Peloton Reviews: All Your Most Burning Questions Answered! [+ Social Proof]


Is Peloton worth it, or is it all a hype – the price is way too high?

If you’re here today, we have all the Peloton reviews you need in one place.

You’ve probably heard or know about the Peloton and all the hype around it. However, for the uninitiated: The Peloton is an indoor exercise bike on a different level.

It comes with a variety of spinning classes and a membership subscription for its well-produced, live- streaming and on-demand classes starring its self-made celebrity instructors across different fitness fields.

In short: Peloton is a state-of-the-art indoor cycling bike with live online streaming and on-demand classes. The bike, however, comes with a hefty price tag ($1995 plus $250 delivery, plus a $39 per month (now $12) subscription). Also available in the UK at £1,990 with a £39 monthly (now £12) fee for the classes.

And the community – a cult-like following you can trust. More on that later…

Of course, there are other Peloton alternatives – talk about the biggest Peloton competitor – the Echelon Smart Connect bike and others like the Keiser M3i, Nordicktrach S22i, etc…

Notwithstanding, I believe you shouldn’t reduce the purchase of that life-changing equipment to just price. Actually, there are several other things to look out for before you make the all-important decision to make this investment.

Is it worth it? Well, we’ll look at that in this post.

The price: quite debatable as compared to its competitors but the Peloton bike is expensive. And that’s the downside to this awesome piece of cardio equipment.

Just as Lynne from SC said,


The Peloton bike is a masterpiece of technology and craftsmanship. It is not a big box store exercise bike, but a quality piece of equipment. For comparison purposes, it’s like choosing to buy a BMW over a Ford. There are fitness levels and classes suitable for pre-beginners and professional athletes. As one of the instructors said, “No matter what happens during your day, no one can ever take this 20 minutes from you.” The Peloton is an investment in personal achievement. It’s not about where you score on the leaderboard. It’s not whether you take a 5-minute class or a 90-minute class. It’s about forming a habit that will promote healthy choices. Choosing to get on the bike will lead to a commitment to ride the bike. Don’t feel like a spin class? Take a scenic ride through the Swiss Alps or along the streets of Paris. Just ride!!!

After about 120 hours of reading existing online reviews, our personal experience and expert consideration – we’ve come to this realization and conclusions.

So we’ll look at providing everything you need to know about Peloton. We’ll talk about the bike, the benefits and features you should pay attention to and answer the most pressing and burning questions related to these features.

Without much ado.

Let’s dive in!

Peloton Bike Reviews: Peloton reviews and Consumer Reports

Apparently, we can boldly say the indoor cycling industry has grown tremendously by leaps and bounds in recent years – thanks to new innovations and technological advancements.

A few years ago, spinning bikes and classes were not very popular as it is today. The rapid growth and versatility of the Internet have brought about a whole new world of entertainment and lifestyle changes we cannot ignore.

And the indoor cycling world has gotten its own share. Today, you can fully immerse yourself into well-produced, live-stream and on-demand online classes in the comfort of your own home with people all around the world and from all walks of life.

The Peloton has truly raised the bar in the indoor cycling world. Let’s look at what people are saying about it.

What are Experts and Users are Saying?

The Peloton Bike

According to the product description on, “The Peloton bike brings you the
most convenient and immersive indoor cycling experience, streaming daily live classes from our NYC studio directly into your home. You’ll have 24-hour access to studio cycling classes available to your entire household.”

It feels like you’re face-to-face with instructors on a sweatproof 22″ HD touchscreen.

Upon the success of this high-tech bike, Peloton has introduced the Peloton Tread. A surprisingly beautiful treadmill to complement the Peloton indoor exercise bike.


scenic rides

live classes

Sturdy and solid

Relatively quiet

On-demand classes

Great Digital App

Great Instructors

Easy to move around

Cult-like Community

One (1) year warranty

Game-changing cardio machine


High-priced: You get what you pay for

Ropes you in for a yearly subscription

Additional $250 for shipping and installation

How to use Peloton Bike

After the bike installation, all you have to do is plug in the bike’s power adapter. Now press the red power button on the top of the display – and get started.

The touchscreen display is your main point of access to the bike. Follow the steps on the screen to create your profile. After that, you can now sign up for classes. It’s that simple.

What others are Saying:

Crystal of West Chester, PA
I love the different modes I can put my bike in. It has several different functions and it’s like riding a real bike. The seat is comfortable and has the best height. And I love how is the tire movement. It is really nice, lightweight and feels well. This is the best exercise bike. It has lots of features and I love them all. It’s perfect and there is nothing at all I would change about my bike. It’s easy to use every aspect of my bike. It’s fun and amazing. It is the perfect addition to my home gym and I love it.


Proclaimed as, “The best cardio machine on the planet.” by Menshealth

The Peloton is a state-of-the-art exercise machine with class. The sleek and fine piece of equipment comes with a certain experience. And it doesn’t disappoint.

It is feature-packed with fitness goodness – in an all-in-one piece of exercise equipment.

The Peloton is not only internet-connected to fully immerse you in live stream and on-demand classes but also compact, quiet, connected, and adjustable.

This unique experience is built for your best effort to succeed.

What others are Saying:

Elizabeth of Westwood, MA
Originally purchased as an exercise outlet for my husband, I very shortly became addicted to the classes as well as the smooth ride the technical quality of the bike provides. I have clocked 1,600 rides in a 3-year period and attribute much of my healthful living to Peloton and it’s supportive cycling community. The quality of the Peloton is superb and is by far the most structurally sound bike I have ridden to date. When I had a pedal issue, it was simply replaced with one phone call. Delivery issues, of which I had none, are only a temporary problem. We will be purchasing a second Peloton for Cape Cod riding in the summer. I recommend this bike and app to all my friends and anyone willing to listen. Don’t delay! Take charge of your fitness and well-being. Purchase your bike today and start on your path to healthful living.

Craig of Boynton Beach, FL
The Peloton machine is very easy to use, has a great interface, a personal assistant to help you with all aspects of not only using the machine but with your workout and progress as you go along. It is a very innovative machine with many, many options available. It produces great results, very fun and cool at the same time although a little pricey. It fits well in my home, gives a great workout, very high-quality machine and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into shape.

Robin of Chesapeake, VA
I enjoy the Peloton exercise bike because it is modern and state of the art. It includes a television to watch as I am exercising. It also has a place to put a tablet while exercising. I also enjoy the sleek design, and it has nice features for when people need to hurry up and exercise. Setting up a bike is always going to be difficult because the bike is heavy. However, it is very easy to use and enjoyable once it is put together. Betsy

Setup & Space

Generally easy to set up. A Peloton van usually delivers your bike as required and assembles it for you.

Even though it may come with a cost – this generally relieves you of the burden of assembling or setting it up yourself. After all, your duty is to ride.

Again it doesn’t take much space. IT will easily fit in the corner of your living room or basement.

The Peloton is so sleek and compact footprint. Ideally, you can fit this 4’ x 2’ Peloton Bike into any space in your home.

What others are Saying:

Ricky of Brooklyn, NY
The Peloton bike was easy to set up and operation is just as simple. It’s also extremely easy to use. It’s basically any other stationary bike but with the interaction with the screen and riders. One of the best things about this bike is I don’t have to travel to a gym. I like that I am able to ride with folks around the world and trainers encouraging you to do your best. It’s been fantastic. However, it would be nicer if there different models or more customizable parts of the bike itself. If anything a more comfortable seat but that varies from rider to rider.

Kevin of Houston, TX
My bike was set up by my trainer and the operation of the bike is easy. I couldn’t be happier with the process of the setup and ease of use in my apartment. I like the sleek features and weight of the bike. It is a perfect fit for me. I also like how comfortable the bike is. It is exactly what I wanted when purchasing it. But I would like it to have more entertainment features for when I exercise.

Nicole of Philadelphia, PA
Peloton is very sleek and compact, and it doesn’t take up much room in my home. It’s able to Bluetooth so I can listen to music while I work out and it’s very safe for kids to be around because the wheels are protected very securely. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great bike for exercise. This is an awesome bike and I just absolutely love it. I had my fiance set it up and it took him less than 30 minutes to put it together with no tools or pieces left behind. Everything was very easy to put together and fast.


Enjoy the freedom to sweat at any hour with a near-silent belt drive.

Nolan of Alexandria, VA
My wife was in New York and saw the Peloton store while she was up there visiting girlfriends. She was impressed with what she saw. I knew she was seriously looking for a solid workout machine for the house so I figured it would be a great gift and great for her transition out of post-partum (recent childbirth). She got depressed after #1 and #2 so I was very motivated to help her however I could. When it arrived I was truly impressed. It has a very modern design, sleek. And very sturdy and well built. As nice (probably nicer) than any fancy bike you will see in a gym or studio.

Amanda of Hays, KS
The Peloton bike is amazing. It has a touchscreen TV and you can ride with other users and select certain terrain to ride on. It is super fun and keeps things interesting. Everything was great but the only thing that was difficult was putting the bike together and getting everything electronic up and running. Took some time but it was worth it.

Teresa of New York, NY
The Peloton cycle bike has a sleek look and great construction. It is easy to set up because it is so compact and also fits nicely in the spot in my home without looking out of place. I never really move it. One of the best features of the Peloton cycle bike is the interactive touch screen that has a lot of different options.

Quantrill of Sanford, NC
Peloton is ergonomic, well built, stable, easily used and comfortable. It’s the second one I’ve owned and the digital mileage reader is changeable. I would prefer to always use this brand because I know it and am very comfortable with this brand. Setup was easy and didn’t involve too much tool usage. General tools, screwdriver, wrench, and pliers were all that I needed. The ability to change the strength level, from easy, medium, or hard ride is very well appreciated. But, I would like to be able to customize this bike to a certain extent like being able to change tire color, or handles possibly. If possible, being able to involve a digital landscape to change the scenery for different atmospheres to ride to as well.

The Peloton Experience

“The Peloton is attractive, addictive, and seriously whips you into shape.” – USA Today

You get what you need to meet your goals, with a mix of running, strength, toning, cycling, yoga, meditation, and outdoor workouts.

Immerse yourself in thousands of live and on-demand classes—anywhere, anytime.

What others are Saying:

Jodi Schuh, a verified bike owner from Apex, NC

I love my peloton because of the convenience. I can ride anytime, with any length
ride, and never take the same class twice. The time I save in not having to drive
to the gym is so worth it to me. The instructors are great and there really is
something for everybody.

Gerry from Islandia, NY

It is just wonderful to ride the Peloton bike. I can exercise now right in my home! No more racing out to spin classes. I have them at my time now.
I am motivated by my desire for health.

Courtney of Kings Mountain, NC
I love my Peloton bike very much. I use it every day and I can’t stand not being able to use it. I look very forward to getting up in the morning and working out. I like that I could participate in ride classes. It makes me feel like I’m at a gym but without the expensive membership. Plus, I don’t have to deal with strangers staring at me while I work out. It’s very easy, simple. Nothing about setting it up is difficult. I was able to do it by myself. My husband supervised but didn’t have to help me.


What others are Saying:

Tammy of St. Catharines, ON
Outstanding product and support. Peloton Products ARE worth every dime you invest.. Originally it can put a small dent in your wallet, yes! But doesn’t everything that helps you in setting goals and then achieving those goals. Peloton doesn’t offer to Fix You, but simply give you healthy options. They just don’t throw a bike at you and say have at it, they offer support, recipes, blogs, and helpful videos. Isn’t that the kinda stuff you look for in a great product? So INVEST in a Peloton product where there is no disappointment!

Megan of Vestal, NY
I find the Peloton bike very easy to use. It was completely easy to set up and now all I have to do is jump on the bike. I like that it allows me to use it like I’m actually taking a class at a gym. It is so convenient that I never have to leave my house. However, I do not like that price. It can be very expensive, but I do find that it is worth it to have a gym-like experience in the comfort of my home.

Jan of Thomasville, GA
Everything is good about Peloton. Everything about it was easy and pretty self-explanatory. It is a bit pricey but overall, it is one hundred percent worth it if you are serious about getting or staying in shape. It is amazing and I love it. I recommend them every single last chance that I get.

Thia of Atlanta, GA
The bike has all of the custom features you’d expect. It’s a topnotch top of the line bike from the best brand. I’d recommend it to anyone and would tell anyone and everyone to go buy one. It’s very easy to set up despite all the features and comes with simple instructions. It looks difficult but there isn’t a lot to worry about. If you go with this one you won’t regret it. It is pricey though but it’s definitely worth the price. You get what you pay for. Great company and bike.

Ad of Jacksonville, FL
The Peloton is very expensive but has amazing features that make the price justifiable. I have had bikes before and this has great features which make it a pleasure to use. I love using it at night. It’s comfortable, track progress, small footprint and can experience a feeling of riding the bike outside in the fresh air. I loved the experience of feeling like you are in the mountains, that is my favorite. However, I would not have felt comfortable setting it up myself because it did seem that the electrical features made it very complicated. I’m not a technical person so I had someone set it up.


With Peloton, you’ll feel supported in any position with an adjustable seat, handlebar, and screen.

It comes with an adjustment knob. You can adjust your resistance as you ride. You can easily move the adjustment to the left or right to increase or decrease the resistance respectively.

Mike of Murrietta, CA
The Peloton is a blast. It offers the opportunity to compete with other riders. Custom options include resistance and a number of custom settings. Most frequently used is a partnering opportunity with certain other riders. The unit costs about 2000 dollars. It’s nice but expensive. I’ve only had it for 3 months and it may prove to be a good investment if I reach my exercise and fitness goals. Also, it was prohibitively hard to set up, at least for me. Fortunately, I have a very mechanically adept friend. He was able to do the set up in about three hours. Glad I didn’t have to do the assembly.

Peloton Attachments

You can connect your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth™ enabled device such as a heart rate monitor or smartwatch to your peloton for optimum and measurable progress tracking and monitoring.

Front/bottle holders, where you keep your water bottles to keep you hydrated enough as you ride the bike.

What others are Saying:

Kevin of Flourtown, PA
The bike is 2 yrs old. The app and bike are great! The monitor has malfunctioned and stopped working. The warranty is up. They make you buy a new one. For the price of the bike, this should be replaced with no charge.

Melody of Bergenfield, NJ
I like Peloton’s live and on-demand classes, trendy music, calorie burned counter and there’s an ability to choose scenic routes that also allow you to exercise at your own pace. However, they should improve their automatic adjustment of resistance that the user can turn on or off and include warm-up and cool down in group exercises. We purchased assembly with the bike and it’s very intuitive to use. And because we don’t all have bike shoes with clips, we purchased gear that goes onto the pedals so that we can use regular sneakers with it. So it was an extra cost. The bike seat is a bit uncomfortable for beginners so we also purchased a cushioned seat. All the extra gears were purchased from a different sports store.

Peloton reviews: Is the Peloton Worth it or Just a Hype?

The Peloton Brand

“Tried. Tested. Trusted.” – Good Housekeeping

Kiki of Lake Wales, FL
The Peloton bike is a great brand to use by far. I really enjoy using my bike every day and showing it off to everyone who comes around. I also bought it at a great reasonable price. I like how they connect to wifi, keep you up to date on calories burned, how many miles walked, and how long that you have been using the equipment. It’s very easy to set up and came with instructions in the box to help you achieve what you are trying to achieve. I love it so much and I could not imagine my life without it. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a great exercise bike. I use it every day and have even got my husband using it more often now. It was a great brand and a very high-quality machine to use.

Melanie of Saint Petersburg, FL
Peloton is the brand of bike I have always had and will most likely always use because of its quality and how much I enjoy spending my time exercising. I like how the bike rides smooth and is very simplistic because exercise bikes with a lot of features make me feel stressed and I wouldn’t enjoy figuring out how it works.

What others are Saying:

Taraneh – San Jose, CA

My only 2 complaints are:
1) The music selection seems very limited. Many of the top charts for each decade aren’t covered, or if they are, it’s a mixed version. This really needs to be addressed soon.
2) The bike doesn’t have an adjustable handlebar distance from the saddle. That’s an issue for me. It doesn’t fit right.
If the above two issues are fixed, the peloton would get my highest rating. Keep in mind, I’ve been a SoulCycle diehard since the studio opened in Palo Alto back in November of 2013.

Peloton Treadmill

Matt of San Francisco, CA
I’ve owned Peloton Tread for two months. During the first week, Tread starting making a loud noise. Googling the issue revealed that others are having similar issues. I reached out to customer support, and I was told that something was wrong with the idle bearer. Scheduled technicians to come over at the earliest possible day, on a Wednesday. I stayed home from work but no one showed up. Reached out to CS again and I’ve been told that it was scheduled on that Saturday. Well, today is that Saturday and technicians arrived. The moment they listened to the sound, they smiled. Turns out the previous customer they just visited had the same issue. They recommended that I reach out to CS to book a day for them to deliver a new Tread base. I just did that, and I need to wait three more weeks.

I’ve been paying monthly membership dues and monthly payments for the Tread but never got a chance to use the product as advertised. It will be three months when I hope I actually get to work out on a Tread that has no issues.

Nicole of Tuckerton, NJ
The Peloton treadmill is actually very simple and easy to use. It has a lot of very good features that are not too complicated, so anyone can use it. It is really good for exercise and I enjoy running on it very much. It is great because it is challenging and it works very well for me.

Peloton Digital App & Membership

All the good and lovely things happen on the Peloton Digital app. This is where you experience live and on-demand classes for yourself on the Peloton app.

So all Peloton Members have access to the Peloton Digital. The digital app is included in their membership.

The Peloton Digital app is available for download in the Apple store or the Google Play store. Downloading the app doesn’t only give you access to the cycling and tread classes, it also unlocks access to Peloton’s walking, outdoor running, stretching, and floor classes.

Here, you get to immerse yourself in a live studio experience in your home or on the go from your phone, tablet, TV or web browser.

You literally feel like you’re face-to-face with instructors on a sweatproof 22″ HD touchscreen.

What others are Saying:

Kim balder – long beach, NY

I am loving this bike!! starts my day off great…the different instructors and classes make every day interesting. I must admit I love working out in my PJs!

Nicole of Tacoma,

I have owned my Peloton Bike for 1.5 years now and it’s been absolutely amazing. I’m not going to say I’ve never had any issues because that wouldn’t be true. About 9 months in one of our pedals (which my husband installed incorrectly) ended up stripping which made the bike unrideable, but within a few days a service person came out to replace it for free with my warranty. On occasion, there have been some issues with wifi connecting, but I’d say 98% of the time everything is up and running. I do notice people get really angry when something isn’t up 100% of the time, but somehow they still use other streaming services that glitch and they don’t get nearly as angry. I’ve had a great experience and met a lot of people in the Peloton community on and off of Facebook.

Katie of Nunica, MI
This app is amazing!!! I love it. There are days when I need to push to get going. This is exactly what I wanted and needed. I am pushing myself harder than I thought possible. ❤ Well worth the money!

Matthew of Lockport, NY
Peloton bike is absolutely perfect. This is a bike that was made for me and I was hooked when I found out there was a competitive aspect built into the software. The set up of this bike was rather easy being that it was purchased at a trade show. All I had to do was take it home, plug it in, create an account on the website and set my setting. I bike live classes daily and on-demand training. Another feature I enjoy is being able to stay connected to other riders and you can track leader boards from people around the world.

Val of Allentown, PA
The features that would improve the bike would also include the times you ride and the time you stop and also include a calorie meter and little options like burn calories. Would prefer digital meters as well. But it is very easy to set up the bike. It was just unfolding out the handles and bars to its full extent.

The Peloton Community

What others are Saying:

Jim of Reno, NV
I’ve owned a Peloton Bike since November of 2017. At that time my daughter and I have done more than 750 rides. No driving time to the gym just hops on. It’s as hard of a workout as you want it to be. I come off drenched and it feels great. Live rides or on-demand are available and you can follow friends on the leaderboard. It can get competitive on the leaderboard if that what you are into. It’s a workout game changer for my house. Workouts happen rain or shine. I have to say it’s been a great investment in my family’s health. We had a cracked water holder, they shipped me a new one. Most of the other issues I figured out with the vast Facebook community online. Thanks to Peloton and my Peloton Family.

Ronald of Tinton Falls, NJ
My complaint is not about the purchase of the bike nor the instructors. I have been very happy with both. However, it’s the company itself and their attitude towards public negative feedback that has me concerned. Their Facebook page was set up to support Peloton customers. It should be a support group but instead, it has become a toxic environment where members attack each other while the admins look the other way until a complaint is actually submitted. A very constructive and popular post of mine was recently removed by the admins without any indication or reason given to me. The post did NOT violate any guidelines and trust me, I read the guidelines many times.

Peloton Customer Support

Anthony of Whitefield, ME
I bought the Peloton bike on January 5th, 2020 and set up delivery. I had to change my delivery date so I called the Peloton company and rescheduled delivery for February 14, 2020. On the evening of February 13, 2020, I was contacted by XPO who informed me they changed the date and days they deliver to my area and I need to change my delivery date to the next Thursday or after, this causing me undue expense and loss of productivity to my employer. I contacted Peloton and was reassured they would do whatever is needed to correct the issue. I express my concerns and again I am told I need to change or take another day off to accommodate XPO’s schedule. I do not agree since this is not my fault. I took the day off work as agreed. Had I been contacted more than hours before the delivery I may have been able to take a different day off.

As of February 21, 2020, I still do not have my purchased equipment or know when I may have my product delivered. I cannot speak to anyone at Peloton who has the ability to correct the problem. To me, this is an unacceptable business practice, on the part of Peloton and XPO. This equipment is not cheap and I would like to have what I purchased. Any suggestions??

Tina of Arcadia, CA
I purchased the Peloton Bike to help in my recovery from a series accident that left me with a fused cervical spine and spine problems. I have problems with my left side of my body. It was helping, along with other exercises, so I contacted them to purchase one for my vacation home. We figured when we retire, which is not far away, we can ride them together. I verified with the salesman on the phone that I would only need one subscription since that comes with a monthly fee.

They told me you can have up to 5 people on your subscription and you can sign in on any bike or tread and use it with one subscription. I have not used the bike in our vacation home much. Now they are telling me, in order to use my bike at my other home, I need to purchase another subscription. I told them to pick it up and refund me the money. Of course, they refused. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT. There are other similar products out there that do not do that. I am going to do whatever it takes to take this to whoever will handle this complaint. Buyer beware! The contract does not state this. They knew that I already had one bike. They lied to make the sale.

K. of Birmingham, MI
Peloton does a great job of selling bikes however, the after-sale customer service is awful. In order to get service, I had to make 3 calls with an average wait time of 30 minutes. There is no such thing as having a tech come out to do preventative service. You must send a video for them to diagnose the problem before you can get service. This is the most frustrating process for a $2,500 plus bike. I was told their techs do not have parts in their trucks. It makes no sense. I would not recommend this investment.

Peloton Instructors

Here is a list of Peloton instructors for your perusal…























What others are Saying:

Veronica Lentini from Kulpmont, PA

I absolutely am in love with my bike. I feel great every time I jump on and I try to use either the bike or app daily. I love how encouraging all the instructors are.

Cody can make my worst day better, as soon as I hear him say anything.

Anonymous – Derry, NH

I started from nowhere. My bike Was a Christmas present from my Husband. My bike arrived on 2/12/2020.
Keep in mind, I haven’t been on a bicycle since my teens. I’m now in my… 40s. Shhh.
I was excited to ride. I hopped on and took my first class with Alex. I could only make it 10 min and I thought…. call 911, this is it!
Well, I survived another day. Day 2, I rode another 10-12 min. My legs were burning but Alex was still there motivating me and I was really enjoying the rides. Day 3, I completed my first 20 min ride. I had burning pain in my legs and my butt was starting to hurt but I pushed through. This was my first class with Cody And he wasn’t leaving me behind. He said, “Get your life together. Fix your wig!” His smile and upbeat attitude pushed me through the ride. I started to forget about the pain and I smiled. I was doing it. I was on the right road and I found my piece of exercise equipment right here at home with no judgment of others… just me wanting to ride.
I am now 2 months in and I just hit my 71st ride.
Day one, I couldn’t even finish a 0min beginner ride. I am now able to complete 30-45 min rides, in and out of the saddle with arm exercises. I’m done 13 lbs and I never had so much energy in my life. Not even when I was that teen riding a bicycle. This was the best gift I’ve ever received. It has changed my life and it makes me want to live a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Peloton! You have a life long fan.
Tracy Powers

Janet of Savannah, GA
The “manner” of instruction, LANGUAGE, used by the majority of Peloton instructors is highly inappropriate. Resorting to the ** while instructing a class does not make the workout successful, or is it necessary. Other choice words are used frequently and do not get the job done any better. Peloton is a business and should require their employees to use a higher standard of language on the job.

Michael of Las Vegas, NV
I work at home and busy as hell. I love spin classes but getting to the gym on the gym’s schedule is very tough – plus I have to spend time getting there and back. I have had my bike for three years now and I have used it continuously. My bike has never need service and it still looks new. I don’t love every Peloton instructor, but I think that’s the point. There is one or two (or more) instructors that you end up liking. But they are all professionals — just different styles. The single best spin class I have ever taken, anywhere, was a George Hincapie Peloton Class where he took the class through a high drama Tour de France stage with his TDF teammates on bikes in the room (he raced TDF 17 times).

What others are Saying:

larry of Brome Lake, QC
I am not sure others are like me and sick of watching your latest commercial on TV… I cringe every time I watch it. I am using a friend’s bike right now and love it. I AM GOING TO INVEST IN BUYING MY OWN SOON. PLEASE PLEASE GET THAT TERRIBLE SINGING OFF THE TV.

Peloton Accessories

Peloton weights

You can choose between the different kinds of weights.

From 1pound which is the lowest up to about 3pounds. it comes with a weight holder at the bach to keep your weights in line so that you can easily grab them when you ride your bike.

Peloton Shoes

Can you use the bike with normal running shoes?

What others are Saying:

Gary of Frisco, TX
I purchased the complete Peloton bike and shoes in 2017. The buckle of my Peloton shoe has broken several times. In the past Peloton replaced the buckle. In the past, the customer support person mentioned this happens often. Now it broke again and they say that they no longer have replacement buckles. They mentioned I would need to purchase a new pair of shoes. I have no issue paying for a replacement buckle.

I brought my complaint up to Tami J their customer support manager and she couldn’t resolve it or even offer to replace the shoes with some sort of discount. We’re probably talking about a part that costs less than $5. I would think twice if you’re considering purchasing a Peloton, especially their shoes.

Peloton Seat

Many people have complained about soreness when you first start out sitting on the peloton seat. Therefore, some people tend to buy gel seat covers or padded bike shorts and a lot of other ‘fixes.’

However, there are others who believe that the real fix is to just ride, and one day it just won’t bother you.

Yes, you can switch the seat out for any standard cycling seat, but don’t go get some super wide seat off Amazon — it won’t do you any favors.

What others are Saying:

Amy of Ballwin, MO
I am so unhappy with my purchase!! I got the bike because my work schedule is crazy! I will admit I totally fell for the advertising like an idiot! But still was willing to pay the money for the convenience. I got a bike and was excited! The problem is that the seat is so uncomfortable it literally bruised my groin area so bad I felt as though I had a UTI and could not ride the bike again until the bruising went away. So I bought padded bike shorts. The same thing happened! So I bought a padded seat and wore bike shorts. Still bruised and felt like I had a UTI. So bought ANOTHER padded seat! Same thing!

Lauren from Cleveland, OH

I love this bike! I am a beginner spinner, a beginner at exercise in general, and I look forward to saddling up every day. I am almost at 100 rides and I definitely feel stronger than I’ve ever felt.

I love that each instructor has different styles; you get to experience a little bit of everything and will come to know your favorites.

The seat hurts but after I bought padded bike shorts I haven’t had any issues. Overall I highly recommend this bike, you won’t regret it!

Trey of Acworth, GA
I ride this bike a few times a week and the seat is very uncomfortable. The worse part is the design causes your man parts to go numb for a half-hour after your ride. This makes exercising extremely uncomfortable and I doubt there is any data about the long-term effects of riding the Peloton bike. I have a lot of experience with other stationery and real bikes but never have had one that completely makes your private parts numb like this. This is not safe for men to do over an extended period and needs to be addressed ASAP.

Bottom line

Inasmuch as the “Peloton Experience” is awesome – not everyone is enthused about a few other things. Most especially is the ever-growing issues with customer support.

Our determination: It’s a piece of excellent equipment overall, and for the indoor cycling devotee, possibly a good value or even a bargain. Still, you have to make and enforce your own good habits.

And if you stop paying the nearly $12 monthly membership fee, the bike becomes a shadow of its former self, with significantly limited functionality.



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