Folding Treadmill Under Bed: Best Folding Treadmill for Small Space


Best Folding Treadmill – Completely Flat Under the Bed

You’re here because you probably don’t have enough space at home, folding treadmill under bed is something you must consider. This may have been a dream several years ago but it is a reality today. Folded treadmills that can fit completely flat under a bed is now with us.

Treadmills are gradually becoming a staple in most homes. As a result, a portable treadmill is increasingly becoming a necessity. We all want a compact treadmill that can occupy a smaller space. Maybe fit in a closet or under a bed.

In A Hurry?
The Test Winner After 120hours Of Intensive Budget-based Research:
The XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill stood out as the best folding treadmill for Small Space by far, in terms of value for money, how similar it is to the Peloton and its overall quality – which set it apart from the rest.

You’re in search of a flat-folding treadmill under the bed to release you of the stress of parking, pushing and create space in your home, right?

The main reason why folding treadmills can fit under a bed is gaining popularity. Generally, for a treadmill to fit under a bed, there must be a few things to consider.

It must be small, foldable, flat and easy to use.

Best Folding treadmill for Small Space

1. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

2. PremierFit T100 – Treadmill/Folding Running Machine

3. NordicTrack T Series 6.5 Si Treadmill

4. JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill, 2019

5. Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Cardio Pro’ Touchscreen Console Treadmill

6. FIT4HOME Unisex SSJK-06 X-Lite II Treadmill – Space Saver

7. WALKINGPAD P1 Smart Walk Folding Treadmill

8. HOMCOM Motorised Electric Treadmill

9. BLUETOOTH NERO PRO TREADMILL – Folding Running Machine

So my good friend, Audrey and I are just sitting here having coffee and talking about how she wants to get her “Coca-Cola-shape” back.

But the anticipation and fear of going back to the gym scare her. Me too. She has a new baby. She’s not the most confident lady around. And her body is becoming…

For that cardio training, she definitely needs it. I just know that. Help is on the way!
We’ve always thought of getting a treadmill at home, but a space to store it is our main concern.

So, Audrey’s husband already has a Soloflex Muscle Machine, and we’re planned to build an in-home gym for her. Thus, getting a portable folding treadmill will be a step in the right direction.

What about an under bed treadmill, she asked? Oh yeah! But hey, there are serious concerns about the build, resilience, and quality of these flat treadmills.

So I decided to do the research. First, to help Audrey. Second, a friend’s uncle who has recently had a complete hip replacement and was recommended for him to purchase a treadmill.

So my main question was; What are the Best Compact Treadmills that Fold Completely Flat Under a Bed?

This under bed treadmill review will help you move in confidently in your quest to get back in shape and also make an intelligent and informed decision to buy the Best Treadmill for Home.

Let’s look at what I found and how it can help you find the best folding treadmill.

Flat folding treadmill Review

1. XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

61AQ7 O UtL. AC SL1500


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With a folded Dimensions of (L x W x H) 820 x 800 x 1500mm, the Branx fitness tops our list of best folding treadmills under the bed.

As always, this legendary ‘Elite Run Pro’ treadmill delivers on its promises. It comes with Bluetooth for you to listen to your favourite music from the treadmill’s speakers via your device. An in-built cup holder to hold your iPhone or smartphone.

A relatively quiet treadmill – you can also listen to your favourite music or podcast while you walk or jog.
The Branx Fitness also offers an auto incline feature, Built-in speakers, Touchscreen console and LCD display.


  • Relatively quiet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very robust and sturdy. Not Flimsy
  • Great for heavy people. Will not break
  • Power consumption is negligible.


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Pricier (but you get what you pay for)
  • It cannot go completely flat. Slightly inclined.

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This Elite Run Pro treadmill is a dependable piece of equipment. It is not by mistake this masterpiece of quality tops our list. Very few traditional treadmills can beat the Elite Run Pro on value, quality, functionality, and style.

2. PremierFit T100 – Treadmill/Folding Running Machine

 treadmill under bed - Premier fit

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According to the manufacturer, the PremierFit T100 Treadmill is its latest design, offering a wealth of features not found on any other mini treadmill in this price range. Of course, it is the cheapest brand on our foldable treadmills list.

And for your safety needs, it comes with an emergency cut off cord. This is how it works, he cut-off switch has a clip that is attached to your clothing. If for any reason you lose your balance or trip whilst running, the clip attached to your clothing will pull the safety cord from the treadmill console and immediately cut power to the motor. This is an absolutely vital safety measure.

ProsBest foldable treadmill - Premier fit

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assembly
  • Really good for the price
  • Space-saving folding design
  • Wider and longer running belt
  • State-of-the-art console design
  • An emergency cut off the cord, for safety


  • Very heavy to fold away
  • The screen needs to be removed to go completely flat.
  • It May not be suitable for very heavy users. Maximum user weight 90kg
  • For robust cardio training purposes, there are 12 built-in exercise programmes and 3 other manual programmes.

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These pre-set exercise programmes alternate between high and low-intensity exercise giving you the flexibility to plan your workouts. This helps you to burn mere calories and improve your overall cardiovascular health.

3. NordicTrack T Series 6.5 Si Treadmill

710XQC8XqpL. AC SX425


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This treadmill has 24cm long x 54cm wide x 115cm tall dimensions when folded up. Its maximum user weight is 90kg and the weight of the machine is 18kg. This looks more like a mini treadmill. Very sleek and attractive. It is mainly made for power walkers to walk in confidence.

As mentioned earlier, this cardio machine is not built for a marathon runner. In fact, it is not a running machine. Therefore, it is very suitable for the aged who may not have the ability to run.


folded treadmill under bed - confidence

  • Easy to assemble
  • Safeguard emergency stop key
  • Can be folded easily for easy storage
  • Suitable for people of old age or the aged.
  • Great for fast brisk walking



  • Not really a running machine
  • May not be suitable for very heavy users. Maximum user weight is 90kg

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If you want a mini treadmill that won’t break the bank, does everything it says, looks very smart and makes you fit and healthy, go for this one.

4. JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill, 2019

best folding Treadmill - S300

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This folding treadmill is for Home use only. May be suitable for my uncle; Mark and Audrey – my
good friend.

The fact that the JLL is lightweight with wheels makes this foldable treadmill very easy to move around. It also comes with a fitness training with the several running programs.

We recommend that you do not keep this treadmill in a room with home equipment such as a washing machine or tumble dryer. Reason being that – the moisture in the air will have an impact on the machine. The first sign that your machine is taking on moisture is that the silver screws on the outside will start to turn rusty.



  • Easily Transportable
  • 15 Running Programs
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Built-in speakers and Compatible with iPods
  • Built-in 2x bottle holders
  • Treadmill Mat and Aluminium Bottle included


  • Only for domestic use
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years.
  • Requires maintenance every six weeks

The JLL S300 Folding Treadmill is perfect for those looking to be motivated and challenged.

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Best folding treadmill for Small Space

All the features of most compact treadmills today are uncharacteristic of regular treadmills. They are huge. And as exercising at home becomes an active part of many households today, it is necessary to buy treadmills that fold completely flat.

Why do you need a compact treadmill under a bed?

Your bedroom seems to be a sacred place and a treadmill may not be a good friend after all. However, the space under your bed may be the best place for the storage of some home exercise equipment. Why?

First, the space under your bed is empty most of the time. Notwithstanding, the fact that these treadmills are foldable, you’ll need a considerably larger space to keep such a flat treadmill.

They occupy so much space, like this Branx Fitness treadmill. It is heave but Very robust and sturdy.

Second, most of these cardio equipment can be harmful to children when they’re littered all around the room. Folding treadmill under the bed will reduce this risk.

Third, storing your treadmill under your bed will remind you to make use of it first thing in the morning. It encourages you to follow through to your promise to workout. You either make good use of it or it gathers dust. And that makes it useless.

It may sound dumb, but “folding treadmill under the bed” is not only necessary but a motivational factor in your cardio and home workout journey.

In fact, it may be my go-to place to hide if an uninvited guest enters my room. Dangerous people always search under the bed in movies. But I’m more confident there.

What to Consider When Buying a Foldable Treadmill for Home

So what are some factors to consider when choosing a folding treadmill the fits completely under a bed:


The price will always be a major factor when you plan to invest in any product. Especially, when it is meant to improve your life.

Generally, a treadmill is one cardio machine that can make a huge difference in your overall health. Therefore, it is one investment that needs a lot of thinking. That is why we’ve curated this foldable treadmill review to help you make an intelligent and informed decision.

In other words, one gets what you put in or pay for. Your budget or amount you’re willing to pay will determine the quality you get.

Notwithstanding, our review gives you the best and trusted folding treadmills that will survive your Value For Money scrutiny and audit. 


There is much to the construction of a treadmill. And we’re talking about a foldable treadmill that fits under best completely here. Therefore, how portable, foldable and its ease of use is critical.

Upon thorough research, we realized, the maximum user weight for most treadmills is between 90kg and 160kg. Depending on how heavy and sturdy the treadmill is.

Again, we saw that some treadmills are not necessarily running machines, especially mini treadmills. They are built for brisk walking and slow jogging.


Is your folding treadmill noisy? Great question.

This is very important to many buyers and I know it is to you too. You must see to it that your preferred treadmill produces less noise. Inasmuch as, treadmills cannot be totally silent, less noise is good for listening to your favourite podcast or classical music.


How accessible are the controls?

Heart rate, incline and speed controls are crucial for treadmills. You should see to it that these features are well illustrated and defined in your preferred machine. Do not compromise on these things.

Again, How does this machine measure Pulse?
Your treadmill must have sensors on the handrails which show the heart rate on the console.


Most treadmills have pre-programmed training routines that stop after about 30 minutes. If you choose to just walk or run manually then you’ll have to manually stop the treadmill.

However, the cut out time in most treadmills is in excess of any humans running abilities and you would have to be using it for days before it cut out continuously!

Ease of Use

Is the treadmill easy to assemble? That is a good question.

Since treadmills are usually heavy and bulky machines, most sellers have a team in place to help you assemble it. However, most folding treadmills come with very easy to follow manual to help you assemble the machine.

Again, some foldable treadmills do not fold completely flat. Some may require the removal of certain parts such as screens. Others can fold completely flat and can go under your bed easily.

Other ways to make your treadmill easy to use are explained as features for most machines. You only have to follow the accompanying manual.

Recommendation – A Word From Cardio Zero

Buying compact treadmills that fold completely flat is not an easy decision to make. And yet, if you think that adding one to your home gym will keep you:

  1. in shape
  2. motivated
  3. and in your budget,

then it can be a great asset that will keep you fit, healthy and happy for a very long time.

Try a Folding Treadmill under bed Before You Buy

Try folding Treadmill first

Like I always advice; before you buy any cardio or exercise equipment, visit a few fitness stores/shops that specializes in fitness equipment. Do well and try several models available.

It will even be better if you could wear your workout gear and use each machine for 10 minutes so you get a feel for it.

While testing things out, pay attention to its console, folding style, and quality.

Is it easy to see and use?

Make sure the motion is smooth and that nothing impedes your movement. Measure it to make sure you have enough space at home.


If you have not tried a foldable treadmill before, get to your local fitness retailer or nearest fitness equipment store and give it a try.

Better yet, pay for a day pass at your local gym or any health club around. You need to gather the courage and put one of these treadmills through a strenuous workout. And let’s see if you notice a difference.

  1. Were you right or wrong after all?
  2. Did it do what the seller says it will do?
  3. Did it meet your expectations after you read this review?
  4. Do you think this new equipment can have a place in your heart and home?

We believe that after this vigorous test and questioning, you can then stop and consider everything you want in a specific model before you buy it. Sorry, invest.


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