The Giant Buyer’s Guide to Gifts for Gym Junkies with Pictures


What are the best gifts for gym junkies?

Life is good when you have something to look forward to every day. Money, work and “success” are fantastic to have but they quickly fade away. Above all, the people in our lives are what makes it spicy.

We all want family and friends to live forever so that we can continue banking on the security assured in their presence. While that’s impossible, fitness can go a long way in lengthening their lives.

When someone close to you is a fitness lover, you have to hold on to them tight as they are doing their part to ensure you get more blissful days together.

As it is, few people are gym lovers and we may not know exactly how to build a motivating rapport with one.

Of course, it is It is advisable to exercise on a regular basis if you want to live longer. However, getting your loved ones who are gym junkies the best gifts is arguably the best way of showing your support for their hobby and your belief in them.

There are a ton of gifts and gift shops out there with overwhelming options to go with.

With everyone having their own personal preferences, it’s important to get well educated about how to get a present(s) that truly delivers your message.

In this article, we will dissect the psychology behind largesse, qualities of a good gift, a list of 10 most impactful gifts, a comprehensive buying guide, and an FAQ section on the same.

Let’s dive in.

Top 10 Gifts For Gym Junkies: Best Fitness Gifts for Him or Her 

We’ve put together a list of the best gifts in our opinion. They are equally divided into the following two groups:

1. A Premium Music Streaming Service - Shopify

2. Smart Gear - Apple Watch Series 5

3. Plastic Water Bottle 

4. Bluetooth Headphones

5. Food Weighing Scale

6. A pair of Socks

7. Massage Accessory

8. Whey Protein Powder

9. Food Gift Card - Daily harvest

10. Gym Bag - MIER Duffel Bag


 Gifts for Gym Junkies: Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts Reviewed


1. A premium Music Streaming Service Subscription

Shopify Premium Subscription

Music gives a soul to the universe.

When people feel free, they feel energized to express the beat within.

Getting someone a premium membership to unlimited music access is a bold gesture of motivation. Spotify’s $9.99/month individual package offers ad-free, on-demand and offline music streaming and would be a perfect present.

2. Smart Gear

To help attain as much efficiency and results from their workout routines, intelligent wearables such as watches and heart rate monitors inform, track and advise people on the best regimens to use in their workouts.

Built for fitness, the Apple Watch Series 5 is a fantastic piece of tech that does all that plus more.

Best Wearable Gadget Gift for Gym Junkies

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

Check best price amazon
1200px Amazon logo.svg

3. Water Bottle

Water is the most crucial ingredient for great fitness results. Gym junkies know this and may have already purchased a water bottle.

To take things a notch higher, this portable oyster BLSTPB 250-watt blender will not only make smoothies and shakes but it also packs in a 20-ounce free plastic bottle that doubles up as the processing compartment.

Your loved one” gym drinks life is fully covered”, LOL.

Best Life-saving Gift for Gym Lovers

Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend

Oyster BLSTPB 250-watt blender

Our Ratings

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1200px Amazon logo.svg

4. Bluetooth Headphones

Let’s face it, we all need great music. It’s even more useful for gym lovers to get high quality, sweat-proof and comfortably fitting wireless earbuds to ensure nothing gets in the way of achieving their full potential.

For instance, having an indoor cycling bike such as the Keiser M3i or Peloton bike requires a flawless Bluetooth headphone you can trust.

Check this affordable sub $20 best seller piece we found for you on Amazon.

Best Bluetooth Headphone Gift for Gym Enthusiast

Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Sport Earphones

Bluetooth Headphone

Our Ratings

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1200px Amazon logo.svg

5. Food Weighing Scale

Effort, diet, and sleep are the three biggest determining factors for gym success. Since your special someone is already a junkie, their input is unquestionable.

Getting them an electronic weighing scale will ensure they stick to their required daily caloric intake.

This very affordable Food Digital Kitchen Scale on Amazon will touch their hearts and give them the good sleep they need knowing all is in check.

Best Digital Scale Gift for Fitness Junkies

Kitchen scale

Food Digital Kitchen Scale

Our Ratings

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6. A pair of socks

Socks are essential in maintaining good hygiene during and after workouts. Getting your loved one a pair of socks will help make the process of gym prep much easier.

These Under Armour adult socks are comfortable, well stitched and long-lasting. Also, come with material wicks sweat and dries fast. Designed with anti-odor technology helps prevent odor in the sock.

Necessary Gift for Fitness Lovers

UA Charged Cotton socks

UA Charged Cotton socks

Our Ratings

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7. Massage Accessory

Pain is how you know you are gaining in the gym. I bet your gym junkie vouches for the same every day.

A quick relief thereafter will not only help your loved one relax, but it will also allow them to be ready for the next day.

Guess what we found on amazon for you!

This portable original worm bag combines massage balls with a foam roller to relieve the neck, feet, back, hips and glutes.

Best Accessory for Gym Junkies

massage balls and foam roller

Massage balls and Foam roller

Our Ratings

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8. Protein Powder

In most cases, gym junkies are after muscle gains and fat loss. Protein powders accelerate muscle growth which in turn increases metabolism that effectively leads to fat burning.

Checkout this Dymatize elite 100% whey protein that has an impressive user rating on Amazon.

Best Supplement Gift for Gym Junkies

Dynamite elite whey protein powder

Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein Powder

Our Ratings

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9. Food Gift Card

You may not be well versed in your junkie’s diet, so letting them choose their package will be more than courteous.

Daily harvest’s gift cards allow customers to choose 9 different items in one package and are one of the best fitness gifts.

Daily harvest gifts

10. Gym Bag

Duffel bag

It’s thoughtful to get someone a place they can easily store and transport their gym apparel.

This MIER 20-inch sports gym bag features separate clothing and shoe compartments and is suitable for both men and women. Something I'm getting for myself too.

Best Bag Gift for Gym Lovers

Mier duffel bag

MIER 20-inch sports gym bag

Our Ratings

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Factors To Consider When Buying A Gift For Fitness Enthusiast

Based on personal experience and from the perusal of multiple gifting content, the following are some pointers you should consider when getting gifts for fitness enthusiasts:

1. Utility

You want to look for something that is going to actually help the person in their daily gym routine.

As is with the items we listed above, ensure the present will not end up sitting in a corner getting dust.

Also, make sure the product is suitable for the intended user in terms of size and other personal preferences like color and design.

2. Quality

People feel appreciated and respected when they receive a well-made item or product. It shows that you deeply care and are willing to spend time and money to get them the best gift.

As most shopping is done online, it may be difficult to definitively discern the goodness of a product, customer reviews will give you a fairly accurate clue of how an item fairs.

3. Time

Start planning beforehand if you intend to give someone a gift for a special day.

This will help you browse the millions of products available and narrow down to a specific iteration that fits the receiver.

Early preparation will also let you hit them by surprise, which is always the best!

4. Presentation

You’ve already put a lot of thought into finding the perfect gift. You don’t have to buy expensive custom packaging but make sure you get a matching wrap/box to go with it.

A subpar packaging is synonymous to wasting your time finding a nice present in the first place!


According to an article published by Tara Parker-Pope in the New York Times, researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University recently studied gift-giving for pets.

A high level of gratitude and self-fulfillment was reported among the participants.

Although animals can’t gift back, the effort in trying to make them happier triggered a sense of responsibility with zero pressure of reciprocity.

While the receiving party is set to benefit from the emotional high and utility of the products they receive, the giver is known to get the most benefit.

This can be attributed to our social nature.

So the next time you buy someone a gift, knowing you’ve taken care of them is the main agenda. Now that you know it’s a two-way affair, the following are 10 best gits for gym junkies that you love so much.

Benefits of Gifting

Builds Gratitude in your Life

When you get your loved one's presents, they become genuinely happy. Seeing that on their faces points your mind to all the great things happening in your life amidst usual challenges.

Promotes Good Health

Giving gifts or volunteering is known to improve physical health by boosting energy levels, reducing anxiety and stress as well as strengthening the immune system.

Good Karma

Doing good will sure attract better in your life. When you give, you receive, somehow! Not only do we feel the impact, but such actions also inspire others to do good to other people and on and on it goes.


When you recognize people’s effort in any regard, they feel morale to keep going, even harder! This is why athletes get medals, employees get awards and top students get prizes. And in this case, your gym junkie buddy is going to smash their goals faster.

Gift Ideas for fitness lovers: Qualities Of a Good Gift

The only quality of a good gift is that it is heartfelt.

Everything else will fall into place thereafter.

First off, people’s personalities, likes, dislikes and personal preferences tend to maintain a common consistency across every area of their life.

This means that your familiarity with the person will help you pick a product that recognizes one or more of their qualities.

Truly knowing someone will help you with things like picking the right size and color of items for their fit.

On that note, the cost of whatever you go for doesn’t matter. Expecting nothing in return will influence how you present the gift and how you feel about it overall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#What should I get for a gym junkie?

There are no specific gifts for gym junkies as people have different contexts.

Ideally, the right gift should be commonly used and beneficial to the receiver. You want them to utilize the product as often as possible so they can remember you just as much.

Products that help protect, motivate, track or reward the fitness enthusiast are highly recommended.

#What to get someone who likes to work out?

While it’s not possible to get them the sweat they work so hard to earn, a variety of fitness gear may be probable.

Working out is such a broad term, so you may need to narrow down to a specific sport or activity they are into in order to find the perfect present.

Clothing, shoes, smart gear or memberships to respective clubs/gyms/groups/teams/associations will suffice.

#What should I buy for the gym?

There is unlimited stuff you could use at the gym, but here are some that we deem “essential”, at least for most people; weekly clothing-(shoes, pants, underwear, tops or suits).

A couple of comfortable workout shoes, a towel, a skincare product for the after-shower.

A notebook/journal to write and track your goals, sufficient clean water, protective gear such as gloves, a padlock to keep your stuff safe.

An app to guide and keep track of your training sessions-(smartphone app/ smart wearable gear like a smartwatch) and probably a snack.

#What every gym should have?

Quality trainers, sufficient safety equipment, strict respect policy, like-minded members and a traffic control system to maintain a healthy number of trainees at any given time are the bare minimum for a good gym.

#What is gym etiquette?

Gym etiquette is the customary code of polite behaviors that govern the gym community in a bid to make things flow smoothly.

It is entirely based on respect for people, equipment and the immediate gym environment.

There are endless point-form lines of rules written for different facilities but they all boil down to allowing everybody to be at their best.


For the motivation, personal satisfaction and happiness gifting brings, consider useful, high quality, heartfelt product as the best fitness gifts for gym lovers!

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