Can You Use Peloton Without Subscription? All You Need to Know!


If you recently got yourself a brand new or a used Peloton bike, you must be planning to get the monthly subscription plan as well. Well, a lot of people shy away from that because, on top of the hefty price of the bike (currently $1,495 for the original bike and $2,495 for Bike+), the monthly subscription costs $39 per month.

So, an important question that pops into anyone’s mind after knowing the monthly membership cost is, if you can use Peloton without a subscription.

A simple answer to this question is yes, you can. However, if you plan on doing that, you won’t have access to thousands of workouts and live classes available only for members.

As a non-member, you can still enjoy three pre-recorded classes and the Just Ride feature. If you want to know more about these features and whether you should get a Peloton All-Access membership or not, you have come to the right place.

Here we will look at how good the bike is without a monthly subscription and if there is an alternative to using the monthly package. If there is, how to use it and whether you will be able to enjoy the live classes with it or not.

So, let’s get started!

Peloton Without Subscription

Without monthly membership, you can still use your Peloton screen but you will no longer be able to stream live classes. Although a good number of people will have no issues with that one downside to no monthly subscription is not being able to enjoy scenic rides.

Nevertheless, if you are thinking of getting a Peloton bike, be prepared to subscribe to its monthly membership because after all, the content available to All-Access members is what makes Peloton different and useful.

If you decide to get a monthly subscription, you get access to more than 24,000 live and on-demand (recorded) classes by the world’s renowned instructors. In addition to these, you can also enjoy live weekly stream events and programs as well as scenic rides and much more.

With the monthly subscription plan, you get to have an exclusive member profile where you can see your rides, achievements, and daily logs along with some other statistics and useful data.

On the other hand, if you decide to cancel your membership, all these features vanish with the exception of the Just Ride feature and just a few pre-recorded classes.   

What is the Just Ride Feature?

Just Ride is a flexible new ride feature that was introduced back in 2018. With this feature, you can ride on the bike for as long as you want and see your metrics on the screen. At the bottom of the screen, you can find this feature in the “More” section.

By using this feature, you can ride the bike and do whatever you want alongside the ride, such as listen to music or watch a movie. The bike will still track your metrics and it’s almost similar to taking a live class.

The Just Ride feature is not only great for people who don’t want to subscribe to the monthly membership plan but also for those who don’t want to commit to an intense Peloton class.

There can be many reasons for not being able to keep up with your streak. If you have recently had a baby, have an injury from which you’re recovering, or you have had home renovation, paying a monthly subscription fee to Peloton might not be a useful option. 

Since you won’t be using all those great features, the best way is to cancel the membership but still be able to get on the bike every now and again using the Just Ride feature.

How Does the Peloton Subscription Work?

Since the Peloton bike was designed to replicate the studio cycling classes with the essence of competition and companionship deep-rooted within it, the average yearly costs are not considered a financial burden especially if you are an indoor-cycling fanatic.

Instead of joining a gym that would also have a monthly fee associated with it, you can invest in a bike and its monthly subscription and be able to save a lot of money in the long run.

What is even more interesting is that, with All-Access Peloton Membership, you can create unlimited profiles within your subscription plan and record the metrics for each one of those separately.

So, let’s have a look at how Peloton subscription works.

To gain access to All-Access Peloton Membership, you have to own either the Peloton bike or the tread. Without Peloton equipment, it’s not possible to purchase this type of membership.

Since Peloton delivers its equipment only to a limited number of countries, to avail of its monthly subscription plan, you have to be a resident of one of these countries. These include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

It is possible to pause or cancel your membership at any time. You can also activate your membership if you didn’t purchase the bike yourself but received it as a gift.

Why Do You Need to Buy Peloton Membership?

While Peloton is a great product and offers excellent value for money, it is not meant for everyone. If you are a person who would only hop on an indoor bike occasionally and that also only to enjoy a simple ride with no intention of recording your metrics, there is no need to buy the monthly membership plan.

Here is a summary of all the features you get with All-Access Peloton Membership;

Performance Statistics

The numbers make you feel so much more motivated. Peloton lists down all performance metrics you can record while working out on the bike. These include Cadence, Speed, Incline, Strive Score, Resistance, Output, Heart Rate, and Total Output. 

If you keep a track of these metrics on a daily basis, you can easily see if you’re improving in your experience or not.

Moreover, all these numbers are meant to give you a feeling of fulfillment and achievement. When you set a Personal Record (PR) and are able to achieve it, it’s a whole different experience altogether.

You start feeling more confident and are able to compete with people who match your performance.  

Live and On-Demand Classes

This is another great feature that most people are interested in when they decide to get a monthly membership. You can browse through thousands of classes and choose one that appeals to you based on its instructor, popularity score, and description/objective.

Even more useful than an on-demand or pre-recorded class is a live class that you can stream in real-time. There is also a hybrid class, known as encore class, which has been recorded earlier but Peloton resets the leaderboard so it seems as if you’re taking it live.

Live classes are almost always available. All you have to do is check their schedule in your local zone and get ready to join one at the right time. Cycling and strength training are among the most popular live classes available throughout the week.  

Access to Leaderboards

Peloton leaderboards allow you to see how you are performing against other members who are taking the class with you. Leaderboards are available for both on-demand and live classes.

If you opt for an on-demand class, you will see all the members who are taking a particular class at the same time you’re taking it. You will see your position among the number of people who are participating in a class.  

Peloton instructors have access to the leaderboards where they can see who has joined them and who is performing the best in a live class. This is another highly motivating feature that only Peloton All-Access Members can enjoy.  

Unlimited Profiles

Peloton membership previously allowed users to create as many profiles as they want. But they have revised these terms recently and now a member can only create 20 profiles per account.

This is beneficial for families who want to use the bike for their own personal workouts. There is a restriction on the address you provide while signing up because all these profiles should be registered under the same residential address.

So, this feature is basically meant for members of the same household only.    

Is Peloton a Good Alternative to Studio Classes?

Most people who decide to invest in a Peloton bike are die-hard studio classes fans. Some examples of these include the ones offered by SoulCycle and CycleBar. Peloton itself has its own studio in New York City where it records its live classes and makes them available to the general public.

So, is a Peloton at-home bike a good alternative to these classes?

The short answer is yes. Peloton experience is just as great as any studio class, thanks to its innovative technology and so many useful features that come with its monthly subscription.

On the bike screen, you can see the instructor in the center just like you would in a physical spin class. However, the only difference is the booming sound in the studio that makes the entire experience more enjoyable and meaningful (unless you connect a stereo system or TV with the bike).

It is always possible to replicate that kind of live environment (especially if you have the experience of attending it) at home with the help of a few tools and devices. On the other hand, if studio experience is not your top priority, you will love the Peloton bike with its monthly membership.

What is Peloton Digital Membership?

Peloton digital membership is meant for people who don’t have a Peloton bike at home but who would like to benefit from the Peloton app features and benefits.

Even if you have a bike, you can opt for this type of membership because it costs only $12.99 per month. With this type of subscription, you get access to all live and on-demand classes through the app on your smartphone.

However, unlike All-Access membership, you can only create one profile per account. And while All-Access membership offers integrated workout metrics, digital membership offers only limited metrics and a basic leaderboard instead of an interactive one.

The digital app offers a one-month free trial period before you decide to purchase it. This is another plus point and allows you to test the features to find out if you need the paid version of the app.

So, if $39/month seems a bit too much for you, you can still get access to about 20+ live classes daily and thousands of on-demand classes that are the essence of the Peloton bike for a meager cost of $12.99/month.       

Parting Shot

A Peloton without a subscription is just like a regular bike. Imagine spending so much on an exercise bike only to find out that it doesn’t work any differently than a normal, reasonably priced bike. The beauty of a Peloton bike lies in its monthly subscription plan by which you can get access to thousands of useful spin classes and so much more!

However, if you have been seeking an answer to can you use Peloton without a subscription, the answer is yes. It is possible to use the bike like any regular indoor bike with a few pre-recorded classes and the Just Ride feature that allows you to see your metrics on screen while you ride.

On the other hand, if you have been planning to get a Peloton for yourself to enjoy all those scenic rides, feel motivated by joining a live class and get access to the leaderboard, and get recommendations from the world’s renowned weight loss trainers to stay on track, then you must be prepared to buy the monthly subscription, which costs $39 per month.

In case you have to cancel your membership if you have recently had a baby or there is some other family commitment, remember that you can hop on the bike anytime and still be able to record your metrics (cadence, resistance, and speed). And it’s always possible to get the membership back!

Yet another alternative to All-Access membership (in case you deem it expensive) is the Peloton app membership that costs $12.99 per month and to activate it you don’t even need Peloton hardware.  

So, which of these plans sounds more promising to you?   

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