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Gorilla Bow Review

The Gorilla Bow is a full-body workout kit that fits in a suitcase. Versatile, good price and worth it so far. Not just another piece of exercise equipment in your home gym but an all in one training kit in your fitness arsenal moving forward.

In this Gorilla Bow review, we’ll take you through how this technology can help you achieve your fitness goals in the office, at home or on the road.  We’ll look at the travel kit and accessories. And exercises you can do with it. And in the end, you can decide whether or not it’ll be a good addition to your fitness arsenal.

What is a Gorilla Bow?

Gorilla bow kitThis is a revolutionary mobile and home gym equipment that provides a full-body workout. It combines the ancient weapon – the bow, with a carefully crafted modern resistance band technology.

You can just imagine “ancient” and “technology” coming together for a full-body workout.

An experience to savor. A sight to behold.

This piece of bow-like ancient technology utilizes several exercises and workout routines that seek to hit almost every muscle group.

What is your goal?

  • Is it for losing weight
  • Is it for muscle toning
  • Is it for cardio exercise
  • Or to get fit and live a healthy and happy life

Then this piece of exercise equipment will be a good friend and instructor. It supports every workout routine, strength level, and fitness goal. It’s also fun to use.

Gorilla Fitness is the manufacturers of the Gorilla Bow – championing this mobile and home gym experience.

The Bow comes in two forms:

  1.  Resistance Training – Portable & Home Gym For a Full Body Workout
  2. Travel Resistance Training to Tone & Build Muscle Anywhere!

The Portable & Home Gym kit comes with over 110 pounds in resistance band kit and includes 1 x 45 lbs., 1 x 32 lbs., 1 x 20 lbs., 1 x 10 lbs., a band wrap, and band carrying case.

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Benefits of Gorilla Bow

Durability – This portable home gym can sustain heavy and regular use.

Malleability – it is impossible for the bow to just snap while in use.

Adjustability – You can adjust its resistance all the way through for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts.

Affordability – A carefully crafted piece of technology – too good for its price.


  • 90-day money-back guarantee & 2-year warranty.
  • Cheaper than a gym subscription, great value for money.
  • Lightweight, compact, strong, and portable
  • Offers a full-body workout
  • Free workout plans and videos
  • No need for a gym when you travel. Saves Money.
  • It’s also fun to use.


  • Travel case not included
  • Need to break down bow to fit in suitcase or backpack


As mentioned earlier, there is a two-year warranty supporting this technology. On top of that, Gorilla Fitness – the manufacturers are also offering a 90-day money-back guarantee.

And that is a fair deal considering its core components. The aluminum bow, resistance bands, and workouts all come together to confirm what the Gorilla Bow promises to do.

Apparently, this enticing warranty and money-back guarantee will eliminate your hesitation and encourage you to decide and invest in this piece of home-gym equipment. Especially at this price point.

Gorilla Bow Travel kit

It is lightweight, portable, strong, and compact. It only weighs 2.7kg/6lb and can be broken down for your suitcase or backpack.

It enables you to get a full-body workout when you’re on the road, in the office, or at home.
If you want to put it in your suitcase you can get a travel kit.

And it is great for the beach too.

For Beginners

A beginner using the BowEven though bodybuilders, trainers, and professional athletes are using this portable home gym equipment in their workouts, you do not have to be a professional to use one.

It is designed to adjust to your workout level with an easy to adjust band setting. You can go from 5 pounds to over 200 pounds in your workout without bending or breaking.

And especially for beginners, it comes with over 30 exercises you can do for quick wins immediately.

It will help you to lose weight, tone and build your muscle, get your heart beating and you’ll see results in record time. Considering its size and portability, it may be great for a lunchtime office workout, great on the road and a useful piece of equipment for beginners in a home gym setting or for health clubs.

For Body Builders

First, like a beginner can do – a professional can also adjust their workout level with an easy to adjust band setting. So apparently, you can go between 100 pounds to over 200 pounds in your workout without bending or breaking.

Second, it is crafted with aluminum capable of withstanding over 300 pounds of tension and comes with a 90-day guarantee and a two-year warranty.

As a bodybuilder, you can get a full-body workout by combining modern resistance training with this portable mobile exercise device.

This unique workout routine will improve cardiovascular health, improve your balance, reduces joint pain, and builds muscle mass.

Gorilla Bow Review: What is it made from?

This nifty tool kit or equipment is made from durable airplane aluminum.Gorilla bow tools and accessories
The resistance bands can handle a tension of 300 pounds without bending or breaking.

A patented Flex-claw which makes the resistance adjustable to your preference.

What is in the Gorilla Bow Kit?

Upon investing in this portable Home Gym Resistance Kit, your shipment will include the following:

  • 1 Aluminum Bow
  • 4 Latex Resistance Bands
  • A Carry Bag for the resistance bands

Is it effective?

Absolutely, this piece of exercise equipment is a genius. There is a huge claim by the manufacturer that, “You can achieve more progress in just 15 minutes (3 days per week) than jogging on the treadmill for an hour per day by doing a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout!”

That is quite debatable.

This claim cannot be substantiated. However, the fact that workout with this unique technology can improve your balance reduces joint pain, tones increase acceleration and speed, and builds muscle mass is very possible.

In fact, it is a quick, smart and portable way of working out when you travel.

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Gorilla Bow Review: Popular Exercises & Workouts  

First, investment or purchase of this device comes with it free online exercises and workouts. A great opportunity to learn more about this unique technology.

Gorilla Fitness has provided workouts and Instructional videos for beginners and fitness enthusiast who want to have practical experience in order to make an informed decision before they buy here


Second, there is a dedicated eBook for people who are ready to step up their fitness and health.

exercise eBookUnleash Your Beast is a fitness and nutrition eBook that is a 12-week plan showing you everything you need to know to reach optimum performance — starting with nutrition essentials, followed by a breakdown of the best workout types.

The program includes:

  • Nutrition overview and suggestions
  • Best types of exercises for men and women
  • A variety of workout types including dumbbells, bodyweight, resistance, and training
  • 12-week workout plan
  • Exercise tutorials and instructions
  • Links to workouts, training, and exercise videos

Gorilla Charge Pre-Workout Supplement

Gorilla Charge SupplementGorilla Fitness also provides its users with a pre-workout supplement.

It says, “Gorilla Charge is our patented blend of natural ingredients that’ll boost your workout, as well as the rest of your day. The combination of B-complex vitamins, Ashwagandha root extract, tart cherry powder, and caffeine will help you improve your endurance and strength, burn fatter, and bring energy and balance to your body and mind.”

Notwithstanding, I think this supplement is optional and shouldn’t determine your resolve or deter you from making an informed decision to buy the Gorilla Bow.


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Final Words:

Aren’t you tired of your regular workout routine?
Do you want to add some bite to your home gym arsenal?
Thinking about your travel schedule and how to keep fit?

Looking at the versatility of the portable Gorilla Bow, its portability and especially the price point – you’ll be on your way to have a marvelous experience with this in your toolbox.

Let us know what you think about this technology.


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