise bike world. It does have an older ergonomic set-up and requires you to use an existing tablet or smartphone to access training programs. But you definitely get out what you put in.

#Is Echelon owned by Peloton?

Not at all. Echelon’s brand is owned and managed by Echelon Fitness Multimedia. In contrast, the Peloton brand is a New York-based exercise equipment company founded and launched with help from a Kickstarter funding campaign in 2anuary 2017; William J. Lynch Jr. joined Peloton as company president.

#Which Echelon bike is best?

Echelon Smart Connect bikes come with the original EX1, the upgraded Ex3, and the brand new EX5 and EX5s. In fact, the EX5s which is the latest and more technologically-advanced model, stands tall as the preferred and best Echelon bike model on the market.

The smart connect EX5 is Echelon’s newest bike in its ‘smart connect bike’ models. And if you’re in search of a potent Peloton competitor, then we recommend the Echelon as one of the best Peloton alternatives. And if you’re going with the Echelon – then you must definitely try out the Echelon smart connect EX5 or EX5s. It’s the best.

#What is an Echelon bike?

The Echelon bike is sleek and much lighter, and easier to maneuver than the Peloton bike. It comes with both a clip-in and cage option meaning you don’t have to purchase specific cycling shoes to use the bike. And also has a quiet flywheel devoid of unnecessary noise.


Try Before You Buy


Like I always advise;

Before you buy any of these exercise bikes, visit a few fitness stores/shops specializing in indoor bike equipment.

Do well and try several models available. It will even be better if you could wear your workout gear and use each bike for 10 minutes so you get a feel for it.

While testing things out, pay attention to the look, feel and experience.

  • Is it easy to adjust to your preference?
  • Make sure the motion is smooth and that nothing impedes your movement.
  • Measure it to make sure you have enough space at home.

A Word From Cardio Zero

Buying cardio or exercise equipment is not an easy decision to make. And yet, if you think that adding one to your home gym will keep you:

  • in shape
  • motivated
  • and in your budget,

then it can be a great asset that will keep you fit, healthy and happy for a very long time.


If you have not tried an indoor bike before, get to your local fitness retailer or nearest fitness equipment store and give it a try.

Better yet, pay for a day pass at your local gym or any health club around. You need to gather the courage and put one of these through a strenuous workout. And let’s see if you notice a difference.

  • Were you right or wrong after all?
  • Did it do what the seller says it will do?
  • Did it meet your expectations after you read this review?
  • Do you think this new equipment can have a place in your heart and home?

We believe that after this vigorous test and questioning, you can then stop and consider everything you.

Bottom lineI believe the Echelon is basically a Peloton clone – except the flywheel is in the back (as opposed to the front) at half the cost and a smaller ongoing cost.

Peloton is Tried and Tested. However, Echelon Smart Connect can also be trusted. Who doesn’t want close to the same look, feel and experience at a lower price?

You better invest in your health!


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