Vigorfit vs Total Gym: Which Home Gym Should You Buy?


I know why you are here. Yes, you’re here because you are asking the same question everyone is asking, ” Vigorfit vs total Gym: Which Home Gym is better?”

In fact, you need to make the best decision on these two pieces of equipment. Therefore, you’re wondering which of the total gym models to go with or boldly choice the robust vigorfit 3000xl. Your guess is as good as mine.

Home gyms are gaining popularity and the end is no where near. Who wants to pay for a about $500 in membership schemes – they’ll not even use. Gym subscription in today’s busy world is a huge pain in the rear area.

That’s why we’ve a thorough research and done a detailed Vigorfit vs total Gym review to aid and inform you into making an intelligent buying decision.

Let’s dive in!

Vigorfit vs Total Gym Review

First, we will present you two best brands of home-gym products, i.e, the Vigorfit and Total gym xls (the best total gym model available today), and a comparative table for ease of comprehension. Second, we’ll thoroughly discussing their pros and cons. Third, we will discuss similarities and differences between the two products and the benefits of using either of them. Later, we will discuss what important things you need to look for while researching for the best home-gym products or a portable all-in-one equipment.

Last, we include a brief comparison with another competitive product (Total Trainer) as well, which will help clear a lot doubts about both products.

Let’s get started!

Shall we?

Vigorfit 3000 vs Total Gym XLS Comparison Table

Factors to Consider


Total Gym XLS

Resistance Levels 75 12
User’s Weight Limit 350 lbs 400 lbs
Number of Exercises 107 80+
Video Training No Yes
Dimensions WxLXh  19”x90”x43”  18.5”x93”x44.5”
Weight Capacity 350 lbs 297 lbs
Weight  80 lbs.  83 lbs.
Max User’s Height 6ft 5inches  No limit
Shipping Charges  $54 (Currently free) Free Delivery
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime for frame, six months for rest of product
Attachments and accessories 7 6
Make a Better Decision

Vigorfit Review

vigorfit home gym

Vigorfit is one of the most famous home gym solutions that allow you to do over 100 different exercises.

It comes with 440 lbs of resistance, which is enough even if you are an avid bodybuilder or athlete, and you probably won’t be able to out-grow it.

Vigorfit comes with a complete end-to-end company warranty, thus keeping you safe from worried about wear and tear. If you are planning to get fit and start exercising, you can safely go for VigorFit.


VigorFit comes with the following features:-

  • Ergonomic sitting pad
  • Unique folding system
  • Steel-frame durability
  • End-to-end company warranty
  • A whopping 75 levels of resistance
  • Allows 107 different types of exercises and comes with a manual.
  • Free heavy-duty weight bar coupled with a metal spring weight clips
  • It is best for people of all heights unless you are over 6ft and 5 inches.
  • Free toe bar, sit=up station, Pilate pads for shoulder, dual leg rope mechanism, pull & push-up bar


  • Include powerbands
  • Contains Pilate Kits
  • End-to-End warranty
  • A broad range of gym-quality exercises
  • Additional attachment for customization
  • Comparatively cheaper than the prime competitor, the Total Gym XLS

vigorfilt folded


  • Carries a manual but DVDs is missing
  • Can only be used if you are under 350 lbs

Total Gym XLS Review

total gym xls

Total Gym XLS is the creme-dela-creme of all the total gym models. Undoubtedly, a thorough solution to all your fitness problems.

If you want to get in shape and you do not have a budget constraint, you can safely go for Total gym XLS, and you can trust, it’s going to be one of the best decisions you wouldn’t regret.

A Total Gym is an all-in-one piece of exercise equipment that caters for all types of basic exercises that you can think of.

This particular model comes with a 400 lbs weight-limit and comes with good strength and stability to ensure resilience and durability.

The Total Gym XLS home gym equipment features the following:-

  • Weight limit of 400 lbs
  • Non-Slip Squatting stand
  • Handles with Nylon straps
  • Durable Cable and Pulley system
  • Allows over 80 gym-level exercises

total gym xls parts


  • Include nutrition chart
  • Additional weight capacity
  • Full Pilate kit can be added
  • Support users up to 400 lbs
  • Total Gym XLS comes with DVDs
  • Life-time company warranty for frame
  • Additional attachment for AbCrunch exercise

Total gym xls folded


  • High-priced than Vigorfit.
  • Fewer resistance levels.

Similarities between Vigorfit vs. Total Gym XLS

There are several similarities between the two brands. One of the major similarities between the Vigorfit and Total Gym XLS is that both are high-quality home-based gym equipment.

The two brands allow you to undergo various exercises with varying resistances. Both the products come with an inclined leveling system and a pulley based on variable resistance.

Similarly, each of the products comes with an additional attachment for customization.

Differences between Vigorfit vs. Total Gym XLS

Vigorfit and Total Gym XLS are quite similar in their purposes, nonetheless there exist several differences.

Vigorfit comes with more attachments and offers more resistance levels than the Total Gym XLS.

Vigorfit comes with a training manual consisting of 107 difference exercises but lacks the exercise wall chart that accompanies the Total Gym XLS.

Vigorfit comes with a free facility of personal trainer communication via email, which can assist you during your exercises.

Vigorfit incorporates pilate kit and weight bar as standard features, without any cost, whereas, for Total Gym XLS, the add-on has to be separately purchased.

Total Gym XLS comes with DVDs carrying training videos, special attachment for AbCrunch exercise along with a meal plan and nutritional chart.

Total Gym XLS comes with an ergonomically padded pillow for additional comfort at the edge of the board. Similarly, the non-slip nylon straps and the steel cables rubber coating for the pulley mechanism, makes the Total XLS unique.

Total Gym XLS comparatively provides more value for the money but comes at a higher price tag.

Total Gym vs Vigorfit: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 # How much does the Vigorfit and Total Gym XLS cost?

Considering other gyms that do not have enough features and exercising options, cost $1500 to $3000, the Vigorfit Gym is a bargain at a price of only $599 with $54 delivery charges. However, for a limited period, Vigorfit is available for $499 only, that too, with free home delivery.

Total Gym XLS, on the other hand, cost around $850 and comes with free shipping.

# How much is the shipping cost for Total Gym XLS vs. Vigor Fit?

Total gym XLS can be ordered with free delivery from Amazon to state in the US.

Vigorfit commonly charges $54 for shipping, however as a limited-time option, the Vigorfit is offering free delivery within the United States. Delivery to Hawaii and Alaska may have an additional cost.

# Are there any hidden costs involved in Vigorfit or Total Gym XLS?

Based on our research, we found no hidden charges on any of the products. There are, however, some add-ons which are separately mentioned and can be opted in and out if necessary.

# Do Vigorfit and Total Gym XLS offer a trial period?

Vigorfit offers a trial period, but so far, there are almost no recordable cases of anyone returning a Vigorfit. There is a 30-days money-back trial period, under which the product can be returned without incurring any cost.

Total Gym XLS also offers a 30 days trial on the same lines. The 30 days trial of Total Gym XLS starts when the product is delivered at your house. If you return the product within the specified day, you will get your complete payment back without any charges.

# Does the Vigrofit and Total Gym XLS come with any warranty?

Vigrofit comes with a 100% edge to edge warranty for the entire product. All parts of the product are completely covered in the warranty.

Total Gym XLS comes with a lifetime for the frame of the product, while the rest of the parts come with a six-month warranty.

# How many exercises can be performed on Vigorfit and Total Gym XLS?

Vigorfit allows up to a total of 107 gym level exercises along with an entire Pilates Circuit. It allows you to work on weight loss, strength exercises, muscle toning, muscle gaining, and rehab exercises.

Total Gym XLS, though it does not match the Vigrofit in terms of exercises, still allows you up to 80 exercises.

# Does the Vigrofit and Total Gym XLS provide any sort of exercise assistance?

Vigrofit comes with a thorough manual for exercising. The manual contains step-wise details of the 107 gym-level exercises. The Vigorfit, however, lacks the DVD and video exercising manual, which should ideally be available with every gym product.

Total Gym XLS comes with a 5-DVDs set containing Total Gym Training Deck program. The DVDs are separately worth $124.95 but come for free with Total Gym XLS.

# What are the levels of resistance available in Vigrofit and Total Gym XLS?

Vigrofit comes with 75 levels of resistance. The resistance levels are good enough, even for the professionals.

Total Gym XLS comes with 12 levels of resistance, although the resistance levels are not as much as the Vigrofit still they are sufficient for routine training regimes.

# What are the user’s weight limits for the Vigrofit and Total Gym XLS?

The Vigorfit supports the weight of up to 350 lbs. If you are heavier than 350 lbs, unfortunately, you will have to lose a few lbs to be able to use Vigrofit.

Total Gym XLS supports heavier users than the Vigrofit. The product comes with a weight limit of 400 pounds.

# I am 6ft 6 inches, can I use both the Vigrofit and Total Gym XLS?

Vigrofit, unfortunately, supports users only till the height of 6 ft and 5 inches, anyone with a height of more than that needs to look beyond Vigrofit.

Total Gym XLS supports users of any height and can be used by users of any height without any specific restrictions.

I want to fit my gym in a small area, can you tell me the size of Vigrofit and Total Gym XLS?

Vigorfit is designed to extend into a professional gym product, and its dimensions are 7 ft long, 3 ft 8 inch tall, and 27 inch wide. The folded Vigrofit size is 51x21x8 inches when folded.

Total gym XLS comes pre-assembled and comes with dimensions of 19-inch Width, 90-inch length, and x 43-inch height. Folded Total gym XLS comes with 19x51x9 inches dimensions.

# How much does the Vigrofit gym and Total Gym XLS weigh?

Vigorfit gym weighs 80 pounds to make it easy to be moved, carried, and folded.

Total Gym XLS, however, comes with slightly more a slightly different weight of 83 lbs.

# Does the Vigrofit gym and Total gym XLS fold Up?

Vigorfit has a unique and patented system for folding, which allows it to fold easily.

The Total Gym XLS can only be folded for its height. The rest of the frame is not foldable.

# Is there any assembly required for Vigrofit and Total Gym XLS?

VigorFit required assembly. It’s a simple process and requires less than 15 minutes to be assembled.

Total gym XLS comes pre-assembled and needs no further assembly upon arrival.

Total Trainer Vs. Total Gym vs. Vigorfit Comparison

We have witnessed a thorough comparison between Vigrofit and Total gym above, but how do these two stand against the Total trainer?

We will briefly look at Bayou’s Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III before comparing the three of them.

The Bayou Fitness Total Trainer is designed to utilize your body weight as a natural resistance by inclining your seat at a certain angle. The higher the inclination, the more resistance you will have to face.

The gym comes with a high-quality frame built and comes with a cushioned and ergonomic gliding-board, which provides the much-needed level of comfort during exercise.

The total trainer comes with a large squat board, pushup and pull-up bar, and an additional Power flex for Biceps.

The trainer is intended specifically at muscle toning and calorie burning, but it can be used for several other exercises as well.

The gym comes with 11 levels of resistances, 3-4 point system of a pulley along with rollers based on ball bearings.

The gym can support users of up to 400 pounds of weight. It can be folded and easily stored even in smaller places.

Bayou Fitness Total Trainer comes with a user manual/guide and a training video to guide you step-by-step for exercising on the gym.

Here we will bring you a comparative table for all of the three gyms:-

Factors to Consider


Total Gym XLS

Bayou Fitness Total Trainer
Resistance Levels 75 12 11
User’s Weight Limit 350 lbs 400 lbs  400 lbs
Number of Exercises 107 80+ Unspecified, but limited
Video Training No Yes Yes
Dimensions WxLXh  19”x90”x43”  18.5”x93”x44.5” 20”x94”x48”
Weight Capacity 350 lbs 297 lbs 400
Weight  80 lbs.  83 lbs.  108 lbs.
Max User’s Height 6ft 5inches  No limit 6ft 7inches
Shipping Charges  $54 (Currently free) Free Delivery $75 (Saferwholesale)
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime for frame, six months for rest of product 1 year limited warranty
Attachments and accessories 7 6 12


A detailed comparison of the Vigorfit and Total Gym XLS reveals that both the products are incredibly efficient and offers a lot to improve your overall fitness and health.

Again, if you need a trustworthy and versatile piece of equipment, these two are highly recommended.

Further, both of them will meet all the basic requirements of any good home-gym equipment, however, based on individual requirement you can go for either of them.

Pricing has been a major factor that differentiates between the two brands, but if the requirement is of professional-level equipment, the Total Gym XLS will meet your requirement.

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