Best Peloton Alternatives: Peloton Competitors You Can Trust!


What are the best Peloton alternatives?

We’ll get to know the best Peloton competitors on the market today. In fact, there’re a number of Peloton alternatives springing up day in day out. And we’ll look at the cheap and reliable few in this post.

When harsh weather, COVID19 or a crazy schedule drives your workout inside, just hop on an indoor cycling bike for a high-energy, training experience that will have you feeling like you’re riding through rolling hills.

In A Hurry?The Test Winner After 120hours Of Intensive Budget-based Research:The Echelon Smart Connect Indoor Cycle stood out as the best Peloton alternative indoor bike by far, in terms of value for money, how similar it is to the Peloton and its overall quality – which set it apart from the rest.

Winner After 120Hours of Intensive Budget-base Research

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The Peloton bike and app is the ultimate spinning bike experience. But the price. The main reason why you must consider any of the best Peloton alternatives that can give you something similar.

Let’s dive in.

Peloton bike Alternatives: Top 8 Reviewed

1. Echelon Smart Connect Indoor Cycle

2. Keiser M3i Indoor Bike

3. NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle

4. Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

6. ANCHEER Indoor Cycling Bike

7. Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

8. L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Exercise Bike

9. Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Trainer

Best Peloton Alternatives Comparison Table

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1. Echelon Smart Connect Indoor CycleThe Biggest Peloton Competitor

echelon smart connect bike eX5

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 The Echelon Connect is by far the biggest alternative to the Peloton. Echelon is a more cost-effective bike and great for beginners entering into the spin bike world.

It has always been an Echelon vs Peloton competition as far as the high-end spinning bike conversation surfaces.

As I mentioned before, the Echelon is basically a Peloton clone (minus the built-in tablet display) and the flywheel which is at the back. The Peloton has its flywheel in front. They’re birds of the same feathers.

However, what significantly differentiates these two exercise bikes is the price.

Peloton vs Echelon: which One is Better? And the Differences…

1.  The Echelon is at half the cost of the Peloton bike. It is priced at – $999 and comes with a $39.99/month subscription. The Peloton bike, on the other hand, is $1995 and goes with a subscription fee of $39/month.

2. Echelon goes further with different options of a $33.33/month on an Annual Plan and a $25/month on a 2 Year Plan.

3. It does have an older ergonomic set-up and requires you to use an existing tablet or smartphone to access training programs.

4. You are going to get out what you put in. The Echelon spin bike is sleek and much lighter and easier to manoeuvre than Peloton bikes.

5. It comes with both a clip in and cage option meaning you don’t have to purchase cycling shoes to use the bike. A great feature if you don’t know if you’re ready to commit to cycling just yet!

There’s little to no difference in the bells and whistle looking at these two glamorous spin bikes.

Note: With the Echelon, you are covered for the first 30 days with a satisfaction guaranteed policy. The company also promises a 5-star customer service. They also offer a 1-year warranty on the Echelon Smart Connect EX1 Bike.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and solid
  • The app works for any device
  • High energy live classes
  • Designed with 32 resistance levels
  • Certified and Personable Instructors
  • It’s like having your own home studio
  • Can be moved with transportation wheels
  • Suitable for heavyweights – 300 pounds


  • Quite Pricier – but you get what you pay for
  • You need to use their app to use the bike
  • You can’t see stats without app connectivity

2. Keiser M3i Indoor Bike – Better Choice for Peloton users

Selling on the “Made in the USA” tag, the M3i is the ONLY indoor bike built in the U.S. Therefore, you’re assured of the highest quality control standards.

The main difference between the Keiser vs Peloton is its adjustability. The Keiser is more comfortable and adjustable.

With the Keiser M3i, you get a quiet but true road bike experience inside your home which is compatible with the Peloton app.

The Bluetooth is for synchronization with the Keiser phone app that lets you keep track of your workouts.


  • Incredibly quiet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Compatible to Peloton app
  • It’s like having your own home studio
  • Suitable for heavyweights – 300 pounds


  • Not cheap – but you get what you pay for

3. NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle — Closest Peloton Competitor

The NordicTrack Commercial S22i is the closest to the Peloton with respect to its build and attachment. A worthy Peloton competitor with great workouts.

You get to exercise how and where you want with a fully-adjustable 22” HD Touchscreen. Easily follow along with the trainer off your bike, participating in yoga and other cross-training routines.

Peloton has a high price point. We know that. However, the monthly membership fee is probably what you don’t want. Well, the Nordictrack has a similar fee as well.

But with this bike, you get a free one-year subscription and the monthly fee is almost half of the Peloton. This was a big selling point for many.

You don’t get the live workouts that come with the Peloton or Echelon. All of the workouts on this bike are pre-recorded.

the Nordic Track Commercial Studio bikes do automatically adjust resistance, incline, and decline during the workouts with trainers and when doing workouts with google maps.

You get this incredible experience that allows you to maximize your workout and visual experience. Unlike the Peloton live workouts.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Compatible to Peloton app
  • High energy pre-recorded classes
  • It’s like having your own home studio
  • Can be moved with transportation wheels
  • Suitable for heavyweights – 300 pounds


  • The handlebars turn to wobble
  • Quite Pricier – but you get what you pay for

4. Schwinn Indoor Cycling Bike — Affordable Peloton bike Alternative

The Schwinn indoor series are a low impact, spinning bike which and comes with a 40-pound flywheel.

it uses a felt pad to create resistance and since there are infinite levels of resistance with felt pad – you can always change it to your preference.

As a Peloton competitor, this bike is by far the best you can buy for the price. Feels like a Peloton bike.

Most importantly, the IC2 can be connected to the Peloton app. Therefore, you can have a Peloton experience at a much lower cost without the bells and whistles.

Regarding the PULSE, this machine is compatible with a Polar noncoded chest strap to monitor your heart rate which can be purchased separately.

For those with small home spaces, this bike takes minimal space with a footprint of around 45 inches Long x 23 inches wide and 49 inches high. Very compact for such a great cardio machine.

If the Schwinn IC2 is making a squeaking noise, you can spray the wheel periodically with 100% silicone lubricant and you’re good to go.

Overall, a decent inexpensive option for Peloton spin classes you can trust.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Affordable Price
  • Can be used with the Peloton app
  • Suitable for both the tall and short
  • Suitable for heavyweights – 300 pounds


  • Starts to make a clunking noise when pedalling

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike – Cheapest Peloton bike Alternative

With a footprint of about 46 x 20 x 46 inches the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro is the most affordable Indoor Cycling Bike on this list.

Great Peloton bike alternative for the price. It is widely used.

Apparently, you may not be riding the Peloton bike but get a somewhat similar experience by using the Peloton app with Sunny Health & Fitness Pro bike.

This bike is equipped with adjustable multi-grip handlebars to accommodate your riding style. You can move the two-way adjustable seat up or down to match your leg length.

If height and positioning are huge for you, then this information is for you: Lowest seat setting: 27″ (Seat to Pedal)Highest seat setting: 33″ (Seat to Pedal)


  • Quiet
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Smoother 40-pounds Flywheel
  • Can be moved with transport wheels
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Suitable for heavyweights – 275 pounds


  • Stripping pedals over time
  • May not be suitable for short people
  • Makes loud squealing noise over time

6. ANCHEER Indoor Cycling Bike

A high quality, cost-effective indoor stationary cycling bike at a relatively lower cost as compared to several other Peloton alternatives on this list.

A great choice if you’ve planned to use it with the Peloton app.

ANCHEER Indoor bike like all other spin bikes helps you lose weight. And yes you can stand up on the pedals to ride this bike. One of the highest calorie burners if you are consistent.

Modelling the intensity and resistance as a road bike, the ANCHEER Indoor bike monitors and track your progress with an advanced LED digital monitor which keeps track time, distance, scan, speed, calories burned. It also has a water bottle holder and a phone bracket for entertainment while you exercise.

NB: This spin bike comes with a 12 months warranty with FREE replacement parts.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Very affordable Price
  • Compatible to Peloton app
  • Front-mounted transport wheels
  • 12 months warranty


  • Issues with taller people
  • The seat gets uncomfortable over time
  • You pay return shipping in case of a defect

7. Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike


Sole fitness - best Peloton alternative

The SB700 is a heavy-duty exercise bike that competes with the likes of Peloton, echelon, etc. In fact, our main aim is to use the Peloton app without a bike. And the Sole Fitness SB700 may be perfect for this purpose.

The display – an Integrated blue, backlit LCD console uses batteries. But it goes to sleep to conserve batteries when you’re not using it. You don’t need the computer for this bike to work.

The computer is used to monitor or track your speed time, heart rate (with heart monitor not included) and estimated calorie burned. Therefore, you forgo these metrics when the computer is off.

Even though the bike stays pretty much where it is, you can move it around by sliding it with its roller wheels. Apparently, the 48-pound flywheel is the heaviest part.

It comes with regular pedals with toe webbing like a standard bicycle. These pedals can be replaced (this is what I did) with clip-in pedals that match your spinning/cycling shoes.

I recommend you get a rubber mat so that if you perspire or your water bottle drips, the area can be cleaned easily.

If the Sole Fitness SB700 is making a squawking noise, you can spray the wheel periodically with some dry silicon spray where it contacts the belt.

The Sole SB700 has a lifetime frame warranty, a three years parts/electric warranty and a one-year labor warranty.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Can be pedalled backwards
  • Compatible to Peloton app
  • Suitable for shorter people
  • Suitable for heavyweights – 300 poundsCons


  • Start to make squawking noise over time
  • Replace the resistance pad from time to time

8. L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike

The D600 is a friction resistance stationary exercise Bike with a 22-pound flywheel. It is lightweight, compact and super quiet for an ideal and fun in-home cardio workout.

Attached is an LCD monitor tracks your Speed, Time, Distance, Calories burned, Odometers and Pulse. It also has a phone and tablet holder as well.

You don’t need special shoes to use this spin bike. You can just wear your normal sport shoes. Unlike the Peloton which comes with its own shoes.

And as one user mentioned, “Now we can spin at home with YouTube videos and get the same effect without the gym fee.”

This exercise bike comes with a 12 months warranty for FREE replacement parts.


  • Quiet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Suitable for heavyweights – 280 pounds
  • 12 months warranty


  • Not suitable for taller people – 6′
  • Start making clicking noise over time

9. Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Trainer

This pro cycle boasts a super-heavy 45-pound flywheel with Top-down friction resistance. A feeling usually reserved for the highest levels of cycling – all in the comfort of your home.

As you stand and paddle, you can also interact with the computer on this indoor bike to track and monitor your MPH, cadence, calories burned, watts, time and distance.

In addition, you can subscribe to the Peloton app to take live classes without the hefty peloton price. A great Peloton bike alternative at a lower cost.

Similar to the Schwinn IC3, this machine is compatible with a Polar noncoded chest strap to monitor your heart rate which can be purchased separately.

The Master GS has a lifetime frame warranty and a one-year parts/labor warranty.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and solid
  • Affordable Price
  • Suitable for taller people – above 6′
  • Suitable for heavyweights – 300 pounds



  • Suitable for shorter people – blow 5foot

The Benefit of Peloton bike


peloton app

Indoor cycling is great.

And there are many indoor exercise bikes on the market. But the Peloton is a total experience on its own.

You’ll pay $1999 plus $12 monthly (live class) subscription just for the experience.

Crazy, right?

They even have a Peloton shoe just for the bike brand. A great business model worth emulating. Secured branding – perfection.

So much so that, you barely see an advertisement for Peloton competitors. You only find its rivals when you search for Peloton itself.

So if a gym membership, stress of going to a health club or sheer laziness is dragging your weight loss goals – perish that thought and make a decision today.

Its either you’re going for a Peloton Bike or one of these Peloton alternatives mentioned here.

Don’t let anything get in your way. With Peloton, all you need is a tap away. Right on your bike, there is an attached tablet display.

And voila, you’re in a live spin class with instructors shouting and sweating their backside off. bin the heart of New York City.

And that’s what you get with the Peloton experience.


If you’re that person – then, you’re in for a treat. Congratulations.

Apparently, you and I may not be ready to make such an investment now. And for the experience, we can get something similar for less.

So for the rest of us, we may go with a great option which is more affordable.

How to give Peloton Alternatives the Peloton bike Experience

So your main goal is to get the Peloton experience for a fraction of the actual cost. Isn’t it?

We can only estimate the best Peloton bike alternative if it can do what the real Peloton bike can do at a relatively cheaper price and similar quality.

Therefore, there must be some specific tools and attachments to make this happen. For the setup, you’ll first need to subscribe to the Peloton app, which goes for $39.

And a few other Peloton accessories and attachments, then we can talk about approaching a better or the best alternatives to Peloton in the indoor exercise bike market.

So finally, you don’t only WIN big on the price level but you are assured of the prestigious and luxurious experience too.

Recommendation – A Word From Cardio Zero

Buying one of the best Peloton alternatives is not an easy decision to make. And yet, if you think that adding a spin bike to your home gym or office will keep you:

  • in shape
  • motivated and
  • in your budget,

then it can be a great asset that will keep you fit, healthy and happy for a very long time.

NB: If using the seat of any of these bikes makes you uncomfortable, I would recommend this oversized comfort seat cover to eliminate soreness and bring comfort.

Again, you may need a cushioned large bike mat that will protect your equipment investment from dust, excess vibration, dampen noise, and will help extend the life of your equipment, while protecting your floors from damage.

Try any Peloton Competitor Before You Buy

Like I always advice; before you buy any cardio or exercise equipment, visit a few fitness stores/shops that specializes in fitness equipment. Do well and try several models available.

It will even be better if you could wear your workout gear and use each machine for 10 minutes so you get a feel for it.

While testing things out, pay attention to its resistance, pedal style, warranty, and quality.

Is it easy to use?

Is it easy to get on and off the spin bike?

Does it make a clicking or clunking noise as you use?

Make sure the motion is smooth and that nothing impedes your movement. Measure it to make sure you have enough space at home.


If you haven’t tried any of the Peloton alternatives before, get to your local fitness retailer or nearest fitness equipment store and give it a try.

Better yet, pay for a day pass at your local gym or any health club around. You need to gather the courage and put one of these fold-up bikes through a strenuous workout. And let’s see if you notice a difference.

  1. Were you right or wrong after all?
  2. Did it do what the seller says it will do?
  3. Did it meet your expectations after you read this review?
  4. Do you think this new equipment can have a place in your heart and home?

We believe that after this vigorous test and questioning, you can then stop and consider everything you want in a specific model before you invest.

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