7 Amazing Cardio exercises at Home

Exercise elicits body pain. Nobody enjoys pain. But you can make it fun and easy to do. Cardio exercises at home will help you lose weight, tone your body and improve your cardiovascular health. Oh yes, it comes with some amazing benefits! But it is a pain unless it is fun and easy.

What about doing cardio at home, it is an option? Well, I did some research – let’s look at what that means and what you can do about it.

When it comes to exercise, cardio is arguably the most important aspect of your daily regimen. It promotes active fat burning, heart health, and weight loss.

Notwithstanding the influx of exercise equipment, fitness technology, etc.. cardio training still remains an integral part of your overall health and fitness goals. No good workout is complete without a healthy and balanced cardio workout.

Some of the benefits of cardio exercises at home:

  • Heart disease prevention
  •  Mood improvement
  • Weight loss
  •  Longer life span
  • Weight management

The benefits of a healthy daily cardio routine are numerous. Even better, there are tons of ways that you can achieve your daily cardio needs, without even leaving your home or putting your pants on!

They can be fun, energizing, and often time even as simple as just getting your body moving. And there are all-in-one home gyms as well.

So in this article you will find 7 of some of the best cardio workouts at home to get your blood flowing, sweat pouring, and fat burning in no time at all!

7) Jumping Rope

jump ropes exercise at homeI know, I know. You probably haven’t jumped rope since your middle school days. But this quick and easy workout can be done anywhere you have a few feet of extra space.

It can even burn an average of 10 calories per minute! Better yet, Jumping Rope is nearly an entire body workout. Engaging your core, glutes, calves, thighs, and even biceps!

So grab your headphones, pump some music, and grab a rope. Because this easy and fun exercise will have your heart racing in no time. And it can be done right in the comfort of your home.

More benefits of Jumping Rope here.

6) Jogging in Place

jogging in the woodsIf you love the idea of going on a nice refreshing jog, but for whatever reason can’t leave the house. Don’t worry, it can be done at home!

Just standing in your home and jogging in place at a brisk pace can burn up to 530 calories an hour! It’s a great way to get your heart pumping, and you don’t even have to interact with anyone!

The benefits of jogging in place at home are very similar to jogging around your neighborhood. It benefits cardiovascular health, and helps build and tone muscle!

So put on your leg warmers, headband, and 80’s neon tracksuit, and start jogging to nowhere!

More benefits of Jogging in Place here.

5) Dancing

dancing as a cardio exercise at homeWho doesn’t love to dance? Seriously, who doesn’t?

Dancing doesn’t have to be just a fun thing you do on the weekend with an overpriced mojito in hand. It is one of the best and priceless cardio exercises at home.

This fun exercise can leave you burning anywhere from 330 – 488 calories an hour! But it doesn’t have to involve going to Zumba class, or a night out on the town.

Dancing is something that can easily be done from the comfort of your own bedroom or living room. All you need is some music, (A hairbrush to sing into) and to get yourself moving.

Dancing has also been proven to reduce stress, increase motor function, and strengthen your lungs. So shake your hips like Shakira and get that heart rate going!

More benefits of Dancing here.

4) Kickboxing

kickboxing at homeNo, I don’t mean get in the ring and start risking your life like Connor McGregor. I mean burning fat, and building muscle definition can be as easy as practicing some punches and kicks in your living room.

Not only can kickboxing in your living room burn up to 100 calories in 10 minutes; It requires only basic knowledge of how to punch and kick, and you can even take out those anger issues you have deep down inside!

You don’t have to be the karate kid to be able to get a great, fast-paced workout. Just throw some jabs, kick like a wild person, and get a sweat going in this full-body workout.

More benefits of Kickboxing here.

4) Burpees

burpees cardio exercise at homeWhat! What the heck is a Burpee? I’ll tell you!

Squat on the floor, jump back into a plank position, jump back in, and stand up. Repeat! It’s as simple as that, but you wouldn’t believe how intense this simple in-home exercise can be.

Burpees are exceptional for building stamina and conditioning endurance. They also burn an insane amount of calories. We’re talking up to 10 calories per minute!

Burpees are a great start to any workout, as they get your heart rate up fast, and are perfect for any conditioning workout. Just move the coffee table out of the way, because Burpees can require some space!

More benefits of Burpees here.

3) Squat Jumps

squat jumps exercise at home Few workouts you can do at home are as tough, but rewarding as a Squat Jump. Bending at the knees, keeping your back straight, and jumping full force. Simple, but brings that sweet, sweet burn.

This efficient workout helps tone your glutes, calves, quads, hamstrings, and core. Making them a perfect solution to your booty and leg shaping needs.

Not only that but they can burn up to 220 calories in just half an hour! So you can shed that fat and shred those legs and core.

Not to mention, for you athletes, Jump Squats improve sports performance, helping you run faster, and jump higher. There are many variations of this exercise as well to tackle different areas of the body!

More benefits of Squat Jumps here.

2) Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks exercise at home

No, this isn’t written by a Drill Sergeant in the Army or your angry P.E teacher. Hear me out!

Jumping Jacks are an awesome source of cardio that can be done anywhere, (Probably not appropriate for performing in-line at the grocery store).

Be it in your living room while watching your favorite TV drama, or even in the kitchen while waiting for your water to boil. Jumping Jacks can help you burn up to 200 calories for 100 Jumping Jacks!

So next time you have a spare minute sitting around, get on your feet and do some Jumping Jacks! A little bit a day can go a long way!

More benefits of Jumping Jacks here.

1) Stair Climbing

stair climbing exercise at homeDo you live on the 7th floor of your building, and always use the elevator?

Does your home have a staircase you wish you could avoid?

Well, STOP!

Avoiding the stairs can be one of the easiest ways you miss out on everyday cardio opportunities you might not even notice. Stairs are one of the most easily available cardio exercises we have in our day-to-day life.

On average walking up and down a normal set of stairs can burn 2.5 – 5 calories in just one go! Turn that into a workout and you can burn on average up to 500 calories an hour.

So next time you’re at home, give yourself a quick run up and down the stairs a few times a day and watch the fat fall off, and your lung capacity and stamina improve!

One of the easiest if not the best cardio exercises you can do at home or the office during a lunchtime break.

More benefits of Stair Climbing here.

A Word from Cardio Zero

So as you can see, cardio is not only important to your daily routine, it’s easy to do! Health experts recommend that we do around 150 minutes per week of moderate cardiovascular workout.

And as we’ve seen, you don’t even have to leave your home to do it! There are tons of ways you can get your blood flowing, tone muscle, increase stamina and health, increase your lifespan, and more.

All from the comfort of your own home. So get off the couch, and start! A healthier lifestyle is just one jumping jack, staircase, or dance move away!

Don’t compromise on the overall health benefits of cardio training in your daily activities. All these cardio exercises at home are fun and easy workouts to do.



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