Bike Trainer Floor Mat Review: The Peloton Mat You Can Trust!


Why is the Cyclingdeal bike trainer floor mat the best spin bike mat on the market today?

Bike trainer mats protect our floors, collect sweat, and improve grip in our bike trainer setups. One of the best mats to deliver these functionalities is the Cyclingdeal bike trainer mat. 

So, what are the best Cyclingdeal Trainer Floor Mat Alternatives Available?

After several hours of research the Cyclingdeal training mat remains our best exercise mat. In fact, its the best Peloton compatible mat today.

The runner up is the Cycleops training mat. A premium value alternative to the Cyclingdeal mat.

A budget-friendly indoor cycling mat such as the Balancefrom Gofit mat or the Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat 

 will work just fine.

Welcome to our comprehensive CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer Floor mat review.

CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer Mat Review

The CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer Floor mat is one of the most reliable equipment mats available today. It is large and thick enough to competently carry your trainer, including the Peloton bike. 

With a closed-cell foam material, it’s both water and sweatproof. It has no persistent odors and promises a long service life. You are also covered by a free-return policy along with a 2-year warranty. 

About the “Cyclingdeal” brand

Cyclingdeal is an online Australian bike and bike accessory dealer. The company started in 2005 to be the number one retailer of the highest quality bike and bike accessories at the best price. The cyclingdeal mat confirms this as it offers a lot of value for its price.

Special features of the bike trainer floor mat


The cycling deal brand is known to distribute over 2000 premium products. The same theme is extended to this mat. Although it’s priced in the upper midrange, the mat feels solid and well built. It’s plain black on both sides. You’ll find the cyclingdeal logo on one of the shorter edges. 

Your order arrives in a 36.6”*5.1”*5.1” box. The unboxing process is straightforward by simply cutting the sealing tape. The mat comes rolled into a cylindrical shape. It lays flat immediately upon unboxing. Note that in some cases it may not lay as flat for a few hours. But it should eventually come through. 

The upper surface is conspicuously textured with the bottom side spotting a softer finish. You’ll notice a bevel-edge design that assists in laying the mat flat. There are two size options-30”*72” and 30”*60”. Both are noticeably large and you may need a decent space allocation for your home gym. 


Don’t get it twisted, the longevity of a mat depends on many other factors aside from the type of material used. For starters, the cyclingdeal bicycle trainer mat is made of a closed-cell PVC foam. It’s reliable, hardy, and has an excellent thermal performance. 

The curation process of the PVC also dictates its quality. You may have already seen cheaper mats that are also made of PVC. The closed construction ensures that each building block is individually reinforced. 

Using a mat under long exposures to high temperatures may also compromise its longevity. This is universal to all mats. Regardless, you should feel free to use the mat outside. Other physical damages such as stepping on the mat with cleats on may also damage any mat. 

The frequency of usage also dictates how long your mat will last. Although the mat should handle normal usage for long, physical damages like walking on it with cleats will certainly ruin it.

Customer support 

The cyclingdeal brand has delivered consistent customer service over the years. You get a free return policy along with a 2-year warranty on this mat. Be sure to thoroughly check your mat upon delivery. You may need to go through your third-party vendor for refund or replacements. 


As a minimum, a mat should provide adequate coverage below your trainer. The cyclingdeal bicycle trainer mat comes in two sizes-3’*5’ and 3’*7’. Both options should suffice for most trainers and indoor equipment. 

This size provides excellent sweat absorption. This allows you to go hard on the trainer. Its 3mm thickness is on the lower side. However, the material used is of high density. This makes up for its thin form. It also makes it easy to roll and package the mat for storage and transportation purposes. It also reduces the incidents of perforations with cleats


The cyclingdeal bicycle trainer mat is made using a high-pressure curation process. This eliminates the need of using hazardous chemicals such as phthalates, silicon, and heavy metals. The compounds are carcinogenic and may cause respiratory allergies in some people. The mat is both children and pet-friendly.

With closed-cell foam, the mat pools instead of absorbing sweat. This keeps it bacteria and odor-free. With a safety bevel-edge, the mat lays completely flat around all corners. This reduces the incidences of stumbling, thus, fall-related injuries.

The mat is 3mm thick. This allows close contact between your trainer and the floor. This makes your equipment stable. Consequently reducing the chances of falls. The mat’s high-density structure provides excellent floor protection by absorbing most of the shock generated on your trainer. 

Water and sweat resistance

I’m sure sweating is your number one short-term goal on any cardio routine. You need to be able to sweat, worry-free. Well, the cyclingdeal bicycle trainer mat has no air spaces within its sheets. This ensures no fluids sip in. This makes it both water and sweat resistant.

This makes it super easy to maintain the mat. A simple wipe with a damp cloth, soap, and clean water gets it fresh instantly. This feature also keeps the mat in a pristine condition for long. You can also clean the mat on a daily basis if you wish. Thanks to the fact that it dries quite fast. 

Noise insulation

I can’t promise you dead silence as the mat is quite thin. However, even thicker mats can’t completely absorb noise either. You should expect a little reduction in vibrations and that is just about it. 

However, the mat’s thickness drastically improves the stability of your trainer. This ensures it stays in place. Translating to almost zero rocking motion. In turn, you’ll notice a reduction in the production of squeaking sounds. 


This should be a principal feature to look for any mat. Common flooring designs such as carpet and hardwoods are not only delicate but also have little traction. The cyclingdeal bicycle trainer mat improves grip, thus the stability of your trainer. This is attributed to its rough matrix circle pattern. The lower sides also make proper contact with your floor. 

I haven’t found any cases of the mat leaving black stains after long-term use. 

Drawbacks of the Cyclingdeal bicycle trainer mat

Color limitations

The cyclingdeal bicycle trainer mat only comes in black. This may not be an issue for most people. However, it may conflict with pre-installed home themes. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any spray paints to correct this. ( Do inform us if you find one). There is no option for custom designs either. 


For its price range, you could find mats thicker than 3mm. While there are obvious logistical advantages with this thickness, it may not meet some users’ preferences. It also makes it unsuitable for body exercises such as yoga and calisthenics.  If you are looking for a well-padded mat, consider the BalanceFrom 1″ Extra Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat.

Bicycle trainer Mat Buyers Guide: Things to consider before buying a floor mat for an indoor bike mat


You are guaranteed to find a floor mat for any budget. All floor mats are not similar. The cost of a floor mat tells a lot about its quality. This includes the type of materials used, the production process, thickness, size, and after-sales services.

As you’d expect, you get what you pay for. Cheaper mats are often smaller, thinner, have persistent odors, and are easily torn. On the contrary, costlier mats are larger(although not always), thicker, denser, have no odors, and last much longer. 

Before settling for a floor mat, its important to specify your intentions. Under no circumstance would I advocate for cheap mats. For the simple reason that you’ll have to get a new piece much sooner. (cheap is expensive). 

For short-term usage, I’d recommend mid-range mats. They offer decent service and they look and feel great. Premium mats are best for long-term use. You’ll probably need only one piece. They have excellent build quality and longevity.

That said, price is not always a good indicator of quality. Try and buy from reputable brands with reliable customer service. In general, I like to buy products with a large number of reviews. I also do well to peruse through as many comments on the product as possible. This will help you get the best deal for your money. 


A floor mat for a bike trainer should accommodate both the length and the width of your trainer. This ensures proper sweat collection, thus, floor protection. For the best experience, it’d be nice to have a little extra mat space around the trainer. (anything from 0.5-1 foot margin on all four sides).

You can use this area to mount/unmount cleats. It can also allow you to take short breaks in-between sets without having to step on your hardwood or carpet floors-especially with cleats on.

Thickness must also be factored into your mat specs sheet. As a baseline, I recommend at least 3mm This can go all the way to an inch(25.4mm) if you like. There are advantages and disadvantages to both extremes. 

Thinner mats are easy to roll up. This eases their logistics. They also stay relatively close to the floor level. This reduces instances of tripping accidents. However, they provide much lesser floor protection. 

Thicker mats are hard to roll-up. This complicates their logistics. Some thicker mats also take time(if at all) to lay completely flat. This increases instances of tripping accidents. However, they provide excellent floor protection. 


The majority of bike trainers and similar cardio equipment are durable. As a proper companion, a mat should last just as long. You just need to find the right mat. This starts with choosing a high-quality material. 

Rubber, PVC foam, and latex are the materials you are likely to find on a mat. Let’s rule out rubber and leather for their poor lifespan and high-cost respectively.

PVC foam appears to be a tested and proven material for a durable bike trainer mat.  It’s affordable, durable. Looks great, has no plasticy smells(when prepared chemical-free), and is widely available. 

The build quality is the next stop. A mat must look and feel premium. I usually use the weight to judge this-the weight should be directly proportional to the thickness of the mat. You can also inspect the integrity of the various layers in a mat. Ideally, when looking from the side, a mat should appear to have a unibody design. (no discernable layers). With these two features right, the rest is only a matter of careful usage and maintenance.


Mats can be dangerous in two ways. First, they can cause frequent stumbling accidents when they can’t lay flat. To fix this, check with the vendor that a mat has a bevel edge design or it effortlessly lays flat, on the same level with the floor. I have trained myself to be cautious when stepping on and off my mat. However, you can never be too careful!

Second, is chemical poisoning. This can be as a result of the leaking of plastic binding chemicals such as silicates and phthalates. In this case, a mat will have a persistent “plasticy” odor. Again, check with the vendor that the mat is toxin and odor-free. This will keep you off the risk of cancer or respiratory allergies at least.


Finally, a mat should provide sufficient traction to keep your trainer in place. This is achieved in the form of a matrix circle or any other rough-textured patterns. This minimizes the rocking of your trainer at high speeds. 

Ensure the mat is placed on a perfectly flat surface to improve grip. You may place a piece of plywood under the mat.

Social proof

After scouring the internet  for feedback on the CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer mat, i found the following rather positive reviews:

One verified buyer said: perfect for Peloton

“He was initially picky about purchasing this mat. However, upon arrival, it turned out to be a good choice. It felt well-made, had no odors and fitted well under his Peloton bike”

Another customer said: Not suitable for use with cleats

“It got torn with cleats right after delivery. He got a full refund within 24 hours of returning it”

Another customer said: Best value for money

“He had initially bought the stock Peloton mat but purchased this a few months after. He thinks its the best value for money as it performed well on his deep-pile carpet floor”

3 Alternatives to the cyclingdeal bike trainer mat

Saris CycleOps Training Mat – Premium Alternative


The Saris cycleops training mat has a lot going for it aside from its reputable parent company name. It measures 36”*78”, equal to a working surface area of about 19 square feet. This is large enough to house any type of trainer. 

Its made of PVC microfiber foam. This material will give you excellent longevity. It’s both water and sweatproof. This keeps odor and bacteria-free. Its also free of plastic odors. Maintenance is easy as it dries quickly. 

I like its minimalist design. The only print on it is the Saris logo on one of its corners  Its only available in black. With rough texture, it provides an excellent grip. This keeps your bike from walking. Although not drastically, it absorbs noise and vibrations. 

Key features 

  • Durable 
  • Non-slip
  • Good size 
  • Water and sweat-proof 
  • Excellent customer service 

Notable differences between the Saris cyclops trainer mat and The CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer mat

  • Pricier 
  • Smaller 
  • Thicker 

This mat is specifically designed for indoor bike trainers. If you’d like a multipurpose mat, I’d recommend the BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat. Otherwise, check out the Saris cycleops trainer mat on Amazon.

Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat: Larger alternative


This mat checks all the boxes for a premium, reliable model. It measures 6’*8’  translating to a surface area of about 48 square feet. This is the largest you can find on any mat. You can comfortably accommodate two trainers.

The mat is 7mm. This provides excellent padding and allows the mat to double as a body exercise platform. It also provides excellent cushioning of your floor against mechanical damage. 

It has double-sided non-slip surfaces in the form of groove matrix circle imprints. This prevents slip-related accidents. Its made from toxin-free PVC foam. This is generally considered safe for pets and children.

You’ll find it in two color options-black & purple with a grey under. It is mostly plain on both sides with a tiny Gxmmat logo on one corner. You get a free carry bag, 3 velcro straps, and a pair of high-quality gloves along with the purchase of the mat. In addition, you get a lifetime warranty!

Key features

  • Durable 
  •  Non-slip
  • Extra large 
  • Waterproof
  • Two-color options 

Notable differences between the Gxmmat extra large exercise mat and The CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer mat

  • Larger 
  • Thicker 
  • Pricier 

This mat is meant for multipurpose use as a home gym flooring mat and for body exercises. See the current price on Amazon.

Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat: Cheaper alternative


To begin with, the Sunny Health & Fitness exercise equipment mat comes in 3 size options: small(4’*2’*4mm), medium(6.5’*3’*4.2mm), and large(7.5’*3.3’*6mm).  This should accommodate a wide range of user preferences. It is also easier to find one that suits your home gym space. 

Its made of heavy-duty PVC foam. This makes it sturdy and long-lasting. It is resistant to scratching, sweat, and water. Its also easy to clean and dries up quickly. This makes it possible to wipe it after every use( with a soft cloth, an all-purpose cleaner, and water). It’s easy to roll up and move.

Key features 

  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Excellent build quality
  • Wide size options 
  • Decent pricing 
  • Durable 

Notable differences between the Sunny health & fitness exercise equipment mat and The CyclingDeal Bicycle Trainer mat

  • Thicker 
  • Cheaper 
  • Wide size options

This mat can be used for multiple purposes including floor protection, yoga, jumping rope, etc. Check it out on Amazon.

Bottom Line

Bike trainer mats protect our floors and improve traction on our trainers. A great mat should be well priced, durable, and sweatproof.  It should also be easy to clean and have no persistent “Plasticy” odors. 

To get the best mat deal for your budget, be sure to do thorough window shopping online. While at it, compare prices and go through as many customer reviews on a specific mat as possible. This should point you in the right direction. Be sure to go through more great fitness content on our site. Thanks, guys! #peace!

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